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what being triggered is:

  • intense panic attacks
  • 7 hours of sobbing in the bathroom, trying not to throw up.
  • actually throwing up.
  • flashbacks to traumatic events.
  • one side of yourself saying “death will get rid of the memories” and the other side making excuses not to.
  • being unable to sleep in fear of dreaming about said traumatic events
  • being unable to be around anything that even slightly reminds you of said traumatic event
  • tensing up and feeling ill when someone even vaguely mentions anything related to the traumatic event you experienced, trying your best to avoid crying about it.
  • why am i crying? this is irrational, it wont happen again. why does this hurt so much. why can’t i just forget. this is all in my head. stop thinking about it. stop thinking about it stop thinking about it.
  • likely caused by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other serious stress causing disorders.
  • nightmares waking you up at three in the morning and trying to keep yourself together just long enough to get back to sleep because you have classes to attend in the morning.
  • shaking and trying to keep it together in public as you’re crytyping when you’re venting to a friend because all you want is to get it off your chest, whether or not anyone can even understand what you’re trying to get across.
  • you know this thing you love doing that’s completely unrelated to trauma? you experienced a vague flashback while doing it so now you can’t do it again out of fear you’ll have worse flashbacks.
  • completely forgetting who you are and being completely numb.
  • maybe if I hurt myself in this way, I’ll stop hurting in that way.
  • stuttering and having a difficult time breathing as you try to ask someone not to bring up the subject again. Being too loud or being too quiet as you try to hide the fact this is extremely distressing.
  • something you need professional help and therapy to “get over”
  • different for everybody

what being triggered is not:

  • being uncomfortable with something
  • a joke
yuu trusts guren too much but it makes sense

I’ve seen some people who are criticizing Yuu very harshly because of how easily he’s trusting Guren, and although I like Guren a lot, I have to agree that Yuu is being way too gullible for his own good. However, I feel that Yuu’s trust of Guren is understandable and also makes him a more interesting character. 

Yuu has been through way too much—his parents called him a demon and tried to kill him, and then he lost all of his family from Hyakuya orphanage, all while he is still a kid. This trauma naturally has a profound impact on him. When he escapes the vampires, Guren gives him a new life and is kind to him, and since Yuu has lost everyone that he has, it’s normal that he clings to Guren. Yuu’s blind trust of Guren is problematic, but it is understandable because Guren holds a special place in his heart as the first person he was close to after losing his family, and he probably believes that Guren is the reason that he was able to start a new life with his squad mates and Mika. It’s easy for us to look at the situation objectively, but Yuu’s had a messed up life, and it’s taken its toll on him. 

I also like that there this imperfection in Yuu’s character because it makes him a lot more real. I’ve seen a lot of people who are seeing Yuu’s gullibility as a very bad thing that makes him less likable, but I don’t feel that way. If Yuu were to be completely rational and objective about this situation it wouldn’t really make sense. He was broken and devastated, so his attachment to Guren is very realistic and makes him a lot more human and interesting. While his blind trust of Guren probably isn’t going to go well for him, I don’t think that this makes his character worse or anything like that. 

Party Like A Stark

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Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Part (4/6)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  Part 5  Part 6

Summary: Today is your 19th birthday, and you also happen to be Tony Stark’s loved daughter.  What’s a better way to celebrate this special day than a party?!  All the Avengers and family friends will be there, even your secret crush Spider-Man.  You’ve always wanted to meet the famous spiderling, but little did you know you already know him.  Your party will definitely be one to remember.

Warnings: just some sexual and awkward Peter


AN: Hey guys! Hope you’re enjoying the fic! I’m trying to post everyday but with work coming up I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep that up the next two days! Ill try my best to write daily! Also I know I still have requests but I only really have time to write one thing, so I’m updating this fic bc it’s popular!  Once I get time I promise I write those requests out!! Thank you again for the notes on this story!!

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y’all, i just recently hit 600 followers and i just wanted to take the time out and say… THANK YOU! i am so glad to have started a simblr a few months ago, because the love and creativity that this community has inspired me greatly and has been a fun, creative outlet for me especially with school going on. it’s a beautiful escape and i thank every one of y’all for making this experience a great one & of course, for following me!!! 

enjoy this edit of Luna’s “surprised yet thankful” face lmao. (it was just this random emotion pose so i dont really know whats going on but i just came to the conclusion its that lmao)

That’s where all the cats went!

