ill do a good one after


Struggling with ADHD (and other mental illnesses) organizing things and keeping them organized is not one of my talents. At all. No.

The first two pictures are in fact good days
I’ve had much worse. (much. worse.)

So while I actually consider the before to be just a small mess it still took me 3 days to clean.

  • I’d rather not do something at all than not do it properly. It has to be perfect.
  • I get distracted easily :))))
  • I only have super short time periods in which I can force myself to stay motivated.
  • executive dysfunction strikes again….

But now I am more than just satisfied with the outcome, because I was able to do it myself and it reached the level of perfect I am comfortable with.
I didn’t only clean up my room but I also bought some plants and fairy lights to make my room look cuter.

In general I just think my room now looks like it popped right out of an Ikea catalogue. And everything has its place even though my space is so limited.

side note: I used to passionately hate pink.. now look at me ^.^


You got it. THIS LOSER.

After School Affairs:
i just can’t wait for love to destroy us (Kiyonori Taishi, M)
you grip my hips so mean (Hidetaka Sera, M)
#18 “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” (Rikiya Mononobe, drabble)

Be My Princess:
who are you to make me feel so good? (Keith Alford, M)

Butler Until Midnight:
one step closer to being two steps far from you (Kyo Aizawa, K+)
rolling from the thunder but bleeding from the thorns (Kyo Aizawa, M)

Her Love in the Force:
without you i’m colorblind (Hyogo Kaga, T)
#1 “Come over here and make me.” (Seiji Goto, drabble)

Kissed By the Baddest Bidder:
i promised myself i wouldn’t let you complete me (Eisuke Ichinomiya, M)
#32 “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” (Eisuke Ichinomiya, drabble)
#40 “Have I just entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” (Eisuke Ichinomiya, drabble)
#44 “If you die, I’m going to kill you.” (Eisuke Ichinomiya, drabble)
#19 “The paint’s supposed to go where?” (Ota Kisaki, drabble, M)
#27 “I’m pregnant.” (Soryu Oh, drabble)
#22 “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” (Onesided Soryu Oh, drabble)

Love Letter from Thief X:
step to the edge, you and i (Riki Yanase, T)

My Last First Kiss:
blurry bodies but you’re on my mind (Takamune Kitami, T)
paint spots and teardrops (Takamune Kitami, Ayato’s POV, T)
you make my heart beat faster (Takamune Kitami, K+)
#37 “Wanna dance?” (Takamune Kitami, drabble)
#36 “I wish I could hate you.” (Hiroki Eniwa, drabble)
#27 “I’m pregnant.” (Hiroki Eniwa, drabble)

My Two Bedroom Story:
she’s got a face straight out of a magazine (Akiyoshi Zaizen, M)
#11 “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-goddamit!” (Akiyoshi Zaizen, drabble)
#2 “Are you out of your damn mind?!” (Akiyoshi Zaizen, drabble)

Star Crossed Myth:
only one i’ve never looked for (Scorpio, T)
z e r o (Scorpio, T)
#4"Do you… well, I mean… I could give you a massage?” (Scorpio, drabble)

True Love Sweet Lies:
#6 “Why are you naked in my bed?” (Nozomu Fuse, drabble)

anonymous asked:

how long have you been using an art tablet? i just started using one and i want my drawings to look as good as the ones i can do on paper, but they end up just looking messy and weird, like the shit i made when i was like, 12. how long does it take to get used to using one?

i think i was around 13 when i began using a tablet??? it took around a week or so to get used to the motions, but after that its mostly muscle memory from then.

theres sort of like a preconceived notion that the digital pens for tablets act like something you would use for interactive motions (like dragging icons across the ipad screen with your finger). thats what i notice a lot when i let my brother use my tablet to draw digitally (he doesnt draw). its completely different. it acts much like a real life pen, detecting pressures (although this depends on each and every diff tablet). try not to be too tense when moving your pen across the tablet surface, keep your eyes focused on your cursor on the screen. your cursor is the object that creates the strokes and the handmotions you use determine it. im not sure if you use sai, but the stabilizer feature really helps for smoother strokes (its located on the top menu bar). if you have any more questions please let me know!!! (im on mobile so i cant post any pics…)

Wedding Countdown - Fluff - 11 Days To Go

Chapter 84: “The key is under the mat.”

