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I'm really ill at the moment but seeing your amazing art is cheering me up a bit so thank you :) could you please draw some more nervous Albus about starting Hogwarts? Maybe making friends with a sweet loving blond? Oh and do you have deviantart?

ooooh dear! thank you so much!!! I’m so happy my art makes you feel better!!!!❤❤❤
 Anyway I like your request, so I made this… I hope it’s what you wanted! :) I Really love Scoprius and Albus, I want to do more illustrations on them! <3

And no, sorry, I don’t have deviantart! but you can find me on instagram, Facebook and behance! ;)

Reid, calm down



Prompt: Spencer gets jealous of the reader, his wife.

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That night you were called by Detective Owen Jones from Detroit. When you answered the phone he told you that his city need your help because a psychopath was killing poor people limitless. You were more willing to go there because he sounded hopeless and in fact, thirty minutes later you were sitting on the jet.

“So, we have an UnSub who kills every other day with a complicated modus operandi. It could be made by a team and not by a single person. Some things are perfectly done, others seem made by children. What do you think?” Aaron asked to everyone who had an idea.

“It could be possible.” Spencer started “a team or maybe just one person with a mental illness, maybe schizophrenia. What do you think love?”

You were still staring at the murders photos and not really listening to anyone. You, Doctor (y/n) Reid were the expert in mental illness, a psychiatrist, and of course he wanted to know your opinion.

“Oh I am sorry, what?”

He had to repeat everything they said and you agreed with the schizophrenia. It was more possible because there were not evidence of two or more UnSubs.

“Guys get some rest, it’ll be a long and complicated case.” Rossi said as himself closed his eyes.

You and Spencer were sat next to each other and, following your friend’s advice, you closed your eyes and lied your head on your husband’s shoulder. He took you in a thigh hug and kissed the top of your head, whispering a ‘I love you’ before he fell asleep too.

The next thing that happened before the plane ride was going to the local police station where Owen Jones was waiting for you.
When you arrived with Hotch and Morgan, he greeted them and when it was your turn, he couldn’t help but staring at you for some seconds.

“Oh and you are?”

“Doctor (y/n) Reid, nice to meet you.”

“No, it is MY pleasure to meet you.” he said kissing the top of your hand.

You looked at him strangely but you did not say anything because all you wanted was to start to work. Maybe he did not notice you had an engagement and a wedding ring. Or maybe he did not WANT to notice it.

Spencer, who was with the coroner sent you a quick message with written ‘you are beautiful this night’. He used to remember you it every single day but since you two started dating he made you feel the most beautiful woman in the world.
But that night he was not the only one who told you that.
Owen told you that you were the most wonderful woman he had ever seen and you thanked him, but you thanked more God that Spencer was not there in that moment. He was jealous, a lot jealous and seeing another man standing so near to his wife and hearing him telling you these things would have driven him crazy.

You thought that you could avoid a scene like that, but you could not.
You understood it when Spencer arrived at the station and after some time of observing how the detective was acting around you, he saw Owen next to you with a hand placed on your back. You told him to remove it and at first he did as you said, but then you started to speak again you could notice his eyes were lookig just at your pink colored lips.

“You are really beautiful, you know that?”

You raised an eyebrow up, not sure about what saying.

“I would really love to kiss your lips.”

You were shocked. Why since the moment you got married every man wanted to flirt with you?

When he started to move toward you and you were about to punch him, your husband entered the room screaming.

“What are you doing to my wife?!”

You moved to block him  because you could see so much anger on his eyes that you were sure he wanted to beat him.

“Spencer please calm down! Please!”

You were too tiny to block him and even if he was thinner than you, it was difficult for you to let him stop to walk toward the man.
For a moment you turned your face to see what Owen was doing and you could see a grin of his own lips. He knew what he was doing and he didn’t care you were married.

When Spencer was just some centimetres away from the police office, Derek came there too and seeing Reid in those conditions he took him out of the small room.

