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Hi :-) So can i have a Daryl x reader where they are friends since before the apocalypse and they have feelings for each others but are too shy to say it ? And Daryl is jealous because she is getting closer of Shane and one day while looking for Sophia they argue and admit their feelings ? ( With smut if you want ) Thank you a lot I love your imagines !

A/N: ugh I wrote this and originally it fit the request really good but I accidentally deleted it. I about shot myself and I veered a little off in attempt to actually write it. I hope you like it anyways! (No smut but sometime in one of the upcoming ones) KM SO SORRY ITS LATE I PROMISE ILL WROTE THE OTHERS SOON

Song: bad_news by Bastille


“What the hell is your deal?” You asked Daryl harshly.

He scoffed and turned to you with piercing eyes. “Go back to Shane! Yer bangin’ him anyway!”

“You know just as well as I do that that isn’t true! What the fuck is your damn problem?” You were fuming at your best friend who was being completely unreasonable. He got close to you and spoke in your face, putting up his dominant front.

“Do I? I ain’t dealin’ with yer shit no more! You were my problem but not anymore!” He turned away from you and started to walk off when you spoke, so quiet he could barely hear it.

“What-what does that mean..?”

“Exactly what it sounds like.” And with that, he left you outside of your tent with your thoughts to go to the city and find his brother. You were aware of a tightening feeing creeping up in your throat and blurriness finding its way in front of your eyes.

You knew that he didn’t mean anything he just said to you and he’d come running back and saying sorry when he got back but that didn’t mean the words didn’t hurt.

Daryl met you in a restaurant, managing to rescue you from a perverted customer. You instantly attached to him and became extremely close and somewhere along the way, you fell in love. It was him who was at your door at 2 AM when screams and sounds of destruction were closing in. He held his crossbow and shoved a gun into your hand and dragged you to his bike and headed for the mountains along with his older brother. Daryl was protective and rough around the edges but you cherished every part of him, knowing he was the only thing you had left. You always thought the feelings were unreciprocated, one way.

Shane had just asked you for help and often confined in you about Lori after Rick showed up. You were always willing to listen, wanting to help everyone. You always give your food to the kids if they were still hungry or took a double watch if someone was tired. In all honesty, you didn’t dub your behavior as unusual; your father raised you to be selfless and giving, something he always was. Daryl hated Shane, more so after he put him in a headlock, giving him a severe headache the day after.

You couldn’t believe what Daryl said. Accusing you of sleeping with someone was absurd. You had boyfriends before Daryl came around but they were all jerks and cheaters, leaving you single for the better part of your college life.

You shook your head, trying to get what he said out of your thoughts as the sounds of an engine roared to life. The heavy weight of worry made its home deep in your heart, sinking to the bottom like a stone. Walkers crawled the big city streets and just the mere thought of the man you loved stepping a foot close to it created a wave of anxiety, images of his bloody body appearing in your mind. It wouldn’t be the first time he came home drenched in blood.

Sure, you were mad at him for saying what he did, but you forgave so easily especially when he comes to you with guilt glistening in his blue eyes. He was so insecure, always doubting himself, causing him to lash out and voice what he thinks others believe. He always apologized and ended up beating himself up about it; you just came to terms with the fact that he was like that because of his past. Daryl was always on the defense, protecting himself from things that weren’t meant to harm him. You were the first to see the scars on his back, not even his brother had seen them.

You could remember him yelling at you then storming out, leaving you in tears because it was the first time he’d ever done that. Hours later, tear stains along with smudged makeup painted your pillowcase when he returned. As soon as he saw your puffy eyes and trembling body beneath the covers, self loathing claimed his mind, you could see it. Daryl turned around and took his shirt over his head to show you why he was the way he was. You cried while he held you and vice versa. You were devastated to find out the truth but grateful he trusted you enough. That was the day you first started realizing how deep in you really were.


The campfire warmed your skin and brought smiles to the faces of those around it. It was Amy’s birthday, everyone telling stories and just enjoying the moment absent from terror. Carl and Sophia were beside you as they both reminded you of your long gone siblings.

Amy got up to leave, everyone’s eyes shooting to her. “I have to pee. Jeez, you try to be discreet around here.” The group chuckled, even bringing you out of your paranoid haze you’d been trapped in ever since you started to overthink. Daryl being hurt flashed before your eyes, him being bit, a walker. You couldn’t stay calm.

A scream pierced the air. Then another. Then everyone was screaming.

Amy was outside of the trailer, a walker biting into her neck. Her sister jumped up and ran to her bleeding body. While this was occurring, walkers appeared from the forest, biting people as they went. Screams rattled the night as well as gunshots.