[[Hey guys sorry i haven’t posted in a few days! I was moving out to the country! I have a small house with my dad, step mom, and baby brother surrounded by nature now! It was worth all the cleaning and packing because I get the attic room that has the best view haha]]

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One day me and my boyfriend were messing around on his couch and we were play fighting, somehow we ended up making out and then I started grinding on him and I was moaning so loud. His brother walked in and it was very clear he had been watching cause he had a hard on, so I went over to him and gave him a bj while my boyfriend fucked me from behind. Best threesome I've ever had, double penetration is something I'd try again🍆🍆

Tsundere... (Park Woojin) Pt. 2

Summary: School AU with Park Woojin and many many other produce 101 (season 1 and 2) contestants.

Author’s note: thank you to everyone who reads this series! ill try my best to keep updating regularly but i wont have my laptop or phone for the next few days but i will try to post as soon as i do!

Part 1  Part 3 Part 4

Part 2: Chocolate

Your perspective…

somsomiiii: guys my parents are going on a trip for the next three days and said i could have some friends over if i want…. :)

hi_doyeon: we should have a slept over

hi_doyeon: sleep ogre

hi_doyeon: slep over

hi_doyeon: sleep over

itsmeyoojung: YES im so down. somi are your parents okay with that?

somsomiiii: ya ofc, u guys can come by at 8 and BRING FOOD. y/n do u think u can come?

y/u/n: yep! i can bring some candy

hi_doyeon: ill bring a bunch of snakcs i have at home. can we bake somthing too?

somsomiiii: yea i have enough ingredients to make cookies or brownies or wtv you guys want. we can invite the guys over to just hangout for the night too since my parents trust all of them

itsmeyoojung: just daehwi, woojin, and jihoon right? i can text them

hi_doyeon: yea thats probably good enouh since too many poeple would be too hectic

somsomiiii: cool ill see u guys at 8, show up in your pjs!

y/u/n: (thumbs up emoji)

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I went out to breakfast with my ex (now my best friend) and once he took me home, i invited him inside where we just sat and watched a movie. He was being overly cuddly and we were play-fighting until he grabbed both of my hands, pinning them behind me and looked me in the eyes. Then he kissed me, deeply, and from there, we had sex in every position possible and it was amazing. Still best friends and we try not to speak of it again...

Just Don’t

I’m sure there’s already probably a post out there about this but here’s a list of things not to say to someone with a chronic illness:

1. “But you don’t look sick.” - I read this article about a girl who’s really sick with a lot of different chronic illnesses, and she said that if she had a dollar for every time she’s been told this she could afford the various surgeries she needs to survive. I’ve said it before, it’s a blessing and a curse to not look as horrible as we feel. On good days, I like to pretend that I’m normal and I can blend in. On the bad days, I hear this a thousand times. Do you think that by telling me this I magically feel better? Because that’s not how this works. Y’all are lucky I don’t look how I feel because you’d run screaming. The reason this offends us is because it comes off like you’re not believing us. Please don’t do it.

2. “You’re too young to have that.” - Thank you. I’ll just tell that to my body. Did it fix me? No? Shocking. Again, this is offensive because it seems like you’re not believing us. Please don’t do it.

3. “At least it’s not cancer.” - Omgggggg. This one pisses me off like no other. There’s a post about this I’ve seen on here and the best line is something like “Who told you it was okay to rank suffering?” <——- READ IT AGAIN. That is never okay. You come off as so ignorant when this comment is made. Just because you actually know something about cancer doesn’t mean you know anything about how it would compare to my illness and it’s so ignorant to even try to compare them!!!! Did you know that the most commonly used drugs to treat autoimmune diseases are chemo drugs? And we stay on those for LIFE. Also, what’s one of the most feared things for a cancer survivor? A relapse. This is like waking up to a relapse every day of our lives. This is offensive because it’s ignorant. You know nothing about my illnesses and yet you’re going to try to compare it to something else and the fact that you’re trying to compare two different types of suffering when you know nothing about the one is just wrong. It’s just wrong to even try to say one person is suffering more than another. Don’t do it. —–> this section also includes the “this person I know had cancer and is living an inspiring adventurous life” people. Just stop. Honestly. Do you think I’m just sitting here bitching and not trying my hardest to survive? Do you think I enjoy this? Do you seriously think that if I had any way to live like that that I would still be sitting here? Omg. Please don’t do it.

4. “My aunt’s sister’s cousin’s dog’s brother’s friend has that and she’s fine.” - I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard this shit. Okay the dog part is exaggerated but not much! Like please, tell me how this person you’ve maybe seen twice in your life and maybe even talked to once is just doing fine. Did you ask them about their illness? Did you ask them how long it took for them to get diagnosed and what life was like during that time? Did you ask how many medications they’re on to keep them going in a semi-normal life? Did you ask them how they’re actually feeling underneath that smile? Did you ask them if they’re going to cry when they get home from being in so much pain from spending a day pretending to be normal? You didn’t? Didn’t think so. Again, ignorant. Please don’t do it.