“Let me go Derek! Get your hands off me!” Spencer almost cried.

“Kid calm down! What happened?”
You had never seen your husband reacting like this and for a moment he scared you.
He was not able to explain Morgan why he was that angry so you answered his question.

“Detective Jones was flirting with me.”

From his lips, his beautiful lips, escaped an ironic laugh.

“Flirting? Flirting?! (Y/n) he was eating you with his own eyes! He stared at your ass, at your breasts! I am sure he would have fucked you right above that table!”

You were wordless. You did not know what to say and when Derek kicked him out of the station you decided to follow him.

“Spencer, talk to me please.”

“What should I say? I know you declined him but I can’t stand another man staring at you. I love you and I know you deserve a better man than me.”

“A better man? Spencer what are you saying? You are my husband and I can’t ask for anything better. I am proud to be your wife and do not worry, I would never and I repeat NEVER leave you for anyone else.”

Spencer’s mouth opened and you could see an invisible smile on it.

“Are you proud to be my wife?”

“Of course love. I don’t miss an occasion to tell people that I am married to a wonderful man who loves me more than his own life. And I can understand you get jealous and I won’t blame you, but don’t worry about other men because I will always be yours.“ 

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should i feel bad for being a 21 year old who tried to go to college, left on a leave of absence because my anxiety, depression and ptsd made my life hell there, and now aimlessly lives with my mom

Hey, first off, the whole “go straight from high school into a four-year college program” model is an outdated construct that doesn’t really apply to today’s socioeconomic climate. Getting an education is important, but it’s more important that you get an education in something that you want to do rather than just jumping right into something you’re not sure about just because you feel obligated to (which, if we’re gonna get cynical here, is a great way to plummet into debt and that’s why so many institutions still encourage it).

Second, living with family members is weirdly stigmatized in America compared to other parts of the world. I’d argue that a lot of that came from emphasis on independence built up during previous generations, back when economic circumstances meant that said independence was a lot more viable. But it costs a hell of a lot more to live in the 2010s than it did in the 1970s, so judging yourself on standards that have long been outdated will only bring unnecessary self-doubt. If you’re contributing to your household to the best of your ability, there’s no shame in living with family members.

As for the mental illness aspect, disability can definitely lead to feelings of self-doubt because it gets in the way of the direct school-degree-career system we’ve had looming over our heads our entire lives. I know I’ve really struggled with self-worth when I had to take a break for a while to focus on my own mental health. But again, that system is just that - an abstract view that mostly survives because of its benefits to the financial elite (read: pushing as many people through the system as possible regardless of benefits to them puts them in debt). You can’t run a marathon with a broken leg - you’ve gotta let it heal and slowly build it up. Mental illness is the same.

And with regards to the aimless part, once again, it’s okay to not know exactly what you want to do with your life at this point! We’re maybe 20-25% of the way through our lives - that’s a long-ass time ahead of us. Previous generations were lucky in that it was a lot easier economically to jump into a path and then shift gears later. We don’t have that luxury, so it’s perfectly fine to spend a bit more time figuring out what you really want to do with your life before heading out to make it happen. Just use this opportunity to contribute to your household to the best of your abilities, get yourself into a healthier state mentally, and do some self-reflection on who you are and what you want to do with your life. The time a boat spends in the harbor lets it stock up for the journey ahead - this is your harbor.

