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OK this may sound odd but what fabric shops would you recommend in the LA area. I know you no longer live here but any advice helps, since joanns does have its limits in fabric options and in your experience is it any cheaper than Joanns or am I paying just as much?

The garmet district is what you want to do. 

Shopping in LA Fabric District

What you want to do is – HIT UP MICHAEL LEVINES FIRST BUT DONT BUY ANYTHING. Maybe pick up your pattern. Check out how much fabric you need according to the pattern, etc etc. Search the store for the fabric you need, even if you see a perfect match, leave it, don’t buy it. Trust meeeee. You’re basically making this your garaunteed last resort. I know it already seems a great deal compared to Joanns’ money grubbing prices, but trust me.

Head out to the streets and start walking up and down 9th. From Maple to San Pedro. CHECK EVERYWHERE. North shops usually have the best SPANDEX and stretch fabrics, lace and sequins. SOUTH shops usually have upholestry, leather and vinyl (there’s exceptions but this is what I noticed.) 

I garauntee you any stock of fabric at Levines is avaliable in all the surrounding stores and they will sell it way short for a bargain! 

PROTIP: Never say yes first. If you ask one of the workers in the off stores “How much is this a yard?” and they say “12,” even if thats an amazing price, still just nod and say “Thanks” and start walking away like you dont want it. They WILL ALWAYS go lower. They’ll start telling you “11! 10– 8 for you!” Especially if they know you want 2-3 yrds or more.  But don’t get intimidated either, they’ll try to corner you into saying yes. Just wave them off, tell them “Ill take a picture and come back? I just wanna compare.”  Seriously, even if you see the perfect one at one of these places for the best price, just wait until you hit all the stores. You have no idea how many times i bought something and regretted it 5 minutes later when I saw an even better version. 

Second Protip: When they ask you how many yard you want, always say 2-3. Even if you need seven. Because they’ll give it to you for cheaper if you only want that much. Then when you say, okay, ill buy it for 4 bucks a yard, as he’s measuring it out, then say “ACTUALLY can I get 5?” 

Here’s some of my favorites:

L.A. Alex has the CHEAPEST notions. Zippers, elastic, velcros, thread, muslin, etc. They are AWESOME for all extra stuff you need. Way cheap. 

JOURNAL has some of the most interesting fabric on the block, unique textiles like dancewear or lace, usually exclusive to them. This is where I found that rare ass pre-pleated suede fabric for Kylo Ren’s sleeves and the awesome shimmer-non-sparkle spandex for Miraculous Ladybug. 

.99 Fabric a yard. Literally as it says. 99cents a yard biittcchhh. I ALWAYS hit this place up because you always need cheap ass broadcloth, poplin, CHIFFON or Taffeta. He’s got it all man. Its awesome for basic shit. 

City Fabric has the best FUR and FLEECE selection you’ve ever seen. 

Mora Tex is a favorite of mine. The guy here loves cosplayers and the fabric I get here is always rich and stunning looking. I bought my Astrologian Velvet, Dishonored purple and grey suede. Kylo’s outer tunic, Rey’s tunic and shoe wool, Lavellan’s trespasser tunic, and so much NICE suiting. Basically any heavier, richer type fabrics you can probably find here. 

Trim 2000 Plus is the place I found my Inquistor buttons. This place is like a gold mine for buttons. They have the most interesting shit for super cheap. I spent like 5 bucks on both Emily and Corvos diamond cufflinks and royal button getup here.

Jerry’s all Trims. My favorite trim store!!!  He has everything! Belts too! Great for any trims, tassles, or piping you made need. AND HE LETS YOU BUY THE WHOLE ROLL OR BY YARD. I bought all the leather cord here for our Solas necklaces. And every gold piece of my Astrologian cosplay.


-Parking in LA FABRIC district is hell on earth. The spots up by Jerry’s All trims is my secret spot, those are usually free (2 hr maximum). You can check side spots too, like between maple and san pedro, but don’t feel bad about pulling into a parking structure and paying the 7 bucks. Its not so bad. 

-Stores close around 6:00 on weekdays and saturdays. 

-WHILE PARKING IS FREE ON SUNDAY. A lot of these shops aren’t open. LA Alex and the the button store are closed for example. Button store is also closed mondays for some reason? AND EVERYTHING CLOSES BY 4 ON SUNDAY. 

-AWAYS bring cash. Lots of stores don’t take card. Or they will charge you extra for using it. There are ATMs inside some stores. But the service fee is like 3-5 bucks. YUCK. 

-Theres a random costume shop on 9th street that sells gloves. SKIP THIS. I know your tempted to buy everything at once, but this guy is way overpriced. Order your gloves on ebay for $1, trust me. 

-Best time to go is in the morning on a weekday, if you can manage it. Saturdays are hecka busy but that sometimes it a great thing cause the shops are ready to bargain.

-North of San pedro is NOT A GOOD AREA. Don’t park there. And if you’re leaving to go to Little Tokyo afterwards, turn around, take another street. 

My Broken Wrist Playlist

It’s been really hard for me not to play piano because of my injury so to keep myself sane I’ve been making a list of all the pieces I will play once I’m better again and I thought I would share it with you guys!

Omake Pfadlib from the Attack on Titan ost

Strange title I know but it’s such a lovely piece! Its so soft and quiet and heart aching. I don’t know what scene this piece is from in the anime so let me know if you do! 

Theishter’s Acoustic version of Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul

The original version of this song is actually just amazing and I really love this arrangement. Theishter always does such lovely arrangements but they’re always so hard! But this one seems manageable so I’m excited to get to learn it. Here’s the original version from the ost.

Beethoven’s Piano Concerto 5 Movement 2

I’ve been in love with this piece so much recently oh my god. I’ve had kind of a dilemma with this piece, I’ve found three versions of it and I’m having trouble deciding which I want to learn. I have the original piano solo written by Beethoven which is awesome! But I kind of want to learn an arrangement just for solo piano that way I can have more of the harmony and texture. So I looked and I found an arrangement of the beginning portion of the piece which is nice because it doesn’t have the trills, but I kind of want to learn the whole thing. So I found an arrangement of the whole piece but it’s such shitty quality. So I’m writing it on a program so it’s easier to read (and maybe adding a few tweeks here and there). I couldn’t find a recording of the full arrangement but here’s the arrangement of the beginning portion.

