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Chance Encounter (Sam Drake x Female Reader)

Background :  It’s been about a week and half since Rafe got Sam from prison.  They are driving back to Rafe’s compound before going to search for Avery’s treasure, but because the world still needs to believe Sam is dead, their travel can’t be documented.  Rafe buys an old car with cash and they begin their road trip, stopping in small towns for the night.  While Rafe sleeps in the room, Sam goes to the nearest bars to find a cold drink and warm body. This is one such night.

Warnings : NSFW Text

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hey dudes as some of u may know im from florida and hurricane irma is coming pretty soon. i may not be as active this coming week if by any chance the power cuts! please keep florida, puerto rico, and every other place potentially affected by irma in your thoughts, i love u guys! :)

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Have a TO drinking game because there is a shit storm coming tomorrow on the Season 3 Finale. 


  • Marcel maims/bites someone
  • Marcel says “Mikaelson”
  • Incesty vibes are afoot
  • Kol gets angsty about Davina and/or his family not loving him.
  • Rebekah goes hellion on someone
  • Freya breaks up a fight and/or indignant sighs about her brothers
  • Someone says “bloody”
  • Klaus pops a personal space bubble
  • Elijah gets blood on his suit
  • Characters do the sex
  • There is a flashback scene
  • Someone is undaggered
  • Hayley says “Hope
  • Someone downs a glass of bourbon


  • A main character dies
  • A main character comes back to life (this does not include undaggering)