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I'll love you forever - Cameron dallas imagine PART THREE

Part three of my imagine :)



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Cameron’s POV

I didn’t know what was going on, why was (y/n) saying all this? She was my Girlfriend, what more did she want? “Cameron, I think we should take a break” she said, as tears fell down her face. Her face turned red, her eyes were full of pain. I was speechless. Was she really breaking up with me? I loved her. “Y/n…I don’t know what to say…” I replied back. I felt so guilty, as if I ruined everything. Because she let go of my hands, and stood staring at me for a few seconds, as if she couldn’t believe what I had said. As soon as I was about to say I didn’t meant it like that, she rushed out, not giving me a chance to clear things up. She was crying. But I didn’t do anything; I still stood there, silent. My throat was feeling heavy and chest was getting cramped. It started to get hard to breathe. Not knowing what to do or say, I covered my face with my hands. Nash rushed in and saw me in tears. “Bro what the hell happened?” he asked feeling shocked. “Sh-she broke…up” I stuttered. I wiped my face as Nash brought me into a hug. It was a silent hug, I heard no words of comfort from my best friend, probably because I was doing the wrong thing. I broke the hug instantly, and rushed out the door, same way y/n did. I ignored everyone, not wanting to talk.

I didn’t want to be there anymore, so I went home. I needed to be alone for a little while. I needed to think things through. I had stopped crying a while ago, but I still felt dead. My face was left dry from the tears. I was silent. It didn’t even feel like we broke up, it still felt like I was going to hug her, kiss her, love her like usual. I guess I just couldn’t believe what was happening. But a part of me knew things wouldn’t go back to how they were. I went to the washroom, and took my clothes off piece by piece, and went into the shower. Standing silent, as the hot water rushed over my head and back. I felt the sense of home, and warmth. Something I felt with her. Something she was so great at giving me. I thought about where I went wrong. Why’d she do this to me? I didn’t understand anything. I slightly tilted my head down, and a tear streamed down my left cheek. It hurt, a lot actually. And the worst part was, I didn’t even stop her from leaving.

I got out of the shower, after one hour. One hour of just thinking about what I had done. I didn’t even know how I felt; she was my girlfriend, for four years. Four damn years. And we ended things off like that? Without talking, or discussing. It’s all over? I couldn’t believe anything. As I got out of the shower, I Put the same clothes on, and headed over to bed. I lied down, staring at the white ceiling that hovered above me. I felt like I was suffocating, like the walls were coming in closer, breath by breath. ‘I’m going insane.” I thought. I thought, and thought about everything, us, her, what had happened. Did I just grow tired if her? I didn’t know. And as I thought for hours and hours my eyes became weak, they started to shut and I fell asleep. I fell asleep thinking everything would get better tomorrow, and that we’d be back together. Maybe I was wrong.

*Next Day*

I woke up with bags under my eyes, a sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach. I had night mares all night. About Her and how we let each other go. I grabbed my phone, realizing it was shut off so I had about 20 missed calls from Mahogany, Jacob, Sam, Nash, and Taylor. I ignored them and went to my Camera roll, I scrolled up to the pictures I had saved of y/n. She was beautiful, not like the other girls, but in her own, unique way. I loved everything she didn’t like about herself.

I scrolled past through all the pictures, examining every detail about her, and it made me smile a lot. Her beautiful long brown hair, her chubby cheeks, her soft, pink lips that I missed kissing so much. Her big eyes, that usually shined so bright, which were filled with tears yesterday. The way her face looked when she smiled. The way she’d get a dimple on her cheek when she laughed. Her beauty marks and freckles. All those imperfections that were perfect to me. She was my happiness and I wanted to be happy again, I wanted to be hers again. I wanted her to be in my arms, lying on my lap, looking at me in the eyes, as I gave her soft little kisses on her nose. I wanted everything back. I wanted to apologize, but the right words just didn’t seem to come out.

I decided to give her a call, but she didn’t pick up, and I got disappointed. I gave her another one and she still didn’t pick up. I thought she was mad at me, so I sent her a voice message,” look y/n, I think we should forget last night, let’s start all over again, please? I want you back.” I said with no emotion. I stared blankly on the screen of my phone, waiting for her response, which ended up not coming. In disappointment I threw my phone on the bed.

A few moments later someone called. Thinking it was y/n I quickly grabbed it, only to see it was Nash calling. I sighed and answered it. “Hey” I said. As soon as I said that he blurted out, “is (y/n) picking up? She’s not answering any one of her phone calls. She hasn’t been answering since last night” he was worried, really worried. “She didn’t pick mine up either.”Wow bro, what if something’s wrong?” He asked. “She’s probably just sad, she’ll be normal again” I said, thinking that was the case. Nash became a little less worried and hung up. I put my phone on the side table, not thinking twice about why y/n wasn’t answering their calls. I was just focused on myself. No one understood that I was hurt really badly by all this too.
*one hour later*

I decided to go to the nearby beach, sit, watch the waves and relax. Try to get these things off my mind. I walked there, sat in front of the waves and stared out into the distance. Just how y/n and I used to. The waves crashed, gently. And I enjoyed the beautiful noises they made. I was mesmerized by them. The warm soft sand in my feet, felt great everything was perfect, I got my mind off everything for a while. I sat there for an hour or two. Not feeling worried, until I got another phone call from mahogany, I picked it up, “Cam, come to the hospital right now. It’s an emergency, I’ll tell you what happened when you get here” and before I could even reply, she shut the phone. That feeling of joy worn off as I instantly got up, brushed the sand off my feet and rushed to the hospital to see what had happened.