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Hey Linkara, as a Teen Titans fan maybe you can clear something up for me. For the last few years it seems like DC has been pushing Cyborg more and more as a member of the Justice League (being a founding member in the new 52, helping them out in Justice League Doom, being in the Justice League movie coming up). Why is that when he was already a member of the Titans, and why haven't any of the others become Justice League members?

Short answer: too many white people and some of them actually were on the team.

Long answer: A loooot of characters associated with the Justice League, particularly their founding members, were white dudes. The only non-white founding member was Martian Manhunter… which, you know, is kind of different from having someone of a different ethnicity since Martians are not real. It’s a bit of a problem with the Justice League, to the point where even when in the late-90s when there was a decision to re-emphasize “The Big Seven,” AKA the seven most powerful JLA members, it was still pretty much everybody but Martian Manhunter was white.

Now, already some of you may be raising your hands and thinking of prominent black heroes (or many other POC characters) who could have been JLA members in the film and were already in the League before. And you are correct to do so! In fact, I can name a few off the top of my head - Steel, Black Lightning, John Stewart Green Lantern, Vixen, and many, many more. Buuuuuut just going by those four (whom I think of as definitely ones in terms of popularity both inside of comic fans and out), there are some problems.

Now let me be clear here with these “problems.” These are not REAL problems, just the kind of problems that I feel Hollywood and DC would try to use ill-conceived logic to justify their decisions based on past thoughts they’ve given.

Steel: while I doubt that the flop of the Shaq Steel movie would affect the decision to not have him in a movie, it IS possible that that might be going through some minds. More likely is that he would be seen as redundant - while intelligent and an engineer, he’s a character without superpowers closely associated with Superman - so he could be thought of as redundant next to both Batman AND Superman.

Black Lightning: There is a thought process, much like the one associated with making the Black Ranger black - basically the idea of “that’s all their character is about!” It’s bullcrap, but it’s there. However, while that may have been EXTRA logic on top of it, Black Lightning actually has LEGAL issues associated with him, as creator Tony Isabella has said that he was not created under a Work-for-Hire contract and thus HE is the actual legal owner of the character and DC being DC has been kind of crappy about that (although apparently in 2015 they’ve started mending fences).

Vixen: I think the biggest issue here is just recognition. I think Vixen is great and she’d be a logical addition to a Justice League movie and team, but she’s not well-known outside of comic circles AFAIK. MAYBE as a supporting character from the DCAU, but unlike the next character, she only made a handful of appearances instead of being there from the start.

John Stewart Green Lantern: Now this one just has a ton of really stupid problems associated with it. One is his name, since the name John Stewart nowadays is associated with the Daily Show host, though that can be worked around easily enough. However there is this really dumb thought process, started by Geoff Johns, that Hal Jordan is the “iconic” Green Lantern, AKA the one most people associate with the character and recognize… and of course it’s kind of bullcrap these days. Even if you were a fan of the Superfriends back in the day, most characters didn’t have their civilian identities spoken aloud, so most people would probably just know the NAME Green Lantern as opposed to Hal Jordan, but a bigger issue is that a generation has since grown up NOT with Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, but John Stewart because he was in the Justice League cartoon - there were many anecdotes of people going to the Green Lantern movie and confused why this random white guy was Green Lantern - and bear in mind that even in the DCAU, Kyle Rayner was the Green Lantern before John - he was THAT much more recognizable. That movie is also probably a bit of stigma for people. While I personally liked the movie and didn’t think it was as bad as people seem to make it out to be, the lack of a Green Lantern at all in Justice League implies to me that WB is embarrassed by the film and wants to have people forget about it by not having a Green Lantern at all.

So, this brings us back to Cyborg. Why him, then? Well, for two reasons: one is that Cyborg actually DID have some association with the Justice League on TV - as a part of the final season of the Superfriends (called “The Super Powers Team - Galactic Guardians) in 1985. It’s likely that, with the popularity of the New Teen Titans at the time, he would cross over there. TV is where we get into our next major thing - the Teen Titans cartoon. Wildly popular, and whatever your feelings about Teen Titans Go, the character STILL has prominence in pop culture as a result of that and is recognizable then to both kids and adults (especially to adults who grew up on Teen Titans). He’s a non-white character with a unique skillset and powers and a great character dynamic for pathos and, if Batman v. Superman is any indication, tying him into the story they’re telling involving Apokalips and Darkseid.

And when it comes to DC comics up until the New 52, there was a bit of a thought process that said that the New Teen Titans characters, for the most part, had really elevated themselves and grown up to be the equals of the bigger hitters - Cyborg in particular. The 2003 Geoff Johns-written Teen Titans saw Cyborg taking up a much larger leadership role in the team and to many fans it felt like he had graduated to the big leagues and his placement on the JLA seemed only natural.

And it actually happened, along with several other Titans.

After Blackest Night, a version of the Justice League written by James Robinson was created that starred Dick Grayson (then acting as Batman), Donna Troy, Starfire, AND Cyborg (plus a bunch of other members, but I’m focusing on Titans here). I quite enjoyed it for the brief time I read it, but of course the book ran into some problems for whatever reason (probably editorial mandates) and the book eventually ended right before Flashpoint.

But the fact that the character, in the minds of many fans, had really gotten to the point where he was a natural shoe-in for the Justice League translated itself to both the New 52 AND Hollywood - a black character who was recognizable to the public, lacked any legal issues, and no fans could really deny his character growth put him as one of the greatest DC heroes (we’ll forgive that both the New 52 and the Justice League movie are reset his character growth to square one with no history associated with the Titans).

But yeah, that’s where I think they’re coming from here. I definitely think it’s bullcrap that he’s the ONLY one and there are many other characters who should be given a shot (hell, especially in relation to the brief list I made above in regards to lesser-known chaarcters, recall that Marvel has had tremendous success with pushing characters in movies who are relative unknowns into the spotlight), but this is what I think is going on.

Was  the publication of “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” nothing but a marketing scam?

The success of the series remains a mystery to this day: why would any publisher in their right mind publish and promote a book that prides itself on being terrible, let alone thirteen? There was simply no market for it. Although its sales could retroactively be explained as a collective enthralling of morbid fascination, it must have been hard for Daniel Handler to get his foot in the door. Someone, somewhere, apparently thought that an abysmal product which revels in its own filthiness was a good idea. So where was the profit? Who was originally supposed to benefit from Daniel Handler’s ill-conceived and ungodly experiment?

Other writers, that’s who.

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P.R.I.M: Pranks Resulting in Matrimony

Written by: @ghtlovesthg

Title: P.R.I.M: Pranks Resulting in Matrimony

Prompt 28: Noting tension between Katniss and the baker’s youngest son, carefree and mischievous Prim can’t resist pranking her annoyingly uptight and very responsible sister. [submitted by @567inpanem]

Notes: Rated All Ages, Never-reaped!Everlark, Complete. 

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Some confessions are louder than others

A short Drarry. Enjoy. 

Hermione was a smart girl.

She knew it, her teachers knew it, the whole damn castle knew it. She was quick-witted, intelligent, and, most of all, observant. Hermione Jean Granger noticed and put things together that others simply missed.

…For example.

Hermione noticed the way that Harry Potter was becoming unhealthily obsessed with Draco Malfoy. She noticed that he didn’t always speak of his Slytherin counterpart in venomous tones anymore, either.

Hermione also noticed the way that this very same Draco Malfoy was constantly staring at her dear friend in class, like he was trying to burn holes through Harry’s poor skull.

She thought she might know what was going on, even if the involved parties did not.

Unfortunately for most people, Hermione Jean Granger also had no qualms about interfering where she thought her meddling might be beneficial.

Draco didn’t feel right.

He set the goblet of pumpkin juice down, wondering if maybe he was getting sick. He wouldn’t be surprised. It wasn’t like he wasn’t under an exuberant amount of stress or anything.

Kill Albus Dumbledore, Draco. I want it done before the year is complete.

No big deal. Just your normal, run-of-the-mill command from your typical, mass-murdering master.

Draco shuddered, pushing his untouched plate of food away from him. Crabbe eyed him confusedly. Considering that this was the manner in which Crabbe looked at most things most of the time, Draco was hardly bothered. “I think I need to lie down,” he muttered. “I’m—I’m skiving off Charms. Tell Flitwick I’m sick.”

He didn’t wait for a response before standing. Draco grabbed his bag and was halfway down the table when he abruptly collided with someone.

“Hey—what the hell, Granger!”

