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Bpd Logic // 1
  • Bpd: cut! You need to! If you don't cut it means you're weak and faked your illness all along! Also you deserve the pain and who cares anyways? Cutting helps and you already have so many scars, it doesn't matter anymore.
  • Me: *cuts*
  • Bpd: oh look what you've done!!!! You cut again, you're so weak! You let down your loved ones who support you. Again. How long do you think they'll keep up with your bullshit before leaving? And weren't you already ugly enough without all the scars? You're disgusting.
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This is so powerful. A must watch for everyone no matter what size. Please take the time to watch and understand the message.

ok my sisters asking why ppl ship george and harold anybody wanna answer

her arguments:

  •  theyre kids (g is 9 ¾, h is 10)
  • it doesnt matter if older harolds gay bc see bulletpoint 1
  • its a kiDS BOOK pLs stop i want to cherish my childhood not have it ruined by krupp x ribble or any other ship
  • pLease stop it hurts

she took over the keyboard halfway through this whole thing 
@thatanimatedgirl dude im sorry
@this side of the fandom including ppl who can explain this heLP ME OUT 

people are gonna start sending me hate asks im not ready

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I literally just found someone on Tumblr arguing that even if a white person has suffered lots of trauma and depression, they are still privileged compared to an African American who has lived a happy, healthy life. I know that white people generally have more privileges in the west, but complaining that someone that suffered through depression and trauma has more privileges than a happy, healthy person is just wrong and disrespectful.


🌈 Colors of the Sky 🌈

Red-Orange; attraction, authority, change, courage, faith, harvest, ignorance, motivation, pleasure, power, self control, strength, stubbornness

Red-Orange-Yellow;  attraction, clarity, confidence, control, creativity, dishonestly, energy, excitement, happiness, insanity, inspiration, sensuality, opportunity, vanity, warmth

Red-Orange- Purple; calming, confidence, control, creativity, drama, enhancement, healing, independence, ignorance, luxury, moodiness, mystery, passion, protection, sickness, understanding, wisdom

Red-Yellow; change, clarity, comfort, courage, energy, enthusiasm, excitement, inspire, leisure, motivation, pleasure, vibrancy

Red-Yellow-Pink; attention, desire, emotions, energy, extremes, hatred, jealousy, love, lust, memory, physical, rage, revenge, romance, ugliness, vibrancy, vitality, wildness, wit

Orange-Yellow; carefree, clarity, comfort, happiness, health, education, enthusiasm, irresponsibility, intellect, joy, leisure, pleasure, mental clarity, rebellion, visions

Orange-Yellow-Pink; attraction, beauty, caution, caring, friendship, goals, inspiration, lighthearted, opportunity, protection

Orange-Blue-Purple; anxiety, change, coldness, control, depression, dreams, energy, focus, healing, independent, judgement, knowledge, loneliness, mystery, planning, sadness, spirituality, thought, tranquility

Yellow-Pink-Magenta; compassion, dependent, desperation, dominating, healing, heat, intensity, lively, love, passion, playfulness, seduction, sensitivity, outgoing, overbearing, weak, wildness, vulgar

Yellow-Blue; anxiety, awareness, discord, fear, insanity, justice, mixed signals, sickness, timidity, truth, unbalanced, unstable, weakness

Yellow-Blue-Grey; conservative, doubt, heartache, hopelessness, illness, isolation, logic, regret, restrained, quietness, sickness, sadness, sorrow

Yellow-White; bright, cleansing, creativity, freedom, harmony, innocence, learning, originality, peace, purity

Blue; calmness, communication, confidence, consistency, distance, healing, insight, knowledge, loyalty, patience, security, serene, solutions, wisdom

Blue-Purple; adventures, dept, faith, forgiveness, healing, intelligence, intuition, judgement, mediation, power, progress, protection, royalty, safety, sincerity, spirituality

Blue-Purple-White; calmness, cleansing, intuition, nostalgia, peace, perfection, safety, soothing, spirituality, understanding

Blue-Pink; affection, balance, caring, contentment, emotional healing, harmony, honor, nurturing, partnership, relationship, selflessness, sympathetic, thoughtfulness, unity

Blue-Black; banishment, beginnings, change, cleansing, endings, knowledge, learning, patience, power, protection, rebirth, telepathy, tolerance, unknown

Blue-White; calmness, cleansing, constancy, hope, guidance, patience, peace, protection, tranquility, trust, truth

Purple-Pink; attention, cool headed, enchantment, friendships, harmony, humble, luxury, optimism, relationships, sociable

Purple-Pink-White; aggressive, envious, extravagant, fear, immaturity, innocence, naive, weakness, wildness