ptsd shiro headcanons
  • Shiro has lost his memory. He knows this, the team knows this. But somehow, he can’t help but wonder if part of the reason he can’t remember is because he doesn’t want to remember
  • Whenever he looks at Pidge, he sees Matt. It hurts. (miro angst train pulling into the station whoot whoot) He feels like he’s failed. That somehow, he left Matt to fend for himself. If Matt winds up dead, it’s his fault
  • Because of this, not a day goes by where he doesn’t check on Pidge. He needs to see her, to touch her, to remind himself that this is his last way to not fail Matt. To protect his sister.
  • Pidge may not be much of a hugger, but if it’s Shiro, she’ll hug him each time, long and hard, because a small part of her knows that she’s the closest thing to Matt that Shiro has right now
  • Nightmares. Oh god the nightmares. Shiro wakes up in a cold sweat, curled into a ball, his breathing at a pace that he can’t control. He’s stuck there, frozen by whatever his subconscious had just played across his sleeping mind. The worst part is that he can’t even remember what has him so petrified. As soon as he wakes up, the nightmare slips away from him
  • We all joke about Pidge never sleeping, which is fair. but you know who really doesn’t sleep?? Shiro. Partly because of aforementioned nightmares, but also because, in his mind, he can’t help but think of sleep as being in your most vulnerable sleep. When you sleep, you’re defenseless. If something is going to hurt you while you sleep, you can’t stop it. And he doesn’t want anything to hurt him ever again
  • Like look at this

Originally posted by the-reinthirs

  • Everyones supposed to be sleeping and what is he doing??? Freaking working out
  • We all know that Shiro is mcfreaking Ripped™️ and a common thing that doctors recommend to PTSD patients is frequent exercise because it offers a distraction that pulls them away from damaged thoughts so
  • Shiro never takes a recovery day. Ever. It doesn’t matter how bad he’s hurting, it doesn’t matter if he needs a mega dose of Altean pain meds to function, it doesn’t matter that his joints ache with each movement and his muscles are constantly screaming. He’ll never take a day to recover after a hard workout because no amount of physical pain can be worse than dealing with the trauma
  • On that note, Shiro will do anything that offers him a distraction. Even dad friends need help sometimes, even if he’ll never admit it. He’ll spend hours helping Pidge with her latest invention, or letting Hunk babble to him about cooking, or helping Keith get the perfect pull up form. Because he’s a good friend, sure, but also because its a distraction, and he needs a distraction
  • There are days when hes so jumpy that no one can approach Shiro from behind. Unexpected touch can scare him, because he is constantly. On. Edge.
  • There are times when Shiro will just. Disconnect. His eyes go fuzzy and he can’t hear anything clearly, and he’s overwhelmed by a panic that is in no way logical
  • Shiro gets so mad at himself. Why can’t I remember?? Why couldn’t I save Matt? Why did Lance mentioning a sports arena give me a panic attack?? Why did looking at Pidge make me tear up?? What is wrong with me??

I was gonna add stuff about Matt too but this post is getting really long lol so I’ll leave it here for now and maybe do more later

somewhat recently, a new tag was created- holicore, kidcore but holiday items (specifically winter holiday items)

i really like carnivals/fairs/circus aesthetic, so i was thinking of making a new tag myself- two, actually!

carnivalcore and clowncore (or circuscore?)!

carnivalcore dosent have to be just carnivals, it can be festivals, county fairs, etc. its just that carnivalcore sounds better! some examples of carnivalcore:

clowncore (or maybe circuscore? im leaning towards clowncore, ill get into that later) is more about the circus and clowns specifically. not scary clowns! cute and pretty clowns! here are some examples:

now, i think that these two tags will have quite a bit of overlap (like how kidcore and toycore are tags often used together), but i also think that they are different enough to warrant their own tags. you could probably put general circus stuff in the carnivalcore tag as well as the clowncore tag, but clowns arent really general to all fairs, just circuses so :/

anyways, what do you guys think? im really excited! i like festivals, i like cotton candy and ferris wheels and carnival games! i also like clowns, but whenever i try to look them up i get scary clowns >~<

we can also post clownsonas in the clowncore tag!!! im gonna post mine later :3

i hope you like my idea, and i hope to see lots of lovely happy pictures in these tags, if anyone wants to use them! have a beautiful day!