Draco’s bag fell to the floor, spilling the contents everywhere. Hermione Granger stepped away demurely, making Draco scowl even further. It was like she had run into him on purpose! “Watch we’re you’re going, you stupid—”

“Watch your mouth, Malfoy.” Ron Weasley instantly stepped in, his hand hovering over his pocket where he assuredly kept his wand. Because it was never just one of them, was it? The Golden Trio was infuriatingly inseparable.

“Ron…” Granger hissed the word like an owner might scold a dog. And just like a dog, Weasley lowered his hand and stepped away, though he kept his furious glare fixed on Draco.

Perhaps Draco would have been the one to draw his wand instead, if his attention hadn’t been so suddenly and horrifically derailed.

“Here, just—”

Potter was bending over and—and touching his things, and—

Some part of Draco’s mind knew that this should have bothered him very deeply and on many different levels, but it didn’t.

It was like the entire Hall just melted away into oblivion. The Headmaster he was supposed to be murdering, the faculty and staff, the countless students who were about to bear witness. They all faded into nothing as Harry James Potter handed him a stack of books and quills.

“—just take your stuff, Malfoy, and—”

“I love you.”

There was a short pause in which absolutely no one breathed. Draco thought that Weasley might have scoffed something incredulous, but he wasn’t listening.

He wasn’t paying attention to anyone else.

Harry’s beautiful, green eyes widened in shock before his lips parted and he laughed, breathy and flustered. “Ex…cuse me?” he said in a high, concerned tone. “What—”

“I love you,” Draco repeated. The entire table filled with Slytherin students behind him turned in their seats. The whole Hall seemed to be fall silent, but Draco hardly noticed. “I love you, I-I think I have for a while, I just—I never realized it before right now.”

Harry’s face slid into one of downright disbelief. Draco knocked the books from his arms which he had just gathered up for him so that he could grasp Harry’s hands. “I love you, you gorgeous, reckless idiot. I love you. I love you!”

He was shouting. Harry turned a brilliant shade of red, seemingly paralyzed by Draco’s very loud and traumatizing confession. Draco decided that it felt good to shout. “I love you!” he yelled again, laughing. Giddy with emotion, he turned towards the Hall at large and declared, even louder:

“I love Harry Potter!”

Then, without even thinking it through, Draco turned his attention back to the stunned boy in front of him and crashed his lips over his, passionately kissing Harry Potter for the entirety of the school to see.  

…Maybe it was just the drama of the moment, but later, when Draco found himself in Slughorn’s office with various antidotes being shoved down his throat, he most definitely recalled that Potter had kissed him back.

“You were certainly under the influence of something, my boy,” Slughorn confirmed morbidly, once Draco felt that he was himself again. Draco wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve, his mortification swiftly turning into rage. “But you should be right as rain, now!”

…Not that being cured of his temporary ailment could possibly undo the damage that had been done.

Draco was furious, venomous, murderous. Potter had used a love potion on him! Surely in some ill-conceived attempt to figure out what he was working on; Potter had been tailing him for weeks, now…

And he’d shouted he loved him, in front of the entire school… And kissed him…

Fuming, Draco set off to find Potter without so much as a ‘thank you’ to Slughorn. “That bastard,” he seethed under his breath. “I’ll kill him, I’ll—oh, for fuck’s sake, Granger! Watch where—”

“I did it.”

For Hermione Granger had just turned a corner, walking right into him—again—like she had just been waiting outside of Slughorn’s office for him to emerge.


“I slipped you the potion,” she said quickly. She had both of her hands raised on either side of her face, looking defensive. “It was me.”

Draco stared, dumbfounded. Unlike Potter, he was not inherently terrible at potions (the fact that Potter had become so inexplicably skilled at the subject this year was clearly just favoritism on Slughorn’s part… the old walrus), and therefore was very distraught at what she was saying. “But… but if you brewed the amortentia, then—”

“It wasn’t amortentia,” she said huffily, like Hermione Granger would never stoop to such things. “It was a confidence elixir, Malfoy. A potion to boost your assurance exponentially. It’s related to Felix Felicis, though not as powerful. You should look it up. Anyway, I thought you could use a bit of… encouragement.”

She smile brightly before sauntering off. Draco watched her go, far too stunned in that moment to say or do anything.

“Oh.” She stopped suddenly, looking over her shoulder with a sly smile on her face. Draco was very glad that the hallway was empty. “By the way… he’s obsessed with you.”

Then she left, a bit of a bounce in her step.

Draco hated that, rather than continue to be furious or thirsty for vengeance… Well, he just couldn’t stop smiling.

12x10 - Pterodactyl Screeching into the Void - Part 2

This is the second part of my episode review for 12x10 “Lily Sunder has some Regrets”. The first part mainly focusses on Destiel and its HUGE role in the episode. You can go check that out first if you like here.

This part of my review is to talk about some of the other very interesting themes in the episode now that I have screeched about Destiel to my heart’s content and will try to be a more rational person (disclaimer: its not gonna work)

To be honest it is practically impossible for me to talk about this episode without at least referencing Destiel as the very principle theme of the episode is about angels and their interactions with humans in different ways specifically where love is involved. But whether you see Dean and Cas’s love for one another as romantic or platonic the one thing that absolutely cannot be argued away after this episode is that the love between them well and truly does exist in canon. Therefore sorry Jensen but you seem to be confusing Supernatural with another show when you make rash and ill-conceived statements at conventions to appease hateful non-fans. Ahem. Anyway, Moving on…

Angels and Obsession

The starting scene of the episode introduces us to Benjamin. In a bar decorated with vintage video game memorabilia the angel is obsessively playing a game that just makes me think of Charlie. :( Though tbh the symbolism behind an angel controlling an monster to destroy a city is certainly not lost on me and takes my mind right back to the apocalypse where the angels were the ‘monsters’ who wanted to kick start the apocalypse that would literally bring cities to the ground. So yeah, that was an interesting choice of video game basically.

The fact that Benjamin has been here every night obsessively playing this game gives us another interesting insight into angels. One that is explored quite thoroughly in this episode: They have an obsessive nature when it comes to human things.

This opening sequence therefore shows us the most harmless version of this. Benjamin has got himself hooked on video games. (kinda reminds me of Cas taking up Riverboat Gambling. I wonder if Cas ever still sneaks off when the Winchesters are on hunts to feed his gambling addiction? I know it hasn’t been mentioned since but it is certainly within the realms of canon possibility that Cas has an addictive personality, and now after this episode that has been applied to more angels than just Cas.)

I’m now thinking of Endverse!Cas and my heart is breaking because of course Castiel has an addictive personality. Oh and lets not forget 11x04 – 11x06 and Cas’s newfound obsession with Netflix. Human things are shown to be dangerous to angels.  Ishim says this himself later in the episode:

“You know why we’re meant to stay away from humans? It’s not because we’re a danger to them, they’re are a danger to us.”

The thing is, as much of a dick as Ishim was, he’s not wrong. Humans are a danger to angels because angels are not built to really understand human things and emotions. Benjamin’s obsessive gaming is just the start. He may be best case scenario, but Ishim is worst case scenario. An angel who becomes completely enthralled by a human and claims to have ‘fallen in love’ with her – though in Isham’s case it is doubtful he even understands the concept of love. Lily becomes Isham’s obsession. To the point that he terrifies her into calling on another angel to protect her from him.

you were obsessed!” she cries.

“I was in love with you” he argues. But Ishim couldn’t have been in love with her, because as Dean (aka poster boy for humanity) shows us later on, love isn’t about causing your lover pain, it’s about being willing to risk yourself to save them from any further harm.

This is one of the very major points of the episode. Because Angels are not accustomed to deal with Human things, for an angel, love itself becomes the killer. Condemning both the angel and the object of the angel’s affection to a life of pain, tragedy and death. To bring this back to Dean and Cas, it can very easily be argued that much of what has happened to Castiel, and by association Dean, is because of Castiel’s ‘unrequited’ love for Dean. Thinking back over their long tragic history, if you remove that deep love that Castiel has felt for Dean since the beginning where would we be now? Would we have had the leviathans? Would the angels have the angel tablet? The angels probably wouldn’t have fallen, and much of Castiel’s guilt that came from that wouldn’t have happened. On the other hand if we had had canon destiel since the end of season 5, it can also be argued that much of what Dean and Cas and also Sam went through in seasons 6 and 7 wouldn’t have happened because they would have found another way to stop Raphael together. But this is all just speculation after all.

This episode does seem to imply that when the angels love is requited, things don’t go quite so terribly. Whatever kind of love it was that was shared between Lily and Akobel, it worked. He cared for her and gave his life protecting her. Not so much an obsession as a mutual respect and understanding. Then there is Benjamin and his vessel. Not an obsession but a shared trust and care for each other. A devotion that kept them both safe for many years.