Wagner’s Prelude to Tristan and Isolde

I don’t know why but I’ve really been into Wagner recently! This piece is actually pretty tough for piano so I doubt I’m gonna be able to learn the whole thing, but I think it would be fun to try. I’m gonna learn the version by Singer but unfortunately I couldn’t find a recording. 

Wagner’s Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral

Another Wagner piece lol. This one seems doable I think! I learned it on clarinet in high school and my god it was impossible but I’m hoping it will be easier on piano. Here is the piano arrangement

Pavane op. 50 by Faure

I don’t really have a reason for wanting to learn this one other than I think it sounds nice lol! And it looks easy so I thought I’d give it a try.

Melancholia from Final Fantasy XV

Lol I’ve never played any of the Final Fantasy games before so I actually found this piece from a post here on tumblr! I listened to it and immediately I was like “oh I have to learn it!” Plus I think its really interesting how the arranger put the melody mostly in the second voice for a majority of the piece! It will definitely be a bit of a challenge for me to make sure the melody speaks well and isn’t drowned out bu the other voices but I’m definitely up for it I think.

Sorrow without Solace from Final Fantasy XV

So after listening to that last piece I fell down the youtube rabbit hole and I found this one lol.

Comptine d`un autre ete from Amelie

This is another piece I found on tumblr so I’ve never actually watched the movie but I think this piece is absolutely lovely!

Alright so there are the pieces I’m going to learn when I can play again! I hope you guys enjoy listening and maybe I gave you guys some ideas for pieces to learn. I might add some more pieces later if I find some more I want to learn.

Secrets- Riverdale X Reader Chapter 3- Body Double

Fandom: Riverdale

Warnings: none

notes: sorry for the clusterfuck of confusion on the uploading time of this. my editor was busy and then I had no wifi for 2 days and ughhh. anyways its here!

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You were sitting on the couch sketching when your phone started binging like crazy, you set down your pencil and picked your phone up to see about 16 texts from Kevin. You unlocked your phone to check your texts but before you could even open the messages app Kevin’s face filled your screen and his obnoxious custom set ringtone stopped you. With a sigh you hit the green ‘answer’ button.

“hey Kev wha-” You started but Kevin cut you off mid sentence.

“Holy crap (y/n) you will not believe* what just happened! where are you?”

“Home? I didn’t feel like going to school…though, if anyone asks I’m grievously ill.”

“Well you better recover ASAP, and get over here!” Without waiting for a response Kevin ended the call.

You put your sketchbook on the couch next to you with a dramatic sigh and stood up, throwing everything in a bag and tugging your shoes on as you stumbled out the door towards the school. You quickly covered the two blocks to Riverdale high, and when you got there pretty much all of your friends were waiting out front looking like they had seen a ghost.

“(Y/N)! FINALLY!” Kevin grabbed your arm and dragged you back towards the rest of the group. “While you were sitting around at home being a recluse- something I do not endorse by the way, we already have Jughead for that- Cheryl dropped probably one of the biggest bombs since July 4th! In bio she totally confessed!”  Kevin looked like he was about to explode.

Betty stopped him before he could go into further detail. “All Cheryl said was that she was guilty, Kev, she didn’t say of what.” Kevin Rolled his eyes with a dramatic sigh, “Well theres not alot of other things it could be!”

You waved your hands signalling them to slow down, “Hold on, what happened exactly?”

“The Sheriff’s department came into class, and Cheryl stood up and said they were here for her, because she was guilty.” Veronica summed up for you.

“I– wow. Really?” you were stunned. sure Cheryl was a mythic Bitch, but you didn’t think she could kill Jason. Or anyone really.

Later that day you were all chatting in the student lounge.

“So are you a suspect now?” Veronica asked Kevin.

“My dad says we all are, including me.”

“Not me girl. I don’t know these people. neither does (y/n).”

You nodded silently and looked at the ground. You did, actually know these people but nobody needed to know that, and it didn’t even matter you sure as hell weren’t the one that killed Jason.

Kevin fiddled with a piece of licorice and looked at the rest of your group with a grin. “Guys, should we maybe rebinge making a murderer on netflix tonight?”

Betty laughed, “Sorry can’t, gotta stay late to work on the paper.”

“Count me out too. I’ve got a date tonight.” Veronica added.

“You do?” Archie asked.

Kevin smiled, “Which Riverdale Hottie made the cut?”

Veronica tilted her head towards the door with a cryptic smile, towards one of the jocks “Hey V-Lo, I’ll swing by the pembrooke to pick you up at 8?”

“I’ll be waiting.” she smiled at him.

“Cool.” The boy grinned while putting on his jacket before walking out the door.

Betty and Kevin both had immediate reactions.

“Chuck clayton?” Betty looked extremely concerned.

“You’re going on a date with chuck?!” Kevin looked weirdly excited.

“Wait whos Chuck Clayton? You wondered out loud.

The rest of the group semi-ignored you, opting to keep talking about Chuck. "He’s kind of a player…” Betty leaned back into the couch.

“Who cares? hes the hottest of Hot! And he’s the football coach’s son. in Riverdale that’s like dating a Kennedy!”  Kevin was grinning.

Veronica smiled and raised her eyebrows mischievously. Betty sighed and stood up, “I have to go, I have a newspaper meeting.” You shot up out of your seat and grabbed your bag. “Can I walk with you? I have something to ask you.” Betty nodded and you both walked into the hallway.

“So I was wondering if you had any openings in the school paper. weatherbee is actually still on my case about extracurriculars. And I think it’d be really cool.”

“Well since it’s just me, I think we have room for you.” Betty replied as you turned the corner to the old dusty newspaper offices.

“Wow these computers are ancient…” You laughed lightly, “I wonder if we could sell them on Ebay as antiques.”

“I don’t think anybody would buy these things.” Jughead leaned against the doorframe, his lips turned up into a faint smirk.

