I’m just imagining 10th grade Connor being, as most 10th grade boys are, the worst little shit imaginable. Like this insufferable little 10th grade twerp with shaggy hair, an oversized hoodie, and a bad attitude. And I hate this kid.
But when I start to think of him more complexly.
Because his mom makes such a big deal about his “first day of senior year”, and assuming he hadn’t previously been held back, we can assume that Connor is at least smart enough to pass his courses and be on the track to graduation.
And yes, one could argue that maybe Connor is just naturally very smart. But I’d like to propose a Connor who actually cared about school, despite what people around him and his concerning attendance record said. A Connor who was struggling with both his mental illness(es?) and school work, but held out a bit of hope for what graduation might bring. So he works with what he can and gets decent grades.
10th grade Connor with his undiagnosed mental illness(es?), actually doing homework in detention he got from skipping class because of his mental illness(es).
Also, 10th grade Connor scaring away certain boys in his grade from talking to his sister because he knows them, but 9th grade Zoe is pissed bc all she sees is her brother just ruining her chances of getting a date to homecoming.
Feel free to add to this

i drew a little design for a double sided saigenos charm today but its kinda big itd have to be like a 3 inch charm so itll cost me more to make SO IDK WHEN ILL ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO DO IT FUCK

Klance HC’s

A/N: barely nsfw, but if some people want it, ill do actual nsfw headcanons

  • Little to no pda
    • Like maybe a little arm around the shoulder, but almost nothing in public
    • When they do show a little pda, if anyone makes a comment, they immediatley stop
  • But behind closed doors, whoooo
  • Cuddle wars
  • Tickle fights
    • Keith is rly ticklish on his tum
    • Lance is ticklish on his legs
  • Sometimes they end up on the floor
  • Everyone gets the wrong idea
  • Lance loooooves to give Keith hickies
    • E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E
  • Always arguing over the littlest things
    • “Why do you even care?!”
  • If there’s a really big fight, they usually don’t even care about what they’re arguing about
  • Like they could be arguing about socks
  • But they don’t really care
  • Sometimes they argue bc that’s what they always do
  • Sometimes it’s for a totally different reason
    • Like they argue about food
    • But its really bc Keith almost died
    • Or bc Lance flirted with someone a lil too much
  • Lance is taller than Keith, only a little bit
  • But he loves to tease him about it
  • “You can kiss me if you can reach me”
  • “I am literally an inch shorter than you, you shit”
  • Make-out session proceeds
  • They’re just great

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ive been hiding in the bathroom but if something happens again ill actually do something

please do something now im so scared for you, this is deathly serious