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Cybermatsu Appreciation Post

There’s been a lot of good appreciation for this duo in recent months and honestly this isn’t going to cover all the great stuff I’ve heard from other people! I wanted to try and figure out what makes them fascinating as a dynamic. And tbh these two don’t always get the attention they deserve anyway.

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I absolutely love your blog omg can you please do a reaper/talon assistant reader one shot where they have a huge crush on him but they're way too shy to say anything and they always get blushy and stuttery around him? Thank you!

First, thanks for the ask! lol and Im so happy that you like my blog!! You have no idea how happy I was when i read this and saw you said you liked it ;n;
Second, omfg. This. This idea. I love it and I hope i did it justice. :’) I did have an idea going into this but lol, I wasnt completely sure where to go with it and Ill probably do a part two with a confession. Maybe.

“G-Good morning Co-Commander…” The remains of Gabriel Reyes, looked up and huffed as the woman entered his office but he smelt the coffee and relaxed a little. “I-I brought coffee and t-the president s-sent these forms last night…”
(Y/N) (L/N) was his assistant, not that he particularly needed one but he put up with her, he liked her reactions and she kept him company. Plus she kept him on him.
“Let me guess.” His voice was sharp and he huffed. “Another raid coming up.”
“Y-Yes sir.” The woman moved over, placing the coffee and forms on his desk. “D-Do you need anything else…?”
“That is all.” He told her and she could see his sharp eyes.
Bowing she turned and moved out of the office, leaning against the door as it shut and moved hands over her face and groaned to herself.

“¿Qué tal?” It was moments before the hacker began to speak that she appeared in front of the woman who yelped, moving a hand to her heart in panic.
“S-Sombra…! How many times have I asked y-you not to do that?” (Y/N) asked, pouting slightly at her friend who began to laugh.
That was until the door opened, (Y/N) being pushed forward into Sombra and the two fell down as Gabriel opened the door.
“Be qui—“ There was a stop as he saw his assistant and Sombra on the floor and the group just stared at each other for a moment. “What on Earth!”
There was a squeak from (Y/N) as she was pulled up off her friend and tucked against Reaper.
“Awww~ You jealous Reaper~” Sombra smirked at him as she pushed herself up, winking at (Y/N) who flushed and puffed her cheeks out at her.
Sombra knew of her crush on the half dead man but neither expect him to react this way. (Y/N) didn’t even want to look at him.
“Get out and away.” The assistant could just tell he was glaring from behind his mask, she could tell by how tense and frustrated the air was around her.
“S-Sir you… d-don’t need to r-react like—“
“I’ll deal with you in a moment (Y/N).” He told her with a small growl before Sombra gave her a sympathetic look before waving and disappearing probably to go annoy Widowmaker or another Talon agent.
It took a moment before Reaper pulled the woman back into his office, door slamming behind them.

(Y/N) squeaked, moving her hands to cover her ears and didn’t dare look up at her superior even after he let her go.
“(Y/N) what did I just see out there.” He demanded, voice cracking and (Y/n) didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing.
“N-Nothing s-sir…!” she told him. “I-I left your office a-and was leaning against the door and t-then So-Sombra appeared and we w-were talking and y-you came o-out and knocked m-me into her s-sir.”
“So you’re telling me there is nothing between you and … Sombra.”
“N-Nothing sir I swear…! I’m int-interested i-in someone b-but it isn’t h-her.” (Y/N) told him. “No-Not that there isn’t a-any issue o-of being gay…!”

“I know there isn’t.” There was a snap and both went silence, the woman fiddling with her hands and looking down while Gabriel watched her. “I don’t want you going out with her. Or anyone right now (Y/N).”
The girl looked up, looking at him with wide eyes and tried to gather the words to ask why however Reaper beat her to it.
“Our job. Is more important than a relationship. You should know that.” Voice sharp, he turned away from her. “You may go.”
There was footsteps and a shut of a door after about a minute telling him she had left and he sighed.

But then it hit him.
What was left of Gabriel Reyes, was in love. He was in love with his assistant (Y/N) (L/N).