Purple-Black; development, forgiveness, intelligence, justice, logic, mystery, pride, rebirth, releasing, safety, unknown

Purple-Grey; balance, clairvoyance, growth, healing, horrors, influence, neutrality, power, progress, security, spirituality

Black; closure, curses, death, destruction, endings, grounding, protection, repelling, reversing, transformation

Black-Grey; change, chaos, doubt, endurance, grounding, intelligence, knowledge, restrained, safety, solidness

**My personal correspondences

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Hey Linkara, as a Teen Titans fan maybe you can clear something up for me. For the last few years it seems like DC has been pushing Cyborg more and more as a member of the Justice League (being a founding member in the new 52, helping them out in Justice League Doom, being in the Justice League movie coming up). Why is that when he was already a member of the Titans, and why haven't any of the others become Justice League members?

Short answer: too many white people and some of them actually were on the team.

Long answer: A loooot of characters associated with the Justice League, particularly their founding members, were white dudes. The only non-white founding member was Martian Manhunter… which, you know, is kind of different from having someone of a different ethnicity since Martians are not real. It’s a bit of a problem with the Justice League, to the point where even when in the late-90s when there was a decision to re-emphasize “The Big Seven,” AKA the seven most powerful JLA members, it was still pretty much everybody but Martian Manhunter was white.

Now, already some of you may be raising your hands and thinking of prominent black heroes (or many other POC characters) who could have been JLA members in the film and were already in the League before. And you are correct to do so! In fact, I can name a few off the top of my head - Steel, Black Lightning, John Stewart Green Lantern, Vixen, and many, many more. Buuuuuut just going by those four (whom I think of as definitely ones in terms of popularity both inside of comic fans and out), there are some problems.

Now let me be clear here with these “problems.” These are not REAL problems, just the kind of problems that I feel Hollywood and DC would try to use ill-conceived logic to justify their decisions based on past thoughts they’ve given.

Steel: while I doubt that the flop of the Shaq Steel movie would affect the decision to not have him in a movie, it IS possible that that might be going through some minds. More likely is that he would be seen as redundant - while intelligent and an engineer, he’s a character without superpowers closely associated with Superman - so he could be thought of as redundant next to both Batman AND Superman.

Black Lightning: There is a thought process, much like the one associated with making the Black Ranger black - basically the idea of “that’s all their character is about!” It’s bullcrap, but it’s there. However, while that may have been EXTRA logic on top of it, Black Lightning actually has LEGAL issues associated with him, as creator Tony Isabella has said that he was not created under a Work-for-Hire contract and thus HE is the actual legal owner of the character and DC being DC has been kind of crappy about that (although apparently in 2015 they’ve started mending fences).

Vixen: I think the biggest issue here is just recognition. I think Vixen is great and she’d be a logical addition to a Justice League movie and team, but she’s not well-known outside of comic circles AFAIK. MAYBE as a supporting character from the DCAU, but unlike the next character, she only made a handful of appearances instead of being there from the start.

John Stewart Green Lantern: Now this one just has a ton of really stupid problems associated with it. One is his name, since the name John Stewart nowadays is associated with the Daily Show host, though that can be worked around easily enough. However there is this really dumb thought process, started by Geoff Johns, that Hal Jordan is the “iconic” Green Lantern, AKA the one most people associate with the character and recognize… and of course it’s kind of bullcrap these days. Even if you were a fan of the Superfriends back in the day, most characters didn’t have their civilian identities spoken aloud, so most people would probably just know the NAME Green Lantern as opposed to Hal Jordan, but a bigger issue is that a generation has since grown up NOT with Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, but John Stewart because he was in the Justice League cartoon - there were many anecdotes of people going to the Green Lantern movie and confused why this random white guy was Green Lantern - and bear in mind that even in the DCAU, Kyle Rayner was the Green Lantern before John - he was THAT much more recognizable. That movie is also probably a bit of stigma for people. While I personally liked the movie and didn’t think it was as bad as people seem to make it out to be, the lack of a Green Lantern at all in Justice League implies to me that WB is embarrassed by the film and wants to have people forget about it by not having a Green Lantern at all.

So, this brings us back to Cyborg. Why him, then? Well, for two reasons: one is that Cyborg actually DID have some association with the Justice League on TV - as a part of the final season of the Superfriends (called “The Super Powers Team - Galactic Guardians) in 1985. It’s likely that, with the popularity of the New Teen Titans at the time, he would cross over there. TV is where we get into our next major thing - the Teen Titans cartoon. Wildly popular, and whatever your feelings about Teen Titans Go, the character STILL has prominence in pop culture as a result of that and is recognizable then to both kids and adults (especially to adults who grew up on Teen Titans). He’s a non-white character with a unique skillset and powers and a great character dynamic for pathos and, if Batman v. Superman is any indication, tying him into the story they’re telling involving Apokalips and Darkseid.

