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My medication is good because well it’s not a given I’m going to start sobbing at some point every day, but I wish it dulled the feelings of hyper anxiety I have. It feels like my anxiety’s racing around my body and my body’s just sitting there. I don’t know, things with my psychiatrist aren’t the best. I feel like I’m coaching myself into recovery and paying her hundreds of dollars to say that my ideas are right. I try to tell her that while I know what to do it’s hard to implement things in a sustainable way. Out loud I can articulate my illness and deduce the logical advice in a way that she views more positive then it actually is. I do try to tell her this, but she never really addresses that and then I don’t see her for another few months and I still haven’t been able to sustain a progressive recovery. 

Bpd Logic // 1
  • Bpd: cut! You need to! If you don't cut it means you're weak and faked your illness all along! Also you deserve the pain and who cares anyways? Cutting helps and you already have so many scars, it doesn't matter anymore.
  • Me: *cuts*
  • Bpd: oh look what you've done!!!! You cut again, you're so weak! You let down your loved ones who support you. Again. How long do you think they'll keep up with your bullshit before leaving? And weren't you already ugly enough without all the scars? You're disgusting.

Nonbinary people are often told that if we were just “logical” enough, then we’d accept the gender binary.

The fact is, most nonbinary terminology and ideas are logical and reliable if you learn about them. We have also addressed (along with many others) the cultural origins of the gender binary and it’s shortcomings.

Now, I’m not here to write a paper, so let me just say this; what’s really illogical is refusing to learn the above facts in the first place and then getting angry when you don’t understand.

If you stopped

(you’d let them down)

Fandom: Sanders Sides

Ships: None (hints of Logicality)

Characters: Patton Sanders, Logan Sanders, Roman Sanders, Virgil Sanders, Thomas Sanders (mentioned)

Genre: If you figure out, let me know

Warnings: Sort of Dark Patton? It’s complicated.

This is the first fic I’m doing for Sanders Sides, as well as posting here. Sorry if the format is off, I haven’t really done this before. I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to review/reblog!



You know that you’re important.

Yes, you can be annoying at times, what with your puns and inability to take things seriously and whatnot, but you’re not an idiot– you know that without all these things, Thomas’s mind would be a very dark place to be. If you decided to just stop, to leave like Logan or quit like Virgil, you know that the others would not be able to function.

If you stopped, Roman would first try to fill in your spot. He can be a pretty funny guy when he wants to be. He’d clumsily attempt to imitate you, to throw out a tentative joke like a fishing line when a situation got heated, and wait to see if the others took the bait.

But Roman is young. He’s inexperienced. At least when it comes to dealing with the others he is. He’d crack the joke too soon, or make it at the expense of someone else, and his attempts would always end with one of the others getting angry and the situation escalating even further. He may be a prince, but prince does not equal savior and sometimes the hero that the town really needs is the fool in the feline getup.

If Roman tried to copy you, he’d fail.

And you’d let him down.

If you stopped, Virgil would start. After years of differentiating wrong from right, years having feelings both happy and otherwise, Thomas would naturally panic at this sudden abandonment. And panicking happens to fall under Virgil’s umbrella of expertise.

Virgil wouldn’t mind all this sudden work demand. For all his complaints of working overtime you know he likes spending time with you all. Likes feeling as though he belongs. You’ve seen the smiles he hides and the laughs he tries to disguise as coughs, and you relate. It’s hilarious. Of all the sides, Virgil (the moon to your sun, the dark to your light) is the one you relate to the most. But it makes sense: You hide your frowns with smiles. He hides his smiles with frowns. And every time you give him words of encouragement to help him ‘come out of his shell’, you feel the hypocrisy tightening around your throat like a noose.

But just because you can relate to Virgil doesn’t mean you should leave him in charge. With him controlling Thomas’s emotions (or rather, lack of them) the overall atmosphere of the mind palace would darken. Thomas would sink under the ocean of fears Virgil had unknowingly poured out for him.

If Virgil started, he wouldn’t be able to stop.

And you’d let him down.

If you stopped, Logan would be glad at first. He wouldn’t say so– even the bluntest of the sides has some tact– but he would be. Even after trying to learn about each other, you two have always been on uneven ground: you admire and love him, he considers you (at best) a nuisance. With you gone, he’d think that he could finally get all the work he wanted done. No more procrastination, no more unnecessary feelings, no more being teased on incorrect usage of the word infinitesimal. Just good old intellectual pursuits. It wouldn’t take him long to realize he was wrong.

Without you, Thomas would withdraw from his work. His videos wouldn’t be half as uplifting, just a jumble of hollow words and semi-intelligent facts propelled by a fear of failure. Logan would falter. He’d look for people to point fingers at for this disruptance, and settle on you– or at least, had things been running normally, where you would have been. Where you should have been. This lack of logic would cause Logan to grow angry. How could you have left them? Didn’t you care? So much for being at the center of Thomas’s feelings– you obviously only cared for your own. He wouldn’t admit to himself how much he missed you. He’d unknowingly seek someone out to comfort him, and come up empty. All these emotions; no one to help him navigate them– finally, the coldest of the sides would thaw.

