ill probably line and color this now

coloring (more like editing) process

gonna use this mob to finally explain my COLORING PROCESS.. and how i go from these base colors to the final product .. 

i always start with my base colors, which are almost always the same, so i keep a color palette to choose from. I usually pick the skin tone first and then change the hue for diff colors (I sometimes change the saturation and brightness too) The example below is the skin tone i use almost Always.. and of course it can be changed later on

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anonymous asked:

Have an art influence map? Artists,shows,cartoons,anime,manga, etc. that influenced your art style?

Wow, well that’s the thing, most of my style comes from just me actually. Growing up, I always liked realism the most, and I never even looked at real people or cartoons for references much until middle school… So some of it probably comes from just my brain.

Most of my inspiration comes from realism. I like the human body a lot, and Baroque anything. So my ultimate goal is essentially Baroque-level painting. Which is funny, because my art looks nothing like that! (But in time… surely)

So, what’s probably really influenced my style is my illness- I have trouble thinking in 3D now, so I stick to line art more than painting. When I did traditional, all of my stuff was very dark, black and white etc… Because I hate coloring. When I started digital, I realized I could color more easily, so I went crazy with the colors! Now, most of what I do is very colorful!

So some of my style exists just because I’m lazy and tired?

I do enjoy looking at other artists’ stuff. I never tried to make my art look cartoony or “anime” style, because to me, it’s been done, and is too easy to copy. But professional digital artists make amazing stuff with semi-realism! Anything I post on my main blog, artistic-representation, is “goals”.

As for a specific artist who has inspired some aspect of my work, I’m not sure… I pick up little things over the years, but most digital artists use similar tricks. Most of what I incorporated into my work is just how to use the program more efficiently, to be honest.

I mean, thinking about it, none of the art I really love looks anything like my art! But I do like my stuff hahaha!