ill try to upload a better one

No one will understand my love for the goddess that is Roxy Lalonde.

Im back home from disney and… i think that trip was a mistake. 🤕 It did more harm than good. So i have some more pics to upload, but later i might make up some questions for myself to post periodically to try to make the memory better. And ill try to get back to regular postings in the next dew days.

Tumblr made this super low quality, I’ll try to upload a better quality one later today maybe ;v; but junkrat is a ship machine,,,,,, he just WORKS with EVERYONE. Though these are my favorite ones. Help me Jesus,,,,,,,,,,, High quality one: ;^)

My school wanted a new mural, and so, my class did a little drawing contest- we were all forced to participate, so i tought: fuck that, im going to draw a fanart, its not like im going to win anyway, since i have an anime style.

but the thing is that i was

so i am currently working on a big homestuck fanart

on a wall


my school