And when it comes to DC comics up until the New 52, there was a bit of a thought process that said that the New Teen Titans characters, for the most part, had really elevated themselves and grown up to be the equals of the bigger hitters - Cyborg in particular. The 2003 Geoff Johns-written Teen Titans saw Cyborg taking up a much larger leadership role in the team and to many fans it felt like he had graduated to the big leagues and his placement on the JLA seemed only natural.

And it actually happened, along with several other Titans.

After Blackest Night, a version of the Justice League written by James Robinson was created that starred Dick Grayson (then acting as Batman), Donna Troy, Starfire, AND Cyborg (plus a bunch of other members, but I’m focusing on Titans here). I quite enjoyed it for the brief time I read it, but of course the book ran into some problems for whatever reason (probably editorial mandates) and the book eventually ended right before Flashpoint.

But the fact that the character, in the minds of many fans, had really gotten to the point where he was a natural shoe-in for the Justice League translated itself to both the New 52 AND Hollywood - a black character who was recognizable to the public, lacked any legal issues, and no fans could really deny his character growth put him as one of the greatest DC heroes (we’ll forgive that both the New 52 and the Justice League movie are reset his character growth to square one with no history associated with the Titans).

But yeah, that’s where I think they’re coming from here. I definitely think it’s bullcrap that he’s the ONLY one and there are many other characters who should be given a shot (hell, especially in relation to the brief list I made above in regards to lesser-known chaarcters, recall that Marvel has had tremendous success with pushing characters in movies who are relative unknowns into the spotlight), but this is what I think is going on.

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I've had multiple SJWs tell me to "check my privilege" when I'm disabled and nobody will hire me because of my disability. Meanwhile, the people who say this stuff to me either have jobs, families or are in college. I really want to know what privilege I have when disabled people are pretty much at the bottom of their non-existent totem pole.


You can be psychiatrically ill and be perfectly competent, just as you can be mentally healthy but totally unfit. (Of course, certain mental states, like florid psychosis or dementia, would render a president unfit to serve.)

There is one last reason we should avoid psychiatrically labeling our leaders: It lets them off the moral hook. Not all misbehavior reflects psychopathology; the fact is that ordinary human meanness and incompetence are far more common than mental illness. We should not be in the business of medicalizing bad actors.


Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?” Richard A. Friedman for the NY Times, Feb. 18, 2017

Although it’s very easy to believe Trump is mentally off in some way–it’s impossible to know. And it doesn’t matter. Judge him on his actions and statements. Hold him accountable as you would anyone else. It might feel slightly safer to blame his behavior on mental illness, rather than plain old evil. Mental illness can usually be treated. Meanness, greed, and evil cannot. Conflating bad behavior with mental illness is sloppy logic, but is also bad for people who have been diagnosed, are doing their best to take care of themselves, and are sometimes struggling to stay afloat.

The thing is tony starks mistakes can be rationalised with, uh, logic, whereas Steve’s mistakes have to be rationalised by giving Steve a mental illness


Where being cis means your a horrible human being
Where White people are the cause of the worlds issues
Where Heterosexuals are despicable 
Where Men are all rapists even though one just glanced at you
Where Mental Illness is a fad and cute
Where if your an Alley to lgbt+ then your still part of the enemy and we are above answering questions about us you have
Where Triggers once meant legit triggers now mean “things i disagree/dont like” 
Where Logic is the enemy
Where Historical research is bad unless it contributes to your agenda 
Where “I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY! ITS CANON” when its not
Where “im not like the other girls” even though you are
Where theres no such thing as a civil debate or conversation where you can see both point of views but you end up with spamming and when they dont research they rant about you being a low life racist cis straight male.
Where 14 year olds are scared to be themselves and if they are themselves they apologize
Where America is the whole world and only only place with issues
Where Communism is the best kind of government, its just gotta be done correctly which those of the past didnt do the right way 
Where being Fat means your beautiful instead of unhealthy

but hey, Tumblr is a Hate-free environment that is a means of escape and full of calm understanding people, right?

  • a person: unironically uses the word "cyberchondria" in attempt to discredit self diagnosis
  • me: do you know that hypochondriasis is a legitimate mental illness and that ppl with it are probably not amused by terms that mock their anxiety
  • me: do know the difference between calmly wondering "hm, I seem to fit the characteristics of this mental illness, it would explain a lot of why i feel the way i do, i should do more research and talk to people with the condition about it" and being up all night panicking that you have a terminal illness that you logically know you don't have but panic about anyway
  • me: bc i've experienced both of those things and they are radically different

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