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Attuning Yourself to the Dead: The First Step in Becoming a Necromancer.

This is it! This is the one! This is the post where I inevitably piss somebody off. There are a lot of “Purists” out there who believe that their way is the only way to perform Necromancy. I for one don’t believe in traditional thinking when it comes to magic of any kind as I believe that it is only through creative thought that the medium upon which we perform our arts can grow and evolve. So let me go ahead and state right now that a lot of what I have to say is going to go against what some of my more traditionalist brothers and sisters of the art believe. Nevertheless I stand by what I say, and I know it has worked for me. And I believe it can work for you as well if Necromancy is truly something you wish to explore. So having said that, let’s begin.

The Art of Necromancy: Where to begin?

So you want to be a Necromancer? I don’t blame you. I mean just look at all the perks! Who doesn’t want to have their own undead entourage? And you never have to worry about figuring out your wardrobe anymore because you can just replace all your clothes with black pants and shirts! Just kidding….sort of. 

In all seriousness though Necromancy is a worthy pursuit for any Witch, Pagan, or Spiritualist who wishes to work with the dead. Just about anyone who posses sufficient willpower can do it. However getting into the practice is not as easy as drawing a summoning circle and chanting in tongues. There’s something very important that must be done first before you can even begin to think about summoning any spirits. Namely attuning your soul to the dead.

How to check if your Soul is Attuned to the Dead

While it’s true that anyone who posses the willpower to cast spells and perform magic is capable of practicing Necromancy, there are some who are better suited for the craft than others. Some people are born with a natural sensitivity to the dead, or develop it at an early age. This can happen for a multitude of reasons which are too numerous to fully discuss in this post. People who posses this natural gift will find it easier to begin practicing the craft. But how does one determine whether or not they possess this natural sensitivity? Well their are several ways to determine whether you may or may not possess the gift.

  1. When’s the last time you got sick?- Necromancers do not get sick as often as some other people do. They aren’t necessarily healthier by nature, they just show less symptoms or signs of physical illness. Ask yourself, when’s the last time I was sick? And I don’t mean the last time you had a cold or ran a small fever. I mean when’s the last time you’ve been truly sick? So sick that you missed work/school for several days and were in bed for most of them. If the answer is “I don’t remember” that’s a good sign.
  2. Do you wear a lot of black clothing without thinking about it?- Quick, what’s the color of your favorite shirt? How about that pair of jeans you always seem to wear? What’s your wardrobe look like? How many of your outfits involve at least one article of black clothing? Necromancers thrive on energy that is drawn to black clothing and thus tend to favor that color more. But they do this subconsciously, without really thinking about it. If you’re a Hot Topic addict that’s not the same thing. It’s only if you’ve been doing it without really knowing it that it counts. So think about the kinds of clothes you wear, and if you’re surprised by how much black is involved that’s another good sign.
  3. Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?- Do you ever feel like someone or something is watching you? Even if you’re completely alone at the time? Does it ever feel like their’s a presence in your home you can’t explain? This is another big sign that you might be naturally attuned to the dead.
  4. Have you ever had a recurring dream involving letters or a ghost?- This one’s a biggie. Ghosts often communicate with us through our dreams. They will attempt to play games with us, usually involving letters or small puzzles. They will often appear as non-threatening entities with a calm and friendly aura about them. If you’ve had a recurring dream involving any of these elements then their is a very good chance you are not only attuned to the dead, but the dead are trying to communicate with you.
  5. How do strangers act around you?- What’s the first thing people do when they meet you for the first time? Are they friendly? Do they smile around you? Or do they seem apprehensive? Like their’s something off-putting about you? Necromancers are surrounded by not only the Dead but also Death Energy. This energy, while unnoticeable to the Necromancer, is uncomfortable to others who are exposed to it. People who are more attuned to life than to death will feel uncomfortable, anxious, and even afraid around Necromancers. Keep in mind this does not apply to friends and family.
  6. And finally…Are you afraid of death?- This one is fairly straightforward. Does the fact that our bodies will inevitably rot away into nothing frighten you? Necromancers have little to no fear of death, and those who are attuned to death share this same lack of fear. I should point out that this is not the same thing as being suicidal. Necromancers do not wish for death, they merely accept that it is an inevitable and natural process. If the answer to this question is ‘I don’t rightly know” that’s perfectly okay. There’s a very easy way to test if you are or not. Grab a notebook and a pen and start listing all the different ways you can die, starting from the way you’re the most comfortable with and getting progressively worst from there. As you do this, imagine yourself experiencing that death, and monitor how it makes you feel. As soon as you begin to feel even the slightest bit anxious, it’s time to quit. See how many you can get through. If you make it through at least 20, you’re probably okay.

If at least four of these six things applies to you then congratulations! You are most likely already attuned to death, you can begin practicing Necromancy whenever you wish. For everyone else please do not despair. The path of the dead is not locked away from you, it just means that you have an extra step you have to follow.

