ill take the money

Holy fucking shit.

Outlast 2 is hard to stomach.

“hi, i’m bowlingotter!” “and i’m lissysandwich!”

Heh, its funny
The only place I used to feel comfortable in was the internet, even if its toxic and dangerous place.
I lost it. I dont have a place like that anymore.

4 bag celebratory shots are nice 😋💉

Me: “I don’t want to take medication for my mental illness. It makes me less creative.”

Me: *creates almost nothing because mental illness takes all my time and energy*

Me: *abandons pretty much everything I started making because mental illness takes all my time and energy*

Me: *despairs over all the money spent on ‘great interesting ideas to do things’ that I never actually did*

Me: *hates myself for leaving so much unfinished and unstarted*

Me: “This is fine.”

when i was working a little girl came up to me with a crayola marker in her both of her open palms and said “eguse me, is this your marker?” and i said no and asked her if she wanted it since it would just be thrown out because it was out of package anyway and she YELLED “no!!! thats called stoleing…..!!!” and her little sister was like “did we stole earlier today??!” and she was very smug like “no ally, its not stoleing if you scam it over the lasers first and then you take your parents money. ill just leave this guy here” and then she put down the marker in a corner and kissed her hand and then touched it and said “stay safe…. i love you” and left i love it 


Okay, so Life is Strange: Dark Room thoughts. So, spoilers.

You may be wondering, why do I have these two photos together? Well, earlier in the episode (this picture was the one that looked the best imo) I noticed the shirt Max was wearing. And I knew it from somewhere. Hence the second photo. Which is from the movie poster of Silence of the Lambs. Now, Silence of the Lambs is kind of important to the rest of this, but this is also the best picture I could find of the Death’s-Head Hawkmoth, which I’m pretty sure is what is pictured on Max’s shirt. (and sneaky sneaky DONTNOD, betcha didn’t think we’d catch it)

So, just about the moth. According to Wikipedia there are three different species of this moth, and their names are atropos, lachesis and styx. All are related to death. And, boy, is there death in this episode. Two of them are related to the Fates, the cutting one and the one who determines life’s fate/length, while the third is, obviously, the river Styx. The one dead people go across (and hopefully Rachel, considering the doe vanishes when her body is found).

Max has been messing with Fate and Death the entire game. She saves Chloe from being shot by Nathan, thereby extending her life past her time. She saves Chloe again if she shoots herself in the junkyard. She stops (or fails, but in my playthrough she’s alive) Kate from committing suicide. Those are the ones off the top of my head. So, at the end of Dark Room, Chloe is probably dead. I say probably, because people have survived being shot in the head before. Until I have confirmation, I’ll go with she’s dead, but there is a chance. A small, small chance. So, Chloe has been returned to the original Fate that she had, since Max is unable to rewind and save her, thanks to that jackass Mr. Jefferson. 

I don’t know if this means Kate is also slated to die to appease the Fates. But, we can all agree that this is getting into some Final Destination shit.

Now, the Silence of the Lambs stuff. This may all be bullshit, but hear me out. Silence of the Lambs has Clarice Starling, who interviews Hannibal Lecter to find Buffalo Bill who is skinning women and leaving a trail of bodies. That’s the short of it, and I haven’t seen the movie in forever, so I’m going half off the Wikipedia page.

Now, we could take Silence of the Lambs literally. The lambs (Kate, Rachel, and now probably Max) have been silenced. Kate because no one would believe her, and she attempted (or succeeded) suicide. Rachel has been killed. She can’t tell anyone. And now Max is in jackass Mr. Jefferson’s clutches. And because she’s figured all of this out, he intends to silence her. Also, in the movie Clarice tells Hannibal about one of her memories where lambs were slaughtered, and she could hear them screaming. I wonder how many of those other women in the binders screamed. Terrified yet?

Now, the Buffalo Bill angle. 

To start off, I don’t blame Nathan. Not entirely. I think he’s being abused as much as the girls in the binders. Nathan is shown to be mentally ill. I think Mr. Jefferson is taking advantage of this, and thereby Nathan’s money, to do what he wants. Basically, to use Criminal Minds lingo, Mr. Jefferson is the dominant unsub. The reason Nathan has gotten so much into this fetish photography? Mr. Jefferson has been grooming him. And once Nathan gets caught, he’s free to leave, knowing that no one will believe Nathan once he’s caught red handed.

Which means that Mr. Jefferson is Buffalo Bill. Note, he’s not skinning the women. Not in the gory sense, at least. But he is using their skin. By putting them in risque poses, he gets what he wants (I think. Honestly, I could believe a lot of things about that man right now, and none of them are good.). Their skin, their “selves” (or selfies - I’m sorry that’s a horrible pun but this is getting really depressing) are on display. And that’s what he gets off on (figuratively or literally, I really don’t want to know). 

The comparison isn’t exactly perfect, but there are some things there. And it’s all due to that shirt. But also: that episode. What. The. Fuck.