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Alright, so this is sort of a weird question, buuut - what sort of laughs do you think each of the Aobajousai boys have - like a hearty manly laugh, high pitched, wheezing, things like that? (Laughs are so unique, they're like a thumbprint!)

ty i wrote these at like 3 am at ur house and i promise ill fix them but wtf was i thinking w some of these

Oikawa: A super loud laugh that almost no one likes because it’s so obnoxious. Of course, he only does this around people he’s super close with.

Matsukawa: An almost sinister chuckle that unnerves a lot of the team. 

Hanamaki: A light, airy laugh that slowly rises in pitch.

Iwaizumi: A melodic laugh, seriously everyone makes jokes to try and make him laugh because it’s so beautiful. 

Yahaba: A nice giggle that he absolutely hates but everyone else thinks is cute.

Watari: Everyone thinks there’s a child around when he laughs, but it’s actually just Watari.

Kindaichi: There have been countless times that his laughing has been mistaken as crying. 

Kunimi: Doesn’t really laugh, per se, but his smile widens in place of  laughter.

Kyotani: No one’s ever really seen him laugh, but his laugh can get pretty loud through his wheezing.

5. Magneto (Erik)

Hello all! This is my regular Thursday post, thought we could do some Magneto but when Ive and I were prompting each other she said maybe you could do a jealousy sort of one with Charles so that’s what I’ve gone for. To the person who requested the Charles Xavier Healing one, i promise I’m getting to it, I’ve just been on a camp and couldn’t take my laptop but ill get to it, i swear! Anyway, Happy Reading!


I looked in the mirror, my scales so freaking unattractive that it hurt. Of all the mutations, I got lizard girl.
Wasn’t that fabulous? Not. My only salvation was that I was doing good working with Magneto and Charles. We were doing great things to try to help other mutants. They were the brains and I was the monkey that did what I was told. But at least I was contributing. I could die knowing I did something good.

I shook my head and continued along the hall to see the boys. They might have a new mission for me. I wandered along the hall quietly moving in the lizardy way that felt so natural to me. I stopped at the door when I heard voices.

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

“What? Erik, what would I be jealous of? Are you a fool? I hadn’t thought you were until now.” Charles babbled.

“You’re jealous. What’s wrong, Charles? Something must be to have you bumbling like a bufoon.”

I chose to walk in at that moment. I didn’t want to hear anything else.

“Hey boys, any job for a lizard?” I asked. Erik looked me up and down, checking out my lizard body which was at the moment covered in a black jumpsuit that had half sleeves and quarter-length long legs so I wouldn’t get too hot. Apparently I was hot if Erik was looking at me like that.

“No jobs,” Erik started, moving closer. “But a favour. Dinner with me as my guest.” I smiled, before looking at Charles. I couldn’t see his face, he’d turned away, but I turned back to Erik and smiled.

“Sure.” I smiled happily. I just wanted to feel beautiful. And at the moment, Erik could make me feel that.


i’m bad at this shit but hey!!! it’s summer which means there isn’t any school, so i decided to make a follow forever to celebrate. i love all of you guys on this, especially if we’re mutuals (but ily even if you’re not on it ok). i know i forgot some people but just know that all of you are amazing and cute so let’s do this. (ง’̀-‘́)ง

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To my future wife
We will conquer the world together. We will get through any bad thing that comes our way. I promise to love each day i get to breathe. Divorce will not be an option. After we say our vows, put our rings on each others finger and say our “i do’s” thats its you and i nobody else. I promise im never going to cheat on you or lie to you. One thing i promise is to give you my love every day and still be affectionate towards you as if we were dating. You will be my number one. Ill be your supporter ill be there to pick you up and pick up the pieces. You will be my one true love. I promise to make you happy every day and make sure that we work hard together. Lastly i will love you till the day i die

Hello everybody,

We are a couple from the Netherlands. I am Marjon ( on the right) and the beautiful girl on the left is my girlfriend Carolina. We are almost one year together and still very happy with each other.

We are both very concerned about the fact that more and more young people these days are having a hard time due to mental illnesses, bullying or anything. We decided to make a blog so we can do our best to help people. Our blog is a save place where you can come and tell your story. We share ours too. We can’t promise a solution but we can listen.
You can also ask us whatever you want for example about being gay and coming out. Ofcourse you can also just come to check out our blog or chat with us.

We hope to see you soon on

Lots of love,

Carolina and Marjon

All things aside from the extremely depressing and disturbing manner of Episode 7, I just want to talk about Nao Tomori for a second:

  • Nao saw how upset Yuu was when his sister died.
  • She also saw how he was slowly turning more and more mentally ill as the days went on
  • She kept an eye on him the entire episode to make sure he was okay because she was worried about him
  • When she saw that Yuu wasn’t okay, she stepped in to try and help
  • Even though Yuu tried to beat her, Nao still offered him a decent meal to help him calm down. She even said “Just this one bite, then I promise we will not have anything to do with each other anymore” thus persuading Yuu
  • She went and got his mother’s cooking book to make him a meal to remind him of the good times Ayumi and Yuu had together to make him feel better, and even changing up the recipe so it tasted better than it did before. She also did this to prove that Ayumi wanted Yuu to be happy by showing him the recipe and how Ayumi used it knowing it was his favorite meal.
  • She didn’t want to leave Yuu and urged him to come back to student council. When Yuu questions this and says “I thought we promised we would never see each other again after just one bite!” to which Nao replies “Yeah, but you ate the entire thing, and I watched thinking ‘Wow! You must want everything to do with me!’” which is followed by Yuu confessing saying “Yes, and nothing more…”

My future prediction is that now Yuu and Nao will only grow closer from here on out. Both of them lost a sibling, and now Yuu can use Nao as a coping mechanism to help him deal with it, and now Nao can have someone who she can relate to and trust. Yuu might even think of the entire student council as his family because now he doesn’t have anyone. His parents are divorced and his little sister is now dead, so it would only make sense. Despite this, I still think Yuu will be closer to Nao than anyone else in the group.