ill try better

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

I apologize for my lack of control for drawing this beautiful man

I wanted to draw something dynamic but this happened instead- i want to draw something more interesting 

like a cool pose, but alas I must work for the look I want

please, please, may this lantern light my way towards you, please, please small lantern…light my way towards her lost soul

don’t let ‘em see you

color palette by @color-palettes!

Pro tip for Dr’s appointments

Take a few minutes in car before appointment to prepare an explanation for why you made the appointment plus 1-2 goals for what you would like to accomplish.

Example: I made this appointment bc I’ve noticed this specific worsening of symptoms, and my goal for this appointment is to discuss treatment options and start one if possible

At the point I’ve been to over 100 appointments, and trust me this makes a huge difference. Honestly it’s so easy to just freeze up and struggle to explain because our symptoms and problems are so big and numerous and hard to pin down. Reminding yourself of what you want to focus on for that appointment really helps. And there is nothing more flustering than a doctor being confused about why you are there and struggling to explain. A few minutes writing notes, talking to someone you trust, or just thinking through this in your head can make your appointments so much easier & more productive.


Dumb polaroids from some of the the Starblaster Crew, you know at some point in 100 years they found SOMETHING resembling an instax.

i wasn’t going to post these but fuck it! It was just an exercise and I was hoping to do more better ones with the rest of the gang, maybe some day yall.

Sehun Boyfriend Material

Out of Bed

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  • a lil nub
  • the cutest little numb
  • so weird but its great bc you all are super weird together
  • and its more of a quiet weird but you guys just like get each other idk
  • Oddly fond of small talk?
  • Or not really small talk but he would love you telling him little bits about your day
  • Like that your coffee was extra yummy that morning or that you got a compliment from a co-worker or that you just bought the cutest dress that you think looks amazing on you (and trust me he thinks so too ;)) 
  • He would just really like hearing about the little things you like and make you
  • Comfortable silence 
  • simple date night’s 
  • laying on the couch, your head on his chest or vice versa depending on the day, listening to each others heart beats, the drull of the tv sometimes playing in the back ground
  • And 9.5 times out of 10 these dates would turn into sloppy make out sessions rather quickly
  • asking  blunt questions when your least expecting it
  • “Y/N?”
  • “hmmm?”
  • “You want to fuck me don’t you?”
  • getting caught off guard by his blunt questions
  • him crawling across the couch to flip you over and straddle you
  • even in public things like this would happen
  • he really wouldn’t mind pda or at least he doesn’t show otherwise
  • all he shows is dang does he really like you
  • he either has a cute puppy smile or a sly smirk 100% of the time
  • both should warrens concern
  • hes a mischievous little shit so he probably did something
  • sometimes it would be a prank and you would smack his chest and he would chuckle
  • othertimes it would be a romantic dinner that he just couldn’t wait to see the look on your face
  • asking really dumb questions together
  • being confused together
  • the members making fun of you guys for being slow
  • planning pranks to get back at them
  • being kinda an “immature” couple but who care because you have fun
  • also the kinda gross couple because you makeout ALL the time
  • but hey who would be able to resist him?

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In Bed

  • So so innocent at first
  • you would definitely need to take the lead for a while until he got the hang of things
  • and then watch out Daddy Central
  • he would certainly make you feel every centimeter of his rather gifted package
  • really really rough in general
  • and a bit frantic bc boy is he horny and ready to rip your clothes off in a second
  • so much neck biting you best have some full coverage concealer to cover up those marks
  • dragging his teeth across your entire body
  • paying special attention to your ass
  • man is he an ass guy
  • and yours is EXACTLY his type
  • him convincing you to call him oppa
  • you being slightly unsure at first but then getting super into it
  • lots and lots of dirty talk
  • him telling you how good you felt or praising you for just how wet you were 
  • scolding you for if you ever dried up
  • commanding you on how to move or telling you when you could speak or not
  • he loves it when your super vocal
  • he is especially fond of you moaning his name… especially while sucking him off
  • fucking in basically every position imaginable
  • teasing you under the table when you go out to dinner with friends and then excusing yourselves early to either fuck in the bathroom or ur car, u guys hardly ever could wait until u got home
  • fucking quite frequently in public places
  • him loving when you deep throat him
  • him grabbing your hair in a makeshift ponytail and forcing you farther down his shaft
  • him being for the most part silent as you choked on him only letting out the occasional groan
  • making sure to repay the favor later on by eating you out
  • though, while it was repayment, he also made you suffer a bit
  • he just couldn’t help it, overstim was one of his favorite things to do to you
  • and when ever he ate you out he always made sure u came at least twice
  • whenever he was repaying the favor tho by eating you out… well usually he made you cum until you were begging him to stop and even then he wouldn’t stop until you physically couldn’t cum anymore
  • ;))))
  • yah hes also kinda a cocky little shit especially after you guys have been together for a while
  • have fun enjoying him large package
There was the winter I got worse and worse
and then the spring I tried to get better.
That was the spring I opened my mouth for the first time,
made everything one step more real.
And it’s funny, because
nothing really changed after I told my secret.
The transcendent revelation,
the miraculous healing,
everything I’d imagined-
none of that ever happened.
But I had still taken that step,
I had still proved that I could.
That was the spring I decided to cut my hair,
finally change something in the rigid routine I had built up.
And it’s funny, because
nothing really changed after I chopped off my hair.
It wasn’t like I was chopping off the symptoms,
the controlling fear,
the feeling like you’re trapped.
But now my head is lighter,
I think I look nicer,
and I’ve still proven I can change things.
This is not the spring everything is better,
but it is the spring I am deciding to try.
—  trying // c.r.h.