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I’ve seen THIS POST circulating a lot today and I just wanted to make a small post and tell you guys that:

  • Just because you were a victim of abuse/toxicity, doesn’t mean you will also be abusive/toxic.
  • Just because it’s difficult for you to maintain close relationships doesn’t mean you’re abusive/toxic.
  • Just because you open up easily to others after only a little time of knowing them doesn’t mean you’re abusive/toxic.
  • Just because you lash out or get jealous sometimes doesn’t mean you’re abusive/toxic.
  • Just because you have a mental illness or disorder that society deems as abusive or toxic does NOT mean that you are automatically abusive or toxic.

someone just added my steam randomly and so i look at their profile and scroll down to see the comments people made on their profile and two just screamed at me:

“ hey, sorry I saw your profile and I just thought you looked cute in your picture, I really wanted to tell you that)) It’s really rare to see girls playing video games haha! I don’t know why its a guy thing honestly im like really against misogyny and like ill be the one in the kitchen making sandwiches. We should really play l4d2 sometime its a really cool zombie game with a lot of scary moments, but don’t worry ill be there to protect you  sorry that wasnt flirting I swear Im just trying to be friendly I really like your profile picture sorry was that too far? Really sorry i’m really shy I don’t go out much haha add me on skype we should talk more you look really nice and fun xxx “


the best one:

“ are there people who actually thinking sucking dick is gay?

 1. you’re sharing protein 

2. you’re admiring masculine physique 

3. being in the vacinity of other high testosterone males increases your own testosterone 

 eating pussy is gay because you’re litterally slurping down estrogen. and long term relationships have been proven to lower testosterone. spartans had gay orgies all the time and they were the height of masculinity. you bet they were at least fondling eachothers test producers. all these summer DYEL’s piss me off. their twink bodies don’t understand, but in time i’m sure they’ll get it. “

then i added them  


It is well known that Flowey blames himself for he and Chara’s failure. He talks about how he couldn’t do it.

But what if it wasn’t him, but Chara?

Asriel did absorb Chara’s soul so it only makes sense that it would be very difficult to tell the pairs emotions and thoughts apart.

That being said, this was an idea i came up with while laying in bed, trying to go to sleep. When i though of it, i couldn’t stop so i eventually got up and sketched the whole thing in my sketchbook. 

I plan on doing more stuff like this. It was fun to do and i have some ideas. Im also seeing a TON of mistakes i made in this and i need to fix but… eh, ill do it latter (If i ever get around to doing it). 

I want ideas from you guys as well. Please tell me headcanons and stuff you have or any other thing you want me to do.

Thank you~

why in the world are y’all out there telling people they shouldn’t feel uncomfortable by certain people because they’re not as bad as abusers and criminals?? do y’all even know how fucking dumb y’all look reblogging and liking that shit? popularizing a fc and using them is a way of showing your support towards that person!! use your shitty faves all of you want, but don’t you dare tell people that they shouldn’t complain about seeing bigots popularized in what is supposed to be a safe space for all of us. do you guys not care about your trans friends?? what about for friends of color?? your friends that have been abused?? they have every single right to  express their discomfort when people show their support towards the people that have wronged them/their communities.  ill repeat. turning towards them,  using them as your mascots and fcs, making resources for them, etc is still a way of supporting them because not only are you putting their face out there, but you’re also reminding your followers that at the end of the day, you couldn’t care less about the issues that affect them, and the people that have wronged them

i hope all of the people condoning that nasty post by giving em notes feel nice and validated after reblogging that mess as some sort of ~cover~ 

there are a lot of you so i felt obligated to tell you guys that ill be taking a small semi-hiatus for the next few weeks. i am having some mental health issues and i think i need to take a break from blogging for a little bit. ill still reblog posts and answer asks every now and then but i won’t be super active and i apologize. i hope to be back soon. thank you !!

Right now, all I can think about are some things Even said to Isak (according to the English translations I watched) : 

- “I can’t dump Sonja” (like, why that?)

- “I told her about YOU” (not “us” or “you and me”, I think the “you” is a bit ambiguous)

What did Even tell Sonja? Was it like “Isak might like me, I don’t know what to think anymore, I need to take a break”? Then, after Isak said he didn’t want mentally ill people in his life (supposing Even hides something related to mental illness), he backpedaled and went back to Sonja? 

Honestly, Even hurt Isak tonight. He really needs to explain himself. But I keep thinking he’s not a bad guy. I just want (need) to know more about him. Isak and him need to talk. About Even’s life. Because, most of the time it’s Even who asks Isak questions about his life…

Tonight’s clip was really good, although heartbreaking. I hope to have more this weekend. I’m also afraid to get some more bad things before it gets better :/

okay so i think i’ve decided to call it. my illness has been so bad and i’ve been trying but haven’t gotten anywhere in school, and my doctor basically told me that i have to take time off and i’m not going to graduate this year. SO i think i’m gonna start over in september as a senior. i won’t be with my class but i don’t even care about that anymore. plus i see this as a fresh start. i can make new friends while my other friends go off to college, and if i get my health under control before the school year starts, there’s a chance that i can actually have a normal year of high school, which i’ve never had. i’m kind of excited.

//Namjoon, yellow & blue request with some lovely poc!! this was requested and thank god.
im being serious guys if you request something and you want a specific poc in it tell me, if i cant find any of that aesthetic i apologize. but ill break my back trying!!
•also i love yellow so keep these yellow request coming ya’ll

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It's not about wanting to see a gay couple having sex or saying they are not "valid and healthy", it's because the straight couples get the sex scenes but not Malec. Get off your high horse. People are fighting for good and equal representation.

