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sickness (Pietro x Reader)

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I’m also looking for another writer to help me, just send me a sample of your work or something and I’ll get back to you when I’m back from holiday!

Anyway, this was requested by an anon, so here you go! (Sorry it’s short!)


Your boyfriend was ill. It was slightly ironic.

Pietro had come back from the dead, he could run faster than almost everything in the world, he was a part of the superhero team called the Avengers and he had saved thousands of lives.

But here he was tucked in his bed and wrapped with so many blankets he faintly resembled a burrito. Pietro was ill, and it wasn’t anything life threatening.

He had the flu. Everyone (including you, much to his annoyance) found it hilarious. His increased metabolism somehow couldn’t figure out how to ward off the flu and he was stuck inside with tissues and sick bowls while the rest of the team were out fighting the bad guys.

Despite you being a member on the team, you had been ordered by Steve to stay behind to look after him, but you knew it was more because he was your boyfriend than it was because you were probably the most sympathetic of the team.

You agreed with the sympathetic part. Wanda, found Pietro’s suffering hilarious as it was only a mere cold but he was acting like he was dying. Natasha and Clint have no patience for the flu, and would probably have ended up sending him on the mission anyways. Steve didn’t really care but was slightly sympathetic. Tony and Thor found it comedy gold, and the amount of jokes and puns they had thought up were getting to a ridiculous number.

So here you were, pressing a cold towel to his hot face as he lay surrounded in pillows, blankets and cushions. One minute he had a fever whereas the next he had a chill – and it wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

He started shaking again, his temperature having dropped again and you shushed him affectionately, tucking the blankets around him tighter as you stoked his head gently.

“Lay with me?” Pietro asked you, his voice quiet and you noticed how vulnerable he sounded compared to when he was in full health and running around all cockily while making Clint’s temper quickly rise.

You crawled under the covers, Pietro pulling your body against his constant changing heat one. He buried his head into the crook of your neck as you placed a soft kiss against his forehead, ignoring the sweat on it.

“I love you (Y/N),” he muttered, letting out a slight cough on your neck. You grimaced slightly before remembering his words.

“I love you too, Maximoff.”