ill reblog it tomorrow yeah

it’s 3am so basically the WORST time to be making this post but friendly reminder ( uwuuwuwuwuwuwu ) that my midterm for my women && social action class is tomorrow, my underwater archaeology project is due saturday morning, purim is this sunday, && then spring break is next week. so, b’ezrat hashem, i’ll be MUCH more active after saturday morning, pretty active sunday ( aside from baking hamantaschen hehe ), && then most likely very active during spring break ( when i’m not sleeping ).

i did put some stuff in the queue !! so there will be posts during these two days where i’m in radio silence for the most part.

the past few weeks have been pretty busy so i do apologize for disappearing but thank you for being patient !! i am trying to do better at announcing any kind of hiatus && the reason for it, since i know i’m bad at that :’^3