ill post pics maybe but probably not

I was going to color Ford in but forgot I don’t have the right colors for him,



First three pics show the ingredients I used:

The two oils:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Other ingredients:
Vitamin E Oil
Brown Sugar Fragrance Oil
Coffee Grounds
Dark Brown Sugar

and ¼ cup sodium hydroxide to start the saponification reaction with the oils

Fourth pic:

I slowly poured the NaOH into ¾ cup of water (the red pitcher) and heated the oils and let those cool down until they both reached around 110 - 120oF.

Fifth pic:

I poured the NaOH solution into the oil mixture and blended those until they reached a thick trace (it has a pudding like consistency). 

Sixth pic:

Here I mixed in a small amount of the coffee grounds, brown sugar, and several drops of the fragrance oil and vitamin e oil. 

Seventh and eighth pics:

I poured the mixture into the soap molds (turned out this recipe only made five bars; so that means I’ll probably double it in the future each time I make a batch).  

Next time I make this type of soap im adding some cocoa powder to make it darker.

I’m gonna post pics of the hardened soap bars tomorrow; cause they’re supposed to become solid by then, then I’ll let them cure for 3-4 weeks before I think of selling them on etsy (idk if ill sell this particular batch cause i want to make them darker, maybe i will who knows)