I could make this a long ass post taking your comment apart, grey face, but I’m tired, I have spent all day caring for my chronically ill mother and I am emotionally drained. I’m sick and tired of this shit.

If it’s not about wanting to see them having sex, because oooh, two hot gay guys, why are you all so hung up on THAT scene? Why is THAT what makes or breaks the depiction of this ship for you? I’m asking honestly and if someone has an answer that tells me that seeing them have sex (or the lead in or aftermath of it) is what makes the difference between a good depiction and the entire show all of a sudden being homophobic for some people.

Why is that so much more important that Alec standing up to his mother for Magnus, that Magnus makes a point of playing nice with Jace, that we see them having happy and healthy interactions, that it’s not a relationship that is doomed to fail from the beginning or riddled with unnecessary relationship drama?

Would I prefer if the depiction of LGBT characters and relationships be as normalised as straight characters and relationships? Yes, because I know that it is going to be a long, long while before I see someone like me on the television. Because I’m a freak or greedy or don’t know what I want in most people’s eyes and I would love for that to stop and people just see me as just another person with normal relationships. Because I know that a great many people still reduce the man I love more than everything to his genitals. 

But you know what? I will take being able to see a healthy and happy gay relationship on my screen once a week, where I don’t have to be afraid that one of them will be killed off for the emotional drama or where it’s just about who fucks who any day over one sex scene. Because that, at least to me is already a major step forward. And tearing that step down again by calling those who made it for us homophobic is, at least in my eyes, the worst thing we can do if we want to get to the point where it doesn’t matter which gender the people on our television screen have.

I’ll Show You Crazy Pt. 7


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Words: 1,069

“You’ve been requested.” A guard tells me behind my ear as I dance on the raised floor. I smirk to myself assuming its J wanting me, turning around to accompany him.

“You asked for me?” I ask J as I sit on him with ease.

He strokes my cheek, “No,” He breathes, “You know I don’t bother your fun.”

I huff before looking around, eyeing a suspicious man staring at me. I tilt my head sideways, wondering why he hasn’t looked away yet. His eyes dart from me to the open chair in front of him.

“Who’re you?” I demand, putting my hand on my right hip.

“Sit.” He offers.

I sigh as I pull the chair out. “What do you want-“ He pulls out a large monitor, showing the security footage of my house. My eyes pierce into his, “What is this.” I demand. He switches to Little J’s room, where pieces of her new furniture are being carried out.

He sets the monitor on the table to explain, “Your nanny,” He thinks, “Marlys, is it?” He switches to the living room where Marlys is holding my now 6 month old, guiding the men where to carry out her furniture. “Made a special call.”

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hey hannah if you dont mind i was wondering if you wanted to tell us the story of how you saved someones life? it sounds really interesting!!

Okay.  So I was at work behind the reception desk and this guy came running in with his girlfriend saying she was having an allergic reaction.  I’m not medically trained at all, but I could see that this girl looked really ill.  So I ran in to tell the nurse who said “she’s fine, just get her to sit down” without even looking at her.

I wasn’t happy with that so I ran into our ambulance area and spoke to another nurse who said “well if the other nurse thinks she’s alright, then she must be fine.  We have ambulance patients to see”.  

I was really angry because they don’t take me seriously because I’m non-clinical but I was sooo sure she wasn’t okay.  I grabbed a doctor and literally begged him to look at her.  She ended up being rushed straight into the trauma bay and all of the doctors rushed in to treat her.  I then went for my break and when I came back, the lead doctor was asking for me and he said if we’d waited another minute she’d be dead because her throat was literally closing up and they had to stick a tube down it to get her breathing again.  

Then the family asked to see me and they were all hugging me and crying and saying that although I didn’t treat her, I saved her life.  I was so touched.  It was great.

guys holy shit he talked to me on the phone and his voice cracked up and i was like JACK its over please stop and he was like “i cant please just let me see you once i wont touch you i just want to talk and then is wear ill move on i cant move on unless i see you and tell you everything to your face”
guys im so fucking stressed i said ill see and i hung up on him im so grossed tf out i hate myself its such a hassle dealing with this i want him out of my life

hey guys!

so, you probably didnt know this, but i have mild synesthesia, which basically means that a lot of my senses are switched around. i can taste sounds and hear colors! i thought i was being fed drugs until i was thirteen, haha. but! i want you to send me a song! and ill tell you what it tastes like! yay!

going to “other doctors” is weird as hell because you gotta ask yourself “do i really want to give my entire medical history to the dentist? well no i don’t, but what about counter reactions between my meds and his? what about the risk of bleeding?” and you’re like fuck I gotta tell them but then they don’t know what it is because it’s rare and they’re not “that kind of doctor” so you gotta explain your MEDICAL CONDITION to the GUY WHO WENT TO MED SCHOOL and it’s super unnerving because there’s your dermatologist or ob gyn or eye doctor or whoever sitting there on google. like for fucksake, talking to surgeons and pompous asshole specialists who don’t take insurance is easier than trying to get my teeth cleaned. 

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My friend realized that I've been distancing myself. They seem like they think it's their fault. I don't know how to tell them what is really going on. They are so happy right now and I don't want to ruin it with my own problems.

Sweetheart if they’re a friend worth having they’ll care about your problems and do everything they can to help you. Isolating yourself from your friends is never a good thing, no matter what your illness tells you.

It’s important to just have an open honest conversation with your friend about what’s going on and let them help you.

I hope it works out for you guys! xx