ill stand up for you

@ Chris Wood: thank you for being so amazing and helping so many people and changing so many lives for the better. Thank you for helping so many seek help they desperately needed. Thank you for standing up and breaking the stigma around mental illness and thank you for normalizing therapy. Thank you for your kind heart and your pure soul and loving spirit. Thank you for everything.

You drove me insane but at the same time, you were the only thing that kept me sane
—  It’s been 124 days
Good Job Anna || Jack Maynard Imagine

“Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel or hello if you knew,” Jack says, “And as you can probably tell, today I am joined by my little sister and my gorgeous girlfriend.” Jack introduces Anna and me, pulling me into his side and shoving Anna away from him.

“Hey leave her alone,” I scold, earning a high-five from Anna.

“Wow, siding with her over me?” Jack teases.

“She is my favorite Maynard after all,” I tease.

“Ooh, i knew I liked you,” Anna laughs.

“Anyway, this week’s video is Girlfriend versus Little sister,” Jacks looks back into the camera smiling, “All I have to do is ask them questions and whoever gets it right wins!”

“Get on with it Maynard,” I roll my eyes.

“Whens my birthday?” He asks.

“November twenty-third,” Anna shouts making me jump.

“Correct one point to mini Maynard,” Jack says.

“I knew that, ” I pout.

“What is my Birth sign?” He says.

“Sagittarius!” I shout then laugh.

“Correct one point to my Favourite,” Jack says pulling a kiss face at me.

“Who is my best friend? Other than Y/N of course,”

“Mikey,” I say in a matter of fact tone.

“Wrong,” Jack says.

“Conor?” Anna asks.

“Nope, it was Joe,” Jack smirks.

The video continues on like this for a while before the scores are tallied.

“And the person who knows me best is, drum roll,” Jack says building suspense, “Y/N!”

“Yes!” I laugh.

“It wasn’t even fair you guys live together now,” Anna pouts.

“Do we Anna?” Jack asks laughing.


“We hadn’t said anything,” I laugh along with Jack.

“Well, now you all now that Y/N and I have moved in together,” He says kissing me softly, “Alright, ill see you guys next week! Bye!” Jack stands up and turned the camera off, and sitting at his laptop to edit.

“Good job Anna!” I tease.

“How was I supposed to know?” She asks.

“I’m just teasing, I honestly don’t care,” I shrug, “Now us girls should go out and do something without either of your brothers.”

“Yes! Let’s go shopping,” She winks making me laugh.

“Just like your brother,” I sigh standing up, pulling her along with me.

  • my sister (who has been ill): *opens my door*
  • me: you're standing up!
  • sister:
  • me: What.
  • sister: I can't simply want to see my sister?
  • me: well I assume you didn't just come in here to look at me
  • sister:
  • me: [dramatically] though I wouldn't blame you if you had --
  • sister, leaving: i don't know why i came here

how to school when mentally ill

disclaimer: this is general advice, and you know best what’s possible for you. don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do one of these things, you can still get through this. I know they’re hard too, but try.

  • focus on basic needs. { For neurotypicals, a skipped breakfast here and there, and a allnighter might not do much damage. For us, it’s way more important. Eat something, (preferably something high-calorie if you’re not able to eat much), keep yourself and your surroundings to the standard you prefer, and get enough sleep (For some that’s more than 8 hours. It sucks, but it is how it is.) }
  • find a way to unwind. {Long showers. Drawing. A quiet room (Prayer room/Library/Bathroom with a locked door). Ugly dancing to loud music w/ or w/o roommate. Gym. Etc. }
  • find a time to unwind. { Schedule this, not your homework. How much time you’ll need for your homework will vary too much to really schedule it proper. }
  • focus on what’s necessary. { You don’t need perfection. You don’t need outstanding. You just need it done. Make that your goal instead. }
  • let bygones be bygones. { If you end up not able to do an assignment, don’t carry that weight for the rest of the year. Forgive yourself, and focus on what you’ve got assigned now instead. }
  • talk to your classmates. { Look for people to share notes with and do homework with. If you struggle approaching others, see if you can put effort into seeming approachable.
  • talk to your teachers. { Their goal is to have you pass too. Tell them about your problems (be it focusing around many people, attendance, the workload, etc), and they might just be able to make accomodations for you }
  • stand up for yourself. { Your teachers don’t know your illness as well as you do, and if you seem able, they might not get why you need accomodations, especially ones like dropping a subject, easing up on the workload, etc. Stress why. If possible, get your doctor or therapist to back you up.}

Ships: Cannon ships (sorta?) philLIP IS ALIVE AND EVERYONE IS ALIVE NO DEATH.

