ill regret this later


I walked into the boss’s office.

“Do you know why I called you in here?” He asked but I already knew the answer.

“Because I accidentally sent you a dick pic” he grabbed two glasses and a bottle of wine

“Accidentally?” He asked while pouring the drinks

“Well yeah..Why would I send you dick pics?” I asked while trying to hide my face from view

“Come on buddy we all know why you did it..And frankly I like how your backing down now” He saw right through my lie.

What can I do now?! I could just get up and leave…Then again i dont think he’ll let me..And I know I sent those pics when I was still sober…But..I couldn’t tell him that I’m into guys he’ll probably fire me.

“John as your boss I suggest you tell me why you really took those pics” he looked right into my eyes

“They were for my…Girl?..Friend?” I said while heating my ass off

“Oh really?” He asked still looking at my face

“Yes…” The moment I answered he got up and walked to the mic for the building

“Everyone it 8:56pm it’s best you take this night off just with a 2% cut off from your check, ask why and I’ll deduce more Goodbye!” And within​ 2 minutes the whole office was empty

He walked up to me and said “follow me”

Even though I didn’t want to be alone with him because of my embarrassment, I went just because I can’t resist his voice.

He walked me to his car and told me to get in…He could be fucking kidnapping me but I know what to do in that situation. Maybe he’s gonna send me to those camps they make for ‘not raised right’ children. Who knows what’s gonna happen…But I guess I’m ready.

I didn’t expect to end up back at his house. What are we doing here?

“Why did you bring me he-” I was shocked really.

My boss…Well never know as the Evan Fong was kissing me.

It was so unexpected..But I wanted it so bad for a while

I felt my lungs burning up for Oxygen and we pulled apart.

“I knew you liked me from the start John..Just didn’t think you’d send nudes so fast” he said as we got out car.

I blushed at this wanting to punch him in his fucking hot ass face of his. Until he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards his hot body.

“How about i treat you tonight..And show you a good time” I looked at him his eyes were full of lust and he looked right into my eyes.

“ I wanna see what you got boss boy” I whispered in his ear

That’s when we forced into a kiss as he carried me to his room. He plopped me on his bed and started making out with me. The room felt heated. I wanted his clothes off now. I tugged at his jeans and he knew exactly what I wanted.

We stopped making out and I reached to take those cock blockers off.

“Why do you wear a fucking belt?!” I said as I finally got the dam thing off.

“I have to look professional at work” he said.

I don’t want him to talk about work..I wanted to make him feel good so he’ll k ow how much I loved him.

Down to only his boxers I saw him little snake came out the hole. I pumped him through those fucking clothes for a little bit.

“J-John..Stop fucking teasing” I pulled those boxers off in a swift movement and saw that his cock was quiet huge.

I grabbed it and pumped it, watching Evan look at me and moan. I stuck his cock in my mouth and started bobbing and giving him the best blow job of his life.

“F-F-fuuck! Jon…Yo-you really are fucking great” he said as he came down my throat.

“You taste fucking great Ev~” he pinned me to the bed and started making out with me again.

“Now it’s my turn” he said in between the kisses.

He started taking off my clothes while I took off his shirt. In the minute that passed, we were both naked making out like crazy. He stood up for a little bit and walked over to his nightstand.

“Lube of course” he said as he grabbed a red bottle and came back to the bed.

He was about to put the lube on himself until I grabbed it and pumped some on him.

“J-John your doing to much work let me d-do something for a while” he said as I finished up

“But you are my boss and boss’s do the big work” I said as he kissed me and layed me back down

He positioned himself at my entrance and looked up at me. I nodded blushing at how he cared. Then a wave of pain came through me as he went in. “Tell me when to move” he said as I cried out.

Finally the pain turned into pleasure and I nodded for him to move. “I’m don’t want to be too rough” he said as he started moving slowly. I moaned at how good it felt but I wanted him to faster. So I made him slam into me.

“E-e-Evan go faster” I moaned out.

He speeding up. Trust after trust until he hit a certain spot that made me feel so good.

“E-e-Evan right t-there!” I moaned out as he went harder in the same spot.

I was a moaning mess. “Evan oh right there!” He started moaning out as well.

“E-E-EVAN I m about to-” I said as I came onto our chests. He kept pounding into me for a little longer until he came inside me.

He pulled out and layed down next to me.

“T-that was fucking great.” I said as he put his arms around me while I layed on his chest.

“Round 2?” He asked me

“Tomorrow..Right now let’s just go to bed” he pulled me closer and pulled a blanket over us.

“I love you” he said as he kissed my cheek

“I love you too Evy~” I kissed his lips and we both fell asleep right there.

galra keith

Things I wanna see in the next Dragon Age/DLC

• Melee staff combat again

• A Varric romance

• Solas’ explanation.

• More than a 2 second cameo for previous companions/characters, no matter how minor they initially were (and they can’t be killed off)

• YOUR WARDEN. I get because the silence thing but just let us choose a voice or something in the customization menu like you had when you meet Hawke and get the option to use default or customize.