So basically, we can conclude that when an angel has a supportive human by their side to help them through any potentially “obsessive” compulsions, it works out okay for both parties. If the angel is shunned and left to its own completely inhuman devices, it turns cold and monstrous. Gosh now this is making me think of that destiel comic where Cas becomes an actual ‘weeping angel’ from Doctor Who. Cold and monstrous indeed.

more under the cut…

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Writing essay in french : part 4

4 The mechanics of the argument

4.1 Expressing facts / certainty

il s'agit de - this is

il y a / il existe - there is / there are

on peut constater / remarquer / observer / noter que - it can be observed that

on peut soutenir que - it is arguable that

il est certain / exact / sûr que - it is certain that

il est évident que - it is clear that

il ne fait aucun doute que - there is no doubt that

nul ne saurait douter que (+ subj) - nobody can doubt that

incontestablement / indubitablement - unquestionably

il est indéniable que - it cannot be denied that

il apparaît que - it appears that

tout semble indiquer que - everything seems to indicate that

cet incident met en évidence … - this incident demonstrates …

il faut reconnaître / admettre que - we must recongize / admit that

il va de soi que / cela va sans dire que - it goes without saying that

chacun peut constater que… – anyone can see that

il y a fort à penser que / il y a tout lieu de penser que - there is every reason for thinking that

force est de constater que– one cannot help stating that

Avoiding using être

Il s'agit là d'un progrès décisif par rapport aux méthodes traditionnelles - 

This is a real advance on traditional methods

Le pays se trouve confronté à de grosses difficultés économiques - 

The country is faced with major economic problems

Le déficit du budget s’élève à / atteint 10 milliards - The budget deficit is 10 billion

L'opinion publique reste divisée sur cette question - Public opinion is divided on this question

Les actions du gouvernement constituent une attaque contre les principes du syndicalisme - The government’s actions are an attack on the principles of

La compagnie figure au premier rang des exportateurs de… - The company is among the leading exporters of

Le déficit représente plus de 3% du PNB - The deficit is more than 3% of the GNP

Avoiding using avoir

Le ministre éprouve des difficultés à convaincre le public des bénéfices de cette politique - The minister is having difficulty convincing the public of the benefits of this policy

Le gouvernement dispose de plusieurs options pour résoudre le problème - the government has several options for solving the problem

Le musée recueille tous les meilleurs tableaux de l'artiste - The museum has all the artist’s best paintings

Le nouveau système présente plusieurs avantages - The new system has many advantages

4.2 Expressing probability / possibility / doubt

il est (bien) probable que - it is (very) probable that

il serait étonnant que (+ subjunctive) - it would be surprising if

il se pourrait (bien) / il est (bien) possible que - it is very possible that

il se peut que - it is possible that

il y a toutes les chances que / peu de chances que - it is highly likely / unlikely that

il est douteux que - it is unlikely that

il est encore trop tôt / prématuré pour savoir si - it is still too early to know whether

on ne dispose pas de suffisamment d'informations sur  - we do not yet have enough information about

reste à savoir si - it remains to be seen if

il faut se poser la question de - one must ask oneself the question

on ne peut pas écarter la possibilté que - One cannot rule out the possibility that

4.3 Expressing contrast / concession

mais - but

en fait - in fact

cependant, toutefois - however

au contraire - on the contrary

à l'inverse / par contre - by contrast

néanmoins, quand même - nevertheless

pourtant - yet

(il) reste que - the fact remains that

pour autant - for all that

quoi qu'il en soit - be that as it may

La contrepartie des avantages considérables présentées par Internet est le risque de dérives inhérent à un outil par nature difficile à contrôler
The downside to the considerable advantages offered by the Internet is the risk of
La presse à sensation est très critiquée par le public, toujours est-il que leur tirage ne cesse d’augmenter
Although the tabloid press is strongly criticized by the public, nevertheless their circulation keeps on increasing
Beaucoup d'analystes se félicitent des bénéfices de l'euro en termes de stabilité monétaire. Ceci dit, le pari n'est pas gagné.
Many analysts are pleased with the benefits that the euro is having with regard to monetary stability. That having been said, there is still some way to go
Cette déclaration va à l'encontre de la politique du gouvernement sur l'Europe
This declaration goes against the government’s policy on Europe
Certes, on ne peut pas reprocher au ministre les politiques de son prédecesseur. Mais
Admittedly the minister cannot be blamed for the policies of his predecessor. But…

4.4 Expressing the importance of something

On pourrait aller même jusqu'à dire que.. It could even be said that…

Le plus frappant est que … The most striking thing is…

Ceci constitue le point crucial / le point de mire du débat …This constitutes the crucial point / the focal point of the debate

Il est utile de s'attarder sur… It is worth dwelling on…

Il faut insister sur le fait que / l'importance de…We must emphasize that / the importance that…

Jouer un rôle primordial / prépondérant dans…To play a major part in…

Il convient de souligner l'importance historique de l'immigration dans le développement économique de cette région
It is important to stress the historic importance of immigration in the economic development of the region
Il faut bien préciser / souligner que c'était le ministre lui-même qui a lancé l'enquête
It should be emphasized that it was the minister him/herself who launched the enquiry
De nos jours, l'opéra est vu comme élitiste, d’autant plus que les spectacles sont de plus en plus chers
Nowadays the opera is considered to be elitist, all the more so considering that performances keep on getting more expensive
Il n'est pas exagéré d'affirmer que le développement d'Internet aura des conséquences considérables sur la vie quotidienne.
It is no exaggeration to say that the development of the Internet will have significant consequences on our everyday life.
La situation dans la région est on ne peut plus grave
The situation in the region couldn’t be any more serious

4.5 Clarifying / moderating a statement

En d'autres termes, / Bref , il a changé d'avis /In other words / In short he has changed his mind

Cela revient à dire que… / This boils down to saying that…

Sans vouloir critiquer cette façon de procéder, on peut constater que…Without wishing to criticize this course of action, it can be said that …

L'auteur a raison dans l'ensemble, mais… /The author is broadly speaking right, but…

Il serait injuste de reprocher à X… / It would be unfair to blame X for…

Il faut néanmoins nuancer cette affirmation en disant que… 

This claim should nevertheless be qualified by saying…

Il est clair que les deux sociétés convergent vers le même objectif,à savoir

une reconnaissance sur le plan international / It is clear that the two companies are moving towards the same objective, namely international recognition

Il ne s'agit pas à proprement parler d'une récession /This is not strictly speaking a recession
Malgré tous ces problèmes, le catastrophisme n'est pas de mise
Despite all these problems, it is not all gloom-and-doom

4.7 Indicating the reason for something

parce que - because

à cause de - because of

grâce à- thanks to

puisque- since

être dû à- to be due to

avoir pour origine / trouver son origine dans- to be a result of

être la conséquence de- to be a consequence of

provenir de- to stem from

résulter de- to result from

cela expliquerait- that would explain

en effet - this is because

c'est pour cette raison / pour cela que - this is / that’s why

L'usage de la voiture en ville présente des risques importants; l'année dernière il a occasionné / causé 2 400 décès et plus de 100 000 blessés / The use of cars in towns creates significant risks; last year it caused 2 400 deaths and more than 100 000

L'hésitation des Français envers Internet s'explique par leur attitude habituelle à l'égard des nouvelles technologies /The coolness of the French towards the Internet can be explained by their usual attitude towards new technologies

La crise dans nos hôpitaux est la conséquence de/ suite directe d‘années de manque d'investissement / The crisis in our hospitals is a direct result of years of underfunding

Le PDG a cité comme raison profonde des mauvais résultats la chute du niveau des exportations / The MD cited the fall in the level of exports as the prinicpal reason for the poor results

On peut attribuer le succès de l'extrême droite aux dernières élections à une désillusion générale face à la politique /The success of the far right at the last election can be put down to a general disillusionment with politics 

Si les électeurs ont rejeté le gouvernement, c'est qu'ils n'ont plus confiance dans son intégrité politique / If the voters have rejected the government, it’s because they no longer have any confidence in their political integrity

L'émission retrace les événements qui sont à l'origine de la crise au Moyen Orient / The programme traces the events that lie at the root of the Middle East crisis

Les problèmes qui ont résulté du krach boursier se font toujours sentir
The problems that resulted from the stock exchange crash can still be felt

Les mauvais résultats de la compagnie tiennent à une baisse du cours du dollar / The company’s poor results were due to a fall in the rate of the dollar

4.8 Indicating the consequences of something

par conséquent / en conséquence / par voie de conséquence - as a result

dans ces conditions - in these conditions

pour cette raison - for this reason

avoir pour conséquence / résultat de - to have the effect of

dès lors, de ce fait - so, consequently

il en résulte / découle (fatalement) que - the (inevitable result) of this is

il s'ensuit que - it follows that

face à cette situation - given this state of affairs

Les conséquences de cette politique mal conçue se font toujours sentir /The consequences of this ill-conceived policy can still be felt today

A la suite des attaques récentes on a pris des mesures plus rigoureuses en matière de sécurité / As a result of the recent attacks more rigorous security measures have been taken

Il y a plusieurs facteurs qui touchent l'industrie aérospatiale en ce moment
There are several factors affecting the aerospace industry at the moment

La réduction du temps de travail aura certainement une incidence sur les coûts de production / The reductions in the working week will certainly have an effect on production costs

L'accroissement des dépenses en matière de santé répond à une inquiétude croissante parmi le public à propos de l'état de nos hôpitaux / The increase in health spending is a response to growing worries among the public about the state of our hospitals

Ce nouveau plan de redressement ne peut que déboucher sur des augmentations de tarifs / This new recovery plan can only lead to price increases

Ces mesures devraient permettre / favoriser la création de nouveaux emplois dans le secteur / These measures should ensure / encourage the creation of new jobs in the sector

Source : Manchester Metropolitan University

X-Files Fic: D’un Nouvel Oeil, Chapter Five

Previous chapters: one | two | three | four

At shortly after two o'clock in the morning, a man Scully has met before, on occasion, but whose name she doesn’t know, arrives at the back door to collect Mr. Nelson.  The British airman is still exhausted, but he’s had a full meal, at least, and Scully has provided him with more food to be eaten during the journey.  She and the stranger exchange no words other than what is required for the hand-off, and Scully breathes an enormous sigh of relief as she closes and locks the door behind them.

I can still manage a few hours of sleep if I go to bed now, she thinks to herself, rolling her head in a slow circle, massaging the kink that’s formed at the back of her neck.  She begins to drag herself slowly upstairs… but before she’s even gone halfway, there’s a loud, frantic pounding on the kitchen door.

Scully startles and just barely manages to catch herself before she falls down the stairs.  She turns and runs back down to the kitchen, hoping whoever it is won’t knock again, hoping that her neighbors haven’t already woken up.  As she nears the door, she hears a sound that’s familiar, but very out of place: the weeping of a child.  Her stomach contracts in fear.

Scully throws open the back door to reveal Walther Skinner, hat-less and coat-less, cradling little Christine Marchand in his arms.  The child is shivering, in spite of being wrapped in Skinner’s overcoat, and she’s struggling to free herself from his hold.  Skinner rushes inside and releases Christine, who immediately tears across the room and crouches under the counter, making herself as small as possible, looking out over the room with eyes like a hunted animal.

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Written by Linda Sharp, one of the most talented journalists in the country. The sad thing is that those in greatest need of reading this article would quit midway through the first paragraph.

What Will It Take?

So, you voted for Trump.

You cheered his rhetoric of hate and phobias.

You proudly wore your “Fuck Your Feelings” t-shirts to his rallies.

You cried out “Lock her up!” at his events - not caring to comprehend that there is nothing to “lock her up” for. Hell, as recently as last night in Tennessee, you were still chanting that ridiculous mantra as he held another “Make Me Feel Great Again” rally.

You LOVED his blanket condemnations of Islam.

You grabbed your sac every time he hollered how Mexico would pay for his wall.

You death gripped your whiteness, so fearful of becoming the minority and having the treatment tables turned on you.

You happily lapped up every impossible promise he made.

You fact checked nothing. And you voted for him.

A man-baby so insecure with himself that he championed his own penis in a debate. A self-confessed womanizer, cheater, molester, and piece of excrement who has never had any use for religion was embraced by churchgoers because he said words like “abortion” and let people pray over him. A thin-skinned schoolyard bully who tweets as often and as foully as he farts his KFC emissions.

You voted for him despite the hordes of white supremacists who lauded him. You proudly stood shoulder to shoulder with them at his campaign stops. You joined in the mob mentality he meant to elicit each time he pointed to the penned in group of reporters and endangered their very lives.

You voted with your hate, with your ignorance, with your misogyny, with your fears, with your phobias, with your delusions.

You voted for his pledges to “drain the swamp.”

You spent 8 years hating on President Obama for every breath he dared to take, grabbing at every salacious made up story, ridiculing his time spent with his family, spent golfing, hell, you ridiculed his family as well. A family that never had a breath of scandal; a family that is affectionate, intelligent, close. A President who projected intellect, probity, empathy, sympathy; a President who was largely respected around the world.

When the election came around, you were more than happy to transfer your bullshit onto Hillary Clinton, believing all manner of made-up garbage, including that she runs a child rape ring from the basement of a pizza parlor.

Seriously, how fucking dense are you people?

Rhetorical question. No answer needed.

So, you voted for him. For that whole Make America Great Again emptiness, but then bumper sticker thinking tends to win the day in your crowd. Sorry, Trumper sticker thinking.

He has now been in office for just shy of two months. What will it take to make you finally wake up and see what you have let loose?

His great plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days? Where is it? Again, rhetorical question - it exists only between his ears and as expressed hot air when he rambles out loud.

He emboldened all the dullards who see only color, and who feel it is now their right to physically strike out at anyone who is not white - ripping off hijabs, punching people on subways, shooting them dead in bars - all accompanied by the words “Get out of my country!”

He hates Muslims so much (like you) that he has now tried twice to institute travel bans - except countries where he has financial interests, actual terrorists from those countries be damned - those Mu$lim$ are okey dokey? How do you reconcile that?

You gleefully supported over 33 hearings on Benghazi, not caring one whit how your tax dollars were being squandered on a witch hunt in which your own party could find no wrongdoing on Hillary’s part. Yet Trump orders an ill-conceived, bravado-laden raid over dinner resulting in women, children, and a Navy SEAL being killed, and you look away.

Seriously, the mental gymnastics you must be doing to be cool with that are worthy of a Simone Biles gold.

He promised you the “greatest health care” while stumping, and has now made it clear that what he supports is tens of millions being throw off their insurance, premium increases that will bankrupt your parents, and millions in tax cuts for his rich friends. Good luck when little Johnny needs asthma meds or you get ass cancer. Or you change jobs and your wife with diabetes can no longer get insured because of that pesky pre-existing condition of hers. Oh, and you are aware that her simply being a woman will be a pre-existing condition, correct? Perhaps you should have done your research and actually comprehended that the Affordable Care Act and the FOX slurred Obamacare are the same thing.

Maybe when enough of you start to die… will that be enough?

You derided Obama as elite for his impressive education, called him a celebrity because of his crowds. Then you elected a petulant, spoiled brat from Wharton, who was a reality TV star.

Does your hypocrisy chafe at all?

Trump assured you time and again that Mexico would pay for that big beautiful border wall. Mexico told him to fuck off time and time again. And now, today comes the confirmation in his own budget proposal sent to Congress that YOU will be paying the billions for a wall that will be meaningless.

Is that enough? What, no umbrage? No outrage?

You embraced his every childish taunt, his every 3 am Twitter rampage during the campaign, thinking them hilarious, brave, profound - how about now that he should be governing yet is more distracted by wars with Nordstrom and Snoop Dogg?

He making you proud by acting like a 12-year-old boy with his first cell phone?

That whole swamp draining thing? Um, he is surrounded by white nationalists, climate deniers, liars, and fellow million/billionaires. He loudly derided Hillary for giving a speech at Goldman Sachs - you booed and hissed and wanted her head - he has surrounded himself with former Goldman Sachs employees.

“Her emails! Her server! Security!!!!!” <—-There’s a popular one from the campaign trail. Yet you are as quiet as a ward of coma patients as his administration uses private email servers, he openly conducts the business of national security over dinner at his “winter White House,” invites Mar-a-Lago members to sit in on cabinet interviews, and he continues to use an unsecured Android phone.

Vacations? Golfing? Pfffft. “There’s just so much to be done,” Trump told CBS’ 60 Minutes in an interview broadcast Nov. 13, 2016. “So I don’t think we’ll be very big on vacations, no.” Melissa McCarthy (ahem, Sean Spicer), his sartorially challenged mouthpiece, told FOX “He will never take a vacation… he can’t sit still. He’s so eager to get things done and change things up – there is never an idle moment and so there is not going to be the word vacation will not exist in a Trump administration.”

He leaves tomorrow for the FIFTH weekend trip to Mar-a-Lago, where he most certainly fills his idle time with round after round of golf. He has played NINE times since taking office.