Alexander and Eliza host thanksgiving.
(This probably isn’t going to end well)
who’s invited!
Eliza and Alexander (obviously)
Phillip (it’s to hard to write all the kids)
Jefferson and Madison (they just showed up)
Angelica and Peggy!
Maria came because they’re all friends
Laurens, Hercules and Lafayette.
Martha and George.
Eliza cooks with Phillip and then Lafayette GOES ALL FRENCH ON THE TURKEY AND MAKES IT SUPER FRENCH
Alexander Is in his office with the Hamilsquad + Burr and Alexander is writing and showing it off
Maria is with the sisters in Elizas room talking about crushes bc they’re like that
Once food is ready they all go sit and deaR LORD
Phillip and John become friends and they start throwing things at each other and Eliza yells at both of them.
Peggy is sitting next to Hurc lowkey flirting with him.
“Boy what the fuck happened to you” - Alexander as Phillip is blushing because Maria is bEING A FUCKING TEASE
Lafayette drank to much wine and now he’s all drunk on Peggy.
Peggy has Hercules and Lafayette wrapped around her finger and she’s gonna have fun with that.
Hercules accidentally breaks some of Eliza’s wedding China and he cries because he feels bad
Lafayette gets super drunk and he passes out and they just leave him on the floor.
When Phillip swears Eliza throws rolls at him because he’s still a child
Alexander goes on this rant about his son.
Alexander: YOU SEE THIS *points to Phillip who is sitting next to him* THIS IS MY *tries to pick Phillip up but he can’t because he’s 20" FUCKING SON!!!!!
Eliza: *throws roll* ALEXANDER SIT
Alexander: THIS IS MY SONNNNNN *drops phillip* MY PRIZED POSSESSION!! MY EVERYTHING!!!! *picks him up again* DO YOU SEE THIS B U R R???? *puts Phillips arms up* HES BETTER THEN THEODOSIA WILL EVER BE!!!!
Burr: *stands up* ILL FIGHT YOU.
Eliza *stands up and pats her dress down* *screams* ENOUGGG G GG G HHHHH H
Maria is like “what the fuck just happened I love Phillip too but damn”

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styrofoam plates / death cab for cutie

youre a disgrace to the concept of family
the priest wont divulge that fact in his homily
and ill stand up and scream
if the mourning remain quiet
you can deck out a lie in a suit, but i wont buy it
i wont join in the procession thats speaking their peace
using five dollar words while praising his integrity
and just cause he’s gone, it doesnt change the fact
he was a bastard in life, thus a bastard in death, yeah

You're Pregnant Part 5

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♥ Part 1
♥ Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

You watched as Luke played with Keegan on the floor. You smiled as he leaned over and kissed his forehead softly before standing up. 
“I’ll be right back” he mumbled as he waved his phone slightly before stepping out of your apartment. You watched as Keegan stood up and walked after Luke. Quickly standing up you scooped him up and made him giggle 
“Daddy will be right back baby” you said as you set him back down where he was playing. You sat with him and played with him. You looked up at the door a few minutes later not seeing Luke back. You stood up and looked at Keegan 
“Go play in your room honey Ill be right there” you said. He giggled and nodded his head before running towards his room. You made sure he was in there before you walked towards the door. You looked around and frowned not seeing him. You closed the door behind you and made your way down the hallway to the small lounge at the end of the hallway. You frowned as Luke sat on the couch and covered his face 
“Luke” you asked quietly making him look at you. You frowned at his teared stained eyes and his now red eyes. You walked over and put your hand out to him 
“Lets go back in” you said. He nodded his head and took your hand as you two made your way towards your apartment. 
“Daddy” you heard Keegan squeal as he ran down the hallway towards Luke. Luke chuckled quietly and picked up Keegan 
“Hey buddy” he said as Keegan wrapped his small arms around Luke neck and hid his face on Luke’s shoulder. 

