ill still miss you

I’m losing my fucking mind over you.
I still love you.
And, without lying to myself, I think I always will.
—  Nicole Torres // excerpt from a book I’ll never write; E.M //
part of me is mad that i wrote you into my stories. because i can no longer read them without falling in love, and breaking my heart at the same time. but part of me is so glad i did. because it reminds of how beautiful our love was, even if it destroyed me.
—  i still miss you

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

It’s strange, yknow, because everything in my life usually feels wrong.

But you’ve never felt wrong to me.

—  Nicole Torres
Important Note

Well it’s finally that time I told you all about a few weeks ago!

I’m finally starting my scholarship to travel around the world for a year! I’m so excited and nervous!

I just want you all to know I highly doubt I will be able to upload the comic on the regular schedule of Thursday and Saturday from now on. It’ll still be updated…but just rarely and sporadically. Basically, I’ll upload when I can.

Also, I will no longer be selling the Dream Catchers book since I’m going to be out of the country and I’ll be coming back in August 2018.

On a different note since some of you asked, the purpose of my scholarship is to pretty much go around and ask people why they like/create/cosplay anime/cartoons, especially those geared towards minorities, lgbtqia+, and other marginalized groups, etc.

I’ll be stopping in Australia, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, and France. Who knows I may even add some more countries. But yeah/// This will be interesting… I’ll see you around ;)


The Time Master

You’ve gone mad, haven’t you?

Thinking that you could ever save someone like me.

—  Nicole Torres // a piece of an excerpt; EM.
I am having a tough time forgetting about you. I can’t forget about the times we stayed up till 3 a.m. talking about anything and everything. I can’t forget the way you laughed when I made a dumb joke. I can’t forget the way you made me laugh, the way you made me smile. I can’t forget how happy you made me and how happy I made you. I can’t forget about the time you told me you were in love with me. I can’t forget about the 6 hour phone calls. I can’t forget about the time you saved my life, and I saved yours. I can’t forget your name or your touch. I can’t forget about you.
My thoughts of you are stupidly persistent.
—  Nicole Torres :
You can feel shattered, all you want.

But someone, at some point, is going to pick up that glass.
They’re going to dive in with bare hands, and ignore the stinging cuts.
They’re going to put your uneven form back together, with uneven pieces.

They’re going to look at you, and see absolutely nothing wrong.

—  Nicole Torres // Don’t Run Away From That
You should really stop that.

I look over at her, quizzical.
She points to the cigarette dangling from my mouth and gives me the basic line that everyone says to a smoker.
It’s not healthy.

I could stop smoking at any given moment, yknow.” As I crush the supposed “cancer stick” to the dirt, resisting the urge of an eye-roll.
She’s watching me, obviously waiting for an explanation.
God, why does she care? No one ever has before.

It wouldn’t be hard, I mean, I’m not addicted or anything.

She laughs and suddenly I’m trying to ignore how good it sounds. “Isn’t that what all addicts say?

I’m serious.” Judging by the look on her face, I know that wasn’t the answer she wanted.. so I stopped sugar coating it.

I just don’t stop because I’d rather kill myself in a way that’s more..socially accepted. People don’t notice as much- they call me a smoker, not suicidal. I like it that way.
—  Nicole Torres // Cigarette Daydreams Excerpt

i-ced  asked:

Gurei is just going to casually waits in Juvi's inbox. It's okay, he misses her too but there's no way in hell he's going to say it so he'll wait for her here in silent affection.

   All the affection she needs to receive.
   Her love remembered her and miss her too.
    — he is such a precious dork, isn’t him?

Honey Honey Part 2

Part 1 // Masterlist

Pairing: Reader x Kihyun

Summary: You’re a teacher just trying to organize a semi-decent production of Mamma Mia when things go awry. Even worse now you need to enlist the music teacher Kihyun who you a) hate b) are terribly attracted to. What could go wrong?

Words: 1.2k

a/n: for that one anon that reminded me of this fic. thnks bb - gif not mine source attached

Originally posted by wullahs

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