You jumped up and pulled your gun from your back pocket, now in defense mode. You pushed the children behind you and took down every walker that got near you.

In the chaos, you managed to see Carl darting to his mother, catching the attention of a few walkers.

“Shit!” You yelled, pulling Sophia by the arm to the trailer. You shoved her inside and gave her a spare knife. She looked at you with fear heavy in her eyes and sobs coming from her mouth. “If anything tries to get you, use this!” You slammed the door shut and ran to the other child. He was still running from the walkers and despite how much you screamed for their attention, they were not giving up.

An idea sparked through your head, though you weren’t thinking of the consequences due to the adrenaline pumping in your blood. You grabbed your main knife from your belt and slid it across your forearm, hoping the smell would attract the undead.

You screamed at them once again and they veered their attention from Carl to you. He ran to his mother and she was yelling something at you but your ears were filled with the sound of your rapid heartbeat. Again, you decided to do something potentially stupid and ran to the middle of everything where adults were fighting and others were being bitten.

The knife once again slid over your arm, more crimson running down your fingertips. Walkers that weren’t occupied with feeding on the bitten were now after you.

You sprinted quickly to the woods, hoping to draw them away from the attacked campsite. Groans could be heard from behind you, getting closer and closer by the second. Your strength was running out; the cuts still spilling blood weren’t exactly shallow and it made your head spin.

Eventually you reached a point where you couldn’t run anymore. So you turned toward the fifteen or so walkers in front of you and raised your gun, shooting the ones closest to you until the ammo ran out.

Your knife was the only thing left. You stabbed one after the other, careful to dodge those lunging after you.

While you were pulling the knife out of one, another jumped on you, pushing you to the ground. You struggled against it, thinking of what Daryl taught you.

You held it back with all your strength as it tried to snap its teeth into your face. Just as it was about to sink into your flesh, it fell limp. An arrow was in its skull.

Gunshots rang beside you and you didn’t bother getting up, knowing your dwindling adrenaline wouldn’t aid you in the process. The body was lifted from you and you were met with blue eyes just as you closed yours.


As Daryl pulled in, walkers were eating people and attacking the living. Gunshots rang out and echoed into the night, drawing more and more of the dead to them.

He jumped from the car as well as the other men, bringing his crossbow up and taking out the closest to him. He takes them down one after the other, making his way towards the middle of the chaos.

“Daryl!” His head whipped to the voice. It was Lori who was behind Shane along with her son.

“It’s (Y/N)! She’s in the woods and a bunch of walkers followed her!” She was yelling overtop of the loud sounds of death and destruction but Daryl heard every single word.

He took off sprinting into the trees, searching frantically for you, the only one he cared about. He finally saw a crowd of walkers. You were in the middle fighting them off, blood covering you. A walker fell onto you and was trying to bite you and as soon as he was close enough, he took it out. Daryl quickly killed the other ones by means of stabbing and shooting, going over to you after they all fell.

You were covered in blood and your eyes were glazed over before your eyelids covered them. He picked you up and ran back to the camp where the gunshots ceased.


“What happened to her?” Daryl asked while you were unconscious in your tent. He had bandaged your arms while muttering apologies for everything he said even though you couldn’t hear him.

“She saved Carl,” Lori said, emotion thick in her voice. “Walkers were chasing him and she– she cut herself to drawl them away. Then she did it again in the middle of everything to get them away from all of us.” Tears were running down her face as she recalled the traumatic events only an hour prior to the current conversation.

He cursed under his breath. How could he have not guessed? You were naturally like that and he knew it.

Rick came over to him and put a hand on Daryl’s shoulder. “(Y/N)’s a brave girl. I owe her, we all do.”


A pounding in your skull woke you up. Opening your eyes almost made it worse.

You were in your tent, night still in the air. You sat up, almost falling back down because of the dizziness flooding your vision. Bandages were wrapped around your left arm, blood soaking through them.

Then, the zipper on the tent was undone as Daryl unzipped it. He was covered in blood, mirroring you, and looked exhausted.

“Daryl,” you breathed out. He came inside and closed the tent back up before pulling you into a tight embrace. He burrowed his face into your neck and breathed in. Tears found their way to your cheeks.

“Don’ do that again. Stop bein’ so damn selfless,” he threatened, half growling. He pulled away and took your arm. His thumb brushed over the bandages and he looked you in the eyes with a hard stare. “I can’ lose ya.”

You put your hand on his cheek and he leaned into the gentle touch, an unusual thing for him. Tears kept their steady flow down your face. You were happy but a larger part of you was devastated at the loss of everyone.

Daryl could see exactly what you were thinking. He always did. “C'mere.”