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it’s bc mentally ill villains are “edgy” ick

i think i just sliced myself on the edge. but yeah it’s honestly so uncreative, to me it just signals that a creator can’t imagine anyone having any actual motivations for being a villain like.

give me a neurotypical villain that thinks that their plan to take over the world is necessary to protect people from themselves.

give me a neurotypical villain who just wants money. money galore. money everywhere. their actions are totally calculated and not a product of mental illness, just a product of being a greedy asshole.

give me a neurotypical villain who started as a “nice guy” hero, got pissed because he didn’t feel like he was being rewarded enough, and decided that he’d rather reap the rewards of villainy instead.

give me a neurotypical villain who took to crime to pay off college debts.

give me a neurotypical villain who was taught that their way of life was right and is willing to punish anyone who doesn’t follow their beliefs. somebody who doesn’t really believe they’re a villain at all.

or like. if you’re gonna do a mentally ill villain:

give me a villain that suffers from PTSD. can rob banks but would turn against their fellow villain if they found out another villain was a rapist. give me a villain whose trauma history keeps them from committing certain crimes, or even makes them fight for the victims of those crimes. give me a villain whose mental illness has more to do with the goodness in them than the evil in them.

give me a villain that suffers from schizophrenia and isn’t for some reason hearing voices that tell them to murder everyone or w/e the neurotypicals think a schizophrenic villain should be doing. maybe instead of their schizophrenia being voices that tell them to murder people, it’s in the form of a distracting auditory hallucination that sounds like somebody trying to get their attention while they’re really fucking focused on stealing this jewel, go away i’ll deal with hearing shit later. stop giving me villains whose auditory hallucinations are telling them to commit murder, what the fuck, why is that such a common trope.

give me a villain that suffers from depression and sometimes has trouble getting out of bed to bother doing awful things. the awful things they do are driven by something other than their damn inconvenient depression that gets in the way of their energy to commit crimes.

give me a mentally ill villain who took to crime to pay for their medications bc they can’t afford the medications and don’t want to relapse. give me a villain whose mental illness is a factor in their crime, but in an unexpected way, and not because people believe that mental illness makes someone bad.


for fuck’s sake.

give me something other than “schizophrenic villain hears voices that make them murder things” “villain with ASPD lacks empathy and for some reason this makes them murder things” “villain suffering from depression turns evil to make other people also feel miserable” “villain suffering from dissociative identity disorder has a personality that for no explained reason just really likes to be horrible”

i could go on about this shit forever.

i’m so fucking tired of how mental illness is used in terms of protags vs villains.

My eating disorder

By reading this title, you will already have assumed that I suffer from bulimia, or anorexia, or any other more common kind of eating disorder that has been properly acknowledged by our society. I honestly don’t even know if what I have is an eating disorder, or a mental illness, or I guess both are connected in a way. And once I tell you what it is, you will probably scoff and think, “that is not an eating disorder!” Well, it is. What I suffer from is commonly called “picky eating”. Go ahead, laugh. Ridiculize it. Make it seem as less of a problem than what it is. For years, people have been telling me, “just try it, I’m sure you will love it!” or “you can’t say you don’t like it unless you’ve tried it!” and many other things like that. And I really wish they were true. I really, really wish I could get myself to try new food and actually like it. Unlike other (more common) eating disorders, I don’t want to lose or gain weight. I don’t want to look or feel prettier. Not on the outside, at least. I just want to be healthier. I don’t care about my weight or my looks. I just want to eat better. I want to eat more than rice, noodles and steak. I want to like sushi. I want to go to a restaurant and not be afraid of the menu. I just want to be normal. I just want to be healthy. I hate that my family and friends have to skip on their favorite restaurants and struggle to find one that I will like. I hate when people look at me as if I was some sort of alien when I order my cheeseburger without cheese. I hate when it is my turn to order something, because it makes me feel weird and strange when I order my meal without almost everything it comes with.
I’ve never met someone with the same disorder as me. I have never actually been diagnosed with it, and I don’t really know if it is actually a real thing, but it really affects my daily life and my health, so I guess it is an illness.
If you suffer from this or know more information about it, please let me know I am not alone in this.. I tried telling my parents and my friends and my family, but they just don’t believe me, I don’t know who else to go to, so I figured maybe you guys could..
I am really sorry that this has nothing to do with my blog but I am kind of desperate for some support.
Thank you so much if you read this whole thing. I promise I will delete it later and go back to my normal posting ❤️