He turned his attention to Betty.“If print journalism is dead, what am I doing here?”

The Blue and Gold isn’t dead, Juggy It’s just dormant. but waking up.“ Betty swiped some of the dust off of one of the ancient monitors. "You’re writing a novel right? About Jason Blossoms murder?”

Jughead picked up a magnifying glass. “I am. Riverdales very own In Cold Blood.” He held up the magnifying glass and peered through.

“Which started out as a series of articles! I’m hoping you’ll come write for the Blue and Gold.” Betty grinned nervously, stretching her arms out like a magician after pulling off some amazing trick.

“I just don’t think the school papers the right fit for my voice.” Jughead said hesitantly.

“Truman Capote worked at the New Yorker for 2 years before he wrote in Cold Blood.” You added. Betty and Jugheads gazes both snapped to you with questioning looks. “What? I know stuff and it’s kind of relevant the new yorker is a newspaper.” you muttered defensively. Betty shook her head and turned back to Jughead.

“Juggy, Jason’s death changed Riverdale. People don’t wanna admit that but it’s true we all feel it.” Betty walked closer to Jughead. “Nothing this bad* was ever supposed to happen here, but it did. I wanna know why.”

Jughead glanced away his gaze softening. “Would I get complete freedom?”

“I’ll help and edit and suggest…but it’s your story, it’s your voice.” Jughead looked less and less convinced with each word out of Betty’s mouth.

Jughead rolled his eyes with a grin, “Doesn’t sound* like complete freedom…But- I’m in.”

Bettys face lit up and she clapped her hands together. “Okay great! um, in that case I have your first assignment. There’s one person who was at the river on July 4th that no one’s talking about.”

“Dilton Doiley and his scouts.”


Jughead smirked and flicked his nose with his thumb as he turned to walk out. But Betty called after him. “(y/n)s coming with you Juggy!” You both stopped dead.

“Wait I am?”

“She is?”

“Yes, she is. (y/n) doesn’t have a lot of journalism experience so…I thought you could show her the ropes.” Betty explained, with an almost pleading smile.

Jughead rolled his eyes. “Fine. come on.”

You grabbed your bag and walked out after him. “You know, I think Betty is just worried about you scaring the crap out of a bunch of 11 year olds.”

Jughead rolled his eyes again, but there was that familiar spark of amusement. “Meet me at the adventure scout hall tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

“This is gonna be fun, Jones it’ll be like Sherlock with a way prettier Watson!”

The next day you got to the field outside the adventure scouts building and he was standing near the kids all lined up while Dilton Doiley lectured them. You walked over and smiled in greeting. Jughead nodded, and held up a hand for you to be quiet. Dilton was lectureing his troops about dying, or something. You didn’t really catch it.

Jughead approached him, “At ease Doily we’re writing an article for the Blue and Gold, hoping you can help.”

Dismissed! but stay close.” Dilton ordered the kids.

“Cheryl and Archie say they heard a gunshot July 4th, but they don’t know who fired.”

Dilton immediately got defensive, his posture shifted and his face hardened. “Sheriff Keller already asked me about this, like I told him, my scouts and I…we didn’t hear anything weird.”

You narrowed your eyes in suspicion, this kid was definitely hiding something.

Jughead took a step closer to Dilton, his eyes were filled with the same suspicion as yours,“Well, did you see anything weird?” his tone was a little more accusatory than it had been, it was clear Jughead believed Doily about as much as you did.

Dilton straightened his back and crossed his arms. he glared at jughead. “A white winged crossbill, A long eared owl…oh. And Cheryl, sitting by the river soaking wet.”

Jugheads expression was hard and unreadable as he stared at Dilton. You grabbed Jugheads arm and dragged him away from the other boy. “C'mon we’re not going to get anything more out of Doily. He’s on the defensive now.”

“That’s alright. I have another lead.”

Later that night you met Jughead at Pops. “I’m always up for food, but how is pops a lead?”

Jughead gave you a deadpan look, “It’s not the diner it’s what’s inside, one of Doily’s scouts was looking at us like he wanted to say something, and we’re gonna find out what.”

“Or maybe he was checking you out?” you joked. Which earned you a fairly impressive bitch face from Jughead.

You walked through the door with Jughead a few steps ahead, the boy from earlier was in a booth chatting with someone, who you assumed was the kid’s father. The dad got up and left the table and Jughead crouched on the empty booth seat while the kid was looking away Jughead grabbed the cherry off the kids sundae and ate it. You ran a hand through your hair, immediately regretting being there.

The kid dropped his spoon and threw up his hands as the metal utensil clattered on the table. “What the hell man.” his face was full of confusion, and maybe a little fear.

“I saw the way you looked at me.-”

You rolled your eyes. “Cause that didn’t sound creepy Jug.” you muttered under your breath.

Jughead slid the kids sundae towards himself,“-during grizzly training. you’re hiding something.”

The kid leaned in, “It’s scoutmaster Doiley, he’s lying.”

“About what?” Jughead kept eating the scouts sundae, and watched the boy with a weird expression, a mix of curious and suspicious.

“The gunshot, It was him. He was teaching us how to shoot targets.”

“Dilton Doiley shot the Gun on July 4th?”

“What the hell is with this town?” You blurted out.

“He’s a hardcore survivalist. He says if we don’t protect ourselves, no one will.”

Jughead and you exchanged a look, this was big.

The day after your confrontation with sundae boy, you were sitting in the student lounge eating a muffin and reading the article on Chuck Claytons class A douchebag status being exposed. When your phone chimed with a text from Betty telling you to get to the Blue and Gold office ASAP.

You shoved your phone in your pocket and threw the rest of your muffin away before dashing out the door and down the hall to the Blue and Gold offices.

Betty and Jughead were waiting for you when you arrived but before you had a chance to greet them or ask what was wrong Dilton Doiley walked in.

“Have a seat Doiley.” Jughead said, while kicking a chair towards the space in front of the desk. Dilton straightened it and sat down, facing the three of you. Jughead jerked his chin up at him as a signal to start speaking.

