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-You don't even know what you want
-That doesn't mean I don't still want it

Web Series Meme: one favourite pilot - Squaresville

Shippers, let’s talk about us.

I don’t post often, only when I feel compelled to have something to say. I’ve been watching the past few weeks since WTF Friday and have noticed some things. Let’s talk about us and how, from my POV, things have progressed or gone to the dumpster. I am a psychology student, an empath and intuitive. So, since WTF, let’s talk about antis. It’s difficult. They are not just one person. There are a variety of mental illnesses, personalities, psychologies, and levels of any diagnosis. That said, there are many different motives. We know of the Sam haters, the Cait haters, the sycophants. Who knows why? It is what it is. They’ve done and continue to do what they do, they have different motivations, different skill sets, mentality. They join up. Ooh, boy. We know. 

Now let’s talk about us. We used to curse them and rave at them when they dropped by. I’ve noticed a much more “Hey, thanks for hating Sam. Have a wonderful rest of your day!” That my friends, is the best answer!!!! Yay for you!!! You’re acknowledging them, you’re not being mean, and they didn’t get the reaction they’d hoped for. Part of that comes from being desensitized to their  own barrage of attack. And why should we take them personally? Yay you all. 

Think about the most compassionate people you know. Hey, you’re it! And why is that? Because you’ve been through a lot of life’s difficulties your own self, and you understand. You reach out because you wanted someone too reach out for you when you needed it. Antis have been there too, but they took a different course. Likely why we love Jamie too! To the rescue!!

So before posting, no matter who it’s to, think about your own motives. Do I need to be noticed? Am I feeling low today and need to feel power? Do I need to feel appreciated? To be a part of a group, or with the cool people?Many times we reach out to the external world for what we really need to be giving ourselves. And when we give it to ourselves, the latter becomes less important. But by honoring each other, as we’ve gotten to know each other, there is real bond and real friendship. Let’s take care of that. Together.

Listen. I watch you gals every day. We might be delusional, but we love love and are full of love. Yeah, it’s been slow on the S/C scene, and we all know why. I follow Terry, Diana, S/C and a few others on the cast just to see how they handle things. I don’t have to remind you that there are some very desperate and strange people out there calling themselves “fans.” And also some desperate and strange people calling themselves “cast.” Whatever. Prior to WTF Friday, I really feel there was and may continue to be threats against our beloved S/C. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want more privacy? There are some strange fucking people in the world. Get used to it.

We just have to deal with it like brave adults. We love, we love love, we love to love them. I love that most of us, even if they truly are not together, love them anyway. That says a lot about us. And I don’t just mean Jamie and Claire. I’ve read all the books. I love them. But I love Sam as an individual and Cait is about as perfect as any woman could be. They are people to live up to and it’s a joy when they let us see how they shine, and it provides inspiration for our own lives.

I love your gifs. I love your fanfics. I love your sleuthing. I love your snark. And I DO think it’s OK to call the antis on their bullshit too (it’s just not as effective as, “heeeeeyyy, Love you back!”). I love that you all stay up to the minute and top of any movement. That’s all we can really do in the meantime…OH, besides, taking care of and supporting each other! So, yeah, lastly… 

Take care of one another. To me, there is no reason whatsoever to go behind anyone’s back here on the ship. To me, not only do we NOT know S/C personally, we don’t know each other personally. Let’s respect one another please. If you have a beef, DM it. Maybe it was just a miscommunication. (Oh, for sure not, that never happens). C’mon, gals, keep the faith. Keep having fun. Keep with each other. Love is about acceptance too, and not only do I know we all have it in us, we pride ourselves in our love for giving that as well.

It really moved me when Puffy left this week. She can take a lot of shit and actually seems to thrive on it sometimes. But I also know her need for loyalty. Isn’t that something we all want? For friends to at least be loyal friends, even if we disagree. I don’t know who hurt her feelings, and I’m not just sticking up for her because I love her, but because she has needs like any of us, so please keep that in mind when you’re thinking about why you are posting this or that.  I adore you all. So, let’s use this interim of hiatus from our royals to just hang out, keep the peace and have fun with what we’ve got. Loves, Sassy.