“Baby go play in your room mommy has to talk to daddy” you said. He nodded his head and walked away playing with the small penguin in his hands 
“What happened Luke” you asked as you two sat on the couch. 
“She wanted me to pick her or Keegan” he said as he played with his hands softly. You nodded slowly and looked down at your lap 
“And” you asked not wanting to look at him 
“I picked Keegan” he said as he looked over at you. He placed his hand softly under your chin making you look at him “You and him are my number one priority” he added making you blush slightly “How could I pick someone else when I have you two” he said. You smiled at him and blushed a bit more 
“Um do you want to get some lunch” you asked trying to change the subject. He chuckled and nodded before standing up 
“Ill get Keegan” he said. You nodded your head and grabbed your purse before sliding your shoes on. You smiled and walked out with the two of them to Luke’s car. You buckled Keegan up and smiled before going around and getting in. 

2 Weeks later. 

You giggled loudly trying to push Luke’s hands away from your side. 
“Luke” you giggled as you managed to finally push his hands off. He laughed as he sat next to your breathless. You smiled and laid your head softly on his shoulder 
“This is fun” you said as you leaned back and smiled staring at the sky 
“Its like our first date” he chuckled, you nodded your head and looked at him 
“Except we were in Australia” you said and made him smile 
“Speaking of home” he said as he sat up and looked at you “I’m going home in a couple of days” he said as he played with his lip ring. You looked at him and frowned nodding your head 
“Oh” was all you managed to say. You knew Luke had to travel and he would be here for a couple of months before he was on the go again but, you just wanted this to work out so badly. Not just for yourself but for your son. So he could have the family he deserves. 
“I was hoping you would come with me” he said as he played softly with your hand that he was holding. You bit your lip and looked at him. 
“I have my job here” you said looking at him “I don’t want to lose what supports Keegan and I” you added. He frowned and shook his head as he cupped your cheeks in his hands 
“I know you love your job but you can work with us. I can support us. I can give you and Keegan the life that you two deserved from the beginning” he said as he stared into your eyes. 
“I don’t want you to spend your money on me Luke” you said as you looked at him “If we are giving us a try I want to be fair and also work. I don’t want you to do all the work” you added looking at him. He nodded and looked at you 
“I know that but I want to. I wasn’t there for you when you needed me the most. I was there for our son when he needed me. Let me do this. Let me show you that I can be the best father to him and I can be the best…for you” he said as he looked at you 

4 Months later 

You smiled as you put Keegan’s soundproof headphones on. You smiled and handed him the small box. He giggled up at you and you waited until Calum gave you a signal. You smiled and kissed your son’s head as Calum looked over motioning towards you. You smiled and watched as Keegan made his way towards Luke the fans screaming louder once they saw the little boy. He quickly made his way towards Luke and hid behind his legs. Luke chuckled and turned around getting on his knees as he saw his son 
“What are you doing here buddy” he asked as he looked over at you. You smiled and waved slightly as Keegan held out the small box for him. “Is this for me” he asked your son who nodded slightly. Luke smiled and placed his guitar down as he grabbed the small box and opened it. He stared down at the little pink vans for a bit before he looked over at you and smirked 
“Whats this baby” he asked Keegan
“Baby” he squealed making Luke chuckle, before Keegan ran towards you. Luke laughed and shook his head as he picked up the box and made his way towards you. He placed his forehead against yours and placed his hands softly on your belly 
“A baby girl” he asked as he looked into your eyes. You nodded and pecked your lips softly 
“Our baby girl” giggled making him smiled at you, he pecked your lips and ran on stage with the boys 
“I’m having a little girl” he shouted into the microphone making the crowd yell louder. You smiled and grabbed your sons hand as you placed your other hand on your five month old belly.