What, is golfing suddenly cool? Ok with all of you who derided every stroke Obama took? And the costs you all shit yourselves blind over in terms of “vacations” when Obama was in office? All these $3 million trips to Florida hunky dory with you? West Palm Beach is starting to realize what a bankrupting grifter he is as his repeated trips are threatening the very existence of many businesses: “We’re going broke.”  $1.7 million dollars in taxpayer money that has gone from the WPB coffers to his security? The White House refuses to even acknowledge the requests to be reimbursed.

Melania living in Manhattan and costing you (all of us) just shy of a million a day? Look, I am fine with their choice to let Barron finish the school year there. My own family has made that choice, hell, we are LIVING that choice, and have been for over 9 years. BUT WE ARE PAYING THE COSTS OF OUR CHOICE.

<Insert crickets.>

Of course, it’s ok with you. You’d rather eat from a buffet of Trump’s rectal remnants than admit, perhaps, that you got conned by a man who literally earned the moniker Don The Con DECADES ago. You got played by a reprobate who has made a very public display of constantly and consistently cheating, lying, ripping off, and threatening people all his life. The Art of the Deal? Sorry, the only art here is the art form to which he raised carnival barking.

So what will it take? THAT is a serious question.

Will you have to see your own grandparents starve to death as Meals On Wheels evaporates? Will Putin have to be caught with his tongue in Trump’s mouth and his hand down his trousers for you to stop with the “fake news” bullshit? Sorry, but just because news doesn’t make your head feel good or your pee pee hard does not make it fake. Will your child have to die in front of you because your healthcare disintegrated? Well, you can take heart in all those new weapons of death he has promised for the military.

What will it take for you to finally admit that you were lied to, vote grifted, used?

I suspect for most of you will take a target finally being squarely placed on your back.

Whether it is healthcare, bankruptcy, your coal jobs NOT coming back, your deployed spouse or child being blown to bits in a war of distraction and bravado, or finally being labeled a “loser” by Trump for being poor - it will happen.

You cheered as he targeted Muslims. Because you aren’t one. You applauded as he targeted the LGBT. Because you aren’t one. You proudly wore your MAGA hats as he targeted Mexicans. Because you aren’t one. You laughed as he constantly went after minorities (pssst, brown people). Because you are not one. You clapped like a deranged seal as he repeatedly took aim at Black Lives Matter supporters. Because you are not one. You blew off his obvious ridiculing of a disabled reporter. Because you are not disabled.

Your target is coming. It is inevitable. You will need something at some point - we all do - assistance, insurance, school lunches for your children when you lose your job, food stamps, housing aid, an emergency operation, and on and on. And when you do, you will be a loser, a taker, a welfare cheat. Too bad you can’t eat boot straps.

Some of you are slowly opening your eyes - comment sections now contain those who confess to making a mistake with their vote, TrumpRegrets collects all the staunch supporters who have finally realized they have been chewing on bullshit, not red meat, thrown to them by this fraud. Investigations into his lies and connections (and those of the cadre of villains around him) are ongoing and more is gleaned every day.

His house of cards is coming down. Alternative facts, fake news, Tweets meant to distract, all of it, will eventually give way to cold, hard facts that reveal how vile, corrupt, compromised, and naked is this emperor. Sadly, however, the damage has been done.

And you own it. All 62 million who looked the other way at every horrific statement, heinous promise, and pledge to hurt other people. You did this to our nation because, like Trump, you cared more about winning than you do about your neighbors, this country.

What will it take? Pain.

It’s coming Trumpers. But when you are crying, in need, damaged, bereft don’t expect the majority that tried to keep this from happening to feel sorry for you.

To quote your t-shirts: Fuck Your Feelings.

“You can’t hate the Iron Fist show for casting a white guy!” 

Well then, can we hate it for being an unoriginal rehash of the same backstory and narrative beats that we’ve seen on many other comic book shows? 

Can we hate it for being more concerned with boardroom drama than actual character development? 

Can we hate it for not having any kind of narrative focus, and then trying desperately to weave some ill conceived conceit about “family bonds” at the last minute?

Can we hate it for its lack of world building, and its inability to make us care about either of the cultures that Danny Rand comes from? 

Can we hate it for having a lack of identity and thematic presence? 

…because those seem like pretty good reasons to hate it.


Emma: “I’m making my specialty. Microwaved popcorn with milk duds mixed in to get all melty.”

Hey Anons,

if you know my blog a little bit, then I think you know that I agree with you and I think this might be a hint - or a coincidence, I’m not a popcorn fan, maybe it’s common? - and I am not assuming the worst. As I put in the tags, I think if it was a hint, it may have been a bit of an ill-conceived hint because…

Let’s see how to put it. The internet has played an enormous role for the queer community. It’s become so much safer to meet people without physically putting ourselves out there in spaces where we could become victims, because if we could find those spaces, then so could people who… want queer people dead or hurt. The internet has changed all that. It’s really been our safe space.

Now, what Once has done by queer coding Emma & Regina and putting in a lot of queer subtext, is sending out a bit of a bat signal for us to come online and find the fandom. For many people this has been a subconscious thing even, I think many picked up on it but only started to realize they were gay in this fandom. Now all of that isn’t bad, but I think the showrunners were unaware of this effect or the huge importance of the internet for us. This is where many of us make our lives, especially if you’re stuck in a small town, then online becomes social space where you are normal for a bit. It carries more weight in our lives than in straight people’s lives.

Even if they are going to confirm the romantic nature of Emma & Regina’s relationship in the end, the fact that they have sent out that signal without creating a safe and welcoming space for queer people from the very beginning is where they went wrong. They may just be teasing and playing coy and dropping hints in the same way they would for a straight slow burn, but it doesn’t translate the same way. It has translated into people thinking they were avoiding the subject because they wanted nothing to do with queer people and it resulted in bigots thinking the show is actively ashamed of their queer fanbase. Those people felt encouraged to bully us, call us delusional and send hate.

While you can’t blame them for society’s bigotry, you can blame them for putting plot secrecy - if that’s what it is - before real people. They could have responded more positively to the idea of Emma & Regina together. Could have helped to create a safe space. Could have sent out photos, mentioned them, had photos ops with both of them. Talked about it openly. The world is so straight-until-proven-queer people would still have assumed they weren’t gonna do it. Hell, I might have assumed they weren’t going to do it had the PR been more positive. Imagine all the young people who flocked to the ouat fandom because of the subtext would have instead seen an advertisement that called them to a real safe space instead? Or had been attracted to a show that treated them right instead? If you call us, you should take some responsibility.

They didn’t.

So what happened instead was that the queer community was forced to build its own safe space around the show. Fan fiction is a big part of that safe space and people here have been very protective of it. While I think that the writers have carved out this story between them, the community really is ours, they did very little against the bigotry and they enabled it - probably mostly out of ignorance. 

A big part of what makes Emma and Hook so painful and nauseating to watch is that they have taken elements from lesbian subculture - her outfits - and they have given her body language of a woman that if she were to walk down the street, you would identify as queer and then made her kiss a man. For years. Even if there’s a resolution, it leaves a bitter taste, especially because I think this is a cautionary tale for straight women. Using a queer character’s coming out in the very end is a message that says “Even if your sexuality is so extreme that it is the most unacceptable sexuality of them all - a lesbian, then you should still embrace yourself and accept it.” It’s not a story really written for queer women, it’s a story using a queer character to tell a story for everyone. The lesbian as the metaphor for everywoman who needs to accept her desires - repressed by years of Roman Catholic ideals forcing women to repress everything. That’s why you get years on end of relationships with men so everyone would be able to identify with her. It starts from the premise that a large part of the audience wouldn’t identify with a character if they knew from the start they weren’t straight - which isn’t necessarily untrue, but if that’s your starting point, you will always partly validate the homophobia behind that idea.

So to come back to taking from our fan fiction to give hints. We don’t just want Swan Queen. We wanted safety and positive messages from everyone involved. We had to create all that by ourselves. Fanfiction tells queer stories out in the open. It tells the stories that would be on television if the world were okay. It’s from our perspective and none of our fanfictions spend chapters on end on the men some of us choose to hide our sexuality with. That is part of the safe space we created, these are our real stories. So taking something from fan fiction and giving it to the couple that - quite frankly - symbolizes forcing a man on a lesbian, then it feels like they’re saying that we are never safe. Not even in the little bit of safe space we had to try and create for ourselves in response to the show after they put out a call that brought us here. 

So yes, even if they’d given it to Emma & Regina, people would still be angry, albeit maybe a little bit less, no? I just think it’s important to try and discern where the anger is coming from instead of telling a marginalized group that their feelings are wrong.

I still love this show because I have been doing a lot of research and I think the concepts are brilliant, but since I see so many people around me being angry, I am not going to be the one to police gut reactions. I think the showrunners should be aware of the effect of the messages they put out into the world. We are born queer, not any more educated or informed, so why would we have to earn our stories by digging for them?