Robert 8:23 pm:
So…how was the first day?

Robert 8:25 pm:
Sorry, stupid question. If you need to talk I’m here.

Aaron 8:53 pm:
Done enough talking, but writing is ok. It was horrendous.

Robert: 8:55 pm:
I can imagine. But one step after the other, right? I’ll tell them tomorrow what a great guy you are.

Aaron: 8:57 pm:
You’re not allowed to lie in court.

Robert 8:59 pm:
Ha! I won’t.

Aaron 9:03 pm:
I’m serious Robert. Do not overdo it, don’t be smug.

Robert 9:06 pm:
Hey, I won’t, you know I won’t. I got this.

Aaron 9:08 pm:
His lawyer is good. Paints me as the ill-behaved kid who became a thug and can’t be trusted.

Robert 9:13 pm:
Well, we’ll tell the jury the truth. What are you doing now?

Aaron 9:17 pm:
Whole Dingle clan is downstairs in the pub. Can’t have them baby me anymore, even though I could do with a pint.

Robert 9:19 pm:
Well, you know where I live. I believe Adam just stacked the fridge up with beer.

Aaron 9:22 pm:
Really? Isn’t Vic asleep already? Don’t wanna wake her.

Robert 9:25 pm:
They key is under the mat.

My wedding countdowns: Scenes countdown, Fluff countdown, Transcripts countdown

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Odd story: I wasn't able to watch TFP for about a week after it aired, so I avoided Tumblr. Then I clicked on a link to one of your old posts, which I figured would be safe; but when I saw your new URL I immediately knew what had (or rather hadn't) happened in TFP. It was actually really nice, because instead of being slowly crushed watching the episode I was momentarily crushed but was immediately immersed in TLS theories, which had taken form by then. So, um, thanks for your URL change :)

Ha! Well thanks! And you’re welcome I guess? 

I was really bummed out for like a week or two after, but now that I’m knee waist neck deep in ARG and I’ve taken some time to rationalize that it really doesn’t make sense for there to be nothing else coming, I’m really starting to miss my old URL..

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Top five sickfic scenarios/tropes

aerkjhsdafjbkjsdafjkhjdhsfs soooooooo many…

1) Any character valiantly trying to hold back from being sick, especially if they’re in public or in a situation where they feel uncomfortable. 

2) Motion sickness - particularly vehicular and seasickness.

3) Any situations where a caretaking character has to encourage their sick companion, anything along the lines of “you’re doing good”, “that’s it”, “get it all up”, that sort of thing.

4) A character trying to power through when they’re feeling sick as hell until they can’t cope any more and they basically crumple into a massive pile of illness and need looked after. 

5) Sudden onset sickness. Like someone being a-okay one moment, and the next moment vomiting everywhere… 

I could continue for ever and ever and ever and ever seriously…

First Patient Today

The patient looked at my preceptor, looked at me, looked at my preceptor. 

“Um, I’ve had a few erections that lasted more than eight hours. I had to go to the emergency room, and they had to drain them.”

Priapism is a real thing, and it’s a medical emergency. And although it’s a sensitive topic, it’s usually handled as professionally as any other medical problem.

Then there’s today.

While my preceptor went over the rest of the history of present illness, the patient kept looking from my preceptor, to me, the floor, etc. After doing this about three times, the patient lifted his shirt, looked down, and breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, good, I don’t have one right now.” Then he looked at me. “That would be awkward.”

Preceptor to me, “Hey, Hangry, can I talk to you in the hall?”

Outside in the hall, preceptor to me, “Do you mind stepping out for…”


You can’t just severely mentally abuse someone and then turn around and blame it on “bpd ://” (or whatever other disorder). Mental illness is never an excuse to be a manipulative abuser to your friends/loved ones. NEVER. I’m telling all of you that if a friend does this to you and they refuse to stop, DROP THEM. If they didn’t know that what they were doing was harmful and tries to change after realizing it, good for them. But if they don’t, they’re not worth your time and you need to leave them to be miserable and abusive all by themself. If they really want help, they’ll get it (i.e. bucking up and finding healthier ways to cope). Never let people abuse and manipulate you for the “sake” of their mental illnesses.