(Sorry that was short darlings. I just made you guys wait for a while and I felt terrible for doing that but, that was the last one and I hope you guys liked it)


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Imagine Accidently Making a Mess In The Kitchen After Dean Made It Spotless


The loud crash sounded throughout the bunker as the 15 pound bags of sugar and flour from the top of the fridge on top of you exploding as they crashed into the ground. You groaned and coughed before noticing the sparkling kitchen was now covered in white. “uh oh…” you whispered as the brothers came rushing in, guns in hand. 

“Dammit, I just cleaned in here!” Dean said, looking at the messy kitchen. You blushed standing up as Sam started laughing. “Im sorry Dean! Ill clean it up!” you said dusting your clothes off. 

This made Sam laugh harder, shaking his head knowing how in love you were with Dean, and knowing that youd do anything to make him happy. Dean sighed and shook his head. “We’ll clean it up together” he said walking over to you as he put his gun away. 

Imagine Daryl inviting you hunting with him and all the others teasing you because he never invites anyone hunting with him.

“Daryl sure you’ll be okay on your own?” Rick asked. You looked up and saw Daryl all ready with his crossbow. He looked over at the group his eyes lingered on you and then went to Rick “im fine on my own…but y/n you can come if you want”. Your head shot up and you looked from Rick to Daryl confused. The whole yard went quiet and you felt yourself blush. “What?”. “I said you can come with me…if you want… Help me look for sofia”. You smiled standing up “sure ill go grab my bag”. You ran past glenn carol and Laurie and saw the smirks on their faces. “He never invited anyone y/n” glenn smirked “must means he likes you”. You rolled your eyes sorting your pack. “You got any condoms in that pack y/n? Your gonna need them” Glenn asked making the others near laugh. “Shut up” you hissed hitting him. He laughed jumping out of your reach. “You bothering y/n glenn?” Daryl called. “No sir” glenn called back smiling. “Well come on then y/n!” he called starting to walk. “Coming” you called back grabbing your pack and axe. You turned back to see rick laurie glenn and carol all smirking at you. “Have fun” Rick winked. “Ow shut up” you muttered making them all laugh as you made your way over to daryl.

Nurse speedy

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AN: Hope this is okay! Sorry, to whomever requested this, that it took so long <3 GIF isn’t mine. (Y/H/C)= your hair colour

Pairing: Pietro x reader

Prompt:  Request: reader gets sick and Pietro stays to take care of them. They start to get to know each other and they just chill all day together!!!! You can finish the rest I hope it’s enough to work with❤️❤️❤️😂😂

Warnings: none

You wake up to the sound of your alarm going off. You had set an early alarm so that you had extra time to train before the mission today. You roll over, groan and hit your alarm. You sit up in your bed and stretch. Halfway through a yawn you begin to cough and splutter. You shake it off, you didn’t have time to be ill today. You push the covers away from you and stand up from your bed. Immediately you are hit with a wave of dizziness and fall back onto your bed.‘Great’ You think to yourself 'I’m sick’. You grab a bottle of water that you had left on your beside table the night before and find some pills from your draw. You take the pills and attempt you stand up again. The dizziness is still there but the others need you today. There was a big mission today and you had to be there. You make you way to the wardrobe and put on your uniform. Then you make your way to your mirror, tie up your hair and cover your red nose with some makeup.

You make your way into the kitchen and begin to make yourself a cup of coffee. Halfway through making your drink you begin to cough again. “You okay Y/N?” Tony asks from somewhere behind you. “Uh… yeah I’m..fine” You reply between coughs. He turns you around and gives you a shocked look. “Y/N you’re sick!” He motions to your face. “I’m fine, I’m fine” you insist “It’s just a cough”. Nat, who had now just entered the room, walks over to you and places a hand on your forehead. “You have a temperature you should stay here” She states. “Guys I feel perfectly fine” you insist walking over to the table with your cup of coffee. Before you sit down you stumble and drop the cup on the floor. Nat walks over to you and helps you up from the floor “Now do you believe me?” She asks. You sigh and shrug your shoulders. “It’s better that you stay here and recover than come and get us all killed” Tony jokes, picking up the pieces of the shattered mug. “I suppose” you joke back.