He took you into his embrace, just holding you and whispering into your ear. “I need ya…. I- I…”

“I love you too, Daryl.” You whispered back, knowing what he was trying to say. He squeezed you lightly and held you for the rest of the night, protecting you from the terrors outside.

So I know a lot of us use self deprecating humor as a coping mechanism (I do it too) but….I think at a certain point, you have to really think about if constantly calling yourself worthless trash is doing more harm than good. Because if that’s the only way you ever talk about yourself, your confidence will never improve. For years I felt like worthless garbage and just kept telling myself that I would only have worth once I did this thing or accomplished that thing…make this grade, graduate college, get that job…but it’s never enough. I would meet my goals and then just set new goal that I had to accomplish before I was ‘good enough.’ I could never do enough to earn worth. It was a never ending cycle, and through it all I always talked badly about myself, always referred to myself as trash. And at a certain point, I realized I was just stuck in an endless loop of negativity, that the problem was really all in my head, and I was only making it worse with my constant self depreciation.

I’m not saying you can’t talk about yourself that way because sometimes that’s how you cope, but sometimes you have to stop and try really hard to see the good in you and embrace that. It doesn’t have to be big things. It can be that you’re kind to animals, or you can cook really good cookies, or you’re loyal to your friends, or you’re passionate about your hobbies, or you’re good at apologizing and admitting when you’re wrong, or you’ve been strong enough to survive some really hard times. There are good things in you, but sometimes seeing them for yourself can be a lot of hard work, especially when you struggle with self esteem issues and/or mental illness. But I promise you, there are good and beautiful things in you. When you feel like worthless trash, try to look deep and find those things.

You have to try, because it will never get better on its own. You won’t just magically wake up loving yourself one day. It’s something you have to devote effort to. It’s okay if you aren’t ready to do it right now, but it’s something you should think about working on. Work on speaking more kindly to yourself, about yourself. It’s taken me years, but for the first time in my life, I LIKE me. I still have bad days, but for the most part, I feel like I’m a decent person who’s worth my space in the world. Getting to this point took hard work and lots of introspection, but it’s so worth it. Please, try to find the good in yourself, try to see your own strengths. That’s how you grow.

Anathema - Prologue

Rating: T+ for swear words, and suggestive situations.

Pairing: NaLu 

Summary:  As the daughter of a devout martial artist, Lucy Heartfilia works hard to become strong enough to carry on the name of the Heartfilia dojo. Things become… complicated when a certain pink haired tornado blows into her home and completely turns her life upside down. 

A/N: Fairy Tail characters in the Ranma ½ world! My dream come true! (Only Fairy Tail characters are used in this story). It’s been a while since I’ve tried to sit down and stick with a story, and this one has had me captivated for a little while now, so I believe in my ability to keep it going!

Current Chapter | Chapter One | Chapter Two

No one ever said that the life of a martial artist would be easy.

This was a lesson that was learned early on.

“Father,” Layla began as she approached the man who had just banished her twin brother from their school of martial arts. Before she could touch him, her longtime friend and companion, Gildarts, reached out and placed a hand on her shoulder, shaking his head. The master needed that moment of silence as they watched her brothers receding figure.

Layla wasn’t sure what to do. Neither one of her brothers were apart of the Fairy Tail school of martial arts that her father had spent so many years building up anymore. It hurt quite a bit to know that they would hurt their teacher in such a way.

“Ivan and Jerome… they were weak-hearted.” Makarov said after a long while of watching the horizon in which his son had just disappeared upon. “They were not strong enough to carry on the name of Fairy Tail.” He was smiling sadly as he turned his attention onto his two remaining students. “They did not belong with us.”

“Father…” Layla had tears in her eyes when the man placed a hand on her shoulder, only physically capable of doing so because of the large boulder that he’d been standing on.

Makarov was quite short.

“Layla,” the aging man said fondly, “My beautiful daughter. You have done much to make me proud. I believe you will do well in raising a very strong successor.” He squeezed her shoulder and turned his eyes onto Gildarts who had been standing beside his daughter. Makarov placed his other hand on the shoulder of the fairly large young man.

“Gildarts,” The old man laughed heartily, “My adoptive son.” he shook his head, “You have done well to make me proud as well, much more so than any of my other two sons.” He nodded, “You are my son. My blood may not run in your veins… but that changes nothing.” He smiled, “Fairy Tail will one day be the strongest school of Martial Arts. Of that… I am certain.”

Layla and Gildarts shared a look before matching grins split across the both of their faces as they nodded in agreement. “Yes, master!” They said in unison as they followed their teacher when he hopped down from the boulder and began to walk in the opposite direction that Ivan had gone.

For many years, they continued their training in various regions of Japan. Until they came across a quaint city called Magnolia, where Layla met a man by the name of Jude Heartfilia and everything gradually began to change.

While she certainly would never give up her life as a martial artist… she did fall head over heels in love with Jude. When he proposed, she couldn’t help but say yes. Especially when he promised a place for her father as well as have a dojo custom built beside their home.

It was a promise that appealed to both of the martial artists greatly.

Gildarts, although in love himself, was not ready to settle down. So he left with a promise to one day return with a child so that together… their children would carry on the Heartfilia dojo.

Unfortunately, it was shortly after Layla gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that she began to show signs of chronic illness. She got in a few good years of raising and teaching Lucy the basics. Although, by the time Lucy was old enough to really begin delving into actual techniques… Layla was often too weak to even get out of bed, much less to help train Lucy. No matter how badly the woman had wanted to.

Lucy had to learn all that she could from Makarov, who was too grieved by his daughters all too familiar illness to really throw himself into teaching Lucy. So, Lucy did her best to teach herself for a long time. She wanted her mother to see her grow strong. She wanted to carry on the Heartfilia dojo even though her mother could not.

It was around Lucy’s tenth birthday that her cousin Laxus Dreyar came to live with the Heartfilia’s. His mother had died and he’d demanded to live with his grandfather. At the time, Laxus was thirteen. He was already a fairly strong martial artist by this point. So on the days that Makarov wasn’t feeling up to teaching, he would often help teach Lucy.

Lucy quite enjoyed having another kid around who she could play and train with. Though she did swiftly come to discover that she had a lot more to learn than the young girl initially had thought. Her technique was sloppy and she truly had a long way to go before she’d become the martial artist that she wanted to become. For her mother.

Nonetheless, Lucy was more than happy to learn more.

As the only able bodied woman in the household, Lucy did much of the cooking for her family. While they had maids, Layla had always expressed her distaste in the thought of hiring somebody to cook for all of their meals. It was too impersonal, this was what she would say whenever Jude would give her a hard time about pushing herself too hard when it came to cooking.

So Lucy had begun to learn how to cook quite young, learning from her mother… and then learning from her mother’s cookbook when the woman could no longer get out of bed for such things. Over the years, Lucy became a fairly exceptional cook.

With school as well, however, cooking three square meals a day for her family really did cut into her training time.

Sadly, Layla did not live to see Lucy’s sixteenth birthday. Everybody in the Heartfilia household had been so grief stricken… nobody even could even look at the dojo for several weeks.

Without the option of going into her mother’s room with the intention of simply talking… Lucy truly lost somebody very important in her life. For a long time, even her cousin couldn’t get her to step foot in the dojo.

It wasn’t until her father told her that she needed to continue to do what she loved, even if it made her feel sad for a little bit longer.

Her mother would have wanted that.

Lucy, knowing that her father was right, did as he suggested. And this time around, Makarov was much more responsive to training sessions than he had been in the past.

Lucy became stronger… although it never felt strong enough.

Birthday Surprise- Draco Malfoy Imagine

My first imagine yay! hope you guys like it. It would help if anyone can give me any feedback on my writing, that would mean a lot. Feel free to request a prompt so i can add to a list. Enjoy!

y/n: your name

Today was your boyfriend,Draco Malfoy’s,birthday.You knew he didnt have it easy in life since he was a death eater. Not even for his birthday. Blaise once told you that Draco hasn’t celebrated his birthday in years. He gets a simple “Happy Birthday” from his parents and spends the rest of it in his room alone. It broke your heart to hear that.

So today you wanted to give Draco the best birthday. You were lucky that there were no classes today so you headed up to his room.

Entering, you found him peacefully asleep.Strands of his blonde hair on his forehead. Chest rising up and down, soft snores coming out. He looked so peacefull, angelic like. How did you get so lucky? you thought

Carefully, you ran your hand through his hair and gave his nose a little kiss. “ Draco,Draco, wake up.” He shifted and groaned a little. Then he woke up.

“y/n? Hey love, what are ypu doing here?’

” Just came by to see if you wanted to spend the day together.“
He grabbed you by the waist and pulled you down so you layed next to him.

“I dont feel so well y/n. Im sorry maybe we can spend another day together.”

You knew he was doing this on purpose and you werent gonna have that
“ Is this about your birthday today?” He didnt say anything but look away.
“ Cmon Draco,cheer up for me please?” Still he gave you silence.

