ill get it soon lol

shiro tiddies

Requests closed for now

As the title says, i’m closing requests for a bit. I’ve got quite a few in my inbox and I don’t want it to get overwhelming. I’ll try and get that number down as fast as I can.

I’m not closing the ask box completely, as I want anyone to be able to send in a comment or a question if they wish to. That being said, if I do get a request for a scenario or head canons between now and when I say they’re open again, I will delete it. 


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So when Luke had that amazing stubble of his not too long ago, I was itching to draw him and Calum in a fanart where Luke wants to kiss Calum but Calum pretends to not want to kiss him because of his stubble when it was really because he was so turned on by how sexy it made Luke looks. I had to draw it and had the drawing lines for a week or so. I got around to finally finishing it today. Well as finished as I could be bothered to cause I have a short attention span. And guess what, flameretardant123 actually wrote a cute as heck drabble on this stubble topic too! Check out Beard Destiny!

Toodles till my next fanart :)


need more vikk in white u know

Sammyboyman and Spiderloaf off to save the day from the forces of Billy evil!

The second of my old sketches done, and probably the last for a while since i gotta get ready for school soon (second year of college yay -_-). I do have a bunch of ideas I still want to do though, so i’ll see if i can still squeeze them in :)