here i am making another post…neither my datemate nor i have heard back about job applications yet except for one, we can’t drive (so we’re limited in the distance we can go), the only job i’ve heard back about would severely damage my mental health, and we currently have no idea how we’re going to afford our utility bill and also manage to get enough food for both of us

we haven’t gotten the utility bill yet but i’m assuming it’s fairly low, since the only things that are on continuously are her laptop and the fridge, and we haven’t used a lot of water.

i’m just really nervous at this point, and i do want to thank the people who donated on my last post, it helped a lot and we still have some of it, but i haven’t been able to sleep, i’m looking into loans that i don’t fully understand, and i just don’t really know what to do. if we can’t pay the utility bill, we will get evicted; it’s a term on our lease, and i can’t go back to live with either of my parents because my dad sexually abused me and my mom is also abusive.

if you decide to donate and send me a request, i can read tarot or draw a sigil or cast a spell or write a story or something for you in return, i just need to know your request. my paypal link is

if you can’t or don’t want to donate please reblog so more people see this, i really don’t know what to do, im self dxd autistic, did, and ptsd and prof dxd depression and my gf is prof dxd adhd and anxiety, and we have no clue how to do this

if you have advice or anything i’d love to hear it because i’m willing to try almost anything

Telling them you have a kink

request ; Hi! The boys reaction when you tell them you have a kink?

i read this wrong the first time but I’ve got it now //Saori

Jin - He’d be a ball of confusion and worry. He’d think this was a joke you were pulling on him, but once you explain that you really do have a kink and want him to try it, he’d definitely be a little more open to it. Maybe, if your lucky, incorporate it into his work later that night.

“Jagi, are you ill?”

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Suga (Yoongi) - He’s definitely going to be smug about this, letting out remarks like “You’re not gonna call me daddy, are you?” or “As long as I’m in control,” But he’d definitely be open to anything you have to say bc i bet this little shit has a few kinks up his sleeve.

“Really? Will you tell me?”

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J-Hope (Hoseok) - Confusion. Realization. Excitement. This ball of screaming hidden potential is more than excited to hear some of your kinks, and find out a new way to wrap you around his finger.

“That’s great! Wait… what?”

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Rap Monster (Namjoon) - this is just a hunch bc of the shit he raps about but He looks calm. He’s kind of thinking about what you told him. Next thing you know, you’re hoisted over his shoulder with him gripping your ass and carrying you to the bedroom to carry out said kink.

“That’s interesting.”

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Jimin - Blushing hardcore. He is a stuttering mess and has a hard time understanding, as he never imagined you’d want to do that. But you don’t see that side, as this ball of fluff he flows with confidence, replying smoothly.

“Does that mean you’re gonna call me daddy?”

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V (Taehyung) - He’s kind of timid with the fact you bring it up so abruptly, and rolls along with it as you explain. He’s definitely down for trying this new kink of yours out, and wants to test it out ASAP.

“Y/N, do you really like that?”

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Jungkook - Oblivious. He has absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Daddy kink? Do I have to call your dad for that? You like thigh riding? Is that like horse riding? I always wanted to go horse riding… He’d definitely go off track and end up someone else in the conversation.

“What does that have to do with me?”