In annoyance you got up and pulled his arm so he could get up. Once he sat up ypu got his robes and placed them in his hand.
“ Change and meet me at the black lake when you’re done. Please. I love you Draco.” You gave him a quick peck and went to the Black Lake

You nervously waited for Draco. You weren’t sure if he was going to come or not. Many thoughts were going through your head. What if he didnt like what you did? What if you didnt get him what he wanted? Or what if your not giving him the best and he has another bad birthday?

Your thoughts were interrupted when a pair of hands covered your eyes.
“Guess who?’
You turned around and gave Draco and hug knowing all too well it was him.
"You came!”
He smiled at you. “So why’d you bring me here?”

You turned around and sat on the blanket you had set up, montioning for him to sit next to you. you then placed a small item in front of Draco.“ I wanted to give you this but I wanted it to be special so I brought us to one of our spots, The Black Lake. Happy Birthday Draco.” He looked down in confusion at the small item wondering what it was. You took your wand out.


Draco was blown away at what the item was. Right before his eyes was the newest Nimbus 2001 (a/n please just pretend there was a newer version of the Nimbus 2000)

His face lit up like a little boy on Christmas morning. Suddenly you were tackled down by Draco.
“Bloody hell y/n’s! I *KISS Love *kISS You *KISS so *kISS much!”
He sat you both up and placed you on his lap.

“What did i do to deserve you.I wouldnt be where I am today without you. I was left in darkness and you brought me light. When I told you I was a Death Eater you werent afraid of me, you didnt leave me. You stayed y/n. And if anything happens to you I dont know what i’d do. I love you y/n and im the luckiest man to have you.Im glad you made me come out here”

You werent realising you were both crying untill he wiped your tears away. L aughing you said “Look what you did you made us both cry…and I love you too Draco”

Grabbing his hand you both stood up.You suddenly though of something fun and gave him a smirk.
“ How about we go and test this baby out” motioning to his broom

The feeling when flying on a broom is like no other. The wind in your hair, the small kisses of the cold chill on your face. The smell of pine in the air. And of course the warmth you get from embracing Draco with your arms around his waist.

Spending time flying with eachother was amazing but it soon had to end when it was almost curfew. For the rest of the day you both sat on the blanket in eachothers arms and watched the stars.

“ This was the best birthday I have ever had in years y/n. Thank you so much. I promise for now on my birthday will be one of the best days in my life when i get to spend it with you.”

A/N Merlin’s beard this imagine was harder to write than i thought. I give so much cred to anyone who puts in their time and work to write imagines and fanfictions you guys are awesome. I hope this imagine was at least good for my first time writing. Im not sure how often ill put imagines up but ill try to do it often. Thank you for taking the time to read this I hope you have an amazing day or night. baiii

Listen, okay

Life consists of cycles. Youlll have good days. You’ll have bad days. There’s no point in wasting your good days by dreading the upcoming bad days. But you should try to power through your bad days knowing they better ones are coming.

I know that it’s not that easy and that mental illness is a bitch. This kind of thinking won’t heal you. But if you keep reminding yourself of this, I promise it’ll get easier.

anonymous asked:

Hi I've just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and ME and in struggling to accept it. I currently use a wheelchair 75% of the time and was told it'll only get worse by my doctor. I was struggling to get a diagnosis for over a year and now I am diagnosed I can't accept that it's for the rest of my life...I'm only 21. Iv had to take a year out from uni but if it only gets worse how will I ever finish? Or complete post grad and hold a job? Is my life now over, will I have to live on benefits? :(

I know how scared you must feel, I went through the same thing when I first fell ill so I truly empathise. I can only speak from my own experience with chronic illness, but here are my thoughts-

- The illness probably will get worse, but it’ll probably also get better too…chronic illness is nothing if not unpredictable and very, very variable. I promise you you will have good days to break up the bad, you’ll have periods of respite that come in the form of pain-free days, or weeks where one symptom decides to disappear, or months where you just find yourself able to do a little bit more. I know it’s not a huge consolation, but those good periods really do make chronic illness just that much more bearable.

- There’s absolutely nothing wrong with needing to take a year or more’s break from uni, it will always be there waiting for you, there’s no deadline on your education. I’ve been studying for the past 5 years doing one subject at a time, it’s tedious and confronting, but I’m doing something and I have a goal I’m working towards, however slowly that may be. Progress doesn’t have to come in the form of huge leaps and bounds, it can be tiny steps that slowly add up over time. 

- I think one of the worst things you can do when you have a chronic illness is spend time obsessing over the future and trying to envision what it might look like. I don’t think you need to try to visualise what you might be doing post grad and when that might be, I don’t think you need to worry about holding down a job right now. Your health is the priority for the time being and that’s totally okay. If you’re only able to study sporadically that’s okay too. Having goals, however big or small, is fantastic, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach them when you expected to, don’t set yourself unfair deadlines or overwhelm yourself trying make 5 or 10 years in the future look a certain way…remind yourself that it’s absolutely fine just to focus on what you’re doing in this present moment and that your progress will accumulate over time.