Secret Empire #0 Thoughts (Spoilers)

Previously: The Red Skull used Korbik (a sentient cosmic cube that sometimes takes a child’s form) to turn Captain America into a bad guy. Captain America is now a loyal agent of Hydra an evil organization that is sometimes Nazi affiliated and sometimes not depending on who is writing. Captain America planned a bunch of bad stuff behind everyone’s back.  Captain America turned on his evil master.  Red Skull desperate to make Cap stop admitted that Captain America that his new history (that we saw in extensive flashbacks over many issues) was all lies he made up. Captain America doesn’t care because he’s EEEEVIL! He kills Red Skull and sets out to take over the world… his way! This took 15 fricking issues to get to.  Meanwhile we learned that Nick Spencer should really stay off twitter.

Notes: Despite the bad reaction Spencer’s Cap run has gotten I’m actually a fan of most of Nick Spencer’s work. Superior Foes of Spider-Man is of one the best comics of the last decade and the The Fix is hilarious. His run on the two Captain America runs are really mixed bags.  The first two arcs of “Captain America: Sam Wilson” are really good but Spencer struggled trying to deal with real life politics in the later issues. As for the eeeeeevil Captain America book well… it’s better than painful fever dream of Rick Remender’s Captain America book. I’m going to try to be fair and optimistic going into this one.

  • Our story opens with a World War II flashback in of Hydra Cap in the mountains of Japan meeting with Kraken an obscure villain from Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Warriors. Hydra’s secret base looks like the Legends of the Hidden Temple set. Kraken tells Captain America that the Allie will use the Cosmic Cube (not Korbik but another one) to change reality so that Hydra doesn’t take over the world. He says they’re going to change his memories and no matter what he must not forget he’s a Hydra Agent. Of course we know all of these new World War II memories are bullshit so… they’re either illusions or maybe Kraken was manipulating Steve the whole time or… uuuugh. I am three pages in and I have a headache!
  • We now have a flow chart of characters. I know Secret War did the same thing but… hoo-boy. That’s a bad sign.
  • We cut to modern day.  Cap is at S.H.I.E.L.D command with Sharon Carter.  We learn that a Chitari (those aliens from the first Avengers movie) invasion is headed towards Earth.  But the Planetary Defense shield is down.  Wasn’t there a whole other organization called S.W.O.R.D that handled this? Where is Abigail Brand?
  • We see the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Ultimates fighting aliens in space.  I am wondering why most of the focus isn’t on this and is instead on S.H.I.E.L.D HQ?  Daniel Acuña draws pretty fight scenes. Let him do that!
  • Meanwhile a boatload of supervillians lead by Gravitron are attacking New York and the Defenders are fighting them.  Unfortunately more of the focus is on S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters. So we’re mostly watching EVIL Cap and Sharon watching all the action.
  • Meanwhile Hydra has invaded the country of Sokovia the country that Ultron completely destroyed back in Kurt Busiek’s run.  I know it’s played a role in Specer’s run but shouldn’t it just be all empty space and dead Ultron drones now?
  • The narrator is REALLY going out of his way to tell us what a brilliant strategist Hydra Cap is and how all of these couldn’t have happened by coincidence.  It’s sort of like how every three pages in Avengers Arena someone says “gee Arcade is really a clever villain now. He sure thought of everything.”
  • Back in space Quasar is eaten by a space whale.  I should be upset at the apparent death of a new superhero but like… this HAS to be a set-up for her to punch her way out of the belly of a space whale an issue or two later. Right? I mean why would you waste an opportunity for an awesome action scene?
  • I just realized that Hydra Cap planning his scheme while the heavy hitters are in space is a LOT like the plot of Infinity.  Also the whole novelty of an EVIL Captain America story would have been a lot more at home in Axis.  Remember how Tony Stark was eeeeeevil for a year and no one cared?
  • Now Nitro shows up while the Defenders are fighting and Jessica Jones throws him high into the air while he triggers an explosion that looks like a homage to the opening of Civil War.  This comic is turning into a greatest hits album of other comic crossovers.
  • The Secretary of Defense gives Captain America full control over the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement thanks to a new act of congress so everything bad from here on out is caused by an ill conceived piece of legislation… just like Civil War!
  • The defense shield is turned on locking aliens out and the Defenders get backup from the Uncanny Avengers. Things are looking up for the heroes.
  • Suddenly a heli-carrier crashes into S.H.I.E.L.D HQ and a bunch Hydra mooks show up. Only the S.H.I.E.L.D guards aren’t fighting back because Dr Faustus is brainwashing everyone.  I should have mentioned before this whole mess started that the Red Skull had psychic mindscrew powers and dude whose sole power was brainwashing people working for him.  If you really wanted to do a Captain America is EVIL story the whole cosmic cube and prolonged elaborate false history flashbacks are kind of superfluous.
  • Captain America orders the Hydra Guards and the mind controlled S.H.I.E.L.D guys to take Sharon Carter prisoner.  Sharon is not under Faustus’ control despite the fact that if I had a drink for the number of stories where Sharon Carter was mind controlled I’d be drunk.  Sharon thinks Cap is being controlled by Faustus but…

  •  A Hydra guy is just standing there and has this slackjawed look like “I can’t believe this shit.”  I’m going to pretend he’s Bob from Deadpool. Bob’s presence is the most entertaining thing about this book so far.
  • I could be reading “The Button” right now.  That comic has Batman fighting Professor Zoom AND Flash fighting Samurai Robots… Samurai Robots!  And it doesn’t have walls and walls of exposition text…
  • Iron Men Riri Williams and Force Ghost Tony Stark (it’s a long story) discover someone has sabotaged the planetary defense shield and Hydra guys attack them. Just as it looks like we’re going to get a good fight it cuts away.
  • On Space Skype Captain America reveals to Captain Marvel that wave after wave of Chitari are coming and he’s keeping them walled off outside with fierce alien warriors to their doom.  Cue Cliffhanger #1.
  • Tony Stark and Riri Williams just beat up all the Hydra Guys OFF CAMERA!  We’ve got like a bazillion action scenes going on and NONE of them are given any time to breath under these unending walls of exposition text.
  • Hey it’s HELMUT ZEMO!  Which Zemo is it… the morally complex anti-villian/anti-hero from Thunderbolts? Is it the Cobra Commander-esc idiot from Avengers Undercover? A combination of the two? I don’t know because he has all of three panels in this issue.
  • Zemo and a guy named Blackout (not the Ghost Rider Villian) have stolen the book of Darkhold.  Does anyone remember Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins?  It was like this early 90s quasi-horror comic about this cursed book whose pages granted evil monkey paw wishes and the people who made those wishes usually turned into monsters. Plus there was an evil dwarf.  Like that you should be revamping that into something so if you wanted Peter Dinklage to be a villain in a Marvel movie.  Oh and there were people called The Darkhold Redeemers who were trying to stop the Dwarf and one of them was a lesbian and this was like long before LGTB representation was anywhere near common in comics.  Dude I want a Darkhold Redeemers comic.
  • So Zemo and an obscure Avengers villian named Blackout (who looks like the poor man’s Electro) use the Darkhold to banish New York City isolating it under a Dark Force dimension dome.  It’s like when the Hand sealed off Hell’s Kitchen in Shadowland but bigger.  ANOTHER crossover callback.  Cliffhanger #2.
  • Tony deducts that the next target of attack is going to be Washington DC he calls for The Avengers (several teams worth), The Champions, and Spider-Man (who I guess wasn’t in New York.)  We get some big epic hero arrival poses that would look great if they weren’t crammed into TINY… TINY panels.
  • Back in Washington an army of Hydra Helicarriers loom ominously over the White House. Hey do you remember the C-Plot from Fear Itself.  When Skadi’s Army attacked Washington but no-one cared because the rest of the book was about fighting monsters with Evil Thor Hammers? ANOTHER CALLBACK!
  • This the B-side of a Marvel Comics Crossovers Greatest Hits Album. Side A is about 70% tracks from Secret War, the Worthy stuff from Fear Itself and a trio of tracks from Civil War, Secret Invasion, and House of M. that were popular at the time but doesn’t hold up.
  • The nicest thing I can say about this comic is that Daniel Acuña’s art is really good and if anything this is one of the best looking bad comics I’ve ever read.
  • Despite the involvement of Hydra and the 40s flashback EVIL Cap doesn’t really come across as a Nazi at all and just a generic “take over the world” badguy.  On one hand that kind of seems to be Marvel backing away from the obvious “Cap is a Nazi” angle that was making people uncomfortable and angry and yet on the other hand it’s also backing away from the “America is more messed up than we thought” allegory that could actually make a point this time.  Spencer isn’t the guy to be doing that kind of project though.  Not sure who I could see doing that and making such a gut punch work. Grant Morrison or Kyle Baker maybe?
  • If this is any indication it’s going to be a loooooong six months.  Maybe I should be polishing off my “Rikki Barnes: The Winter Soldier” pitch.
Iron Fist Countdown: 7 Days

Danny’s Superpowers

    Danny is the most powerful member of the Netflix Defenders team. Or at least, he has the greatest power potential. In addition to his mad kung fu skills, the uses for the chi of Shou-Lao could (and, in fact, do) fill an entire book, and the vast power it grants its wielders is ever-evolving. Even Danny hasn’t yet learned everything he’s capable of. Here are some of the highlights of what various Iron Fists have achieved over the years, and of what we might possibly see in the show.  

