ill shower now

*cries because school gets in the way of the one thing I actually care about right now: dan and phil*

Also I’m gonna make a post about this just in case I get asks about it (even if it’s in my rules)!! I don’t ship with protags! Even if they’re over 18! Even if they’re from previous generations!!

It just seems weird to me and it makes me uncomfortable, so no shipping with protags will take place on this blog.

losing sleep over u. (listen)

i made a klance playlist!

i got carried away and wrote a messy ass description for why i associate some these songs with klance too so if u wanna read it …..i’ll put it under a readmore :)

also i had 2 more songs on there but for some reason they won’t publish on 8racks :/ if u wanna listen..

they are crystalised by the xx and the way by kehlani ft. chance the rapper

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doodled jamie cook from arctic monkeys


(don’t delete my captions please)

for some reason i was flipping through pages of old art and i saw a style that rly spoke to me omg so i tried to draw in it again and i thought that’d be a good idea but >:’((( i hope u like it tho man!! i luv u rosarito and i hope u don’t mind this doodle TTTTT man im 10000% sure this is the wrong ref tho o m g

Merry Christmas Eve, by the way! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
I hope if your family drags and forces you out to a party somewhere, it goes better than you expected! I hope your anxiety isn’t as high, and your family members are kind this year! You don’t deserve to have stress over meeting someone of your blood! It’s the day before Christmas day, we all deserve a break! I hope it’s a good one!! Love you guys.