“If you publish a story saying I fired that gun, my life will be ruined. I’ll be banished from the adventure scouts and charged with a misdemeanor. So, what if I have a better story?”

Jughead glanced back at you and Betty and you both shrugged and shook your heads, none of you had any idea what Dilton had to offer.

“If I tell you what I know, promise me the gunshot stays between us.”

Betty walked out from behind the desk and came to stand next to you and jughead. “You have our word. as journalists.”

Dilton leaned towards the three of you and dropped his voice so if anybody had been listening there was no way they would hear it. “I saw something at Sweetwater river. Something nobody else saw–Ms. Grundy’s car, by the rivers edge. She was there.”

“Well. shit.” You said quietly.

Dilton Doiley had just opened pandora’s box

Illness, Study, and Time Management

No matter whether you’re dealing with mental illness, short term physical illness, or long-term physical illness, it can be really difficult to manage your time for studying when you’re feeling really under the weather. No matter what you’re dealing with, and no matter how many different illnesses impact you daily, if you’re struggling with your focus and time management, your struggles are valid. And your struggles are valid even if you’re healthy! Everyone’s experience is different, and it’s okay to struggle with your time management. So here’s some ideas for helping to manage your time. 

Study Timetable:
Create a schedule detailing which subjects, and what work you are going to do, when you’re going to do it, and how much time you’re going to allow for it. Just remember to be realistic with how much you can do in a day, and how long things take. It can be really helpful to some people to write down exactly what they will do at what times, others, just a general idea is helpful, and for some, this doesn’t work at all.

Daily objectives:
Creating a list of study tasks you want to achieve each day. Break it down (write notes for pages 1-10, chapter 2, psychology), or just be general (chapter 2 psychology notes). This can help you to see exactly what you need to do, rather than feeling overwhelmed trying to remember everything you need to do. You can write this as a to-do list, or use a bullet journal, or whatever you like really. 

Set alarms:
Set alarms to remind you to take breaks, to take your medications, to remind you when to study.

Pomodoro Method:
Setting a timer for 25 minutes, then taking a 5-minute break. There are web applications/extensions like Lanes, and Momentum for this, but using your phone or something works too, and you can edit the time to suit your needs.

Prioritise and Start Early:
List everything in order if it helps, and start on what’s the most important, and start working on assignments, and exam revision as early as you can. But don’t push yourself too hard, be realistic with what you can achieve.

Go to classes:
It can be really hard to go when you’re feeling really unwell, but try to go to as many classes as you can. That way, you don’t have to do as much catch up later. If you find yourself thinking whether or not you should go, take the time to assess whether you really can’t go because of mental/physical illness, or if you just don’t really feel like it. Going to one more class that you just didn’t feel like going too, can really help.

Be reasonable with your time.
Don’t cause yourself stress by trying to write a whole chapter’s worth of notes in an hour. You need to be reasonable with giving yourself enough time, but also cutting yourself off when necessary. Set yourself reasonable time limits if it helps. 

Saying No:
Say no to people who want to try and take your time. If you really don’t feel like that social event is a good idea because you’ve got too much to do, and not enough time, say no. A good friend will understand your illnesses, and your need to take time for yourself and your studies. If they are going to take it out on you, and treat you poorly about it, then they aren’t really a good friend.

Choose your environment:
Don’t study in places, or with people who will distract you, or allow you to potentially procrastinate. Log out of social media sites if you need too, and ignore your messages. But study with someone who motivates you if it helps you, and compromise on your study environment when you’re feeling extra under the weather if you need too.

Have someone else help you with your time management:
If you have a close friend/family member, who you could trust, let them know what you’re dealing with, and what your goals are, and ask them to help you keep track, and check in on you. I have three people who I’ve asked to ask me how my studying is going, and what I’ve managed to get done. My girlfriend knows that when I start freaking out about how much work I have, and how sick I am, I need help breaking down everything into reasonable goals. Give these people a list of your tasks if it helps so they can keep track as well, and encourage/motivate you when you need it.

Skip/drop things if you need too:
I know this is an odd thing to say, but for those of us struggling with any illness, sometimes it’s just necessary. I dropped a class last semester because I just couldn’t do everything with all my depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. If there’s a task that isn’t very critical, just forget about it when things are too much. You can go back to it later if things get better for you. Just be really thoughtful about what tasks you’re skipping/dropping.

Know your learning style:
Honestly, this will help you so much. I’m not an auditory learner. So I don’t waste my time going to lectures, or listening to recordings of them, when I’m really ill. My time, is better spent writing notes, trying to teach others, and making mind maps, flash cards, and reading. So focus on what will help you learn best, and you’ll spend less time trying to learn things, which ultimately means, less stress. If you don’t know your learning style is, just try different study methods, and find something that works better for you.  

Remember Self Care:
Don’t forget to take days off to take care of yourself and do things you enjoy. Eat well, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep, sometimes, study can wait till the morning. Try to remember to take your meds, and exercise, and see friends, and do fun things like go to the beach, or shopping. Take care everyone, and remember, you’re doing great, and doing the best you can. That’s all you can ask of yourself.

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What about our little blueberry helping the reader with really bad repeating nightmares


•eth wants to protect you ALWAYS so it’d literally hurt him to see you scared

•eth wrapping you in his arms

•pressing soft kisses to the top of your head

•eth running his fingers through your hair while going through breathing techniques with you

•"shh baby focus on breathing, in for 3 out for 3, you got this"

•eth just being SO soft and caring towards you

•"do you want to watch a movie till you feel a little better? A cup of tea? Ill get you anything you need, princess"

•eth looking at you with such love and adoration

•eth singing random songs until you fall asleep

•eth waiting til youve been asleep for a little bit until he falls asleep

•"goodnight angel"

Wow ethan is so pure?

