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hey its 2 in the morning but ive been working on a comic for 12 hours now and figured i should mention on here that im taking part in a fuckin,, homestuck girl zine

with such content as: 

a vrisrezi vegas wedding by frances @frantastically

a comic about jade and terezi grubsitting for rose and kanaya by max @kanayamaryamistrans

and a comic about the time between kanayas death and the 3x showdown told entirely through Virginia Woolf quotes by me @hellobeau and menem @seagrot


Summary: The most awkward things can happen when someone else in your family is up in the middle of the night, but some of the most amazing too.

notes: this was going to go a completely different direction than what it is now. like Naruto went in to depth about his past and all that and i just went “we’ll save that for later”


rating: k

Boruto rolled out of bed. He found his house shoes vaguely scattered around his room and slipped them on, making his way towards the kitchen.

It always happened. Always at 2:36 in the morning Boruto had to get up, and had to get a drink of water. His body just wouldn’t let him go to sleep otherwise. You would think he would have more control of his twelve year old body, but for right now, the only thing on his mind was quenching his thirst.

That is until he reached the stairs. He almost started his journey down them but out of the corner of his eye he saw a light was on.

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