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Hello! Your blog is so beautiful !Like a candy for the eyes.Ok enough sweet talk, let's speak business ! RFA HC about MC being a sassy smart-ass, puns at every occasion and call them by nicknames...I do that all the time, try to guess 'em : "Ambiguous Flirting Narcissist", "Sleeping Coffee", "Slave 2.0", "50 shades of Han" (I also like to go by "Sebastian" if you get the reference lol), and my little fav "Absolutely any number from 1 to 99 excluding every 7" I hope you have fun with this, love !

LOL thanks, you’re funny!!!

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • Yoosung was deeply focused on LOLOL
  • lazer focused
  • he had his headset on and everything
  • but MC wanted attention
  • “Yoosungieee”
  • they whined, watching him play at his desk from the bed
  • he doesn’t even flinch
  • MC crosses their arms in frustration
  • “Yoosung! gimmie attention!”
  • the only thing coming out of Yoosung is murmured curse words as he struggles to pick up his guild members slack
  • “geez…”
  • MC rolls their eyes
  • they raise their voice a bit
  • “hey, blondy!”
  • Yoosung moves one side of his headset off his ear
  • “sup?”
  • they scoot to the edge of the bed so they can wrap their arms around Yoosungs neck
  • “stop playing League of Losers of Life and pay attention to me”
  • “League of Loneliness of Life”
  • Yoosung corrects MC, still staring at his computer
  • as if that’s really any better….
  • “yea, yea. League of Lousy of Lame-os”
  • Yoosung rips his headset off and turns around to face MC, a menacing smile on his face
  • “you want attention that bad, do you?”
  • oh boy, they’ve really done it now
  • MC tries to scramble away from Yoosung, but he climbs onto the bed and grabs them, pulling them into his lap and squeezing them
  • “call me a lame-o again, MC! i dare you!” 
  • MC, still struggling against Yoosung, decides to play along spitefully
  • “lame-o! loser! forever-alone!”
  • Yoosung spins MC around and kisses them
  • “yea, but i’m your loser”


  • MC visits Zen at work often
  • and they just live to embarrass him
  • they would lean over the set railing frantically, waving their arms and taking photos
  • “Zen oppa!!!”
  • “Zenny please look over here!! i love you, Zen oppa!!!”
  • MC could see Zen start to blush
  • he walked over to them, happy to see MC there despite the fact that they insist on acting like a crazed fangirl
  • “i’m glad you came to visit, babe”
  • he smiles sweetly at MC and grabs their hands
  • oh, Zenny! you finally noticed me! your hands are so manly!! i’m feeling faint!”
  • MC lets their knees collapse, forcing Zen to catch them
  • he laughs a bit at their antics
  • “I fell in love with you because you were able to look through Zen the actor and see Zen the man…”
  • he pulls MC close to him, whispering in their ear
  • “but i must admit, seeing you fawn over me is a little exciting”
  • MC’s cheeks heat up, but they refuse to drop the joke
  • “oh, how scandalous! dont get so close to a fan or the papers will post our affair for the whole world to see! you career will be ruined!”
  • Zen kisses MC, still laughing a bit
  • “why do you insist on fueling my ego?”
  • MC breaks out of their fake fangirl voice for a moment
  • “because we both know you’re God’s ultimate mistake”
  • they immediately bring the voice back
  • “too perfect for this world! Zen oppa, you outshine the morning sun! you outshine all the stars in the sky!”
  • “baby, you’re just too much”


