ill take the money


So I binged loads of RT videos this week when I couldn’t sleep and really wanted some of these past/present moments on shirts, so mock-ups occurred

yoongi looks so warm and soft, an angel tbh, someone u can trust easily, like he could come to me, me not knowing who is he, and be all like ‘give me ur money, ill take care of it’ and i would be like ‘wow…ok take it…, wait! here, take my heart too’


These commissions should have a quick turn around so grab em while they’re hot!

I will do:
• OCs (with references!)
• Any character! (Again, with references!)
• Simple backgrounds and set pieces
• 1x revision included with commissions >$10

I may do:
• NSFW (case-by-case, extra $5-$10 may be applied)
• Shipping art!

I will not do:
• Complicated machinery/overly intricate designs
• Any ship or character that I’m not comfortable with. Ask me about your request!

Contact me!

Email me @ with the subject “commission”! OR message me here on
Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or reach out for a quote/more examples!

Payment will be done through PayPal C:

Browse my /art tag for more examples and have a good day <3

Holy fucking shit.

Outlast 2 is hard to stomach.

… okay but wheres my louis and harry mutual promo now that they are both officially under sony music & are both out with singles at the sametime like this is a perfect time to cash in on larry stylinson ! give me pap pics of them out eating lunch, give me a writer posting a pic of louis and harry writing together in a studio in comfy clothes, give me them praising eachothers music in interviews, give me HQs of harry and louis laughing together at some sony party, give me social media banter like !!! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT LIKE ILL GIVE YOU ALL MY MONEY I MISS THEM AND WE ARE HUGE WE CAN MAKE YOU SO HAPPY @ SONY

anonymous asked:

What did sixpenceee do??

1: their family owns an 8 year old child slave

and 2: they tried using their popularity to take money from mentally ill folks

Ok I finally wanna start my Splat-Drive fund raiser to work my butt off and get splatoon 2! (as well as a new controller) Ill be taking any splatoon themed commissions to help earn my money to get it. (you also have the option to not have it be splatoon related if you really want it to but wheres the fun in that?) 

 Art prices will be like this:

 $15 for sketches (Additional 12 dollars per each additional character) 

 $25 for a doodle page of a single character (you may suggest a theme for it)

 $30 for Colored Sketches (often includes a colored background) 

 $50 for a Shaded colored image! 

 Please be patient with me working on these commissions. I’m still currently working full time and the past couple weeks have been pretty tough but ive been meaning to draw as well as focus on practicing. Don’t be scared to come up with your own commission ideas as well, we can work out a price. 

one example is the Sketch page! I look forward for some fun commissions!

dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for Shadow to beat the shit out of King Shadow and take his ill-gotten lunch money in order to give it back to those poor Mobians

and then flip King Shadow off

4 bag celebratory shots are nice 😋💉