5. “You just need to be more positive.” - Seriously? Please, tell me more. Explain to my joints that since I’m thinking happy thoughts they shouldn’t be aching any more. Explain to my lungs that I should be able to breathe now. You know, I know that being positive is something I need to work on and that it can help me with my overall happiness on good days. But this is offensive because you imply that I’m not trying hard enough and that this is a simple illness that can vanish if I put in enough effort. Like I’m not doing everything I possibly can. Like I’m just being lazy. Being positive is not going to change the nights I spend alone in too much pain to sleep. Ignorant. Please don’t do it.

6. “Are you sure it’s not all in your head?” - Man…this is the worst. Like there is no way that this comment could be helpful. You are indicating that you don’t believe the person speaking and that you aren’t listening to anything they’re telling you. If somebody is telling you about their illnesses they’re telling you about real shit. Shut up and listen. Plus, this also bothers me because it’s derogatory towards anyone with mental illnesses. So what if it was in my head? Does that make it any less real? If you care about somebody does it matter where their pain is coming from? More ignorance. Please don’t do it.

I think that most people just don’t really grasp the reality of the situation and the fact that you can get sick and never get better. I think most people honestly think they’re helping in some way but these things make us feel even more isolated and make us want to reach out to people even less. Saying these things shows us that you know nothing about our lives and that you aren’t listening to what we’re saying. Because in all honesty, none of these things have anything to do with our own individual situations. So if you really care about the person who’s opening up to you about their illness, listen to what they say about what their life is really like. You can ask questions we love it when someone shows a genuine interest but don’t say ignorant things. If you don’t know what someone is going through, then don’t pretend like you do. Don’t compare one case to another, don’t compare one disease to another, don’t judge us by our appearance or our age, don’t make assumptions about our mental health or our mindset. There are so many stigmas against us anyways so if somebody you care about is trying to inform you please listen. Thank you.

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I am in an argument with a person (Pinterest) who claims there are only two genders. I'm trying to prove them wrong but they keep saying junk like being transgender is a mental illness and you're born with a certain genitalia and that proves your gender. I want to prove them wrong but I'm not educated enough to fully back up my statements. Do you have any pointers or tips? Thanks (I love your blog 💓)

Ah, Pinterest arguments are the best. That’s actually why I first made a Tumblr. I got so frustrated arguing with people on Pinterest over screenshots of Tumblr posts, that I finally made myself an account so I could participate in the action firsthand.

Here’s a post debunking of the “X is female, Y is male” chromosome argument.

Here’s a similar one that also goes more in depth on intersex people. 

Brain scans show that transgender people are actually the gender with which they identify!

Here’s an article explaining the gender spectrum, if you get that far with them.

This Time article describes how being transgender is not a mental illness; often mental illnesses that trans people have more likely resulted from transphobic violence.

On separating sex and gender…

More on the difference between sex and gender.

Trans women are not biologically male.

I hope that helps; if not let me know and I’ll try to find some more! Followers, please feel free to add anything else :)

Thanks for fighting the good fight, anon! We’re cheering you on! You’ve got this - take them down with your facts!

Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 118

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excuse you kim taehyung, we need to talk lmao because this isnt how i expect myself to be this affected lmao

also, ill try my best to include small descriptions but some of them are quite self-explanatory though so i won’t write much about it

please do check out my selling posts with the tag #fafsells

anyway heres another fic rec woo

lets start 

1) English Teacher

by @btsstoriesand-astrology

a taehyung  x y/n fic 


( need i say more coughs )

2) Hockey Pucks

by @bangtanboysboo

a jungkook x y/n fic 


college au 

3) Blood, Sweat and Tears

by @kpopyourcherryy

a seokjin x y/n fic ( feat ot7 x y/n fic )

completed series with around 3 parts with the last one split into 2 

vampire au 

i remember recommending this one before but only recently did i manage to find it again and read it completely

sharing is caring right 

4) For Later

by @yaja-time

a jimin x y/n fic 


he needs something to remember you by

5) Winter Sounds

by @iwanthope

a jungkook x y/n fic 


writer au 

( similar to the namjoon writer au fic )

being forced by your friend to an event has just made you meet someone you wont forget even through the winter sounds

( it sounds cheesy but its a great fic, trust me on this )

6) Cardiovascular Palpitations

by @hayjeon

a jungkook x y/n x taehyung fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

surgeons au, friends with benefits au

its always the case when youre fwb but someone catches the feelings for the other 

7) Keep Quiet

by @silhouetted-beauty

a yoongi x y/n fic 



8) Badly

by @bangtanbtsmut

a jungkook x y/n fic 


this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~