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Hiii Sensei! How did you know what you where ment to do? Or did it just kinda happen? Im getting older and i know time doesnt wait for anyone and at times its hard not being grounded to reality. My mind is a mess.. and i feel like a burden to my family because its impossible for me to do the most simplist things sometimes. I wanna get better but theres always those days where my mind seems to tell me no you cant. I just wanna believe in myself and i try, but i always end up back at square 1.🤕

I know just too well what you mean. I took quite the while to know what to do with myself and also took long time for recovery from mental illness, which still hits me sometimes. It’s understandable you don’t want to be a burden to your family, but what’s important is you. You need to see what you can and can’t do. It’s true that time doesn’t wait for anyone, but it’s also true, that you have all the time in the world to figure out what you’re meant to do. we have so many possibilities today and yet so little, that it’s often hard to find the right thing. I started five different things before I ended up with something I really enjoyed and today I know that’s cool. Back then I was really stressed out about having to get a job soon and be a productive member of society, but you do you and there’s no need to rush into something you can’t or don’t want to do. Take time to recover, for therapy or for coping and start with little steps, maybe a honorary office for a few hours a week to get into something and to get yourself more resilient. I know there’s lots of pressure, but the only thing that matters is you! Allow yourself to try lots of stuff with internships or little jobs for a few hours a month, nothing too big. I love you and I’m proud of you!


Poly Squad x Reader

“Why don’t they ever smile?” Alex wondered out loud, causing the rest of his partners to look up at him.

He was talking about his partner Y/N.

They never seemed to smile, and nobody could figure out why. They weren’t unhappy, in quite it was the opposite. They were quite content with where they were in their lives.

But a smile never seemed the grace the lips of dearest Y/N.

“I don’t know,” Lafayette replied. “They seem quite happy, at least they say they are.”

“Why don’t we just ask them?” Hercules asked. John nodded.

“Ill ask them,” Alex said, rising from his chair.

“Wait. I have a better idea,” John said, stopping Alex in his tracks. “Why don’t we see who can get a smile out of them. Jokes, pranks, games, all sorts of fun.”

The others pondered.

“What do we get if we win?”

“Her smile?”

“Sounds good too me.”


“Y/N. You wanna hear a joke?” John asked as he sat next to you. You looked at him confused but nodded.

“Sure why not.”

“Why should you never use a dull pencil?” he asked you. “Because it’s pointless!”

He gave a harsh laugh while you rolled your eyes and turned back to your book.



Alex and Lafayette decided to team up together to pull a prank on Hercules.

They had baked some cupcakes but hadn’t frosted them. So they put mustard on a few and offered them to Hercules while the two of you were working on mending your work shirt.

“Hercules would you like a cupcake?” Lafayette asked. He nodded and took one off the plate. “You don’t want one Y/N?”

You shook your head. They were up to something.

Hercules took a bite and his face instantly twisted into a disgusted expression.

He spat out the cupcake and ran from the room to get a drink of water, leaving Laf and Alex howling with laughter.

You sat there shaking your head. What on earth were they thinking>

The two of them looked at you.



Hercules was the last one to go.

His plan was to go the old fashioned route and just attack you in a tickle hug.

He waited until you were laying on the couch before sitting next to you and tickling you with all his might.

Harsh laughs erupted from you, but there was still no smile on your face.

They were all at a loss at this point.

“What should we do know?”


“Y/N, can we talk to you?” John asked at dinner.

“Of course? Is something wrong?” you replied confused.

“We were wondering… is there a reason that you do not smile darling?” Alex finished.

“You are not unhappy I hope,” Hercules added while Lafayette stared at you worriedly.

You sighed.

“I am perfectly happy my darlings, believe me. There is no other life that I would like to be living. But I have always had a hard time with showing my emotions, so smiles just don’t happen.”

They all nodded in understanding and looked relieved.

“So there is nothing wrong?”


“Thank goodness.”

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Dear anyone!

Dear Anyone.

I know life is tough sometimes

I know it’s rough, I know it’s unfair. I know things get complicated and stressful and you just want out because you can’t breath.

I know everyone says it gets better and you sit there waiting, wanting it to be sooner rather then later.

But it does get better. You’ll make new friends, you’ll find a new song to play on repeat because it just makes you feel good. You’ll find a new food that you love a drink. You’ll start a new show and just love it.

You’ll see a piece of art and it ill just take your breath away. You’ll see a new funny meme or trend that makes you laugh.

You’ll kick a bad habit and pick up a better one.

You hair looks amazing today and you love your new hair cut/dye/trim

Things do get better, even while they are still bad.

The small things in life, as simple as a song can just make you feel better.

Take that and hold onto it for as long as it makes you feel warm. and when that darkness comes back another thing will fall in line. 

There is no light without the darkness.

There is no warmth with out the cold.

A rainbow needs a little bit of rain and sun to make it shine.

So all I’m trying to say is,it’s going to be okay. It does get better just give it time. until then, hold on to the small things that make you smile. Even if it is just a cup of tea.

You deserve to smile, because you are amazing and you are strong.

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I already sent you requests but can you do one where the RFA +Searan+ V find out MC' illness comes back and she might die at any given moment ( I'm so scared right now cause I might get paralyzed or die) but if you don't want to do this it's okay. I really enjoy reading your headcanons 💜💙❤️💚

Hello deary! I’m dumping this into one, because I really really think that’s how all the boys is going to act!

First things first, will be terribly surprised!

1. Denial

“You’ll be okay, right?”
“It’s just an illness, it’ll pass. You’ll get better.”
“It’s nothing big, you just need some rest.”

2. Anger

Blames themselves for not realising it sooner

How can they miss the symptoms?

They should’ve taken better care of you

3. Bargaining

Swears that they’ll be more careful next time, but you have to get better this time

“Let’s go for a trip, shall we? You’ll feel better and this illness will go.”

  • Zen will be less narcissistic and cares for cats more
  • Yoosung will help as many animals as he can
  • Jumin will do more charity work
  • Seven will right all his wrongs of his hacking job
  • Saeran will stop being distrustful and see the world in a better way
  • V will stop grieving about the past and cares more for you
  • As long as you get better

4. Depression

Refuses to meet anybody

Refuses the help of all the other RFA members

Focuses only on you

5. Acceptance

“Okay, let’s just go for the with the best doctor and best treatment for now and wait.”

Supports you

Keep your spirits up

Will be by your side always.