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anonymous asked:

What do you think caused Spike's change from the (somewhat) gentle, caring way he was with Buffy in the beginning of season 6 to...well, how he was with her nearing the middle of the season?

I think it can be summed up by Drusilla’s line about vampires and love:

SPIKE: You can’t tell me that there isn’t anything there between you and me. I know you feel something.
BUFFY: It’s called revulsion. And whatever you think you’re feeling, it’s not love. You can’t love without a soul.
DRUSILLA: Oh, we can, you know. We can love quite well. If not wisely.

I also found the change sort of jarring at first. He was really sweet, gentle, and caring during the first half of the season, and I don’t think it was an act. That’s also part of who Spike is, those are the remnants of William. During the first episodes of the season, Spike was a) overwhelmed by the mere presence of Buffy because her death had devastated him, and b) sympathetic to her pain. Of course, his feelings for her made him… impatient, mostly because he was evil by definition, and even though he loved her, his love was ill-conceived and driven by selfishness. I’m not saying the things he did to manipulate Buffy were even done on purpose. I don’t think Spike hashed out a plan to manipulate Buffy - we know Spike is not much of a planner. Well, he likes to plan but he doesn’t really follow through. Anyway, what I mean is that everything that he did was instinctual. The way he treated and manipulated Buffy (and the way she treated him, too) was the kind of love he knew and was capable of because he lacked a moral compass. It’s also how he was taught relationships worked - we shouldn’t forget he knew “love” only after he became a vampire so he truly doesn’t know nor he understands love in its purest most selfless form. His conception of love is corrupted because he is corrupted. This doesn’t mean that he’s not capable of acting in loving ways - but selfishness underlies most of his actions, even the ones that paint him as caring and gentle on the surface. He only wanted to cater to his own needs, basically, because that’s the vampire’s modus operandi. That’s how they function. He wanted Buffy, and once he got her, he had to keep her. He knew - because she had stated it point blank more than once - she could never love him, so he kept pushing her towards the dark side because he thought that was the only way he would get to have her. Okay, I don’t know if this even makes any sense? 

fibro!tsuna and The Management (of pain)
  • WARNINGS: implied medication abuse, implied/proposed underage drinking.
  • ...
  • reborn: it doesn't matter if it's boiling hot outside, you will keep those mittens on at all times.
  • tsuna: fuck no, do you have any idea how uncomfortable that would be?
  • reborn: it doesn't matter if it's--
  • tsuna: let me rephrase that
  • ...
  • gokudera: juudaime i don't agree with this plan! you'd be putting yourself in harm's way, you'd hurt yourself!
  • tsuna: *staring at reborn like he's on The Office*
  • reborn: wait, gokudera's right. this Really Is a bad plan.
  • tsuna: i hope you're not going to tell me 'it's going to hurt' too, because you of all people should know i can tolerate up to broken-bone levels of pain
  • tsuna: unless i'm actually going to break my bones, then forget it
  • tsuna: i mean, i can't be hibari
  • hibari: little animals shouldn't push themselves that much
  • tsuna: see, even he agrees
  • ...
  • xanxus: i don't get it
  • xanxus: how is it you complain about every single fucking thing but are willing to go through with the stupidest most self-destructive plans i've ever heard
  • tsuna: you know that feeling you get when you work out too much and everything just hurts for two days?
  • xanxus: what about it
  • tsuna: that's me. all day. every day. For Eternity.
  • tsuna: pain is like a baby's caress to me.
  • tsuna: a screaming baby.
  • reborn: what did you call me
  • tsuna: caressing me with an hot iron poker
  • xanxus: you have a very shitty idea of a 'caress', baby trash
  • reborn: stop insulting leon
  • tsuna: leon is ASLEEP. like i want to be. right now.
  • reborn: you just woke up.
  • tsuna: i'm aware of that and i want to undo that ill-conceived action
  • tsuna: which brings us back to the first point,
  • ...
  • tsuna: so, hey, reborn. you have that doctor costume right? are you actually licensed?
  • reborn: why do i not like where this is going?
  • tsuna: can you please get me a refill of my meds
  • reborn: i'm not actually a doctor
  • tsuna: can't you pretend to be one? i mean they take you seriously anyway.
  • reborn: you realize that's almost breaking the law. that's literally skirting it. flirting with it. you're taking it to dinner.
  • reborn: not that i care about the law.
  • tsuna: at least you don't warn me about my liver
  • reborn: i won't, but i'm monitoring your intake
  • tsuna: rats.
  • tsuna: i mean
  • tsuna: not that i would EVER, because that would be Bad, but still
  • tsuna: Rats (tm)
  • ...
  • tsuna: *taking pills out of a tylenol bottle*
  • someone, probably xanxus: headache, baby trash?
  • tsuna: i wish.
  • tsuna: *chews pills like candy with a straight face*
  • tsuna: it's vicodin
  • tsuna: put your hand away, they're mine. reborn stole them for me.
  • ...
  • reborn: shouldn't you take some pain meds? you look terrible.
  • tsuna, dying: I'm Fine
  • reborn: i'm serious, take your meds. that's why i broke the law to get them for you in the first place
  • tsuna, still dying: I Did Take Them
  • reborn:
  • tsuna, definitely dying: I Haven't Stopped Taking Them
  • reborn: ..time to get you different pain meds
  • tsuna, practically dead: That Sounds Like A Swell Idea
  • ...
  • tsuna: what do you mean 'tolerable levels of pain'?
  • tsuna: i tolerate All Levels Of Pain
  • reborn: no you don't, you whine all the time about it
  • tsuna: it's either that or i knock myself into a coma, take your pick
  • ...
  • tsuna: *moaning and groaning, whining, the usual*
  • reborn: you'll be fine, you big baby
  • tsuna: yeah, but i'll be complaining the whole time
  • tsuna: wait
  • tsuna: did you, a literal baby,,,
  • ...
  • reborn: *gets tsuna a bottle of Expensive Italian wine for his birthday*
  • tsuna: Why
  • reborn: because you whine all the time
  • tsuna: you are not allowed to make dad jokes just yet
  • ...
  • tsuna: i can't even drink this, i'm underage!
  • nana: oh, honey, i'll supervise! i've heard it should help a little. it's fine. we can drink together.
  • tsuna: that is not what 'wine mom' is supposed to mean
  • ...
  • tsuna: plus, mixing alcohol and pain meds is?? a bad idea?? like it says so right on the label??
  • reborn: then just wait for a day when you're not taking any meds
  • tsuna: so, like, when i'm actually dead
  • reborn: jesus christ can you get any gloomier
  • tsuna: Is That A Challenge
  • ...
  • tsuna: look. look at this. look at all the spoons i have left to give.
  • tsuna: there are none. i have no spoons to give.
  • someone: shouldn't that be fucks? you have no fucks left to give?
  • tsuna: why would i want to give out fucks?
  • tsuna: all the fucks are for me.
  • tsuna: i only give a fuck about me
  • xanxus: *wipes single tear from his eye* that was beautiful
  • tsuna: thanks.
  • xanxus: you're all grown up and ready to destroy the world now
Passive-Aggressive Partnership

Parts 1-9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 @coveofmemories @bleedreid @my-xomatosis-s 

Part 13


Spencer swallowed hard as he stepped onto the plane. Why did they have to be fighting right now? Why was he such an idiot when it came to women? As he turned the corner, he noticed that pretty much everyone was on board already with the exception of Morgan and Garcia. Y/N was there and “asleep” at the back - at least, she was feigning sleep. He could tell she was still awake. This was probably her ill-conceived way of avoiding conversation and awkward silences for now. 

“Ready to go, my pretties,” Garcia exclaimed as she walked onto the jet with Morgan following closely behind - her bags in tow.