If Logan thawed, he’d stop being logical. He’d see everything through a tint of emotion he’d never learned to manage.

And you’d let him down.

So when the others tease you– when they tell you you need to get more serious, you need to actually contribute, you need to conform to how they think you’d be important– you laugh it off.

You know that you’re important.

You’ve always been important.

And maybe one day you will stop, just so you can see your predictions play out. Just so you can let them all down.

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This is so powerful. A must watch for everyone no matter what size. Please take the time to watch and understand the message.

ok my sisters asking why ppl ship george and harold anybody wanna answer

her arguments:

  •  theyre kids (g is 9 ¾, h is 10)
  • it doesnt matter if older harolds gay bc see bulletpoint 1
  • its a kiDS BOOK pLs stop i want to cherish my childhood not have it ruined by krupp x ribble or any other ship
  • pLease stop it hurts

she took over the keyboard halfway through this whole thing 
@thatanimatedgirl dude im sorry
@this side of the fandom including ppl who can explain this heLP ME OUT 

people are gonna start sending me hate asks im not ready

🌈 Colors of the Sky 🌈

Red-Orange; attraction, authority, change, courage, faith, harvest, ignorance, motivation, pleasure, power, self control, strength, stubbornness

Red-Orange-Yellow;  attraction, clarity, confidence, control, creativity, dishonestly, energy, excitement, happiness, insanity, inspiration, sensuality, opportunity, vanity, warmth

Red-Orange- Purple; calming, confidence, control, creativity, drama, enhancement, healing, independence, ignorance, luxury, moodiness, mystery, passion, protection, sickness, understanding, wisdom

Red-Yellow; change, clarity, comfort, courage, energy, enthusiasm, excitement, inspire, leisure, motivation, pleasure, vibrancy

Red-Yellow-Pink; attention, desire, emotions, energy, extremes, hatred, jealousy, love, lust, memory, physical, rage, revenge, romance, ugliness, vibrancy, vitality, wildness, wit

Orange-Yellow; carefree, clarity, comfort, happiness, health, education, enthusiasm, irresponsibility, intellect, joy, leisure, pleasure, mental clarity, rebellion, visions

Orange-Yellow-Pink; attraction, beauty, caution, caring, friendship, goals, inspiration, lighthearted, opportunity, protection

Orange-Blue-Purple; anxiety, change, coldness, control, depression, dreams, energy, focus, healing, independent, judgement, knowledge, loneliness, mystery, planning, sadness, spirituality, thought, tranquility

Yellow-Pink-Magenta; compassion, dependent, desperation, dominating, healing, heat, intensity, lively, love, passion, playfulness, seduction, sensitivity, outgoing, overbearing, weak, wildness, vulgar

Yellow-Blue; anxiety, awareness, discord, fear, insanity, justice, mixed signals, sickness, timidity, truth, unbalanced, unstable, weakness

Yellow-Blue-Grey; conservative, doubt, heartache, hopelessness, illness, isolation, logic, regret, restrained, quietness, sickness, sadness, sorrow

Yellow-White; bright, cleansing, creativity, freedom, harmony, innocence, learning, originality, peace, purity

Blue; calmness, communication, confidence, consistency, distance, healing, insight, knowledge, loyalty, patience, security, serene, solutions, wisdom

Blue-Purple; adventures, dept, faith, forgiveness, healing, intelligence, intuition, judgement, mediation, power, progress, protection, royalty, safety, sincerity, spirituality

Blue-Purple-White; calmness, cleansing, intuition, nostalgia, peace, perfection, safety, soothing, spirituality, understanding

Blue-Pink; affection, balance, caring, contentment, emotional healing, harmony, honor, nurturing, partnership, relationship, selflessness, sympathetic, thoughtfulness, unity

Blue-Black; banishment, beginnings, change, cleansing, endings, knowledge, learning, patience, power, protection, rebirth, telepathy, tolerance, unknown

Blue-White; calmness, cleansing, constancy, hope, guidance, patience, peace, protection, tranquility, trust, truth

Purple-Pink; attention, cool headed, enchantment, friendships, harmony, humble, luxury, optimism, relationships, sociable

Purple-Pink-White; aggressive, envious, extravagant, fear, immaturity, innocence, naive, weakness, wildness

Purple-Black; development, forgiveness, intelligence, justice, logic, mystery, pride, rebirth, releasing, safety, unknown

Purple-Grey; balance, clairvoyance, growth, healing, horrors, influence, neutrality, power, progress, security, spirituality

Black; closure, curses, death, destruction, endings, grounding, protection, repelling, reversing, transformation

Black-Grey; change, chaos, doubt, endurance, grounding, intelligence, knowledge, restrained, safety, solidness

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