- Your life isn’t over, I promise. I fell sick 11 years ago at the age of 13, I spent years thinking my life was over, wishing that it was over, but I’m 24 now and the world as I knew it didn’t end. It’s absolutely fair and reasonable that you would mourn the life you had and the life you might’ve had without chronic illness. You should let yourself grieve and be sad and angry and utterly resentful because this situation sucks and I’m so sorry it’s happened to you. But please also realise that thousands upon thousands of people are living with chronic illness and have worked out ways to do the things they want to do within the confines of their condition/s, and there’s no reason you won’t be able to do that. The thing about living with chronic illness is you get pretty damn good at living with it after a while and you do learn how to manage your life around it. It’s okay to be really angry at it, but it’s also okay to try to make peace with it and live with it somewhat civilly. 

- There’s nothing wrong or shameful about living on benefits. I’ve been on a disability pension for the last 6+ years, it is hard and truthfully I do resent it sometimes. I would absolutely love to be working and earning a living for myself, and I know I would be if it were at all realistic. But the thing is that it’s not realistic, and that doesn’t mean I don’t still deserve to eat or look after my dogs or go to the movies or pay rent or buy my friends a birthday present. It’s okay to accept help and support when you need it, whether that be financial, physical or emotional, and it’s not something to ever be ashamed of. You may not ever have to live on benefits, there are so many jobs that can be done from home now, but it’s okay to accept that help if you do need it.

Good luck with everything, I really hope things get easier for you xo

anonymous asked:

Here's a Caskett prompt if you're up for it: Beckett has a cold and tries to hide it from Castle, but he quickly catches on and attempts to take care of her :) PS I am in love with Handle with Care <3

She slept miserably, sniffling through the night, coughing and whimpering in her unconscious state, and she still thinks he hasn’t noticed.

“You should stay home for the day.”

Kate glares at him in the mirror, trying in vain to cover the dark circles under her eyes with concealer, cursing when her freshly applied eyeliner begins to smear beneath her watering eyes. 

“Why?” she questions anyway, dabbing at her eyes with a tissue before using the kleenex a second later as she sneezes. 

He wonders if she realizes that her makeup doesn’t hide the redness of her nose, or that she’s probably wiped any chance of it away by now. The trashcan in his bathroom is filled with tissues he knows belong to her. She’s been sneezing all morning, the cold she contracted sometime yesterday growing worse through the night.

He always finds her beautiful, even now, but in this state, she also resembles devastation, so pale and weary, her hands trembling while she tries yet again to repair her eye makeup.

“Kate.” She bats at his hand when he cups his palm over her forehead, feeling the heat emanating from her sweat dampened skin. “You’re sick.”

“I am not,” she protests, nudging him out of her way as she tries to pass him for the bedroom, but she stumbles through her steps and he catches her before she can fall. 

“Are too,” he replies, effectively easing her body into his embrace, allowing her to rest against his chest. 

She groans into his shoulder, a miserable noise that has him stroking her hair. Even her scalp feels hot against the glide of his fingertips, her entire body fuming with fever.

“I can’t be sick, Castle. I’m still walking a thin line with Gates after the summer and I was trying to save up my sick days so we could-”

“Kate, it’s one day,” he reasons, knowing she has tomorrow off already. Two full days isn’t enough to recover, but it would probably get her past the worst of her illness and he’d much rather her stay home through this portion of her cold than watch her pass out at work.

“I can’t,” she croaks out, all pretenses of her being well falling away. 

“I’ll take care of you,” he promises, as if that’ll lessen her burden of skipping a day of work. “I’ll take care of you so good, Beckett. You’ll heal like that.” He snaps his fingers for emphasis and she scoffs at him, but then the coughing starts again and he’s rubbing her back as it heaves beneath his palm.

“I need to call Gates,” she finally sighs and he turns his head, presses his lips to her sweat stained temple.

“You need to lie down,” he murmurs, nudging her towards the bed, but she shakes her head, pulling away from him.

“No, no, I’m going to get you sick,” she mumbles. “I need to go home before I infect the loft.”

She isn’t hard to catch in her feeble state and he stops her before she can even begin gathering up her belongings.

“We’ll be fine, Kate. I’ve taken care of Alexis every single time she’s been sick and I never catch colds from her. I’ve got a strong immune system, I doubt I’ll catch yours,” he assures her, redirecting her quivering body towards the bed and unbuttoning her wrinkled dress shirt once he finally has her sitting on the mattress.

