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Rizwan Ahmed is a British actor and rapper from Wembley in north London. As an actor, he was initially known for his work in independent films such as The Road to Guantanamo, Shifty, Four Lions, Trishna, and Ill Manors, before his breakout role in Nightcrawler. Since then, he has appeared in the films Una, Jason Bourne, and the first Star Wars Anthology film, Rogue One. He also starred in the HBO miniseries The Night Of as Nasir Khan, with his performance being critically lauded, so earning him Golden Globe and SAG nominations.

As a rapper, he is a member of the Swet Shop Boys. His music has earned critical acclaim with the hip-hop albums Microscope and Cashmere, as well as commercial success featuring in the Billboard 200 chart topping Hamilton Mixtape. As an activist, he is known for his political rap music, and has been involved in raising funds for Syrian refugee children and advocating representation at the House of Commons. He appeared on TIME magazine’s “The Most Influential People of 2017” list.


Top 10 British protest and political songs

1. Jarvis Cocker – Running the World (2006)
Originally written about Blair and Bush, I think this is more appropriate now than it ever has been.


2. Billy Bragg – Never Cross a Picket Line (1990)
You can’t have a list of the best political and protest songs without the king of political music.


3. Lily Allen – Hard Out Here (2014)
Lily Allen manages to reference body image, double standards, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines and the glass ceiling all in one song.


4. The Jam – Eton Riffles (1979)
We still have old Etonians running the country, including the Prime Minister and Mayor of London. Apparently David Cameron is a fan of this song, to Paul Weller’s dismay.

5. Pulp – Cocaine Socialism (1998)
Jarvis Cocker wrote Cocaine Socialism after being contacted by one of Blair’s minions during the 1997 general election campaign begging for his support, to try and make Blair look cool. An angry Jarvis Cocker wrote this in response.

6. Manic Street Preachers – If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next (1998)
In 2009, it was discovered that the song was used on the website of the British National Party as the soundtrack of an article describing “the violence, hatred, fragmentation and despair” wrought on London by the “great multicultural experiment”. Obviously the Irony was lost on them.


7. Lily Allen – Fuck You (2009)
Her opinions on the British National Party are made pretty clear, she did also once dedicate it to the FIFA President.


8. Frank Turner – Thatcher Fucked The Kids (2006)
Turner actually regrets writing this saying “I regret writing the song simply because I started getting a lot of people coming to my shows who didn’t give two shits about my music. I’d just said something they agreed with. There’s a fair amount of analysis in that song that I would 100% stand by, but writing that was almost dipping a toe into the world of being a protest singer. I tried it, I really didn’t like it, and so I did something else with my life.”

9. Pulp – Common People (1995)
Although being one of the most famous songs of the 1990s, Common People never actually made it to number 1 unfortunately. Should have done though.

10. Plan B – Ill Manors (2012)
Ill Manors was written as a response to 2011’s riots and “society’s failure to nurture its disadvantaged youth.” The Guardian described Ill Manors as “the first great mainstream protest song in years.”

ain’t no such thing as broken britain: fuck the british class system

  1. class – the indelicates [x]
  2. human – public image ltd [x]
  3. ghost town – the specials [x]
  4. i spy – pulp [x]
  5. ill manors – plan b [x]
  6. love this town – dizzee rascal [x]
  7. common as muck – ian dury and the blockheads [x]
  8. stand and deliver – adam and the ants [x]
  9. radar – riz mc [x]
  10. the sound of the suburbs – the members [x]
  11. the n.w.r.a. – the fall [x]
  12. oh bondage up yours! – x-ray spex [x]
  13. to hell with poverty – gang of four [x]
  14. kettling – bloc party [x]
  15. stand strong – louis distras & jenny woo [x]
00Q Fic Recs

A somewhat comprehensive list gathered during the first weekly 00Q chat.

FIRST I’ll begin with what is- imo- the holy trinity of 00Q fic. If you’re new to the fandom, start with these:

Special thanks to @amottledrose for helping put this together since I couldn’t pull the chat archive. Full rec list under the cut!

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Asylum.- 5SOS AU- Part One

These files have been discovered in Hellingly Saniterium, 32 years after its closing in 1973:

Micheal Gordan Clifford


Height: 6ft 3 inches

Hair colour: Blue (dyed)

Reason For Admission: Murdered family in thier sleep. Claims that “they” told him to do it. Claims his family were in the way of “thier” plans.

Diagnoses: Schizophrenia / D.I.D ( Dissociative Identity Disorder)


Name: Calum Thomas Hood

Age: 19 

Height: 6ft 3 inches

Hair colour: Dark Brown

Reason For Admission: Burned down ex girlfriend’s house, killing her and her current boyfriend. Claims he done it just for the fun of it”.

Diagnoses: Pyromaniac


Name: Ashton Fletcher Irwin

Age: 20 

Height: 6ft 2 inches

Hair colour: Light brown

Reason For Admission: Driving under the influence of Drugs. Found with 14 grams of cocain in his car along 4 offensive weapons. Claims he was ready to kill. Claims he no longer wants to live.

Diagnosis: Narcotics Addiction/ Severe Depression


Name: Lucas Robert Hemmings

Age: 18

Height: 6ft 4 inches

Hair colour: Blonde

Reason For Admission: Murder of 5 school peers. Seriously injured 23 more (all still in critical condition). Phsycotic rampage with an offensive weapon. Claims that they deserved death. Claims he would kill again if he could. Claims he only kills people he hates and that he hates everyone. Diagnosis: Clinically Insane



This is the first part of a 10 part imagine I have been working on secrertly, so let me know what you guys think ^-^

I must also point out that I am in no way promoting mental illness in a positive manor. Mental illness is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. THIS IS PURLEY FICTIONAL.

-Beth xx

Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down // Plan B - Charmaine // The 1975 - Chocolate // Drake ft Lil Wayne - Miss Me // Destiny’s Child - Soldier // Ed Sheeran - Sing // Beach Boys - Wouldn’t It Be Nice // Beyonce ft Jay Z - Bonnie & Clyde // Paramore - Fast In My Car // Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful Of Sunshine // Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On // Kanye West - All Falls Down // Rudimental ft Angel Haze - Hell Could Freeze // Scouting For Girls - She’s So Lovely // Paramore - Still In To You // Plan B - Ill Manors // Sunshine Anderson - Heard It All Before // Dr Dre - Xxplosive // The Killer - Mr Brightside // Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn