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I've Decided to Marry You
Mark Ledbetter, Lisa O'Hare, Lauren Worsham
I've Decided to Marry You

Mark Ledbetter (Monty u/s), Lisa O’Hare (Sibella) and Lauren Worsham (Phoebe) perform I’ve Decided to Marry You - Mark did a rad job 

anonymous asked:

Hey Jo3mm, we got a step by step on how to draw heads, mind if we get one on body's?

sure! (again, still learning- so please bare with me |D)

A thing to keep in mind about bodies is to break them down to simpler shapes and components to easily understand better- then working up and building them outward into more complex shapes and things (I like to think of every character as just a really really really complicated stickperson that just needs dressing up)

When drawing full bodies, try starting out with the torso first. it’ll help establish how the character flows about easier

when drawing just busts/heads, its fine to start with the head and work down- what ever feels more comfortable really


-so what I usually do when drawing bodies is draw a line (this’ll help establish how your character flows overall and connect the other pieces)

-then I mark out where the top of their torso is with a circle. This is to help me figure out where the rest of the body goes

-next I guesstimate where the arms/neck/stomach/leggy bits/other features go

  • Things I keep in mind when drawing these features
    • Arms/Shoulders
      • in total, I like to sum it up in 4 parts: shoulder, top bit of the arm (what do you properly call this? |D), forearm (the bottom bit of your arm just before your hand), and- the hand
      • shoulders are usually about outside the body (they allow your arm to hang about and swing and whatnot- if they were inside the body, that would be tough to have them move |D)
      • the elbow is usually around the bottom of the torso (or below the guide circle/above the abdomen about)
      • hands are usually around/or below the hips/waist line (you wanna make sure you have arms long enough to reach your pockets yknow?)
    • Neck
      • remember you have muscles around your neck/back
      • going back to the head lesson- if you imagine the guide ball as being 3-D. Imagine that the neck rests right below it about.
      • also the flowing guideline you first drew out should help establish where your neck is. (imagine this line is actually your spine and how it flows through your whole body connecting everything)
      • short necks/longs necks- everyone’s different
    • Lower Torso/Abdomen/Your tummy tum tum yo~
      • Something important: thinking of the central body as 3 pieces helps figure out where things go/move.
        • I think of it as: the torso, abdomen, then crotch area bit.
          • torso= arms/neck/head/
          • abdomen= lol nothing, its just there and bends alot and looks hot sometimes
          • crotch area thing= your leggy bits

-then I clean up or rework the overall shape of it to fit the character better if Im aiming for something more specific

I would suggest trying sketchdaily’s figure/gesture practice to get a better understanding/flow (when doing this- try and not think of the tiny details- but how it will look overall in the end)

I think thats all I can think of as of right now- hope it helps ^w^