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shiro tiddies

“Excuse me.” Delilah flipped her hair over her shoulder and held out the wallet that she had just picked up from the ground. “I hate to bother you, but I think you just dropped this and I think it would really ruin your day if you didn’t get it back. I didn’t open it, so if it is yours don’t worry, everything is in there.” 

Get to know me tag

Ahh I was tagged by @devoteejoon

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- Relationship status: taken

- Chapstick or Lipstick: lipstick I love lipstick so much lmao

- Favorite colors: purple

- Last song I listened to: sleepwalking by Dreamcatcher

- Last movie I saw: the greatest showman go watch it rn istg

- Top 3 TV shows: pretty little liars, vampire diaries, how I met your mother

- Top 3 TV shows (Korean): oh my ghost, strong girl bong soon, hello my twenties

- Top 3 bands/artists: evanescence, Demi Lovato, paramore

- Top 3 Bands/artists (Korean): BAP, bts, Dreamcatcher

- Books I’m currently reading: tower of dawn I think it’s a book in the throne of glass series

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[!] Second batch of messages have been sent out.

I still have about 70 people to contact, all of whom have indicated an activity of 5-7 days. Please give me a moment as I have once again hit ask limit and I am almost going to hit the instant message limit as well.

For those I have already contacted, do check if your assigned user has turned on ask and the anonymous option as I may not have been able to check it for you. Let me know if they have not. If you have asked me any questions through instant message, please be patient with me! I will try to respond to them as soon as I can.

Also, before you send me any questions, kindly check the questions I have answered on this blog, and those that I have tagged as FAQ. Thanks!

how do people like. actually get asks w/o asking for them or for an ask game? stupid and unrealistic!

Sammyboyman and Spiderloaf off to save the day from the forces of Billy evil!

The second of my old sketches done, and probably the last for a while since i gotta get ready for school soon (second year of college yay -_-). I do have a bunch of ideas I still want to do though, so i’ll see if i can still squeeze them in :)