ill try to get a better photo tomorrow

Going to give you guys a little lotta update (not much really) and then a general life update for those interested. Please note that the general life update contains things about pet loss.

Lotta had a pretty bad day today. She’s panting and whining and I’ve upped her painmed dose (according to our vet ofc)
I’m hoping shes feeling a bit better tomorrow.
Yesterday we had a nice relaxing day outside in the nice weather.
Shes done with the antibiotics, and doesn’t have much left of the steriods.
Next appointment is on Tuesday.

Now life update.
Its warming up now and the heat is making my heart symptoms worse.
I keep getting bad blood pressure crashes.
Tomorrow I have to go say goodbye to a dear friends dog. I’m anxious and I’m probably going to cry like a baby.
I’ll also be meeting her other pup for the first time.
We’ll be going to a beautiful place and I’m thinking about bringing my camera and trying to take some photos for my friend.
Life is overall pretty shit lately with Lotta being so ill. But hopefully she will feel better soon.