ill stop at nothing

i hate that on social media, your username is still the nickname i gave you.
the one i made up
that you said made no sense but used anyways
that your friends began to recognize, too
i hate that you got a t-shirt with it on the back
and whenever i see you wearing it it’s like a punch to the gut

i hate that our mutual friends had to choose between us
and i hate that most of them chose you

i hate that you don’t acknowledge that anything’s changed
that it’s almost spring but we won’t go on our usual walks this year
i hate that it doesn’t bother you

i hate that i bought your birthday gifts but they arrived too late for your birthday
and once they finally got here, i forgot them at home
and didn’t manage to get them to you
and it was only a week after you stopped talking to me that i finally remembered them
i hate that they still sit there on my desk
so fucking painfully hopeful
i hate that i don’t either throw them out or give them to you
as if i can pretend that everything’s still the same
and i’ll write a nice card and hand them to you in a couple days

i hate that sometimes i forget we don’t talk anymore
and i will catch myself mid-movement or mid-word
and i have to cut it off with a jerk.
i hate that i try to forget the taste of your name
and i hate that i can pretend that my mind will forget you
but i know my body never will
i hate that i have to remember and feel the pain all over again
fresh, like it’s new
again and again and again

i hate a lot of things about our breakup
so many goddamn things
but the only thing i can’t manage to hate
despite how much i try

is you.

—  HATE // H.S.

There’s nothing poetic nor beautiful about being insecure and not liking yourself. You know what is beautiful, though? When you love yourself so much that you inspire other people to want to love themselves too. Stop romanticizing self hatred and start letting people know that it’s not conceited to love yourself. It’s okay to like who you are. It’s okay. I hope that one day you look in the mirror and get butterflies from seeing your own reflection.


Can everybody stop that “mental illness” thing? There’s nothing confirmed. Also even if he has, it’s not an excuse for what he did. He gave hope to Isak and actually asked him out. Then he let him down and kissed Sonja. I can understand everything and I can take every excuse except for the kiss. I don’t understand how can’t you see what he did. There is no excuse for that. Mentally ill or not. He kissed her. That’s it.

Don’t forget what he did. HE DID THIS

crazyloveable  asked:

I have bpd and when I split, it really affects my eating. Ill go "FUCK IT" and eat something, sometimes binge, and nothing can stop me usually. And then ill go into a depression spiral and usually attempt suicide. Idk if this is just me or if its actually when i split or i just have 0 self control.

That sounds tough, for me when I say “fuck it” I binge and am like “I will eat normal tomorrow this is just a one time thing” but it continues day after day after day. 


Stop romanticising mental illnesses or disorders because there is nothing nice bout them
Depression isnt a sad girl crying nd a boy hugging her and staying he will love her forever , its a girl crying or not even crying , not even feeling anything and just wishing she would die .
Bulimia isnt a pretty girl with long her vomiting over the toilet and a boy holding her hair saying he love her no matter what and tucking her to bed
Its bending over the toilet with bloodshot eyes , fingers down her throughts and an empty stomach .
Self harm isnt a girl with cuts and a boy telling her that her cuts look beautiful nd kissing thm .
Its holding a razor at night and cutting your skin with bloody hands and wishing to get the courage to evenpress it further so u would end it all .its a burden that u alays carry around ith u.uts having friends running away from u and looking at u like ur from another planet .
Bipolar disorder int being just happy because you got a new phone or sad because you got a b on a test .
Its madness , its feeling suicidal for months and feeling high for others .
And there is much more than that

person: What can I do to win your love?


person: Savor every moment?


person: Hold you close and never let go?


person: Romance you passionately?


person: What? What is it, what could you want from me?

me: Oh, from you? Nothing, I was just trying to shoe you hakyona is my true love.

person: But they’re fictiona-

me: Shhhhhhh. Don’t speak.

Mental Illnesses

Mental illnesses are not glamorous,and people need to stop glamorising them.
There’s nothing glamorous about crying in your bedroom at 4am,taking cold showers to remind yourself your still alive,cutting yourself and watching blood pour out of it,sitting there on the verge of a mental breakdown,running out of class because you can’t cope.People need to understand it’s so serious and not in any way glamorous!

reasons you should all watch sense8
  • racially diverse cast
  • awesome trans woman character
  • who is also in a lesbian relationship
  • bad ass asian woman in a high ranking position in a corporation
  • like I can’t express this enough, whenever a character is in a dangerous situation and they need a good fighter, they call on HER
  • non fuckboy white boys
  • a white girl who acknowledges her privilege, and has a huge heart despite going through some awful events herself
  • a black man from Kenya who, despite struggling for money deeply, stops at nothing to care for and protect his ill mother
  • fucking adorable Mexican gay couple who are portrayed like any other couple would be
  • portrays foreign cultures and characters in a very respectful and (as far as I can tell) accurate way.
  • awesome action scenes
  • funny as hell
  • deals with the struggles of being gay/lesbian/trans
  • just go watch it now please
  • I’m really excited about this show
  • go watch it 

them: calls me cute
me: wow everything is perfect life is good my depression is gone im cured mental illness?? whats that?? im thriving im alive im living nothing can stop me ever
them: doesnt reply for .2 seconds
me: well i guess nobody will ever love me as much as i love them i guess im worthless i guess they hate me and want me dead i guess i’ll never recover i gUESS ill just spend the REST of me LIFE in DEPRESSION wow can you believe im so ugly?? wow



Part Nogitsune. 

Part Emissary. 

100% chaotic protector of the Hale Pack.

While the trickster spark provides guidance to his Alpha, his mate, he also attempts to nourish his insatiable appetite while protecting their pack from those unfortunate enough to cross their path harboring ill intentions. The Nogissary will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of his pack, his family.

Click pics to enlarge. 

PS: The runes tat says “Hale”    

 ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕△◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

i need to take a break from being alive