ill probably do 100 post on this sorry

A bunch of stuff is happening

So I haven’t really been posting my nsb challenge but that’s because I have a plan for it but it involves pets and I really really want to do it! So expect to see more of my 100 baby challenge but I’ll probably still post a bit of my nsb challenge, also I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I used to. My little sister recently got quite ill and I’ve been looking after her a lot, she’ll be fine but my anxiety is making me stress lot. My mental health has not been so great recently so that’s also another factor, I’m working on queuing up some posts today. I know I only post three times a day but that’s all I can handle right now and I feel so bad. But for now bare with me and I’m doing my very best

oh gosh im gonna prolly regret making this post but

if you want a motivational/love letter from your favorite homestuck character, reblog this and follow me (sorry im trying to reach a follower goal by the new year :p) and i’ll submit one/fanmail one/get it to ya somehow!! specify whether you want the letter to be motivational/love and who you want it to be from in the tags!!

please dont be sad if you dont get one, ill probably only do the first 100 or so, sorry, darlings!!! i’ll try my best though! ^w^ ♥