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Sansaka Fanfic Recs

After seeing dweebry‘s post. I don’t know about midosaka but here are my favourite sansaka ones.

Something pure behind the hills by  AmberSpirit
(A very nicely done deconstruction of Manami’s character and Onoda gradually learning to accept and love him. A really deep fanfic which calls for analysis and will probably affect you psychologically. Must-read for anyone who doesn’t despise sansaka and even those who do so they can rethink their decision. Has a lot of reread value.)

A Beginner’s Guide to Making Friends and Winning at Quidditch by  peterpandemic
(If you don’t mind long stories, this is the best Harry Potter alternate universe I have ever read; not just because it’s sansaka. The charm of this story is in its subtlety of the characters. Another really deep fanfic which calls for analysis; but requires a reader which is willing to give time.)

Alive by  biiesh
(Will probably make you depressed for days after reading. Manami is hospitalized due to a biking accident and his childhood past of having a weak body catches up to him. Onoda becomes the one who stays by his side through all of this.)

Five-Fifteen by  Butterfree
(Um, I can recommend my own story, right? Manami accidentally commits murder. Wraps up nicely in only two chapters and manages to bring a satisfying conclusion. The general consensus I get is actually that it’s cute/heavy.)

Luck by  ShippingSempai
(A story where Onoda and Manami are the princes of their respective regions that are at war. It doesn’t go as in depth into their characters as well as I’d hoped, but I am appalled at the lack of people who’ve read this. It carries its theme of hardship and freedom very well. The sansaka itself will give you bubbly feelings.)

It’s All Uphill From Here by  restlessScribbler
(A bit mixed on this one. It does lack a little in the problem-resolution area and as a result you feel that the characters aren’t explored as well as they could be; but that could just be the story being left hanging before it could get to that point. It emphasizes the friendship between sansaka first and foremost which is something it does nearly flawlessly if not for that. Definitely recommended.)

Unfair by  sorapantsu
(Onoda has an imaginary friend named Manami. Will touch your heartstrings the first time you read it but probably not the tenth or so time. It’s also only a bit short.)

Primrose by  sjokotof for manamni@tumblr
(Its main pairing isn’t sansaka but I think even people who don’t ship toumaki should give this a chance. It’s an alternate universe where half the cast are guardian angels assigned to one human soul as they die and reincarnate.)

Fever by  xShieru
(Probably the most classic and one of the first really good sansaka fanfiction. Onoda falls ill on a trip to a hot spring that Hakone is also coincidentally at. Not meant to be overly multilayered but rather uses its simplicity to make your heart race.)

Swinging Vine by  midweekrobins
(Really fluffy one-shot where Onoda/Manami and Makishima/Toudou go on a double date. It prefers to be cute and happy over dramatic or clashing, meant to make the reader smile.)

The Wellspring by  UnusuallyNormal
(An alternate universe where Makishima is the prince who falls under a curse and Onoda sets out to find his cure. I was a bit hesitant on putting this one. It’s still relatively new and hasn’t actually delved into much sansaka yet. But Onoda is the most precious RPG hero ever I swear. Plus the fantasy aspects of it are handled really well.)

the hills are calling me by  masi
(If you want something shorter. Onoda meets Manami again for the first time in seven years on a roadside and they reconcile. I only wish the author took more time to expand on their lives and new developments. After all, it’s not only them but us that missed out on ten years of them.)

Peaceful Scenery by  V_king2011
(Another one of the first really good sansaka fanfictions. An unexpected visit from the Hakone cycling team in which Onoda realizes his feelings for Manami while the two are talking.)

Hope this helps!

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heyhey! ✨, my name is febe, fandom harry potter lightning era. im blonde, i have blue eyes, im very awkward sometimes, and sometimes im so weird. my kind of humour is puns and sarcasm, and i love reading and bingewatching shows. eh i hope that is a good description? if you need more info ill send you! have a good day love <3

I ship you with…

Ronald Weasley

- your sarcasm and his sarcasm go hand in hand, youre sarcasm soulmates to put it in simple terms
- though youre awkward at times he thinks your awkward moments are the cutest and for him being the youngest boy in his household he’s had a lot of awkward moments as well.
- a normal date night for the two of you is hanging in the common room of either of you twos house, sitting right by the fire while you read and he tries his hardest to actually do homework (with a little help from you of course)
- if anyone was to ask ron what his favorite physical part of you was he would most definitely and without a doubt say your eyes. “those kind ocean eyes” as he would put it.

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