ill try to upload a better one


More warm up Bus ride Sketches! I realized I haven’t uploaded in awhile so…Here! These are a few days old and/or Ill never finish xD

@everybery A-98! Such an interesting character! I kept trying to draw his hair longer then it is lol. I promise later Ill draw him better!

@cicada44 Cicada! ❤❤❤ kinda just reference for myself x3

Evil Rick and Squanchys

Bottom row is C-886 Rick. If I dont draw a Rick a day he starts looking wonky lol (like the last one)

I love the look of broad shoulders cough-turnon-cougg so that is why I always draw him with rediculus shoulder pads. /confession

Fun fact: My C-886 Squanchy an Birdman are albino as well. (because albinism is beautiful ❤)

Tumblr made this super low quality, I’ll try to upload a better quality one later today maybe ;v; but junkrat is a ship machine,,,,,, he just WORKS with EVERYONE. Though these are my favorite ones. Help me Jesus,,,,,,,,,,, High quality one: ;^)