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Shout out to all the trans aces who:

  • Don’t feel ‘truly’ asexual because you don’t know whether your dysphoria is having an affect on your sexuality
  • Feel that your trans-ness can’t be removed from your ace-ness but are told it should be
  • Don’t feel comfortable in hypersexual LGBT spaces
  • Have had your asexuality invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Have had your trans-ness invalidated by people who say you can’t be ace and trans
  • Are happy that you’re trans and ace
  • Are sad that you’re trans and ace

Your feelings are valid. Your identities are valid. And you are amazing (ace, even!).


HERES COMES A SPECIAL BOY (he’s got magic powers!!!!!!)

무성한 (Overgrowth)

For the GoodWork Project, an AGUST D fanbook!
More info about it here if you’d like to read about/support it:

Cosmic Gardens

♈ ARIES //  A desert gem. Massive succulents and cacti vibrate like heat waves. Large leaves of aloe provide shade over twisted, dusty paths, while rare desert flowers soak under the harsh red sun. Sand swirls in zen patterned murals throughout the garden. Rusted rocks, and sunbathing lizards that chirp like birds. The air smells spicy yet sweet. It is dry and thriving.

♉ TAURUS //  Ancient roots weave together to form a wooden gate. It leads to a narrow cobblestone pathway. Shady and warm, the breeze sounds like contented sighs. The flowers here are pink and big – bigger as you, their open petals as you pass by. Tiny fairies dart to-and-fro, trailing a sparkling pollen with them. You feel drowsy and lie down in a spongy patch of earth to the side of the path. You sink into the moss and look up at the clouds.

♊ GEMINI //  The sky is the most vibrant blue you’ve ever seen. Clumsy bumblebees bounce off petals, each flower making a different sound; some silly, some soft. Just like laughter. The garden is unorganized; grass full of clover, dappled with daisies and yellow tulips and buttercups. You pluck dandelions, bring them to your lips and blow – seeds become bubbles that never pop. They just drift endless through the field like clouds in the blue.

♋ CANCER //  A quaint garden that flourishes under the full moon. The flora is lush and dark and cottony, illuminated by softly glowing white flowers that only bloom at night. There are no paths – only small streams full of pearl and moonstone pebbles, with little waterfalls that trickle into reflective, silver pools. Chamomile and vanilla linger. It feels familiar and sleepy. Fireflies float around, and twinkle like suspended stars.

♌ LEO //  A golden gate surrounds an opulent oasis, bathed eternally in golden evening lights. Sunflowers tower overhead, marigolds greet your feet. Petals transform into black butterflies with velveteen wings that graze your skin and leave traces of exotic perfume. A refracting mosaic path pieced of mirror shards and colored glass cause the entire landscape to glitter blindingly. It is warm and radiant and there is song in the air.

♍ VIRGO //  Simple and soothing. A prim and proper garden enclosed by a white picket fence. Wisteria stretches up trellises and across pergolas, drooping down just enough to tickle your cheeks. Origami hummingbirds dart from flower to flower, lavender to dahlia to pansy. Hanging wicker chairs for resting and reading in. Shady and quiet; smelling of calming English tea leaves and clean linen.

♎ LIBRA //  A dainty, silver-spun gate that’s always open. Everything is shades of red, lush to the point of overgrowth. A labyrinth with rows and rows of roses, all bathed in dewdrops – every petal sparkling in the morning sun. The smells of honeysuckle and orange blossom tickle your nose. Songbirds with glass wings whistle symphonies, and perch atop beautifully crafted statues. It is light and lovely in every way.

♏ SCORPIO //  A marshy garden, cattails and little white bell flowers. The faint sound of constant, gentle rain. Floating stones carry you across deep, pond-like puddles. Benevolent spirits drift up from old stone wishing wells and hide among the thick, rolling fog. You wave at them. Beneath a weeping willow is a place just for you to sit, surrounded by pale pink peonies and smooth quartz crystals. Magical, and lonely.

♐ SAGITTARIUS //  A tremendous grove full of what is usually small. Blades of grass as tall as trees, a canopy of tangled roots above cast shadows in filtered sunlight. Giant opal boulders and mossy pathways. The heavy scent of soil, rosemary and other herbs permeate the air. Mushrooms of all shapes, sizes and colors grow like wildflowers. A living adventure, with something bigger than you around every corner.

♑ CAPRICORN //  A garden that would be envied by Greek Gods. Composed and elegant, pristine rows of emerald hedges. Ivy wraps around ornate stone pillars like an ancient lace. Marble fountains overflow with rich, red wine. Large, decorative vases spill over with white roses, and tresses of violet flowers hang down from arched pergolas. It sounds of harps and silence.

♒ AQUARIUS //  An abandoned glass green house with translucent windows. It appears old and vacant from the outside but inside – everything is luminous. Neon dragonflies zip around in slow motion, strange flowers vibrate and release tiny glowing orbs of pollen that hang in the air. In every direction you can see only a night sky – as if you were walking through the Milky Way.

♓ PISCES //  A tranquil lagoon, comprised up of interconnected pools, and blooming with enormous aquatic flora – impossibly large lilies and lotus. The calm waters are the deepest shade of aquamarine, and you float idly through aboard a large lily pad. A pink lotus unfurls with a soft sigh under your touch. Crystalline reeds echo hollow tunes, and massive orange koi fish drift slowly just beneath the surface. It is peaceful.