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As someone who is very fond of Lars, I don’t have any problems with people who dislike him and share their opinion about it. Not everyone likes a character.  And I know not everyone who dislikes him says it in desire of his death or suffering.
My (and most every person who is a fan of Lars’) issue comes with the fact that there are people who get very hostile about disliking him and making violent or harsh comments on other people’s posts, especially in the tags because they think the artists or writers of the posts won’t see them.  And going into the tags of popular Larsadie posts there will always be at least more than one comment in the tags about how awful Lars is and how Sadie should dump him.  And whenever there is a post by a mentally ill person talking about how they relate to Lars’ behaviors, or a thread of neuro-divergent teenagers talking positively about him, there’s always someone bound to butt in with “BUT LARS IS AWFUL!” and derail the conversation to make some hackneyed or borderline ableist comment about his fans or the character, and that’s just really rude.  I also can’t count the number of threats I’ve gotten in my inbox for expressing that I like Lars and getting harassed for liking him.
Nobody should be forced to like a character, and if you dislike Lars, I’m OK with it (most Lars fans are).  But don’t let common courtesy go out the window and be obnoxious to Lars fans or hostile about it.

- anonymous