ill post 2 today

>:[[[[[ i took selfies bc i looked cute in a hat for once but tumblr just ???? eats my post and it doesn’t show up anywhere i didn’t think it was possible to hate tumblr mobile even more than i did but guess what its possible

just a little update

1.) commissions are now open again today ill be reblogging the post later this afternoon

2.) yall should go look on my blog i got a rlly good new sidebar image


sum sketches

sniper au, where ed uses alchemy to a. improve his eyesight (w bonus killer migraines) and b. make bullets that explode on impact, freeze on impact, burst into fire on impact, etc. 

a rose i forgot i drew 

and me trying to figure out brother vainglory design (open back for maximum muscle view. also he has the symbol for the philosophers stone on his back bc i am a huge nerd)