Attuning Yourself to the Dead

This the part where the “Purists” will tell you that in order to attune yourself to the dead properly you have to sleep among them at a graveyard or mausoleum. While I won’t argue against that as being an effective strategy I will say that it is a highly impractical one. If you live in the United States for instance, you probably know that most cemeteries and graveyards are considered state property and are typically closed at night to pedestrians. It would be very difficult to get away with sleeping next to a gravestone without getting caught. And if you do, you’re looking at a hefty fine as well as potentially spending the rest of your night in jail. Mausoleum’s are also risky. Most are considered private property, and the one’s that aren’t are usually locked up at night. But legal issues aside their is one major problem with sleeping next to a casket. Disease. Let’s not forget that dead flesh tends to harbor a lot of potentially dangerous microorganisms. Sleeping next to a dead body, even if it’s in a casket, is a sure fire way of getting a staph infection.

Instead of trying to go full Igor I recommend a much saner approach. By hallowing your own bedroom with the soil of a graveyard you can bring the dead to you, and sleep among them in the comfort of your own bed. To do this you must first gain their trust and respect. Go to your local cemetery and walk around. Look for flower pots and statues that have been knocked over and right them back up again. Clean the grime and dirt off of headstones and say a small prayer for the deceased. When you begin to feel a sense of approval wash over you you will know it’s working. Do this for about a week and then take some dirt from the grounds. Take it back home with you and then add just a few drops of your own blood to it. Then spread it among the four corners of the walls of your bedroom. Your room should now be considered hallowed ground where the dead may freely walk. Once you’ve done this just sleep in your bed as you normally would, after awhile you should begin to experience odd dreams. These dreams are different for everyone but you will know when you have them. Once you do you then you will know you have successfully attuned your soul to the Dead. You may now cleanse your room in whatever way you see fit be it with incense or holy water. You won’t anger the dead, they will understand that it is time for them to leave.

Whether you’re naturally attuned, or you attune yourself the end result will be the same. You will be a Necromancer. Not in practice, but in spirit. All that’s left is to begin your craft.

Sing Me My Destiny | Part Two

Originally posted by gifsmonstax

  • parts;; One | Two (you are here) | Three (coming soon)
  • genre;; medieval semi-fantasy; Royalty!AU
  • pairing;; Kihyun x fem!reader
  • plot;; 

Whisked away at a young age to live in a strange castle, you have no idea as to when you’re going home, and as the years pass, your hope all but disappears. One day, you are exploring the dark stone hallways when you hear a boy singing sweetly to himself behind a locked door.

Your friendship with the boy prince Kihyun develops, and as he regains his strength and–impossibly–his ability to walk, you find that love for him is blooming in your heart. Using an ancient ritual and strengthening bonds between princes and future kings, he begins to form an inner circle of loyal comrades and friends–a clan.

  • warnings;; fluff, smut to come in later parts
  • words;; 9180 (9.2k)

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Cold Hands

Pairing: Natsume/Tanuma

Words: 6.9k

Summary: There’s always been a wall. At first, Tanuma thought that with time and a little gentle persistence, he could pull it down. Or at least climb over it. Now he’s just wondering if it’s completely futile.


There’s always been a wall. At first, Tanuma thought that with time and a little gentle persistence, he could pull it down. Or at least climb over it. He always imagined the moment he would get to the other side, what it would be like. He liked to think it would feel warm and peaceful, like lying in the grass in the summertime, when the last of the sun rays paint the sky orange and fireflies begin to rise into the humid air and the first stars blink awake in the darkening twilight.

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hearts still beating

based off of Widowmaker’s panel in the new Overwatch comic! Happy Holigays everyone!!

He was buried just off lake Annecy in Haute-Savoie in a quaint but beautiful cemetery, nestled just adjacent to Église Saint Blaise Sevrier.

Gérard never did like grandiose things.

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Like Hibiscus Vines

Fandom: Pokemon

Rating: Teen

Pairing: Hau/Gladion (Haudion | Cutebonesshipping)

Summary: The dark and silent labs might not unnerve him anymore but the petals that found a home in his lungs certainly did.

Alola is home to many things not found anywhere else in the world, including a disease that gave new meaning to the term “love sick”.

Read on AO3 here

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Newt x reader :: Just a Bug

Request: Can you do a hurt/comfort fic where Newt is injured or sick and you help him through it? I love your writing so much!

Notes: I hope you enjoy this one, but poor, sick Newt! I also put this under a cut (I’m going to do that with the rest from now on) just to keep everyone’s dashboards looking tidy. :) 

Word Count: 1,444

Originally posted by nutnuhmellaarts

Newt had been looking unwell for a few days. He seemed lethargic, though he pushed himself to go through his daily tasks, and he seemed a bit more distant than usual. After years of traveling alone and living in his brother’s shadow Newt learned to take care of himself and when ill or injured he tended to retreat alone. He isolated himself like a sick animal.

The first bad sign had come when Newt stood up from his desk and collapsed.

Newton!” you yelled, running over to him. He assured you it was just a moment of low blood pressure from getting up too fast, but you forced him to bed nonetheless.

“Newt,” you brushed the reddish hair from his forehead, “Please, just rest.”

“I’m fine, really,” he insisted, frowning.

“Please, just to ease my mind, stay in bed for the rest of the day. I’ll finish feeding them,” you motioned toward the case.

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