ill see my teacher there

“If you’re good, maybe I’ll show you my other tattoo”

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hello!!!! im really sorry but im drunk again!!! so what do u do when ur drunk???? draw fuyuhiko??!!! yes!!! here he is!!!!! my boy!!!!! take this drunk drawing of him!!! i love him!!!! and i love you!!!!!!

hey odd question but do any of you guys know why i might be feeling extremely dizzy at random times?? i notice it mainly while working in class, sometimes just standing and walking. i eat and drink right, and i don’t pass out. it’s just extreme dizziness??

i just finished my halloween costume and now i gotta do egotober. its 8:21. ffdsafdsafd

also if you wanna see pics of my costume, ill be asking the photography teacher who’s gonna be judging the costume contest to take a few cool pics

Back to school tomorrow, not ready for the work but ready to see my TC twerk.

Oh wait I got another one. Not ready for the stress but ready to see my TC undress.

Not ready to do PE but ready for my TC to fuck me.


Butterfly Wings and The Real World album art