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Since moving back home, things in the house were a bit weird. It wasn’t like the other times where she was only back for a couple days or weeks at the longest. No. Now she was back, for good. After her mother fell ill Elora took it upon herself to do her best to take care of her. Or at least help. But what made it worse was having to be under the same roof as her stepfather. Especially after their long history. After a moment of stand at the bottom of the staircase, the brunette entered the family room where Jason was relaxing. Nervous to interrupt, she took a seat on the other end of the couch. One leg tucking under the other. Her gaze forward locked onto the tv. Though watching a little television with him wasn’t her intention. Gaining the confidence to break the silence was almost impossible as it was to stay away from him. Slowly, her eyes dropped from the screen and inched in his direction. 

got random awesomenauts nostalgia going

man i used to be so fucking into that game

maybe one day ill pick it back up and see whats changed maybe ill even get back into it but not today

at any rate it was fun while it lasted going away from it i never had any bad feelings towards the game (like i do with ovw :T) mostly bad associations because i was depressed and suicidal as shit while i was into it and after my little fallout i think i just naturally moved away from it and into tf2 as a way of sorting starting over and stuff and i think tf2 was really good for me, so i guess what im saying is that it just happened that way and thats okay but i still kind of miss it


An heir and a spare: second sons who take their elder brother’s place

“One day you will be a good lord for Winterfell, I think.”

“No I won’t.” Bran knew he would never be a lord, no more than he could be a knight. “Robb’s to marry some Frey girl, you told me so yourself, and the Walders say the same. He’ll have sons, and they’ll be the lords of Winterfell after him, not me.”

“It may be so, Bran,” Ser Rodrik said, “but I was wed three times and my wives gave me daughters. Now only Beth remains to me. My brother Martyn fathered four strong sons, yet only Jory lived to be a man. When he was slain, Martyn’s line died with him. When we speak of the morrow nothing is ever certain.


ah, it’s good to finally do some work after a break! i redid the one of my old physics tests today and started learning norwegian on duolingo! (btw did you know they’re working on a klingon course? sign me the fuck up lmao)

// summer study day 11


i don’t think i ever posted these two so here they are. two new nerd clones
so Kit is a medic, who is really interested in civvie street culture, especially graffiti. he’s a bit of a loveable punk, who doesn’t always handle stress too well. he’s friends with Crank, who is a less loveable punk. he’s really angry all the time.
he has good reason tho, they both serve (served?) under a reeeallly horrible jedi general, who completely disrespects and disregards the lives of clones.
They tagged the temple once. (probably after a pretty nasty incident with their general) crank decided to convince kit to help him spray in big, red, aurebesh letters: “SLAVERS” really huge on the side of the jedi temple. once they start investigating, crank is ready to go down fighting, but kit kinda panics bc he doesn’t wanna be reconditioned

ill do more with them at some point. this is just one idea i had that i wanted to get out

  • ableist people on tumblr: self-dxing is SO BAD it is THE WORST you should NEVER do it, medical professionals are THE BEST ALWAYS, NOBODY has that many mental illnesses, fictionkin and multiple systems are always unhealthy and fake, integration is the only answer, psychotic people never know they're psychotic
  • me, after thinking and researching and self-dxing for months: hey, therapist,,, i have hallucinations and delusions, i call them psychotic symptoms but what do you think? i feel like it would be good for me to have a label so i can connect with people who go through similar things and find ways to cope. also, one of my delusions is that i'm a fictional character, but it helps me get through life and doesn't cause me distress, unlike some of my other delusions. also, through this past year, "I" have been coming to identify as two separate people; I'm Kit, and the other one is Sofia Rose.
  • therapist, after talking with me for like 5 minutes about it and flipping through the DSM: you could be considered to have psychosis-nos and depersonalization disorder, you also may have dissociative identity disorder, ocd, and add, on top of your other disorders; we should start work on acknowledging you two as separate people and working on your issues separately, as well as working through the delusions and hallucinations that cause you distress while leaving or even encouraging the ones that help you cope.

doodled up a bad mrkenyon to help relax after how today has been. also wanted to test with scribbling with the crayon tool. used random colors and outfit bc i didn’t have a ref ripp

So I was asked to post about meeting Ash, so here goes, first off thats me in the white hat and my brother took this photo while I was talking to her, the one and only ASHLYN HARRIS. Alright buckle up eryone cus here we go haha. 

