ill regret this too oh well

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For the angst text fic PRINXIETY, Virgil finding out at one point prince only got with him because of a dare and was gonna leave him, but he fell in love... Bringing the cliches

ooh this one hurts

human au cos i think it fits better


Virgil 🖤 1:01am
so when the fuck were u gonna tell me that dating me was a dare

Roman 💛1:02am
What are you even talking about? Virgil it is one in the morning, and we have early classes tomorrow. go to sleep.

Virgil 🖤1:04am
cut the crap Roman. Logan & Patton told me everything. ur shitty theater friend dared u to ask me out and that’s the only fucking reason we’re dating

Roman 💛 1:05am
Love.. I promise that’s not the only reason we’re dating. yes, i was dared, but i fell in love with you! i promise that’s true.

Roman 💛 1:08am
Virgil, please.

Virgil 🖤 1:11am
why the fuck should i believe u

Roman 💛1:12am
cos i love you Virgil !

Virgil 🖤1:13am
yeah and i can’t believe that now, Roman

Roman 💛1:14am
what exactly did Patton & Logan tell you

Virgil 🖤1:17am
they said they overheard u playing truth or dare with ur theater friends at one of ur stupid parties. “Hey Roman I dare you to ask that weird emo kid out. I think he likes you. Man, that would be hilarious.” , “Oh, Virgil? I don’t know guys.” , “You gotta take the dare.” , “Yeah, okay. But im not staying with him.” , “Of course not.” or something like that. u never wanted to fucking date me, Roman. fuck off with ur “im in love with you” bullshit. bye.

Roman 💛1:19am
Virgil I’m so so sorry. please talk to me.

Roman 💛1:21am
i shouldn’t have taken the dare. i shouldn’t have hurt you like this, but i promise i love you. i love you more than you could ever know.

Roman 💛1:23am
i fell in love with your snarky comments and dark humor. i fell in love with your mischievous smirks and the adorable giggles you try to stifle. i even fell in love with your dark emo style cos it’s so uniquely you and im so fucking sorry okay? please forgive me. i want to be with you, and i promise ill never do something as stupid as the fucking dare ever again. please, little prince?

Roman 💛1:26am
please, Virgil. i love you so much. ik i said i shouldn’t have done that stupid dare, but it was honestly the best thing to ever happen to me. it was shitty yeah, but it gave me you.

Virgil 🖤1:28am
u really mean all of that?

Roman 💛1:29am
every last word. i love you, and i do regret hurting you deeply.

Virgil 🖤1:31am
well fuck i love u too u idiot. but im not letting u off that easy

Roman 💛1:33am
that’s understandable. ill do whatever it takes to make it up to you, my love.

Virgil 🖤1:35am
well u can start with buying me coffee before class tomorrow im gonna be fucking dead

Roman 💛1:36am
it would be my pleasure, dear. you should really try to sleep now.

Virgil 🖤1:38am
idk if i can im still a little shaken up

Roman 💛1:40am
from what? oh dear did you have an anxiety attack?

Virgil 🖤1:42am
yeah but im fine

Roman 💛1:43am
oh, my love. im so sorry. do you want me to sneak over to your dorm?

Virgil 🖤1:45am
idk Logan might want to kill me if u do. he stayed up late studying

Virgil 🖤1:45am
just be really quiet. that dumb nerd needs to sleep

Roman 💛1:47am
of course. ill be right over. i love you my dear emo 💖

Virgil 🖤1:48am
yeah yeah i love u too Princey. see ya in a min xx


idek if this is good or exactly what you wanted but hey i tried

✨send me a sanders sides ship & a texting prompt✨

teacher, looking at my app design layout: theres too much color, too much purple. you need to minimize the amount of purple

me: ok! ill get right on it thank you

teacher, side-eyeing me: why do you have so much purple on the layout-OH???? YOUR SHIRTS PURPLE-HEY! YOUR NAILS! PURPLE! is purple your favorite color

me, suddenly regretting treating myself and painting my nails after not for like a month: y yes.

teacher: are you designing this layout for yourself hmMMM??????

me, internally: i choose purple to make my app design stand out from other apps that focus on colors like blues and reds and teals. the color works well when i see it used on certain apps, so i wanted to replicated the feel. it is coincidence my favorite color is purple, as i know it is a tricky color to design with and i rejected my other color choices for one that stood out while remaining sleek and attractive without burning your eyes out. also i wore this ~purple~ shirt bc it was cold this morning and it is my only long sleeve shirt

me, overcome with anxiety and unable to verbalize: haha!