  • “did someone order a trenta soy milk mocha latte with two pumps of caramel and three shots of espresso?”
  • Jaehee looks up from the pile of documents she was sifting through to see MC standing in the doorway of her office with two giant starbucks coffees
  • “MC, you’re a total life saver”
  • Jaehee grabs the coffee and immediately takes six giant sips in a row
  • “so, Jaehee, your blood is pretty much just coffee by now, right?”
  • “i dont really think thats how it works-”
  • “cause i was thinking, if you drink enough coffee maybe eventually you’ll just become part-coffee. kind of like how spiderman is part spider”
  • Jaehee keeps quiet, curious to see how far MC is going to take this
  • “so, naturally, i’ve been coming up with some super hero names for you”
  • “like coffee girl”
  • she shakes her head
  • “it’s so unoriginal! you can do better than that, MC”
  • “Java Jaehee?”
  • “not…super enough”
  • “Americano avenger?”
  • “americano isn’t my favorite”
  • “Decaf defender?”
  • “MC, when have i ever had decaf coffee? ever?”
  • “okay, i got it now”
  • Jaehee sips her drink, waiting for the big reveal
  • MC stands on their chair, gesturing grandly
  • “Captain Cappuccino!”
  • Jaehee starts laughing so hard she nearly spits out her soy milk mocha
  • “and how does ‘captain cappuccino’ fight crime?”
  • “with her intelligence and diligence, of course”
  • Jaehee giggles again
  • there was never a boring moment with MC


  • Jumin was still getting used to MC’s sense of humor
  • “Jumin, come look at this thing I made”
  • MC was sitting in bed with their laptop, waving Jumin toward them excitedly
  • he sat beside them in bed, putting an arm around them and looking at the laptop screen
  • on the screen was a photo set of two pictures
  • one was a picture MC took of Jumin in their room, he was a little blurry and looked like he had just come into the room
  • it was labeled “Jumin”
  • the next photo was a picture of him, still blurry, halfway out of the doorway to the same room
  • it was labeled “Jumout”
  • he stared at the photos, trying to understand them
  • as he examined the screen, MC suddenly burst into laughter, startling him
  • he jumped a little as they giggled uncontrollably and clapped their hands together
  • they leaned on Jumin, laughing too hard to even be able to sit up
  • after laughing for a few more minutes, they noticed Jumin wasnt
  • MC wipes a tear away from their eye
  • “get it? like you’re jumIN the room? and then when you leave it’s like you’re jumOUT? in? out? get it?”
  • Jumin stared at the images for a few more seconds
  • he started to smile a little, and it grew into a giggle
  • Jumin’s genuine laugh was so cute, and something MC didnt hear very often
  • “you’re quite clever, my love”
  • “Seven said you’d never get it, but i just knew you’d love it!”
  • Jumin continued to giggle, hugging MC


  • Seven was working
  • when, as per usual, MC decided to bother him
  • they pulled up a chair to his desk and munched on a bag of honey buddah chips nonchalantly
  • “so, Seven”
  • he was used to them “bothering” him while he worked
  • “yes, MC?”
  • bother is in quotations bc he lowkey loves it
  • “is it true that you ate nine?”
  • he turns away from his computer, tilting his head at MC
  • “what?”
  • “yknow. why was six afraid of seven? cause Seven ate nine. you’re Seven, right?”
  • “no. my full name is Seven Zero Seven. man, MC, i thought we were close enough for you to know that”
  • “whatever. i still think you ate nine”
  • Seven rolls his eyes playfully and turns back to his monitor
  • MC wasnt done with the conversation yet, though
  • “but why 707? why not 611, like your birthday?”
  • “name myself after my birthday and practically hand my identity to these hackers on a silver platter? as if.”
  • MC eats a few more chips thoughtfully
  • “well if your nickname has no real meaning than i might as well just call you whatever i want”
  • Seven pauses
  • this sounds like trouble
  • “anyway, i’m gonna make lunch. you want anything, Eight?”
  • “really, MC? eight? thats the best you can do?”
  • he shakes his head in disappointment
  • “sorry, i shouldve known. i wont make a joke that lame ever again, Six-hundred and Sixty-Six”
  • a smile creeps onto Seven’s face
  • “maybe you should stick to Seven. it’s a lucky number, after all”
  • “really? my lucky number is sixty-nine. anyway, ill catch ya later, agent Four Twenty”
  • the smirk on Seven’s face grows as he returns to typing



