ill ollie

Everything Everything (2017): “Maddy (Amandla Stenberg) is a smart, curious and imaginative 18-year-old who is unable to leave the protection of the hermetically-sealed environment within her house because of an illness. Olly (Nick Robinson) is the boy next door who won’t let that stop them from being together. Gazing through windows and talking only through texts, Maddy and Olly form a deep bond that leads them to risk everything to be together, even if it means losing everything.”

really? is that really what able bodied people are jerkin off to these days bc all i see is a douche who lures his teenage crush to her death

I felt really low as a teenager and hearing music from artists that could express their pain in a way that is beautiful and made me feel better about the way I felt I think is something that anyone can relate to. I think the hardest thing can be coming to terms with it yourself and not feeling any shame about it as it is part of who you are and it can be a really positive thing if you use it in the right way
—  Olly Alexander at Brixton’s Raw Material Music Centre

“Okay, so we’ve already gotten both of our gifts for Jesse, and Gia so next there’s…” Tessa cut herself off with a gasp as she momentarily looked up from her list, a matching pair of ugly Christmas sweaters catching her eye and the young girl immediately moved towards the display, pulling along the cart and a confused Ollie along with it. “Oh my goodness, Ollie! Can we? Can we pleaaase?” She almost begged, holding up the two sweaters, looking over at the boy with puppy dog eyes and an exaggerated pout.



Olly being nasty af during Take Shelter

you know who’s arc would be complete by dying? oliver queen’s. because at least then, in retrospect, we could look at his narrative of that as a tragic figure, instead of what it currently is: the adventures of one severely narcissistic, sociopathic douchebag who fucks or attempts to fuck every woman he comes in contact with before stuffing her into the nearest refrigerator.

or is that too complex for you, arrow fandom? miss me with your ‘but ollie is ill’ narrative. if the show continues to refuse to address it properly, then you don’t get to wield it. eat shit.