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((I'm not good at love letters bc sincere words are embarrassing but imma try)) Dearest, Thinking of you is both sweet and bitter. Sweet because your smiling visage brings warmth and joy to my heart, but bitter because I cannot hold you in my arms. I cannot wait to see you again. Ever yours, Todoroki Shouto. ((My fave is kirishima but u probs write a lot for him so ill request my second fave Sero))

I’m going with Kirishima because I can never get enough of my little triceratops 💕

Yo babe ❤️️
Imma just gonna swing by and tell ya how much I love ya 😘 Oh, and that I’m getting you for dinner later. We’re gonna go to your favourite place, so ya better be ready. 
Btw, ya looked absolutely gorgeous when I left the apartment this morning, I’m sad I couldn’t enjoy this view longer.
Expect a ton of cuddles when we’re back <3 I hella miss ya babe!

ammazolie  asked:

WTF, are you feeling any better? hope you heal up fast. 🌷🌹🌷🍍🌷🌹🌷

Sadly, not really.. I’m getting sicker and sicker every day… I feel so weak that I can’t even move my body sometimes.. I wish I can get out of here and just enjoy my life… You see, my mom did drugs and heavy drinking that almost kill me when I wasn’t even born yet.. So, I have many health problem but the worst. I have a heart illness, my heart is so weak that I can’t breathe. I just hope I better soon… Sorry for letting you guys waiting for me to post something.. @ammazolie

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people who think that praying is going to solve ever freaking single problem really piss me off. you mean if i have a cold should i just pray and then i'll get better? if i have depression does praying send off my suicidal thoughts? no & no. we gotta do something physical to fix things too yeah? i'm not saying don't pray, or praying doesn't do anything (eventhoughitseemslikeit) i'm saying don't ONLY pray. goshgollygoodness. and i do pray so when i ask help maybe something on earth, please?

The way I see it, we should treat an illness no differently than we would an injury. Say you broke your arm. Would you say you were going to pray and wait for God to heal it? No, if you have any sense you’ll go get it splinted so it can heal. It’s not like God can’t heal a broken arm, it’s more, why should He, when there are plenty of resources available to help your body heal itself? Now, I also believe that the way the west treats health could stand some improvement, but weird christian-esque cultlike behaviors where you’re like completely against medicine in any circumstance weird me out. I mean, I hate taking pain pills unless I have a migraine or something, but that’s just cause I don’t like taking them. I would never say someone else can’t take them, let alone that they’re a bad Christian because they do. I don’t think common sense has to be thrown out the window once you’ve become a Christian. Jesus is not insane, but a lot of His followers seem to be. :P 

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hey mom its melon get well soon <3 also did you add a tab called awesome pls check me that just takes us through your kaoru tag because ive been needing that option since like forever thx mom i love you

lmao i was waiting for someone to notice that. pic below for anyone whos not on a computer

and also thank u melon my sweet child  ♡ ♡

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Hey, i feel sad most of the time, specially at night bc everything is so quiet that it makes me feel suffocated... but... then it gets better, idk, sometimes i can see the world with different eyes... so... just be strong and let time do its job. Also, disney movies and just carefree stuff like that help me get through. Dunno if this helps, bc i dont know if you are ill or something... but i just wanted to let you know that i hope you get better <3

Aah thank you, I really appreciate it. Sadly I don’t have any time for myself so I can’t watch any movies at the moment but hopefully if I stop being so bummed out I can get my work done and won’t have to feel bummed out ahaha

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How does everyone react to you being sick? Do they take care of you?

Yes, they do take care of you, but everyone does it in their own special way.

Hamilton; Learns that you’re sick and he shuts down for a moment, since he has a very bad history with sickness and what it can do to a person. He takes it upon himself to call out of work and call you out as well, since he doesn’t want you going in with any kind of sickness. He does his best to nurse you back to health and you know it’s because he doesn’t want to lose you to illness like he had his mother.

Laurens; Doesn’t realize you’re sick until he notices how sluggish you are. He decides to help you get better, convincing you to stay home and drink lots of fluids and just wait out the sickness. He checks up on you hourly, unless you tell him you’re going to sleep for a while. He gets worried when he doesn’t hear from you for a couple of hours, but when he gets home, he just sees that you fell asleep without texting him, and he just smiles and tucks you into bed.

Lafayette; Employs a lot of French remedies he knows of when he finds out you’re sick. He makes you various drinks to help and does his best to help get the fever down. He also cuddles up to you when you ask him to, because he knows that a lot of times all people want when they’re sick is affection. So even when you sneeze and get snot on his shirt, he still let’s you lay on his chest (with a clean shirt on).

Mulligan; Doesn’t realize you’re sick at first, since you hide it very well. When he does know, though, he’s a little hurt that you didn’t tell him sooner. But he puts that to the side to take care of you, making sure you don’t overexert yourself and make it worse. You might try to sneak out at some point, but that just gets you a few disapproving looks because you’re supposed to be getting better. You spend a lot of time with him showing you how to sew to fill in the time.

Burr; You employed his “Talk less, smile more” tactic to hide the fact that you’re sick from him. But when he catches you in a really bad coughing fit, he realizes what you’ve done. Almost immediately, he has you call out from work to stay at home and get better. He doesn’t want you getting any worse. You promise that you didn’t plan on doing anything too strenuous but he doesn’t believe you since you already kept your sickness from him.

Jefferson; Takes you to the doctor to make sure it isn’t anything serious. When he finds out it’s not, he brings you home to take care of you, though it’s more so you taking care of yourself while he tries to care for you. You really appreciate the sentiment, though, because he does try and he is very concerned for your well-being. He just… needs to get a little better at being a nurse.

Madison; Finds out you’re sick and immediately goes into overprotective mode. He piles you under blankets and brings you hot drinks and generally starts to mother hen you, since he’s used to sickness and doesn’t entirely know how it will affect you. Even if it’s not something more than a bit of a temperature he panics a bit and has you take off work to get better. He’s a little overbearing, but you know it’s because he loves you.