All of a sudden Pietro races into the room. “Morning speedy” Tony says  to the sleepy looking Pietro. His silver hair was all over the place and he was only wearing his shorts. He simply replied to Tony with a grunt. You bring your attention back to Nat. “I’ll just get some rest if you’re sure you don’t need me?” you croaked. “You stay here and recover and i’ll come and look after you as soon as i get back” she confirms. “Actually” Tony announces “Pietro, you stay here and look after her” he proposed motioning towards you. “You do not need me?” he asks looking at Tony. Tony shrugs and Pietro replies “Okay, fine by me”. “I’ll be fine by myself” you insist but Tony shook his head. “Speedy over here will look after you until we get back. We don’t know how long this will take”. “Fine, but I’m going for a shower” you sigh. You barely knew Pietro and him looking after you all day would be so awkward.

After your shower you get into some comfortable clothes and make your way to the living room.  You are greeted by Pietro who has turned the sofas into a massive bed. He had gathered blankets, snacks, soup and medicine and a bunch of movies. “Hey Y/N” he greets you with a smile “come take a seat”. You grin and take a seat in the sofa bed. Pietro throws a blanket over you and hands you the TV controls. “You pick what we watch sick-girl” He giggled. You took the control from him and began to look through the channels to find something to watch as he sat in the sofa bed next to you. 

Around half way through the movie you had chosen to watch your eyes began to get very heavy and you rested your head on his shoulder while you rested.

When you woke up from your nap Pietro was looking at you with a smile on his face “What are you looking at” you ask which causes him to blush and look away. “I asked you a question” you tease after a moment of silence. “You look very…. beautiful…when you sleep” he stammered. A deep red blush formed across your face and you began to cough again. “Do you want me to make you some soup?” he asks you. “No it’s fine, I’m okay” you splutter and before you can finish assuring him that you are fine he was gone in a silver and blue flash. In a few moments the grinning young man was by your side with two bowls of your favourite soup.

When you have finished eating the soup you begin to watch another movie with Pietro however you let him choose what you watched this time. Unfortunately for you he picked a horror film. You could stomach some horror but this one was too much. You did your best not to scream or make too much noise but this certain part of the movie made you jump. You  scream and hold onto Pietros arm and then burried your head in his chest. He quickly turned off the TV and wrapped his arms around you. “Are you okay? Y/N?” he says panickedly. You begin laughing and lift up your head. He looks at you with a look of pure confusement on his face. “What?” He asks you. “It just made me jump” you laugh. You watch as his face relaxes “I thought you were in pain Y/N”. “Aww I’m sorry” you coo, hugging him tightly. He places an awkward and loose arm around you. “Lets not watch any more films” he says after some time. You laugh and nod your head. “What do you want to do?” you ask turning your head to him and looking into his icy blue eyes. “Tell me how you joined the avengers” he asks quietly.

You tell him the story of how your mother died when you were younger and how your father was never around. You told him of how you had accidently wound up with Hydra and how they made you do some horrible things which would scar you for life. You then told him about how you had been rescued by Shield and how you had spent your time training with Natasha and how you had become an agent of shield.  It was Natasha whom suggested to Tony that you joined the Avengers and you felt like a better person being a part of something that did good for people. Instead of the bad.


 When you had finished telling Pietro your story you realised that he was holding your shaking hands. You are both silent for a long time until he suddenly speaks. “You know… you’re not as bad as they say… sick-girl” he mocks , twiddling a piece of your (Y/H/C) hair through his fingers. “You’re not so bad yourself either speedy” you joke.

You both spend the rest of the day talking and getting to know each other and you find out that under the shell he hides behind he has a soft centre. After a while you fall asleep in his arms and you feel him lightly kiss your head before also sleeping himself. You felt safe here in his arms. Like it’s where you belonged. There was a special connection between the both of you and you wished this feeling would never end.

Hope this is okay! Let me know what you think? Requests are welcome <3