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Hi :-) So can i have a Daryl x reader where they are friends since before the apocalypse and they have feelings for each others but are too shy to say it ? And Daryl is jealous because she is getting closer of Shane and one day while looking for Sophia they argue and admit their feelings ? ( With smut if you want ) Thank you a lot I love your imagines !

A/N: ugh I wrote this and originally it fit the request really good but I accidentally deleted it. I about shot myself and I veered a little off in attempt to actually write it. I hope you like it anyways! (No smut but sometime in one of the upcoming ones) KM SO SORRY ITS LATE I PROMISE ILL WROTE THE OTHERS SOON

Song: bad_news by Bastille


“What the hell is your deal?” You asked Daryl harshly.

He scoffed and turned to you with piercing eyes. “Go back to Shane! Yer bangin’ him anyway!”

“You know just as well as I do that that isn’t true! What the fuck is your damn problem?” You were fuming at your best friend who was being completely unreasonable. He got close to you and spoke in your face, putting up his dominant front.

“Do I? I ain’t dealin’ with yer shit no more! You were my problem but not anymore!” He turned away from you and started to walk off when you spoke, so quiet he could barely hear it.

“What-what does that mean..?”

“Exactly what it sounds like.” And with that, he left you outside of your tent with your thoughts to go to the city and find his brother. You were aware of a tightening feeing creeping up in your throat and blurriness finding its way in front of your eyes.

You knew that he didn’t mean anything he just said to you and he’d come running back and saying sorry when he got back but that didn’t mean the words didn’t hurt.

Daryl met you in a restaurant, managing to rescue you from a perverted customer. You instantly attached to him and became extremely close and somewhere along the way, you fell in love. It was him who was at your door at 2 AM when screams and sounds of destruction were closing in. He held his crossbow and shoved a gun into your hand and dragged you to his bike and headed for the mountains along with his older brother. Daryl was protective and rough around the edges but you cherished every part of him, knowing he was the only thing you had left. You always thought the feelings were unreciprocated, one way.

Shane had just asked you for help and often confined in you about Lori after Rick showed up. You were always willing to listen, wanting to help everyone. You always give your food to the kids if they were still hungry or took a double watch if someone was tired. In all honesty, you didn’t dub your behavior as unusual; your father raised you to be selfless and giving, something he always was. Daryl hated Shane, more so after he put him in a headlock, giving him a severe headache the day after.

You couldn’t believe what Daryl said. Accusing you of sleeping with someone was absurd. You had boyfriends before Daryl came around but they were all jerks and cheaters, leaving you single for the better part of your college life.

You shook your head, trying to get what he said out of your thoughts as the sounds of an engine roared to life. The heavy weight of worry made its home deep in your heart, sinking to the bottom like a stone. Walkers crawled the big city streets and just the mere thought of the man you loved stepping a foot close to it created a wave of anxiety, images of his bloody body appearing in your mind. It wouldn’t be the first time he came home drenched in blood.

Sure, you were mad at him for saying what he did, but you forgave so easily especially when he comes to you with guilt glistening in his blue eyes. He was so insecure, always doubting himself, causing him to lash out and voice what he thinks others believe. He always apologized and ended up beating himself up about it; you just came to terms with the fact that he was like that because of his past. Daryl was always on the defense, protecting himself from things that weren’t meant to harm him. You were the first to see the scars on his back, not even his brother had seen them.

You could remember him yelling at you then storming out, leaving you in tears because it was the first time he’d ever done that. Hours later, tear stains along with smudged makeup painted your pillowcase when he returned. As soon as he saw your puffy eyes and trembling body beneath the covers, self loathing claimed his mind, you could see it. Daryl turned around and took his shirt over his head to show you why he was the way he was. You cried while he held you and vice versa. You were devastated to find out the truth but grateful he trusted you enough. That was the day you first started realizing how deep in you really were.


The campfire warmed your skin and brought smiles to the faces of those around it. It was Amy’s birthday, everyone telling stories and just enjoying the moment absent from terror. Carl and Sophia were beside you as they both reminded you of your long gone siblings.

Amy got up to leave, everyone’s eyes shooting to her. “I have to pee. Jeez, you try to be discreet around here.” The group chuckled, even bringing you out of your paranoid haze you’d been trapped in ever since you started to overthink. Daryl being hurt flashed before your eyes, him being bit, a walker. You couldn’t stay calm.

A scream pierced the air. Then another. Then everyone was screaming.

Amy was outside of the trailer, a walker biting into her neck. Her sister jumped up and ran to her bleeding body. While this was occurring, walkers appeared from the forest, biting people as they went. Screams rattled the night as well as gunshots.

You jumped up and pulled your gun from your back pocket, now in defense mode. You pushed the children behind you and took down every walker that got near you.

In the chaos, you managed to see Carl darting to his mother, catching the attention of a few walkers.

“Shit!” You yelled, pulling Sophia by the arm to the trailer. You shoved her inside and gave her a spare knife. She looked at you with fear heavy in her eyes and sobs coming from her mouth. “If anything tries to get you, use this!” You slammed the door shut and ran to the other child. He was still running from the walkers and despite how much you screamed for their attention, they were not giving up.

An idea sparked through your head, though you weren’t thinking of the consequences due to the adrenaline pumping in your blood. You grabbed your main knife from your belt and slid it across your forearm, hoping the smell would attract the undead.

You screamed at them once again and they veered their attention from Carl to you. He ran to his mother and she was yelling something at you but your ears were filled with the sound of your rapid heartbeat. Again, you decided to do something potentially stupid and ran to the middle of everything where adults were fighting and others were being bitten.

The knife once again slid over your arm, more crimson running down your fingertips. Walkers that weren’t occupied with feeding on the bitten were now after you.

You sprinted quickly to the woods, hoping to draw them away from the attacked campsite. Groans could be heard from behind you, getting closer and closer by the second. Your strength was running out; the cuts still spilling blood weren’t exactly shallow and it made your head spin.

Eventually you reached a point where you couldn’t run anymore. So you turned toward the fifteen or so walkers in front of you and raised your gun, shooting the ones closest to you until the ammo ran out.

Your knife was the only thing left. You stabbed one after the other, careful to dodge those lunging after you.

While you were pulling the knife out of one, another jumped on you, pushing you to the ground. You struggled against it, thinking of what Daryl taught you.

You held it back with all your strength as it tried to snap its teeth into your face. Just as it was about to sink into your flesh, it fell limp. An arrow was in its skull.

Gunshots rang beside you and you didn’t bother getting up, knowing your dwindling adrenaline wouldn’t aid you in the process. The body was lifted from you and you were met with blue eyes just as you closed yours.


As Daryl pulled in, walkers were eating people and attacking the living. Gunshots rang out and echoed into the night, drawing more and more of the dead to them.

He jumped from the car as well as the other men, bringing his crossbow up and taking out the closest to him. He takes them down one after the other, making his way towards the middle of the chaos.

“Daryl!” His head whipped to the voice. It was Lori who was behind Shane along with her son.

“It’s (Y/N)! She’s in the woods and a bunch of walkers followed her!” She was yelling overtop of the loud sounds of death and destruction but Daryl heard every single word.

He took off sprinting into the trees, searching frantically for you, the only one he cared about. He finally saw a crowd of walkers. You were in the middle fighting them off, blood covering you. A walker fell onto you and was trying to bite you and as soon as he was close enough, he took it out. Daryl quickly killed the other ones by means of stabbing and shooting, going over to you after they all fell.

You were covered in blood and your eyes were glazed over before your eyelids covered them. He picked you up and ran back to the camp where the gunshots ceased.


“What happened to her?” Daryl asked while you were unconscious in your tent. He had bandaged your arms while muttering apologies for everything he said even though you couldn’t hear him.

“She saved Carl,” Lori said, emotion thick in her voice. “Walkers were chasing him and she– she cut herself to drawl them away. Then she did it again in the middle of everything to get them away from all of us.” Tears were running down her face as she recalled the traumatic events only an hour prior to the current conversation.

He cursed under his breath. How could he have not guessed? You were naturally like that and he knew it.

Rick came over to him and put a hand on Daryl’s shoulder. “(Y/N)’s a brave girl. I owe her, we all do.”


A pounding in your skull woke you up. Opening your eyes almost made it worse.

You were in your tent, night still in the air. You sat up, almost falling back down because of the dizziness flooding your vision. Bandages were wrapped around your left arm, blood soaking through them.

Then, the zipper on the tent was undone as Daryl unzipped it. He was covered in blood, mirroring you, and looked exhausted.

“Daryl,” you breathed out. He came inside and closed the tent back up before pulling you into a tight embrace. He burrowed his face into your neck and breathed in. Tears found their way to your cheeks.

“Don’ do that again. Stop bein’ so damn selfless,” he threatened, half growling. He pulled away and took your arm. His thumb brushed over the bandages and he looked you in the eyes with a hard stare. “I can’ lose ya.”

You put your hand on his cheek and he leaned into the gentle touch, an unusual thing for him. Tears kept their steady flow down your face. You were happy but a larger part of you was devastated at the loss of everyone.

Daryl could see exactly what you were thinking. He always did. “C'mere.”

He took you into his embrace, just holding you and whispering into your ear. “I need ya…. I- I…”

“I love you too, Daryl.” You whispered back, knowing what he was trying to say. He squeezed you lightly and held you for the rest of the night, protecting you from the terrors outside.

Soccer // Mingyu // Drabble

lmao i wrote this a while ago so sorry if its bad, not my recent work so it probably is bad whooooooops. Anyways, just a little drabble i’ve put together, i promise im working on something good tho get ready guys

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Genre: just a crap ton of fluff as usual

Word Count: 1480

Member: Mingyu

Summary: You, your best friend, and Wonwoo all spend a beautiful day at college and watch the love of your life, Mingyu, dominate in soccer yeet

also (y/f/n) stands for “your friends name” because when i first started reading things like this no one told me what that meant and i was confused as heck okay now ill let you read sorry 

“You ready?” You called as your best friend slipped on her black converses and stood up from where she sat on her bed.

“Yup!” she replied, coming out of the bathroom, still messing a bit with the hair she had just put up.

“Wonwoo said he would meet us at the bleachers since he left early with Mingyu.” you declared, slipping your phone into your pocket. (y/f/n) nodded and you two walked out of your room, flipping off the lights as you left.

It was a beautiful autumn afternoon. The air was brisk but the bright shining sun acted like a warm blanket to anything it touched. Both of you were feeling great, mostly because this was your favourite type of weather, but you both loved the adorable outfits you were wearing. (y/f/n) wore a skinny jeans with a huge navy blue sweater that swallowed up her body. The sleeves went far past her hands, but she liked it that way since she could go around hitting people with them. To top off her adorable outfit she had a cute beanie that pulled the outfit together extremely well. You wore a big dark green sweater that hung loosely on your shoulders and bunched up around her wrists. The sweater was accompanied by dark, loose fitting overalls that were rolled up a bit at the bottom, and your hair was pulled up in the usual half up - half down situation.

The walk from your dorm to campus soccer field wasn’t to far of a walk (thankfully), so it didn’t take to long to get there. The two of you chatted about stupid little things as you walked, the crowd of people slowly becoming thicker as you got closer to the field.

“Oh man how are we gonna find Wonwoo in this crowd of people?” (y/f/n) exclaimed, looking around at the many people that filled the stands, from both your college and the opposing team.

“Maybe call him?” you questioned, also trying to spot the tall boy in the crowd.

“Yah, i’ll do that.” she declared, pulling out her phone and quickly called the boy. (y/f/n) talked with Wonwoo for about a minute before she took off with you close behind. The two of you searched for about five minutes before you actually found him. He was sitting alone in the middle of the bleachers, his chemistry book propped open on his knee. He wore black skinny jeans and a big maroon turtleneck that totally suited him. It matched perfectly with his dark brown hair that hung in a perfect mess around his soft features. In front of his soft brown eyes were big glasses that on any other person would have made them look like a huge nerd, but on Wonwoo they totally worked. A few girls were already slowly inching closer to him, staring straight at him, not even bothering to hide the fact that they were staring. (y/f/n) noticed this the second you two had gotten close to Wonwoo, she quickly ran up to Wonwoo and sat down right next to him.

“Hi!” she exclaimed, earning a lot of scowls from the girls around them. You chuckled a little and made her way up the bleachers to the two of them. Wonwoo smiled slightly as you walked up and joined the two of them, only sitting next to (y/f/n) not to anger the girls sitting around then even more by getting closer to Wonwoo.

“Was Mingyu nervous when you left him?” you questioned. Wonwoo thought for a minute.

“No, he was actually pretty excited because you were coming. We still have time to go down and see him if you want. They don’t play for another twenty five minutes or so…” Wonwoo stated, glancing down at his watch. (Y/f/n) looked at you and snickered a bit, knowing full well that you did in fact want to go see Mingyu, but to go down there would practically make Mingyu explode with excitement.

“Let’s go wish him luck before the game!” (y/f/n) finally said, standing up and setting her coat down on her seat to reserve her spot. Both you and Wonwoo followed her example and were soon making your way down to the field to see Mingyu.

It didn’t take long to spot the tall boy, and soon he was excitedly running over to the three others, a huge smile on his face.

“You guys came!” He exclaimed, coming to lean against the chain link fence as the three of you came closer to him. A few of the girls that sat on the benches near you began to whisper upon seeing both Wonwoo and Mingyu in all their beautiful glory.

“Good luck today Mingyu!” (y/f/n) exclaimed, jumping around excitedly.

“I’m glad you guys finally got to come and see me, i was worried you wouldn’t ever be able to see my play!” Mingyu said equally as excited.

“We would have made it to one of them eventually…” you murmured.

“MINGYU!” someone called from the other side of the field.

“Oh, i’ve got to go an do warm ups! Thanks for coming!” Mingyu said, taking a few steps away from the fence. He looked at you and winked, causing blood to rush to your face. Your friend and Wonwoo chuckled at your reaction as the two of you made your way back to your seats. (y/f/n) and Wonwoo talked about various things before the game started, but you took to watching Mingyu run around on the field, warming up for the big game they were about to play. He’s moments where so agile for how clumsy he usually was in every other area of his life. His long, powerful legs made for the perfect defensive player.

Finally the game started, and a whole new side of Mingyu you had never seen before came out. He was calm and down to earth, rather than the excitable puppy he usually is. He was crushing it on the field, no one on the other team could get past him, and his powerful kicks sent the ball flying towards the other end of the field, setting it up perfectly for his team’s offense to score. By halftime, you college’s team had taken the lead by a huge amount of points. Mingyu ran across the field as soon as the whistle was blown, announcing halftime. His cleats crashed against the hard cement as he made his way towards you. His hair was a mess and he was drenched in sweat, but to you, he was still the cutest.

“You did super good!” you declared, walking up to him.

“Thank you!” He answered, his huge puppy grin showing up on his face. Wonwoo and (y/f/n) showed up behind you, giving Mingyu thumbs up.

“Shouldn’t you be back with your team though?” You asked, pointing out the fact that they had all gathered in the same area and seemed to be talking.

“No, it’s nothing to important.” Mingyu said, brushing it off.

“Good job gyu!” Wonwoo stated, giving him a hard pat on the back.

The four of you talked for a while, before Mingyu had to rush off to his team half a minute before he had to get back on the field. The second half was just as exciting as the first half, and Mingyu even had a break away and ended up scoring. All three of you had ended up getting up from your seats, cheering and jumping up and down as he got closer and closer to the goal. You and (y/f/n) attacked each other in a huge hug as he made the goal. Wonwoo laughed at your silly reaction.

After the game was over and the people had cleared and Mingyu’s team had gone over some things, he made his way over to where you waited, this time much more slowly, having completely used all of his energy in the game. Wonwoo and (y/f/n) had come to rest a few paces away from you and Mingyu, leaving you to talk freely without having to worry about embarrassing.

“You’re the best player out there.” You blurted out as he wearily came to a stop in front of you. Mingyu laughed, running his fingers through his messy hair.

“Good enough to date you?” he questioned out of the blue, catching you off your guard.

“How long have you waited to say something like that?” you finally said, giggling a little. Mingyu laughed too.

“You know me too well…I’ve waited a pretty long time.”  he said.

“Want to go get some dinner?” you questioned, turning and walking away before waiting for an answer.

“Wait, so is that a yes?” Mingyu yelled, running after you like the little puppy that he is.