Before the game even started I was hanging out behind the net where Ash was warming up and she went to take a water break at one point so I was like okay its now or never you gotta say something so I do. I go “hey ash I have shark socks that I got for you that ill give you after the game” and she goes “now way thats so cool, thank you so much” then I’m like “no problem, good luck!” then I hang around and take a few more photos before heading back to my seat to watch the game. Y'all probably saw it and what not so then the game is over and Im at the back of the net where she finished because I left my seat in hopes of her coming up to me after. Lemme tell you I barley stayed in my seat because I wanted to be near my all time role model, luckily I was allowed to pretty much be behind the net the whole time and kinda be right up there. Anyways back to where we actually talked again.

After the game ended she hung out kinda in the middle of the field with other players and talking with them. She then eventually made her way to some fans and started signing and taking photos with them. At this point I’m making my way over from the back of the net to where she. I called her name and showed her the bag with the socks and she goes “no way you got them, awe this is awesome thank you so much for this” and I’m like “its no problem” I was pretty much at loss of words talking to her because I was so excited but she’s super sweet and continued to talk to me. She goes “are you excited for shark week?” and I’m like “heck yeah, its my favorite week!” then she goes “ i have some great merch coming for you guys sometime around shark week” and I’m like “no way thats awesome, i actually have an idea for you for your next design, have a shark head with his mouth open and the teeth spell out your name” then she’s like “thats not a bad idea, I like that” soo you know if y'all see that just know where that idea came from haha 

I then asked to take a selfie with her and I could not stop shaking and she like positioned the phone for me while I took it, its not the best selfie but Ash is in it so I don’t mind at all haha she thanked me again for the socks and coming to the game. She’s honestly so kind and was laughing with other fans, absolute true class. She was also the last player to leave the field and one of the only players who signed things on the field. Hopefully I didn’t leave anything out about meeting her and sorry this is so long haha 

I suspect any mean spirited competitive comparisons between AKF and YANA is just a few people being petty while failing to appreciate that running down someone who opened up about mental illness is actually the opposite of YANA’s official aims. The designs of the two campaigns are symbiotic and, much like the men behind them, mutually supportive. AKF is about awareness of mental illness, finding strength to battle mental illness, and putting aside shame to ask for help. That’s all necessary first before one can access the sort of services YANA seeks to provide.

Coming out about having mental illness is difficult personally and professionally. Jared was brave enough to do that. His friends and colleagues have been supportive and they’ve all been visibly touched by the response of fans. The huge, emotional response created a building issue, though, with many fans (with love and good intentions) flooding j2 in general and Jared in particular with their painful stories and feelings. There were multiple eye witness accounts of Jared fleeing an autograph session in tears after talking to a fan and hugging it out with Jensen before getting it together enough to finish up. Right after that Creation started putting up all those instructions that fans weren’t supposed to tell personal stories at cons, which was a sensible protective precaution but it created even more of a vacuum. One guy suffering mental illness himself and his couple of colleagues, all busy working and none of them mental health professionals, can’t be expected to handle that level of need effectively all by themselves but the pain is looking for an outlet.

Misha has experience with service projects and organizational structure already in place. It’s great that he and Jensen saw the need and stepped up to address it with a logical follow up initiative. Clearly Misha and Random Acts are supportive of Jared and AKF and have drawn some initial inspiration from them on this. They are all friends. Random Acts was involved in pulling off the candlelight salute to AKF. Also, notably, “you are not alone” is a phrase that is associated with Jared, and Jared has used it prominently while addressing fans at events Jensen and Misha attended. Regardless of a few petty remarks from the peanut gallery, it is great to see a fandom headed by guys who care so much about the well being of their fans and of each other. 

playing hatoful boyfriend for the firs time

me: haha, lol lets do the library nerds route, boring ones first lmao

me after finishing nagekis route:

me: HAH well :/ guess i picked a bad starter there, lets do this stuck up douchebags route next, surely ill feel nothing for this duster ass looking bintch

me after finishing sakuyas route: