ill never stop shipping these two

while im at at? here are some more things non-psychotic people REALLY need to stop fucking doing:

  • using the fucking “what if it was a mentally ill person’s fantasy the whole time?” trope.
  • equating psychosis to violence because guess what? Those two things are usually unrelated.
  • using psychosis as Angsty Ship Fuel Angst Because Psychotic People are Unworthy Of Love So It’s Angsty™
  • Using psychosis to make ur characters “~~Edgy~~”
  • Using psychosis to make ur plots “~~~Spicy~~~”
  • Treating psychosis like a joke.
  • Acting like there aren’t psychotic people out there, right now, consuming content, who are already demonized in their day to day lives over something they never asked for, things that are constantly misinterpreted to make some mediocre non-psychotic person’s media “”better”” and “”spookier”” for other mediocre non-psychotic nuerotypicals, who may see this shit and be further hurt by it.
  • acting like people don;t abuse psychotic people for their psychosis.
  • being fucking dicks about psychosis.

I encourage non psychotic people especially to reblog this.

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shipping (or more specifically drawing) a 15 year old sexually with anyone 16 or over is paedophilia. Regardless of whether it is in your country or not, in many countries that counts as child porn. JJ is an adult, Yurio is a child, fucking hell.

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Okay this is the last shit I’m going to reply to, after this I’m going to ignore all asks regarding this bullshit, because I’m tired of explaining myself and I would rather just throw art and let people enjoy what I do. 

First of all. I draw a MATURE version of Yurio when I draw him with JJ (except for the first doodle fanart I did for them, that was just a fluff artwork and a response to Episode 8). I. DO. NOT. SUPPORT. CHILD. PORN. 

SECOND. I haven’t posted any NSFW here, even though I’m considering it, I am still contemplating about it. I only drew one Jjurio NSFW artwork with a MATURE Yurio and I only shared it to my good friends via a private group chat In facebook, because we agreed upon a headcanon where JJ waits for Yurio til’ he turns 18.We are not mindless shippers. we know where to draw the line. Personally, I am not fond of shotas or any shota pairing for that matter. But I do love Yurio’s character and I love the chemistry between him and JJ. And people who followed my art blog since the beginning know I like to draw mature characters, lol. It’s sorta my art style and I will stick to it no matter what. I mean, jeez, if you’re so worried about NSFW stuff with a 15 y.o Yurio, go to Pixiv. Lol. 

THIRD, I also get comments about people feeling uncomfortable because JJ has a girlfriend. I know he has a girlfriend, and if you noticed my posts, I never disregarded her. I love how she’s very pretty and very gorgeous and I was even planning to draw her. It’s just that, this is fictional and we like to create our own AU’s and I’m still hyped over Jjurio. Should I fucking say “Eww, why do you ship Sasuke and Naruto, they’re freaking married” ? So please. Lol. 

FOURTH,  I understand where y’all are coming from. I really do. So I apologize if we’re butting heads at each other, but I just hope people should just stop throwing tactless arguments towards me or anyone just because we ship them. 

I have no ill will to feed any fire but I’ve been receiving hate since I posted my opinion about JJ and Yurio. I’ll never leave this issue untouched, so I’m gonna poke at it once then stop. Anyway, there goes my two-cents. kthxbai. 

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All The "Problematic" Ships I Have

Come and attack me guys. I really don’t give a shit anymore.

Literally any BLmatsu ship

I have a lot more but I’ll add them when I remember them.

But literally. Guys. Come and fucking attack me all you fucking want. Yea. I know I’m trash. Yea. I know I deserve to die alone for shipping CHARACTERS THAT DON’T FUCKING EXIST. And yea. I do want to die. And yes. I do know I deserve it.

So just come and fucking attack me and drive me into a deeper pit then I’m already in now.

Unfollow me if you want but nothing is going to stop me from shipping whatever the hell I want to ship. Because. Get this.

They. Don’t. Exist. And. Never. Will.

I may have like 20 thousand mental illnesses but ya know what. I’m sticking my neck out there because FUCK IT.

Listen, if you use it for coping or whatever. Yea that’s fine. I understand now that it really helps to have things that you can relate to.
But for all the idiots who are attacking people because they aren’t using it for coping.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You are telling people to go and fucking die for wanting two FICTIONAL characters to kiss?
Like. Wow.
You never fucking know what a person is going through behind that screen. You could be forcing people to out a very personal and terrible memory to total strangers on the internet.

I really don’t give a shit. Show me all the phycological studies that show fiction has an effect on our brains. Yea. I know. But ya know what.
I don’t care.

Stop ship hating. Literally. You are threatening and telling people on the internet to die when you have no idea who they are or what they’ve gone through.
Stop it.