Philip; Knows the story of his grandmother falling ill and passing away from his father, he automatically starts panicking when he finds out you’re sick. He thinks of all the worst case scenarios, and you’re doing a lot of convincing that you’re fine and it’s just a cold. He’s still worried, though, and even if he can’t completely take care of you because he’s afraid of making it worse, he still tries by getting you medicine when you ask.

Angelica; Knows when you’re sick and doesn’t let you get a word in edgewise if you try to say you’re fine. She gets you to stay home and tells you that you could make it worse by going out. While you’re wrapped up in blankets she sits with you and watches TV, keeping you nice and warm and lulling you to sleep when she hums soft tunes.

Eliza; Wonders what’s wrong, until she realizes you’re sick and you’ve been trying your hardest not to worry her. But when she does know, she tells you that you should have told you sooner, which makes you feel slightly worse than trying to hide it. She takes care of you like a mother would, making you soup and keeping your fever down as best she can. In the end you’re glad she found out, because she really does make you feel better, inside and out.

Peggy; Goes in to worry mode, where she asks if you realize all the bad things that could have happened if you hadn’t told her sooner. But she takes care of you, because she had a really bad sick spell before too, and she doesn’t want you to end up incoherently sick. She likely calls Eliza and Angelica whenever she buys medicine to make sure she’s getting the right thing, and she gets Eliza to tell her the recipe for soup that’ll help you get better.

Maria; Won’t put up with you trying to do work when you’re sick, because she loves you and wants you to get better. She literally hides all of your work materials, which leaves you with nothing to do but spend time with her as she nurses you back to health. Being sick also means that for once she cooks for you, and you really do love when she cooks for you. She likes that the two of you get to spend the time together.

Washington; Tells you that you aren’t doing any work when he finds out you’re sick, which means you’re gonna get the military nurse. He makes sure you take your medicine on the clock and he has you take frequent naps because he knows you’re tired. Plenty of fluids flow through you and when you have a fever he sits with you through the worst parts of it. You really appreciate him when you’re finally better, because he cares so much and just wanted you to get well.

Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Come to bed 
Requested: Ya
Masterlist: x

Pietro had been awake since the very early hours of the morning, his head in the toilet bowl as he continued to splutter and cough making the most unattractive sounds, not as if either of you cared. You were sat next to him, rubbing his bare back and holding his hand, he wasn’t too happy you were sat with him because a) he wanted you to get some sleep and b) he didn’t want you to end up with the same virus he has.

Clint had decided to come back from a mission in Poland and came back with a very disgusting virus and so far you were the only person who hadn’t had it. Pietro was the one stuck dealing with it as of now and you were determined to wait by his side hand and foot to make him better, you just wanted to keep your boyfriend happy and you hated seeing him like this. Pietro never coped with being ill, he couldn’t stay still this long but he also couldn’t do anything because of how ill he would feel. 

After about another hour and a half Pietro was finally finished throwing up and the poor boy looked terrible. He looked so tired, frustrated and downright ill and you couldn’t help feeling terrible for him, there was nothing you could do to take away the pain you just had to comfort him through this. 

“Babe, you need to come to bed” you soothed, helping with back over to the bed as he groaned, he hated just lying around all day it drove him crazy. 

“No, Printsessa, i’ll be fine just get on with your stuff, I will just have an easy day I’ll half my training regime and -” you had to cut the mumbling boy off, he was not doing any of that stuff and he knew it.

“Pietro, you are going to stay in this bed all day, you do not train, you do not race you do not do anything without running it by me okay?” you ordered tucking him into the bed and turning on your heels, him grabbing your hand before you could make an exit.

“Y/n, stay please” his hoarse words resonated through your ears as you simply nodded, you couldn’t leave him like this. You crawled over so that you could slide under the covers, him wrapping an arm around you as he kind of cocooned you, placing his head on top of yours. 

Silence filled the room for many minuted until you switched the tv on, landing on family guy, a show you both loved.”Babe, thank you for this” he whispered kissing your cheek. 

“I love you a lot you know” Pietro wrapped his arms around you a little tighter, giving you a gentle squeeze before relaxing you into his arms. 

“I love you to Pietro, I love you too”

A/N, this is isn’t as good as normal, sorry I am pretty sick right now and it’s very hard to write.

it’s just,

you guys have absolutely dealt with it too: that mentally ill feeling that you’re just “faking it”, that “you’re fine” and “everyone else is just better at dealing with it”

it’s dangerous bullshit that gets people killed.

LISTEN, I have only started seeing doctors for this a few years ago, after a lifetime of suffering alone, 

and every single one

looked at me and asked me “why did you wait so long”

and I said “I thought it was normal. It wasn’t important”

Can you write an imagine where pan is spending a lot of time with Wendy and youre a lost girl and get realy jealous so you try to impress him during training and end up yellling your feelings to him? -Anonymous

“Pan?” you call out as you step into the clearing. You look up to see him sitting on a log with his arms around Wendy. Hmph that girl. you hated her. hated her so much. She always stole Peter away from you. 

“oh hello (y/n)” pan says as he looks up. “why dont you come sit here darling” You try to keep a smile on your face as you walk up to them. Now you wish you hadn’t called out to him at all. “oh if you two are busy, i can leave, there wasn’t any real reason i called out for you” you say with a little venom in your voice. “But (y/N) no one calls out for me unless there’s a reason. so tell me now sweetie, what your reason?” “ really wasn’t any” you stutter, quickly looking at Wendy before looking back. Pan leans back and smirks. But of course, he’s right. there was. You were going to ask peter if he had something against you. or what his problem was. one second he’d be flirting with you and the text he’s got his arm around wendy. he always finds a way to touch her. 

Wendy raises her eyebrows, but doesn’t say anything. Pan looks like he’s quite enjoying himself. that bloody jerk. “well, “(y/n) why dont we go for some training. i think you could still use some.” oh so now he’s gonna degrade me in front of Wendy, is he. I’ll show him. “Fine” you retort. “But be careful Pan, you dont wanna train me to be better than you’ “Oh darling i dont think that would ever be possible” he says with one of his famous grins that makes your heart just melt. “well, ill see you later love” he kisses wendy on the cheek before getting up and going to his tent to get ready. “hmph” you turn around and stalk off to get ready. oh you’ll show him…

you wait for Peter outside his tent. as he comes out, you say “took you long enough” “well sorry love, it takes time and energy to look this good.” he says with another grin. on the inside, you couldnt agree more. but on the outside, you just roll your eyes and walk off towards your usual training spot in the forest. 

