ill try to fit it in with my schedule

First of all, Thank you, afflecklove, for allowing me to share your great story.

She first didn´t give me permission as you will read the reason below, but changed her mind after a few journalists published her picture on social media out there.  So here its:

afflecklove: *long caption warning lol*
As a few of you who have followed this account for a while may know, this past year I battled Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Since I was a minor at the time of diagnosis and all cancers are considered life-threatening illnesses, I was referred to the Make-a-Wish Foundation to, well, make a wish!
My very first thought was meeting Ben. I knew that it would be tough to pull off, but I also knew that I would regret it if I didn’t try. (As my dad and I would joke, shoot for the stars and hope you meet one!) I had absolutely NO IDEA that Warner Brothers would surprise me with the whole cast (and Zack Snyder!) They were all outrageously sweet.
Obviously Ben is extremely busy, and it was hectic and crazy trying to fit me into his schedule, but it means the WORLD to me that his team was willing to work and make this happen.
After missing most of my senior year to chemotherapy treatments and surgeries, it was beyond wonderful getting to look into the eyes of my biggest inspiration and thank him for keeping me smiling during the toughest endeavor of my life. He was extremely nice and welcoming (he called me gorgeous, kissed me on the head, wished me luck in college, and when I told him I was interested in criminology he said “if you need help, call me. I’m the world’s greatest detective!” And we chatted more omg) and he truly made my biggest wish come true today. & after actually getting to spend a little time with him, I’m more confident than ever in saying that when it comes to the crazy world of celebrities, I truly picked the very greatest role model. 💕💫 *ps make a wish didn’t want this on social media but all the celebrities’ teams were okay with it so shhhhh lol so this NEVER happened, I don’t want to get in trouble lol but I had to share.