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Unfollow me if you support Trump

I don’t care who you are, if we’re friendly with each other, if I like your blog, etc. I don’t care. Unfollow me. I’m the gay child of an immigrant and I will not stand for people who support that man being on my blog. Unfollow me.

also to add to the brain vomit does one song ever just carry a super specific memory for u 2002 by bob schneider is me getting ready in my cousins room in south africa and dont by bryson tiller is sitting on the front porch at night in tahoe w john . needle by born ruffians is summer of sophomore year in the back of a car singing it even tho ryans mom hated that song i think. ivy by frank ocean is piper and i going downtown, buzzcut season is walking in the canyon freshman yr w hana and she was wearing jellies. wet dreamz by j cole is different boys telling me that that song is funny while they r driving


I think young women are too often told that it’s wrong for them to figure out who they are. There’s this expectation for young people in general to figure it all out, and then when they think they have we chastise them for it and say, “you’re too young to know who you are!” If you think because a young girl listens to pop music it makes her uneducated, that’s stupid. If you think just because a kid is in highschool that they haven’t experienced that much, that’s stupid.

You’ll fall for her. I’m warning you now. I can tell you this because everyone she’s ever kept in her life has thought at one point or another she might end up being the one. You won’t know for a while, thinking it’s just a usual friendship. But then you’ll realize you’ve never been this close to someone before. You’ve never been willing to be there for someone whether it be 3pm or 3am. You overthink everything and exaggerate every situation. So you’ll distance yourself, especially after she tells you that she thinks about you more than anyone else. But the thing is, you weren’t afraid that she might be falling for you, you were afraid you might be feeling the same exact way.
—  (j.e)