so lets talk about jake english

recent upd8: he talks about how he’s just gonna give up on romance and friendship entirely and live a lonely life and everyone is like “wow jake’s aro!!!”

i want more than anything for jake to be aromantic. seriously, i want everybody that boy is related to to be either aro or ace spectrum, or both. but, fact is, he’s not saying these things because he doesn’t want to be in romantic relationship. that is still possible, but it’s not the reason he’s going on like this. 

he thinks he’s fucking up everyone’s lives and that he’s worthless. he thinks that staying out of his friends’ way, fighting and then fucking right off, is the best course of action. he thinks that if he stayed around, it would only make things worse for the people he loves. 

honestly, being imprisoned and threatened by jane and being in that relationship with dirk fucked him up. he thinks he’s undeserving of their attentions now. he blames himself for everything that’s been done to him. even though the whole dirkjake thing wasn’t entirely dirk’s fault, jake thinks that he was the sole cause of their break up. 

jake doesn’t feel worthy to even be around people anymore. he’s dropping deeper and deeper into a depression, and that’s why he’s saying these things. not because he suddenly realized he’s aro. 

p.s. - that’s not what aromanticism is?? you don’t give up on being around everyone entirely. i mean i’m sure there are people who are nonamorous, but they still have friends, or even just acquaintances. they don’t completely block themselves off from human contact.


A while ago someone asked for a tutorial on bodies, this ones for males but the basic principle is the same for female bodies, however, I’ll do one for females if anyone wants. 

Im sorry Im so bad at explaining, but I’ve really only learned to draw anatomy from tips I picked up in other peoples tutorials. The main thing I’d have to stress is drawing a proper skeleton. Firstly because its easier to come up with more dynamic poses, but also to get the right proportions. I will also suggest playing with anatomy, even if you don’t get it perfect, keep working at it.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Dylann Roof is mentally ill?

Do I think Dylann Roof is mentally ill?  No.  I think he’s an ignorant fucked up racist who made his choice.  He planned his attack and knew what he was doing.  I don’t see racism as a mental illness.  Why would I discredit all the people who actually do suffer from some type of mental illness?  I honestly don’t even want to hear it.  

For self insert weekend because I think I’d get along with Tanaka well.

If you want, send me a pic of you and a hq character and I’ll do a quick sketch for you between assignments (*´∀`*) 

What I really wanna know is why not a ONE of you is here cuddling me. I thought you were my friends. After all I do for you.

Your argumentative strategies are weak and you will be destroyed

Maybe I shouldn’t take my medication because I accidentally convinced myself I’m mentally ill and have actually been lying this whole time when I’m perfectly fine and don’t even need my meds.