When you get there, peter holds out a bow and arrow. “so today im going to teach you to use a bow and arrow, might come in handy someday.” he holds it out for you to take. you glare at him and snatch it out of his hands. “where’s the target?” you say angrily. He doesn’t reply so you look at him to find he has a confused expression on his face. ‘Well? are we gonna train or are you just gonna stand there looking like that?” He quickly snaps out of it an says “no need to be so feisty darling. target is that circle on the tree.”

You turn around with a deep breath, focus, and shoot. you find that you shot right in the center. you stare dumbfounded. but you’ve never even picked up a bow and arrow before. you quickly regain your composure and look at Peter with a smirk. “that good enough for you, love?” his expression is full of shock, with a little bit of…awe….”

“Umm yes. great job (y/n). uhh next lets try with you running and then try to shoot in the center” you walk back and start running. right before youre ready to shoot, you do a roll on the ground and get up to shoot. the arrow lands at the edge of the circle. Peter has the same expression again, but maybe with a little more awe. “not bad, not bad at all” he says looking you over. You turn around.

Peter has you do more shooting exercises for about another half hour. at the endhe says “very good today sweetheart. im proud of you. Although there is one thing you could work on. Not that your hold on the bow is wrong or anything, but over time it could cause you some wrist problems. wouldnt want that now, would we?” he says with a smirk. “get into position as if you were about to shoot” he instructs. you stand in position and you feel him come up behind you. he puts his arms over yours and you can feel his breath running down your neck. you involuntarily shiver and try to ignore your feelings. “maybe move this arm a little lower” he seductively whispers into your ear. he puts his hands on your waist “and back straighter” You cant take this anymore.

You shake him off. “I think you can tell me all of that without touching me!” you yell at him. He looks shocked. “(y/n) why have you been so angry at me? what did i do wrong?!” “you did nothing wrong! Its all my fault! my fault for letting myself fall in……!” nothing..” you sniffle and turn away. “fall in what?” “what does it matter to you Peter? I bet you wouldnt even care. and i would hate to ruin your relationship with Wendy.” “my relationship with Wendy?” he asks confused. “i have no idea what you’re talking about (y/n). tell me, fall in what? you know what, you just want to cause trouble.” “Cause trouble? cause trouble?! youre the one that caused all the trouble by making me fall in love with you!!!” you slap your hands over your mouth and wish you never said that.

“you-you-you do?” “Yes Peter. what did you think?” you sniffle again. “but you like Wendy don’t you?” suddenly he starts laughing and comes up to you, engulfing you in a hug. “No you silly girl. I never liked Wendy. I only liked you. I was trying to make you jealous.” “you like me!?” “of course (y/n).” “well geez” you say. “i guess that plan with Wendy really worked.” “didn’t you hear love” he whispers into your ear, “Pan never fails.” And then he kissed you, the sweetest kiss you’ve ever had, and you let yourself melt into him.

*oh gosh my feels. this was a lot of fun to write, and a really different idea too! I hope you like it!

I See Straight
I See Straight

(This time I’m putting my lyrics up first before the ramblings. Enjoy a freshly-concocted Allie song about the precious heart-breaking wrecking ball that is aokuro. Tata!)

Hi there, how have you been?
Is the world still as quiet as it was when I left?
I see you look happier now
You look satisfied, you look content

Now I don’t mean to ruin the moment for you
I just want to tell you a few more truths

I am so wide awake but it feels like I’m dreaming
The look on your face, well it’s stopping my breaths
and the road was so long but it feels much more worth it
than anything I’ve ever done
See I know it’s been too long, it’s prob'bly too late
But I’m taking my chances, leaving the rest up to fate
won’t you walk home with me today?
there’s so much more that I want to say

(I was there the night we fell apart
looking up at your window, 
as one with the shadows
I was scared
I was more than a little unprepared)

Well I guess I’ve been fine since that day
It took a little while to see things straight
but I’ve found a way so I’m okay
and what about that dinner, eh? What do you say?
Can I pick you up ‘round seven this Friday?

And I know it won’t be the same anymore
But I hope I’ll be better than I was before

(You-- You're saying yes? Really?)

I am so wide awake but it feels like I’m dreaming
The look on your face, well it’s stopping my breaths
and the road was so long but it feels much more worth it
than anything I’ve ever done
See I know it’s been too long, it’s prob'bly too late
But I’m taking my chances
leaving the rest up to fate
Because right now I think everything’s great
And with you I see straight

I WAS SUPPOSED TO FINISH THIS but vocal problems + ep43 butchered my abilities (I seem to be really hoarse and it isn’t getting better) and so I ended up with another unfinished one (which I SWEAR I WILL FINISH but please don’t hope so much) but I can’t wait to post it because it’s just such a perfect moment because… you know… episode 43 just came out… and this





Yeah so… I guess you all will have to make do with the voice for now. Pardon for any hiccups. I just want you all to feel how I feel, if only for a bit. HIHIHIHihiHIhiHIhIHiHiHIHIHIhih

goddammit i’m going nuts again


/slinks away into shadows/


(gif credits to ms amiys and shvtoku and rakuzan)

I See Straight [draft] (c) Halyse | | 2014

(don’t say I didn’t say anything, tumblr.)

PS. Y'know the line that says “the look on your face, it’s stopping my breath”? Well it’s this one:

and you know how Daiki looks like?



(credits to this post)

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hi, so I've been on your blog for a while and I just wanna say, everything's so cool and funny xD anyway how about EXO reacts to you (k this is really long) having a fever, they bring you to their room and when you wake up, you start apologising for the trouble you have caused and pause for a while, then you kiss them, right out of the blue. so how would they react ? :DD thanks!!

Sehun: thanks for getting me sick and possibly killing *ultimate sass level* i love you though

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