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If I let someone that I don't really know take shelter in my house and they brought random one night stands there I would kick them out in seconds. But Magnus is too good so he probably won't do that

Anonymous said: my biggest issue was jace bringing random girls to magnus’ place and THEN telling alec to leave his boyfriend’s place…? what gave him the right? even if magnus is supposedly okay with jace brining girls, it’s an incredibly ill-mannered thing to do on jace’s part and then, he’s telling alec to leave his boyfriend’s apartment where he’s a guest..wyd? i really hope he was bringing random women to magnus’ place, even with permission.

i know honestly jace have some class?? do you even PAY RENT??? he’s been there one day jesus christ. magnus is going to put him out on the balcony any second now but if he doesn’t alec is gonna do it for him.

also magnus def has a book full of receipts of all the favors he’s done for shadowhunters and he’s coming to collect on jace first.

magnus: you owe me for the one night stands you had in my home during your stay
jace: what – ?
magnus: and also for each minute you denied alexander and i because you don’t understand how to knock
magnus: now pay up

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So I'm honestly on the verge of tears because I'm at a con and there's a hat that looks exactly like Hancock's hat but I can't afford it sooo. ~Gushy Anon

(I accidentally closed the second part of this message but am glad you found a cheaper alternative! Sorry sorry for closing that >_< twitchy fingers on my end!)

I used to love going to cons but admittedly there’s a lot of pricey stuff there. I remember getting a hat for 40 something dollars, only to realize it was actually $25 online >_<;

If I ever go back to a con, Ill probably spend my money at Artist Alley or on things I definitely know I’d have trouble finding elsewhere. I do hope you’re having fun at con though, Gushy Anon. <3 Cons are fun, crazy experiences x3

Friend is angry! What do??!?

I’m someone who has always had some problems with anger. I’m not the type to physically break things or attack other people when angry, but I have been known to scream, cry, punch trees, throw tantums, be angry for days on end and occasionally injure myself in the midst of my ire. 

And when I’m viewing the world through this red-tinted fuckmisery I usually end up denouncing everyone around me as useless peons. But the people around me are not useless peons! In fact they’re usually trying really hard to help. The simple fact is that a lot of people just don’t know what to do when someone is angry, so in the process of trying to help me see reason and calm down they just end up making things worse. So on that note, I thought I’d make this post with a couple little tips for all those with volatile friends. Obviously this is just in my experience but I think I’m probably not alone in these. So!

Part the first: Things which will never help when someone is angry:

- “stop being angry” or “just calm down”

                  - seriously fuck u don’t say this

                  - don’t

- “being angry won’t solve this” of “being angry won’t help”

                  - yes I know that I’m not dumb if I could quickly and easily calm myself down I’d do that thanx

- “there’s nothing to be angry about” or “you’re overreacting”

                  - there’s plenty in the world to be fucking angry about

                  - but that aside, even if my emotional response is not proportionate to the thing that incited my anger, my emotions are real and valid

                  - also yo, if i straight up told u I have problems with my anger I probably know if i’m overreacting (and i’m currently getting mad at myself for overreacting so now i’m overreacting to my overreaction thanks asshole) 

- “this will be funny someday”

                  - but i’m not currently laughing I’m currently angry and currently want to punch something and currently your face is looking like a good bet

Part the second: Things that will actually help:

But first 1 very important thing!!

*********Part the first.2***********

- If my anger is in any way causing you to be truly uncomfortable/ scared/also angry, please tell me. Walk away after that if you need to.

- If you don’t feel safe or comfortable enough to tell me in that moment, walk away first. This might make me more angry at first, but you taking care of you is important. If you come to me when we’re both calmer and explain that you just needed to leave and collect yourself I will instantly forgive and probably apologize profusely.


Part the second actually: Things that will help:

- give me ice cream

                 - ice cream solves many ills

- show me cute animal pictures/let me pet your dog

                 - no matter what i cannot be mad at animals they are adorbs

- suggest an activity(preferably physical and not too thinky) to get my mind off the thing I’m angry about

                 - a lot of times the only reason my anger gets really bad is that i dwell on things that have already happened

- do something totally unexpected

                 - seriously. break into the chicken dance. make monkey noises. start rolling on the ground, it will confuse me and possibly make me laugh, breaking the cycle of brooding thoughts -> growing anger

let me rant without interrupting or arguing - but only in some cases!!  

                - sometimes it really helps to rant, but if i go on too fucking long and it seems i’m just making myself angrier, refer to any of above instead

- politely tell me if my anger is making me an asshole to you/innocent bystanders

                - as long as you don’t do this by telling my ‘stop being angry’ or trying to say my emotions aren’t valid. just calmly remind me that just because someone was an asshole to me doesn’t mean i should asshole-it-forward

That is all friends thanks for reading!

Bad days

pairing: calum x best friend!y/n

word count: 1,182

s/o to my bitch liz for giving me this idea.. love you hoe

kinda short but eh who really cares about size its the content that fucking matters ok

requests are always open! hope you enjoy xx

Something was wrong.

You just knew it the second he came back from soundcheck earlier today, he was off his game. He walked straight into the dressing room when it was done, ignoring the jeers he was receiving from his friends behind him, slamming the door shut and refusing to talk to him. You had been on your phone when he walked in, and the slamming noise startled you, causing you to whip your head up and stare at Calum with a confused face. He just ignored your presence, continuing to shed his t-shirt he was wearing and take a seat on the couch adjacent from yours. While he stared at the ceiling with both hands stuck in his hair in a frustrating way, you continued to stare at him, contemplating whether or not to ask him about it.

So you didn’t.

You got up from your comfortable position, not daring to look at Calum as if it would set him off (you knew to keep your distance from any of the boys when they had their off days). You closed the door behind your softly and were met with 3 grinning dorks.

“Why is Calum in a bad mood?” You asked, crossing your arms in front of your chest. This was your best friend you were talking about–and by the looks of their faces they had something to do with his behavior. 

Luke just shrugged, taking a sip of water. “He’s just having an off day and he kept missing notes during soundcheck. A few fans called him out on it so he’s bummed I guess.”

“Did you say anything to him?” You quizzed.

Ashton nodded. “Yeah, we agreed with the fans, in all honesty. But he knew we were just joking around.”

“You’re all assholes.” You said, shaking your head and brushing past them.

From then on you hadn’t spoken to Calum, and here you were, loitering in the sound booth and watching the show, enjoying it as always, but you couldn’t really get into it like you usually did–Calum was worrying you. You wished you had confronted him about his disposition, but you didn’t want to make him mad or anything. Usually keeping your distance from him helps in situations like these, as he just blows off steam and is fine by the next day. 

However, you did notice Calum’s frustration throughout the night. He kept missing notes just as Luke had mentioned about soundcheck, forgot the lyrics to Amnesia and it looked to you like he was playing the bass riff to Jet Black Heart for the first half of Vapor (being Calum’s best friend, he had taught you a few songs on bass and you could notice the slight difference). Everything seemed to be going wrong, mixing everything up and just frustrating himself further. You hated how he seemed to beat himself up onstage in between songs, furrowing his eyebrows and shaking his head at himself, clenching his fists by his side. 

Before She Looks So Perfect ended, you scurried out of the sound booth, flashing your backstage pass to the guards and allowing yourself into the dressing room, waiting for Calum to come offstage so you could talk to him and potentially help him.

And the second the door burst open, Ashton, Michael and Luke came in, quickly changed into clothes less sweaty, and headed out again. Without a word. Calum trailed behind like a lost dog, closing the door and falling against it. His arms were placed over his head as ragged breaths left his mouth. His breathing started to pick up and become uneven, and before you knew it, he was getting choked up, hiccuping ever so slightly now and again. 

“Calum?” You asked cautiously, pushing yourself off the couch and approaching him.

He pushed himself away from the door forcefully, facing you with blood shot eyes and his cheeks glimmering with a sheen of tears. The sight of him broke your heart. “Calum, it’s okay.” You said, pulling him into a hug and allowing him to cry softly into your shoulder. 

“I dunno what happened today, Y/N. But my mind was all over the place and I couldn’t focus.” He explained to you through sobs. “I was shit out there.”

“You were not shit, Calum. Every person in that audience tonight had the best time of their lives and I know they thought you did amazing.” You said. “So what if you missed a few notes here and there? Who cares?”

“I care, Y/N!” He exclaimed. “Even at soundcheck I knew tonight was gonna be a bad show, and it’s like I did nothing to try and change it. I’m so fucking unfocused and tired and goddamn, I just want to sleep for like a solid week and not talk to anyone and just be with you.”

“Hey, tour’s almost over and I promise you can have all the time off you want.”

“That’s not the point, Y/N…” He trailed off, not wanting to fully open up to you. Though you had no idea why he was acting so off lately, he knew exactly why. It was you. Everything about you he was so wrapped up in, and knowing that you two were just friends killed him. He wished things were different between the two of you, where he could hug you and hold you all day long, and show you how much he truly loved you. But he couldn’t. “The point is, there’s things in life I can’t change sometimes. And it pisses me off.”

“But everything’s going to be okay, Calum. You had a bad day, a few stupid fans called you out at soundcheck and your friends were just teasing around. None of that really matters, okay? All that matters is you put all your heart into your performance and even if you messed up a few times, you still killed it tonight.”

He choked out a laugh, one of those laughs where he was amused with your sad attempt at cheering him up. “Y/N, I was paying Jet Black Heart during Vapor. That’s not just messing up.”

“But look on the bright side, I bet you played that riff perfectly even if it was during the wrong song.” 

His top teeth sunk into his trembling bottom lip, his dark brown eyes hiding behind his eyelids as he shook his head. “You don’t understand.”

“Maybe I don’t,” You forfeited. “But it was just a bad day. I promise after you get a good night’s sleep, tomorrow you’ll feel much better.”

“Can you sleep in my bunk tonight?” He asked, looking at you with pleading eyes.

You let out a quiet giggle. “I’m not sure how much room I take up on one of those small bunks, but sure.” You nodded, making him crack a small smile–one you hadn’t seen in a while.

“Thanks, Y/N.” He said, hugging you once more.

You hugged him back tightly, grinning as you felt him kiss the top of your head gently. “Anything for you, Cal.”

Part 2

Oli’s story of the night Joe cheated

- Oli’s PoV -

“Caspar! Caspar wake up!” I whispered.

“Please don’t pour anything on me” Caspar begged still asleep, raising his hands protectively above his face, and I felt sorry for the poor guy to be use to be woken up in all sorts of weird ways, but that wasn’t the point.

“Caspar you have to see this, please wake up and keep quiet”, I said, getting his attention. He opened his eyes and sat up, understanding that something was wrong by the look on my face, and the fact I didn’t have my vlogging camera with me.

We were having the ultimate lads holidays in Spain for a month and so far it has been the best holidays we could imagine. There were just the three of us and we had so much fun hanging by the pool and walking around Barcelona and partying every night. But this morning something happened and it could change everything.

“Follow me” I commanded.

I stepped out of the hotel room into the huge hallway on my tiptoes and Caspar mimicked me. I stopped at the door ‘153’ and turned around to face Caspar, holding my index to my lips. He mouthed “That’s Joe’s room” and I nodded, turning back again, swiping a magnetic keycard into the doorlock, and opened it. I gestured him to peek through the door so he bent down to stick his head under mine into the crack of the door.

A few seconds later, he literally threw himself backwards on the floor, allowing me to close the door. He laid on his back on the carpet floor, in shock “there’s a girl in bed with him” I almost exploded “I KNOW!!! Why do you think I made you peek! I was going to prank Joe this morning so I walked into his room and –“ Caspar pointed at the door, interrupting me “Does that mean you filmed this?” I nodded. I had on my vlogging camera the proof that my best friend had cheated, and a massive moral dilemma on my shoulders. y/N was a dear friend of ours. Caspar rolled over, his front against the floor and whined “Why did you get me involved? Now I can’t pretend I didn’t know!” Now was not the time to pity ourselves “Caspar, what do we do?”

We decided that we would not tell y/N because Joe had to. We sat down for breakfast, having both lost our appetite we just stared at our food, speechless. “How should we act around Joe? Eventually, he’ll find out that we found out” I shrugged, and played nervously with my fingers “He’s probably act weird and ashamed, I guess we’ll take the opportunity to ask him if he’s alright… He’ll probably confess anyway”.

Caspar looked up at me, ill at ease “so… Did you see what she looked like?” I made a disgusted face “no, I couldn’t care less, from the second I realized there were two people cuddled up under the shits I had a mini heart attack, and then I totally panicked and went straight to wake you up!” he couldn’t believe it “that’s really sick, how could he do that? y/N and him have been together for like a year, she’s part of our little family. I can’t imagine going back to London and her not being around anymore, I love her”

“Yeah me too buddy” I sighed sadly.

We had been sat down miserably like this for a good half an hour when Joe joined us, a huge smile on his face, looking as happy as always. He frowned when we looked at him, probably both giving him a dead look. “Hey buddies! What’s going on?” he asked, clueless.

“Joe, we know” Caspar said, uneasy. “About the girl” I added, Joe seemed to have no idea what we were talking about and just looked at us, more confused than ever. “The random slut in your bed Joe! How could you do that to y/N?” Caspar flared up. “Oh” Joe said, giggling awkwardly. “Mates, I think I owe you an explanation” he said, gesturing us to follow him, which we did obediently. Joe led us to his room, and knocked. A familiar voice answered “Yeah?”

“Y/N???” Caspar and I screamed in unison when she opened the door, wearing her denim jacket and a backpack. She glanced at Joe playfully “we’re busted, aren’t we?”

We all sat on the bed and Joe took y/N’s hand in his before explaining, “we missed each other so much, and we didn’t want to bother you guys because we knew you wanted it to be just us lads so… I booked y/N tickets for her to come and spend the night”

“Twice” y/N confessed, blushing, and Joe kissed the side of her head. “I was just about to leave, I have my plane back to London to catch in an hour”

“This is the sickest, weirdest, cutest thing I’ve ever heard in my life” Caspar cried “and with you two weirdos being together, I thought I was ready for anything”

“Show me your ticket” I commended y/N, opening my hand. She gave it to me, and they all shouted in shock when I tore it in half.

“y/N” I stated “even if you made us feel like idiots today, I think we also realized how much we like you and that you’re a great addition to our little gang. There’s only 4 days left of these holidays, you’re staying with us” Caspar nodded enthusiastically before resting his head on y/N’s shoulder like a cute puppy and Joe was beaming.

“I guess I don’t really have a choice, do I?” She said, pretending to be annoyed. “It’s a good thing I packed my bathing suit then!” She cheered, and I rolled my eyes.

Eventually we ended up having the best time, and the footage was wisely employed to prank the viewers, who fell for it as much as we did, which was hilarious to watch.


Happy Halloween dudes

I was asked a while back by a group for permission to add Russian subtitles to the series, and it looks like they started with the halloween special. They’re cool guys, show them some love.

The script for the next short is done, and once I get another project out (hopefully this week, not bionicle related), I will be posting an update video about the future of RB/other stuff(I’ll try to make it funny). If you’ve been paying attention to this blog you know what I’ll be talking about, but not everyone does that, it seems.

After some thought I don’t think I’m going to enter RB into the chronicler’s convergence. I talked about possibly doing that before, but I dunno if the series would fit there. Instead I’m gonna post part the second scene to “Anonymous” here on this blog since it’s been so long without new bonkle content.

See you guys soon, and try to show some love for my next project when it comes out. It’s my first real endeavor in a while that isn’t bionicle, and I’m excited about it. Been wanting to make something like it for 6 years.