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 Name Aesthetics & Personal Moodboards 

Hey y'all! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and just got around to making the lousy graphic for it. I’m going to be really bored during this month because of a slow January semester at my college so I’d love something to do!


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Random dump i edited using old rough sketches

i have a habit of creating random rough sketches of comic pages then ditching them then going back at them after like a month and it ends up piling in my folders. This one was when the Bad End Friends AU was so popular and one and a half year ago me still had those creative juices flowing in her head and wrote down an entire random plot at 3 am in the morning

would anyone be interested to read it even though its rough sketch///3///

Thank you for 400 !!

can we talk about how this gif is so relateable I mean

when your innocent friend turns out to be dirty af

when you don’t understand a joke but laugh anyways and your friends notice

when you see your ex on the street while you’re on a date

when your parents come back home while you’re having fun alone and you forgot to do the chores

when a big ass bug flies in your direction

when some shit is about to go down

when you suddenly realize that you said something you weren’t supposed to say

when you see your crush walking over to you

when you realize you aren’t as funny as you thought you’d be


I’m not gonna be uploading a lot of art now that I have so much to do. I’ll probably only come in to drop doodles off on rare occasions until the end of May because of Uni work. So until I finally come back and can properly sit down to draw- here are some quick watercolor doodles I posted on my twitter a few days back.

Which Yowamushi Pedal Character You Should Fight

Onoda | who wins: W h y

Why the fuck would you want to fight Onoda. What could he have done to inspire you to want to fight him? He is the embodiment of pure, unadulterated sunshine and all that is good in the world. Just why. The poor guy went through middle school friendless and alone, how much of a jerk could you be. You’ll probably win, but remember that you’re a terrible person for bullying such a precious nerd. Prepare to have your ass wrecked by Sohoku and Hakone Academy.

Imaizumi | who wins: Imaizumi?

Not a lot bothers this tenacious nerd. He’s cool, calm and collected in most situations (that don’t involve Naruko) and he will most likely hand you your ass if you choose to fight him. Imaizumi is always one step ahead of you as he can visualize possible outcomes of the fight.  He has backup plans for his backup plans, man, and if it all goes to shit he will still kick your butt. He’s a big, awkward nerd but don’t fight him.

Naruko | who wins: 50/50 Maybe?

Take care not to underestimate Naruko because his short stature can be misleading. He’ll probably rely on his speed to dazzle you (and the spectators, of course, Naruko’s all about being flashy) all the while the both of you are smack talking. You can probably win if you manage to tire him out, but start talking shit about his loved ones and rest assured your ass will be beat.

Kinjou | who wins: Kinjou

Just because he wears glasses doesn’t mean you can immediately win a fight against him. Oh no, the Ace of Sohoku can’t be taken down that easily. For one thing, he is ripped. Also, he fell off his road racer during one of his races and continued to head for the finish line wounded and bleeding. Kinjou is one tenacious beast and he won’t stop unless he’s won. Don’t fight Kinjou. For the love of god, don’t fight him it’s not worth the pain.

Makishima | who wins: What Fight?

Like the others, Makishima has been training for a number of years. He’s built up quite the stamina and physical strength and he can probably hurt you. But he’s a giant nerd so a fight might not even happen because Makishima is very, very awkward.  Seriously, it would be in your best interest to not fight him—to at least save the both of you the trouble of Toudou finding out and embarrassing the fuck out of you.

Tadokoro | who wins: Definitely Tadokoro

Unless you have a death wish I suggest you take your fight somewhere else. I mean have you seen this nerd? He can crush you with his eyes closed. He can probably do so while eating, too. He isn’t called the Human Bullet for nothing. Don’t fight Tadokoro.

Teshima & Aoyagi | who wins: Prepare For Trouble And Make It Double

These two are always together, you should have expected this. Combine the two of them and they make a pretty intimidating pair; Teshima thinks up of strategies to beat your ass, and Aoyagi can do the muscle work.  Even if you mean to only go up against one of them, it’s a guarantee that the other will always be there to step in. Remember, Teshima and Aoyagi are athletes who have trained for years. They can put up a good fight, especially when they’re fighting together. May the odds be in your fucking favour.

Arakita | who wins: Shit You Better Run, Son

Arakita may have changed since joining the cycling varsity team but he can still mess you up. He’s aggressive and he won’t hesitate to chew your head off if you so much as breathe wrong around him. This guy has a short-temper, so even if you don’t want to he’ll probably try to pick a fight with you. Whatever you do, don’t fight him. Run and never look back. Don’t.Fight.Him.

Fukutomi | who wins: Not You

Fighting Fukutomi would be like running face first into a stone wall. He is unyielding. He is vicious when he sets his mind to it. He is strong! Although he is quite a nerd, too, you might want to rethink picking a fight with him unless you also want a run-in with a pissed off Arakita. For your sake, I hope you make the right decision.

Toudou | who wins:  You

Snap his headband in half and watch Toudou break down right in front of you.  He will try to come for your ass, but then he’d recoil as the implications of a fight sink in. His beautiful face and “Sleeping Beauty” reputation are more important to him than a fight, so he would surrender quite readily. His Maki-chan would hear about this, though.

Shinkai | who wins: See You In Hell

Shinkai is chill as hell, dude, he’d probably brush you off if you tried to pick a fight with him. However, threaten his precious rabbit (and Juichi, probably) and there will be hell to pay. I hope you’re ready for a beat down because holy shit Shinkai is a demon when provoked. Rest in fucking pieces.

Izumida | who wins: You, I Think

His muscles are very intimidating and large, but I’m not sure if he can actually win a fight.  He’s too calculating; Izumida would probably be bogged down by the specifics to focus on the actual fight. When this happens, make sure to strike quick and to strike hard. He’ll also try to fuck you up mentally, so make sure to block him out. I’ll pray for your broken knuckles.

Manami | who wins: Surprise! It’s Not You

Don’t even go there, man, just don’t. Manami’s appearance is highly deceiving; push the right buttons and you’re left facing a demon. Have you seen this nerd’s body? God. He can get away with murder, I just know it. No one would even know where to find your body. Angel my god damn ass.

Midousuji | who wins:  You 

Once you get over the extreme creepiness factor Midousuji is known for, you can most definitely beat his ass. He’s only human, too! And let’s face it; road racing is probably the only thing he’s actually good at. He won’t know what hit him. Fight him. Do it.