ill logic

something that I feel a lot of neurotypicals don’t understand is that mental illness isn’t logical. “there’s no reason to be stressed, why are you anxious?” I don’t know. “why are you sad if you had a good day?” I don’t know. “why are you so irritable today?” I don’t know. “what are you feeling?” I DON’T KNOW.


This is so powerful. A must watch for everyone no matter what size. Please take the time to watch and understand the message.


Where being cis means your a horrible human being
Where White people are the cause of the worlds issues
Where Heterosexuals are despicable 
Where Men are all rapists even though one just glanced at you
Where Mental Illness is a fad and cute
Where if your an Alley to lgbt+ then your still part of the enemy and we are above answering questions about us you have
Where Triggers once meant legit triggers now mean “things i disagree/dont like” 
Where Logic is the enemy
Where Historical research is bad unless it contributes to your agenda 
Where “I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY! ITS CANON” when its not
Where “im not like the other girls” even though you are
Where theres no such thing as a civil debate or conversation where you can see both point of views but you end up with spamming and when they dont research they rant about you being a low life racist cis straight male.
Where 14 year olds are scared to be themselves and if they are themselves they apologize
Where America is the whole world and only only place with issues
Where Communism is the best kind of government, its just gotta be done correctly which those of the past didnt do the right way 
Where being Fat means your beautiful instead of unhealthy

but hey, Tumblr is a Hate-free environment that is a means of escape and full of calm understanding people, right?

okay you know what


capping at. a certain amount dxcfbh i’ll see how many i’ll do, i just really wanna get some stuff here

  • not mutual exclusive
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  • oh and these are short/one-liners

are you a “everyone who disagrees with me, argues with me, criticizes me, or remotely stands up to me about anything ever is a big ableist scumbag” narcissist, a “I must be perfect and loveable and nice and never do anything wrong ever and keep up a disgustingly saccharine and attractive image even though I constantly want to kill people” narcissist, a “I count my self worth by how many likes, reblogs and followers I have” narcissist, or are you a “I believe myself superior because I’m none of the above and see them as pathetic, and associate only with Chosen Few ™ other narcs who don’t have embarrassing opinions/behaviours like that” narcissist

  • a person: unironically uses the word "cyberchondria" in attempt to discredit self diagnosis
  • me: do you know that hypochondriasis is a legitimate mental illness and that ppl with it are probably not amused by terms that mock their anxiety
  • me: do know the difference between calmly wondering "hm, I seem to fit the characteristics of this mental illness, it would explain a lot of why i feel the way i do, i should do more research and talk to people with the condition about it" and being up all night panicking that you have a terminal illness that you logically know you don't have but panic about anyway
  • me: bc i've experienced both of those things and they are radically different

Here’s the bizarre thing about a lot of autoimmune disorders:

It’s like, you have a weak immune system which makes you vulnerable to viruses and stuff. Also, your immune system gets confused and attacks the wrong things in your body, like it doesn’t recognize these are normal helpful things and attacks - (mine likes to randomly attack my liver for no reason). So how do they treat this? By suppressing your immune system further, with immunosuppressant drugs.

The logic is, yes, your immune system attacks things in your body that it shouldn’t. So let’s make your immune system so weak that it can’t attack anything. Congratulations, you’re going to be fine…oops, unless your weakened immune system allows you to get sick with any of these thousand other things, whatever, we did it, we fixed you!


Coffee and Roses | Idol!AU | Pt. 1

Summary: He left you for the idol industry. Yet, you still joined the same industry hoping to never see him again.
Word Count: 1,518
Genre: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ honestly who knows
Member: Jisoo Joshua Hong
TW: none i can think of. tell me if you need anything tagged!

Pt.: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | soon™

A/N: mahoushoujo!au was a flop so here’s the second au i had in mind. idk im super tired this isn’t my best. gets v dialogue heavy by the end, sry

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We all are lead to believe that those back highways are a part of the boys’ legacy for reasons both practical and metaphorical. They hunt what goes bump in the night, so it makes sense to have late evening asphalt prowls, when there are less prying eyes. Those empty roads also represent Sam and Dean’s lives — how they’re separate from the common civilian, united on a lonely, stark path with no end in sight.

What the story doesn’t tell us is that major freeways are also avoided because the Winchesters have a record-breaking number of traffic violations, ranging from fender benders, sideswipes, illegal lane changes and the occasional near escape with 18-wheelers. They are, in fact, on Troopers’ “Most Wanted” lists in 14 states.

All because they never learned how to simultaneously hold a conversation while keeping their damn eyes on the road.

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Being kin has a lot to do w/ my mental illness. Like. I logically know that im not that character/creature. But, i don't really believe that im not. My brain wont let me believe im just human. If that makes sense.

Ohhh yeah, I’ve heard it explained that way before! I can’t really grasp exactly how that feels, but I think I understand how others would!