“Stop undressing me,” she huffs, knocking at his hands, missing.

He chuckles, because that’s usually the opposite of what she’s saying, and abandons her for a moment, retrieving one of his t-shirts she tends to steal from the bureau and handing it to her once she manages to shrug her shirt off and dispose of her bra and slacks. Castle scoops the pile of clothes from the ground and folds them up to rest on the armchair. He’ll wash them later, along with the sheets once she’s better. 

“You don’t have to do this,” she mumbles when he returns to sit at her hip, pulling the covers back over her body.

“I know I don’t,” he says, dusting his fingers at her forehead again, combing her hair back from her face. “But I want to. Now, while you call Gates, I’m going to make you some soup.”

“Castle, wait.”

He pauses, mid rise from the bed.

“Thank you,” she murmurs, a little shyly he thinks, and he smiles, leans forward to kiss her cheek even as she sniffles a protest. 

“Always, remember?”

Magcon Boys Imagine- Good Friends- Part Six

“Well? Are you going to say something or just sit there?” Matt asked. I had no response, this was all too much and I don’t even know where to start. Was Nash even okay with this? Did he know? All these questions were going through my mind. “Matt… I… I.. I’m sorry.” Before he could say anything, I run off seeing if I could find Nash. Knowing him, he would probably be upstairs with the guys or in our bedroom alone. I felt bad for leaving Matt, but i had to find him.

I checked by the hotel entrance to see if he was there, but no sign of him. Matt was still sitting on the couch. I didn’t want to hurt him, but that’s exactly what I just did. After ten minutes of looking downstairs, I hit the elevator to go check in the rooms. When the doors open, I quickly run out, bumping into Carter. “Shit sorry.” “Slow down there, y/n.” He chuckles getting onto the elevator. “CARTAH WAIT. CARTER STAHP. Have you seen Nash?” I ask before he takes off. “Last place I saw him was with you. Why?” “Stuff just happened downstairs and I need to find him, like fast.” “Good luck with that, I got to go see Matt. He just texted me, I’ll talk to you later ok?” “Alright, thanks for the help. Bye!” Absolutely fabulous, Matt is going to tell Carter everything that just happened. I just wanted to run home and never talk to anyone again. Crawling into a ball in my bed sounded pretty good right now, too. “If any of this causes Nash and me to break up, I swear I’m never talking to Matthew ever again.” I say to myself, knocking on Cameron’s door. “HURRY UP AND OPEN THE DOOR CAM.” I scream. When I’m in a rush, I tend to get very impatient. I have no time to lose; I have to find my boyfriend. “Calm down y/n, I just had to get a shirt on.” Cameron says opening the door. “Please tell me Nash is here.” “I wish I could. He was here a while ago, grabbed a hoodie then left. I asked where he was going but he ignored me.” “That’s just great. He’s probably out for a walk or somewhere not to be seen.” “What the hell happened down there? After Matt went down, everything turned salty.” “About that. Matt sort of, kinda told me he had feelings for me. I’m guessing Nash knew because when Matt came up to me, Nash was gone. We finally had some alone time and he just has to come and tell me that. He could have just cost me my boyfriend.” I say, starting to get tears in my eyes. “Look, everything is going to be okay. I’ll call Nash and see where he is alright? There is no need to be upset. Nothing in the world can break you too up.” “He’s right; y/n. Nash loves you too much. Literally, TOO MUCH, he never stops talking about you. I’ve never seen him like this before. He is probably jealous.” Taylor says, rubbing my back. “Really?” “Yes really.” Cameron says. “Then let’s call him and see what is going on.” “Already on it, hun.” Cam says.

Cameron was calling him over and over, but he never answered. “Something is wrong. I have to go find him guys. What could he be doing? WHAT IF HE KILLED HIMSELF OMFG.” “Y/n calm the fuck down he didn’t kill himself, he wouldn’t do that.” Taylor says. “You never know I mean people change.” “Stop over exaggerating. You’re just scared. He would never. Listen, me and Cam will go help you look for him ok?” “Yeah I guess. Alright let’s not waste any time, get ready and meet me downstairs.” The both of them nod and I head for the door. “I can’t believe this is all actually happening, it doesn’t feel real. Doesn’t God want me to be happy for once? Whatever, I’ll get this all sorted out right after I find Nash.” I say to myself. Scenarios like this never happen to me; I always thought they happened in the movies. When I got downstairs, I saw Matt and Carter on the couch. I don’t think he’s even moved off of there since I left. I wanted to go up to him but I didn’t know what would happen. Matt saw me and looked right at me. I could tell he had been crying, cause of his eyes. I whisper I’m sorry and he looks down. Carter was comforting him and then I realized what a stupid move I just did. “Fuck.” I say. “Why did I leave.” I was about to walk away until Carter grabbed my arm. “Y/n, he’s really hurt. He told me everything that happened, could you just go talk to him.” He says, looking me in the eyes. Carter was never serious, but when he is, I could tell. And this time, he is serious. “Carter, you don’t think I tried? I couldn’t say anything. My mind was stopping me. I was in shock. Every time I looked into his big, puppy dog eyes, I wanted to cry. I didn’t want to hurt him I just had no idea what to say. I love him like a brother, but I can’t be with him. Nash and I, we just click. Not in a way I and Matt could ever.” “Why couldn’t you have told him that?” “I wanted too, believe me. I just couldn’t. I saw the pain already in his eyes and I couldn’t hurt him anymore. I hate to do this but, I have to go look for Nash. Please tell Matt I’m sorry and everything that I just said. I hope you understand and so does he. I’ll catch up with you later.” “I will. Don’t be too hard on yourself, ok? If I see him, ill text you.” He says, giving me a warming hug. After he went back to Matt, I walked away so I didn’t have to see what Matt would do.

When Cameron and Taylor came down, we started to look around. We asked just about everyone who we saw and no one had seen him. “Guys, maybe Bart knows where he is.” I say. “There he is right now, let’s go ask him.” Cam says. “Hey Bart, have you seen Nash anywhere by any chance?” “Yeah, actually I saw him about five minutes ago, sitting in the event room. He seemed pretty upset, I asked him why but he shut me out.” “Thank you so much! We will be sure to find out what’s wrong.” Taylor says. I didn’t even hesitate to start running. When I entered the event room, I saw Hayes, but no Nash. “Hayes, where is Nash?” I ask. “He’s over there, sitting on the ground.” When I saw him, my heart stopped. I wanted to break down and cry. He looked so sad; I had never seen him like that before. “Guys, thanks for all you help, but I think I can take it from here.” I tell the boys giving them a reassuring smile. “You sure? I mean we can talk to him too.” Cam says. “Nah, it’s good, it’s my problem so ill fix it. You can talk to him afterwards.” With that, they nod and casually walk out before Nash could notice and I start walking up to Nash.

“Fancy seeing you here.” I say sitting beside him. “Shouldn’t you be with your lover, Matt?” He says coldly. “No? I should be here with you, asking what’s wrong.” “That’s funny; I thought you were here to breakup with me.” “Now why the hell on earth would I do that Nash?” The tone in my voice went from calm, to angry in 1.5 seconds. “I already know what Matt told you.” “Yeah? That’s it. Did you even bother to ask him what happened?” “I didn’t think I’d have to. I was prepared for a break up.” I saw a tear roll down his cheek and that broke me. I started sobbing too and now this was an emotional roller coaster. “Babe, don’t cry.” He says whipping my face with his thumb. “Shouldn’t I be saying that to you.” I laugh. “Now do you want to know what actually happened?” “Why not, let’s just get it over with.” “When Matt came up to me, I asked him where you went, and he said you’d be right back, which you weren’t. Then, I asked him what you two had just talked about and basically he tells me he has feelings for me. You wanna know what I said?” “Not really but tell me anyways.” “Nothing. I said nothing. I couldn’t even think straight, let alone answer him. I was in shock, I had no idea he felt that way. I’d always thought him and I had a brother-sister-type relationship. After 5 minutes of zoning off thinking, I snapped back into it and ran off. I told him I was sorry, and then I went looking for you. You were nowhere Nash. Nobody knew where you were. I was so worried. I looked for you for a good 3 hours. I got Cam and Taylor to help me look. And now as we speak, Matt is out there with Carter, crying.” “Oh… I had no idea any of this would have happened. I thought you were going to go be with him. It’s just, the way you and him look at each other and the way you two are with each other. I thought you liked him.” “Hun, he’s like my brother, the way I look at him is totally different from the way I look at you. Whenever I look at you, I still get butterflies like the first day I met you at the mall. I thought you actually still liked Claire, until you called me beautiful and I got to know you better. After about a month, when we all hung out, I gained feelings for you, and only you. Sure, my relationship with the rest of the guys grew, but I only liked you.” “Now I feel foolish. I should have known you would never do this to me. Please forgive me, y/n.” “Of course I forgive you, but please try not to get too jealous, alright? Just remember the things I told you. Ill remind you every day that you’re the only one I love.” “I promise I’ll try to keep my cool when it comes to this stuff.” He says with a smile. “Good. I love you, Nash.” “I love you, too babe.” He says leaning into a kiss. Now that this was finally settled, I had to go talk to Matt.


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