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Feels Like, Josephine Cardin

We love seeing young artists channeling their experiences, even painful ones, into art as a way of healing. Fine art photographer Josephine Cardin’s latest series “Feels Like” explores the symptoms and fear associated with panic disorder. 

Experiencing the disorder first hand, Cardin depicts distinct and often very common symptoms of panic disorder, such as fear, depersonalization, and the thought that you’ll lose control in each of the images.

“Learning about it and sharing my experience with others who have been through the same is what has helped me overcome it, and I hope this project can inspire those still suffering to seek out help and know they’re not alone.”

Sometimes I wonder if she takes photos because she likes it, or because she feels burdened to capture every moment we have during our too-short time on this earth.
—  excerpts from a book I’ll never write

[Image of a cylinder rock formation dripping water into a small pool below. A red hue pops against the stones throughout the image]

This cavity
A wellspring
Where blown vessels
Gush lifeblood
And these blistering pustules,
Tar-rot lesions,
Dip into the spring

Let it sting
Let it heal