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good whatever everyone!!!!! whether it is morning. afternoon. or evening. because i will be posting tra pt 3 in a few hours :-) its 21k (so far and will probably be more because im editing it currently) so be prepared to not be able to read it on the app. because if u try to. it will crash because tumblr hates me. i apologize for taking a month to write this but i just wanted to make an announcement that tra updates will probably continue to be slow. i wont be immediately writing the next part as i have something else i want to work on which will be out a week after!!!!!! i also want to reblog one of those “ask my muse” ask games after i post so u guys are more than welcome to ask jungkook and taehyung and their oc’s any questions you like!!!!!!!!

also if you’ve sent me asks today i probably wont be able to get back to you but im gonna try to answer as many as i can today!!!!!!! lvoe you!!!!!!!!!

OPEN      ─────

      It’s been too long since he’s been home.

      Yet the jarring shock pulse of exhilaration races through his veins anyhow, flying fast enough to throw him off-balance.  Without a doubt, it’s an intoxicating rush, what with how his breath quickens in sporadic intervals and he’s already a tad dizzy even though he’s yet to even walk off the boarding ramp.  Han is fully aware of his surroundings at the moment, the docking bay he’s landed the ‘Falcon on just as energetic, if not more.  The smell of sweat and grime is thick in the air when Han steps out, his expression pinching until he waves a hand to swat at the fumes.

      Corellia hasn’t changed much, has it?  An industrialist’s dream destination.  Aside from the usual irritants that’d ordinarily overthrow his mood, Han’s gaze remains riveted on the exit gates, close to winded with anticipation.  He misses home.  Misses Chewbacca.  When the garbled voice on the intercom announces that the very shuttle Chewbacca is on will experience a delay, elation teeters only for a split second.  Han’s com begins to ring loudly.  By the card, It’s Chewbacca.

      ❝Don’t tell me.❞
            A rumbling, apologetic growl follows, then warms into a sincere whine.

      Han laughs despite himself, though, the disappointment is hard to contain within him.  Just like that, what euphoria conjured from expectation caves in, a collapse to fall over his chest.  As his breathing begins to labor slightly, lingering enthusiasm continuing to slip through the cracks at light speed, Han reminds himself he’ll see his nephew someday.  Just not today.  The urge to ask when Chewie’ll be home; when he’ll see them again, balances on the very tip of his tongue, far too inclined to tumble from his lips.    Of course, this is just Solo’s luck.

      In the wake of such disillusion, Han struggles to uphold the crooked grin cast down at his feet.  Why is he so disappointed that Chewbacca can’t bring his cub?  It makes sense.  The reason is valid—Lumpawaroo can’t risk exposure to Corellia’s environment without the possibility of becoming ill.  For all that he tries to swallow his dismay, there’s this odd feeling of foolishness on the rise, igniting warmth to flare across his face.

      Bewilderment harshly slams together with ill-born embarrassment, a collision so violent and abrupt that they blank each other out.  Han toys with a frayed thread from his sleeve, pulling it as he listens to Chewbacca squawk about all the dangers Corellia could pose to a newborn cub.  A month.  Wait a month after he’s had the company of only himself for the past six months since Malla’s been pregnant.  It’s a helluva long wait for Solo and this turn of events does nothing to restore his patience.  Even so, Han checks himself for good reason, subduing even transient notions in favor of tightly securing the safety of his second family.

      ❝Don’t worry ‘bout it, ‘s’fine.  What’s me back on Corellia?  I’ll visit some old friends, see if they’re still around.  I can keep busy.❞  It’s probably childish, considering how he’s conscious of how he’s coming to stir some concern from his best friend.  Those ‘friends’ haven’t exactly been friends since day one.  But Han doesn’t want to hear it, ‘cause he already doesn’t like the idea of dealing with the same solitude he’s endured since Chewie left to take care of his mate.  Though, it sorta makes him wonder what it’s like to have a bond-mate waiting for him.  Makes him think about what it’s like to have a family; the kind of thoughts Han Solo has never been able to afford.

      Wanting—it’s an incredibly dangerous thing, yet with every passing instance, the desire grows ever more.   Next time, Han promises to no one.   Next time, he’ll work on it.

❝I’ll be fine.❞

Sammyboyman and Spiderloaf off to save the day from the forces of Billy evil!

The second of my old sketches done, and probably the last for a while since i gotta get ready for school soon (second year of college yay -_-). I do have a bunch of ideas I still want to do though, so i’ll see if i can still squeeze them in :)

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im so sorry im like, way too nervous to request stuff, but what would miles(or phoenix) look like if they were vocaloids? (ever since i saw your drop pop attorney thing i was like, ooh what if?????)

i have had that thought in my mind for days im just glad i have a reason to draw this now hahahaha


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need more vikk in white u know

So when Luke had that amazing stubble of his not too long ago, I was itching to draw him and Calum in a fanart where Luke wants to kiss Calum but Calum pretends to not want to kiss him because of his stubble when it was really because he was so turned on by how sexy it made Luke looks. I had to draw it and had the drawing lines for a week or so. I got around to finally finishing it today. Well as finished as I could be bothered to cause I have a short attention span. And guess what, flameretardant123 actually wrote a cute as heck drabble on this stubble topic too! Check out Beard Destiny!

Toodles till my next fanart :)