• Going back to previous locations. More specifically Kirkwall, the Deep Roads, the Brecillian Forest, the Circle (Ferelden and Kirkwall), Denerim, and etc.

• Classic armor packs. All the armor styles from DAO and DA2.


• More DLC multiplayer characters, like Isabela, that are previous companions if you can’t fit them in-game.

• Talking with your companions like in DAO.

• Gifts for your companions.

• Bases like in DA2 for your companions and they’ll help you if you’re being attacked and they’re not in your party.

• Anders and a cat.

• Origin stories and multiple story
outcomes like in DAO.

• Better hair and eyebrows.

• Hats and helmets are shown in cutscenes.

• Customizing your character’s body (ie. height, weight, body type, etc.)

• Banter comes up more often.

• Banter makes more references of how you fucked up previously in other games.

• Mabari or selectable pets.

• Being able to romance more than one character.


hearts still beating

based off of Widowmaker’s panel in the new Overwatch comic! Happy Holigays everyone!!

He was buried just off lake Annecy in Haute-Savoie in a quaint but beautiful cemetery, nestled just adjacent to Église Saint Blaise Sevrier.

Gérard never did like grandiose things.

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im sobbing like a baby right now kinda like when you cried as a 7 year old because you were frustrated about something. i posted a joke that i was going to sleep for dinner and they offered to have a pizza delivered to me but i would never ever accept money or food from someone else even though pizza sounds great, but i dont need pizza. thats wat its come down to lately, i cant even buy myself poptarts because i feel guilty. i only eat rice bread eggs and tortillas and bananas because that it wat i need. i dont want anyone to give me money OR ADVICE I DONT WANT ADVICE ON HOW TO FEEL BETTER. i just want someone to agree and tell me it sucks or relate idk and tal about how FUCKED UP this entire system is that we live in and how we cant escape it because it makes me feel so fucking frustrated. 

i dont feel poor i have a laptop and phone and a bed but i cant fucking buy a box of $1.89 poptarts from walmart bc unecessary purchases like that add up and leave my account at double digits. it feels impossible to save up for the things i wanted to do. i wanted to go to japan and now i cant because i spent my $1000 savings on over priced tuition. i cant buy my melodica or my switch bc i broke my cheaply made also overpriced phone AGAIN and need a new one. i know i dotn need a switch or musical instruments but they make me happy. 

my friend asking me if i wanted a pizza made me realize that i probably am poor and how impossible finances feel, like working is pointless bc the money is gone before i know it. and then i have to go abck to work again and again and again and again. i cant help but feel annoyed when i see customers spend $50+ on h&m clothing bc thats groceries and gas. customers my age saying “ugh i really shouldnt be spending this much!! oh well :)”

this post means nothing. im starting my period soon and im prolly just having an episode that id like to keep private but also vent about on specific social media platforms like this one (the only platform really). comfort would be nice, no advice though. my biggest fear is that my friends and boyfriend will leave me because i complain too much and i dont do anything about it or that having a random episode of being incredibly sad will get annoying and they will leave me so id rather keep my mouth shut and deal with it by myself. i really only trust beth with that side of me because theyve been there and i dont feel ashamed for venting about how much life fucking SUCKS. half of me loves being positive and ambitious but the other half still says being alive and having ambition is pointless because we all die and no one cares no matter what you do and how hard it is to really pull through with all this ambition you have. maybe i really am lazy or maybe im not as ambitious as i thought to pull through with having my dreams come tru and becoming a musician or working in the arts. getting out of bed and DOING things is hard and being poor fucking sucks. 

again this entire post is meaningless i just feel like complaining about how my nice life is and now lazy i really am about my “craft”.

SasoSaku Month: Bad End

notes the prompt itself is very popular so i wanted my own take on it haha. this is pretty much how i would imagine the canon scenario (meaning sasori did win the fight) to play out. much thanks to the amazingly talented @simplelations who perfectly managed to capture the au in its entirety!! 

warnings body horror, dark au 

writing by @simplelations

It was a bright, clear morning in the mountains. Sasori reckoned he could almost see the towers in Iwagakure from his humble home. Only on days when the mist dissipated in the sun’s harsh rays did he think back to the annoying brat Deidara.

And then, by matter of association, did he think of his former life in the Akatsuki. He didn’t dwell on it. It never did well to linger too long with the shadows of memory, in his opinion, and he merely acknowledged things had been different a couple years ago. For one thing, the village below had not been so large.

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I can't believe i'm posting this i'm going to regret
voice meme-turn your volume all the way off for best effect
I can't believe i'm posting this i'm going to regret

7. I’ll sing verses from a song

First of all, why do you want to hear me sing this is insane????? I’m not a singer. I don’t like people to hear me sing. It’s bad.

Second, H A M I L T O N ??? This is something I can’t do. Reason number one being I dont know the song. Reason number 2 being I listened to it and there is no way in hell I’d pull it off hahahah

Okay This song is called Dirty Man by Joss Stone and yeah welp I hate myself for posting this but oh well. Time to go die of embarrassment hahah

i dont even have an excuse tbh