@the-forgotten-glow -cairn terrier
@luminescentphoenix -Finnish spitz
@blank0000001 -Yorkshire terrier
@cryptisc -Bolognese
@jammiehamato -cocker spaniel
@fireflylightking -shiba inu
@jade-doodles -American Eskimo dog
@altoanimator -Norwich terrier
@letsbepurrfect -bichon frise
@noellelamarie -goldendoodle
@bubblesboncing -coton de tulear
@anon-noodle -Dandie dinmont terrier
@jayzonesarts -Great Dane
@joshthepersonwhoisafurry -English foxhound
@junkokenzie -pembroke welsh corgi
@ta-aime -labradoodle
@serslee -Irish water spaniel
@thephantombeyond -Airedale terrier
@alexlememe -German Shepard
@eyedevergreen -Dalmatian
@tinyscribbles -Cardigan welsh corgi
@Seab-draws -Polish lowland sheepdog (someone tag him it doesnt wanna work)
@unknownymous43 -Icelandic sheepdog
@purplesweaterdrawz -Siberian husky
@genothecreeper -Tibetan spaniel
@manifold-superstorm -schipperke
@jenipirex - Gordon setter
@h3l3nxx -Pomeranian
@terry-skeleton -border collie
@zpheadcanons -Maltese shih tzu
@sleepycolorz -Akita
@theunrealhorseman -French bulldog
@monadoswag123 -Brussels griffon
@cricketschirp -cockapoo
@zpdoodles -poodle
@thisrandomuser -blue dapple dachshund
Omg i -huff- never -puff- wait uh.. Lemme phew.. Gsus lemme just breathe first
*2 minutes later* omg i didnt know that this community was that big (and maybe even bigger!) sorry i couldn’t draw anyone
But if i receive 4 or more comments that i missed a few people, ill draw them! (As dogs of course!)
You guys are so awesome! I love every piece of art, theory, headcannon, song, story idea, fanfiction you people post out there! (Yes, even memes)
And even if you don’t really do anything more in tumblr than like and reblog thats ok! Its nice to see people support other people! And you are that person! (Thank you!)
And uh if you ask why its dogs well theres a lot of cat content (andI'mmoreofadogperson) so i decided to turn us into all dogs!
But again, thank you guys for just being here in this community and contributing to this community!(i really want to meet all of you guys in one place irl [although it would be a bit awkward haha]) I really love it and i hope it will continue to grow!
(Also sorry in advance if i spelled your username wrong. And sorry too to the people who are not satisfied with my drawing [im still learning!])

Fandom needs more au fics where Steve and Bucky tried to do the whole relationship thing as dumb teenagers, maybe lost their virginity to each other, or maybe they just tried to and it felt like trying on an ill-fitting jacket.  Like, you can go outside with it and it’ll keep you warm, but it never really fits and you’re aware that the arms are too tight or the bottom button won’t fasten.  Only their relationship was the thing that didn’t fit.

So they drift out of a relationship and into a really epic friendship.

A decade and a half later and people are still asking ‘why aren’t the two of you together?’ and they laugh.  Been there.  Done that. Didn’t work.

And it’s funny up to the point there’s accidental make-outs.

Then there’s a whole lotta pining. 

just something to relax.The new semester will start next week and I’ll be working on my bachelor thesis.I guess that will keep me quite busy.

And I’m a bit afraid(ok not a bit,more like really afraid).Not so much about all the thesis stuff(though that also stresses me out),but more about finishing my studies,cause I still haven’t really figured out how to make a living. Working as an illustrator seems a bit like a stupid teenage dream to me at the moment..If I would be 20 again,maybe I would search for a more solid education(though I guess I would also be unhappy with my choice then.)I have the feeling my main problems are not so much my drawing skills(though I have the feeling that I don’t really fit anywhere with my drawing style)but more me being such a really really introvert person with  poor communication skills.I’m always at a loss for words in every situation,which makes searching for jobs kind of extra hard.But I guess the only thing I can really do is ‘not giving-up’.Which I will try.