“Babygirl, what in the world do you pack in these things?” he asked, stumbling aboard and dropping her two duffel bags. “If I didn’t know you angel, I’d say it was a dead body.”

“Women have to prepare for every possible situation when they travel,” she said matter-of-factly. “Isn’t that right, ladies?”

All but Y/N answered absolutely yes. Although Spencer could see her eyebrows raise as she “slept.” Hotch decided to let everyone rest a bit while the jet took off; cases had been non-stop as of late, which meant that everyone on the team was getting sporadic sleep at best.

“Alright, everyone,” Hotch said after about 45 minutes in the air. “Let’s go over victimology.” Although she wasn’t a profiler, Y/N magically “woke up” and joined the group. “We have one boy, Deacon Fullerton, found dead in the woods from apparent strangulation, with minor cuts, and barely covered in leaves and hay from nearby.”

Spencer looked through the pictures of the crime scene and saw Y/N flinch. Granted, she worked with dead bodies directly, even more so than he did, but actually seeing them at the scene of the crime apparently knocked her for a loop. “There seems to be no sign of sexual assault,” he said, motioning back toward his girlfriend (Was she still his girlfriend? Not now, he thought to himself). ”Although you’ll figure that out for sure when we get there. If that’s the case though, it’s rare for a child victim. There’s normally some type of sexual motivation.”

“If there’s no sexual motivation, then what is the significance of targeting young boys?” Y/N asked the group. 

“Could be a stand-in for someone that tortured him in his youth,” JJ said.

Emily spun around from where she was sitting to interject and caught sight of Y/N, taut with frustration. Something was definitely going on there. “We’re not even sure about that yet. What if this is truly a one-time offender?”

“Then we need to look close to home,” Morgan said sadly, knowing all too well that these kinds of cases were central to the family. The papers fell to his lap as they thought about what this boy went through. Y/N had been standing behind and between Morgan and Spencer, so when Morgan let the crime scene photos fall into his lap, she noticed something.

“Can I see those?” she asked Morgan. 

“What do you see?” Rossi asked, noting her look of consternation. “Something wrong?”

She scoffed. “Well besides the inherent wrongness of this entire thing, I had a theory based on what I can see of the strangulation marks.”

“What’s significant about them?” Spencer asked.

Putting whatever difference they had to the side, Y/N reached over Spencer and pointed toward the brushing on the boy’s neck. “I can’t be 100 percent positive until I take measurements, but based on what I see, Deacon was killed by a child.”

“What?” Garcia asked, stunned out of her technical reverie and into the present moment. “You think this boy was killed by another child?”

The strangulation marks were pretty indicative of that. “They are very small. Don’t even reach fully across the neck. On top of that, they move around, as though the killer couldn’t get a good enough grasp and had to go back to try more than once.”

“Oh my god,” JJ replied. As a mother herself, it must’ve been difficult to imagine one child killing another; they were supposed to be pure. When they weren’t? That didn’t sit well.

For a few moments, everyone sat in silence, trying to digest what Y/N had just said - and that she was probably right even without having autopsied the victim yet. “When we touch down, Y/N, you’re going to head to the local family doctor.”

“What?” she laughed. “The town is so small they do autopsies there?”

Hotch shrugged, a smile creeping into the corner of his mouth. “Apparently yes. They have a downstairs area that the doctor uses whenever an autopsy is needed.”

“Oh dear lord,” she replied with a sigh. This was going to be really interesting.

Hotch continued as Y/N tried to deal with the fact that she was supposed to conduct on autopsy on a murder victim in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. “Garcia, you and Rossi are going to head to the station and hook up your system. After your done Dave, you can meet me behind the Hensley’s house where the body was found. We’ll go over the crime scene, while Morgan and Emily, you interview Cash and Annabelle and their kids if they’ll allow it, and Reid, you and JJ can interview Deacon’s parents, Austin and Charlotte.” As he closed the file, he sat back, an unsettling feeling growing in the pit of his stomach. “I have a feeling this case is going to be more complicated than meets the eye.”


When they touched down, Y/N had one of the local officers drive her to the doctor’s office where she would conduct the autopsy. Upon looking at little Deacon, she could tell her assumptions were right. Deacon was killed by another child, and the cuts had pooled next to no blood, meaning they were inflicted after death. She would look through the debris and conduct the autopsy as she was supposed to and hopefully she’d find something else useful. But it wasn’t looking good. Picking up the phone, she called Spencer, to let him know about the cuts on Deacon’s body. “Hello,” he said, “hello.” He was having a hard time hearing. The wifi in this area sucked. 

“It’s me, Spence. Without even autopsying him yet, I can tell you that your killer is definitely a child and the cuts were made after death. Now, I’m no profiler,” she said snarkily, “but given that it’s definitely a kid, the cuts being made after death would most likely mean that your killer is more prone to things like this in the future, right?”

“Yea,” he said, noting the sarcasm in her voice. He really hoped they could get through this. “Look, Y/N…”

“Later, Spence, okay?” She didn’t want to do this right now. Not over the phone. Considering how small the town was, they’d undoubtedly be rooming together tonight. They could talk then.

As he said goodbye and hung up the phone, he relayed the information to the rest of the team. “She’s right,” Hotch said. “This may have been the first time, but if we don’t stop them, it probably won’t be the last.”


“Mr. and Mrs. Fullerton?” Reid asked as he and JJ knocked on the door. “My name is Doctor Spencer Reid, this is Agent Jennifer Jareau. We’re here to talk to you about your son.”

Charlotte’s face was reddened, her eyes puffy from crying. Spencer couldn’t count the amount of victims families that had that same look in their eyes. Like the world was over. That’s how she looked. Charlotte was completely devoid of hope and Austin seemed to be in a state of pure shock, looking back and forth unable to focus on anything in particular. “Come in,” he said softly. “Take a seat.”

When they entered the home, JJ first took notice of a picture that used to be on the wall, now shattered on the floor. There were also quite a few vases and dishes that were broken. The other thing she noticed was a picture frame above the fireplace - on one side was a picture of Deacon and the other was nothing, nothing but a small pink baby sock with the name Savannah written underneath it; they’d experience a miscarriage, pretty far along from what it seemed, and now their other baby had been taken away.

“Mr. and Mrs. Fullerton,” JJ said softly. “Tell us about your son. His daily life. What did he like to do? Who did he like to hang out with?”

“He was just like any other boy,” Austin cracked, grabbing his wife’s hand as she sobbed into his shoulder. “Every morning, we’d make him breakfast…”

“He always wanted pancakes,” his mother interjected, a quiver beginning in her lips. “After pancakes, or cereal if I didn’t have the time, one of us would drive him to school.”

“Once school was over,” Austin said, “We’d pick him up and after dinner and homework, normally around five or six o’clock depending on the day, he would get together with friends. A boy named Joseph. Joseph Parker, and occasionally Cash Jr. next door.”

“Then he’d go to sleep and do it all over again,” his mother sobbed, clutching her chest as she cried. “It was just like any other day. What happened to my baby?”

Neither agent could imagine what these parents were going through. They didn’t want to reveal just yet that their baby was taken away by someone else. They needed an answer of some kind before telling them that. “Just one more question,” Spencer said, “Was there anything Deacon said or did lately that was out of the normal? Was he pulling away from anyone?”

“He just seemed more withdrawn in general,” his father said, standing up and pulling a picture off the shelf. “He’s only 10, but he is…was growing up faster than his friends.” As he continued, his voice croaked, unable to comprehend that his little boy was gone from this world. “We just attributed it to growing up, puberty, you know? But he was pulling away from Joseph and Cash. Said they were both being mean.”

Both JJ and Spencer stood up from the couch and shook the parents’ hands. “Thank you. We’ll be in touch,” Spencer said.

“We’re going to find out who did this,” JJ declared. “I promise.”

Spencer gave JJ a side eye as they left the house. “You sure you should have promised something like that?”

“Spence, they lost their child. Their second one - the first before she was even born,” she said with tears in her eyes. “We have to find out who did this and why.”

“I’m afraid we may not have the answer to why even if we do find who did it,” he responded. He felt in his pocket for the phone, having felt it buzz while they were inside the house. It was a text from Y/N.

“What is it?” JJ asked, turning toward him as he stared down at the text in shock and disgust. 

“She said she found a piece of tan material stuffed down Deacon’s throat. Placed there after he died.”

They both took a deep breath and closed their eyes, attempting to process the information. Whoever did this was deeply disturbed.


As he looked out the window, he wondered if Deacon’s body was still there. Maybe he’d check tomorrow. See if any of the animals had gotten to it. He could bring his pocketknife again. He thought about how Deacon’s skin had opened under the knife. It looked cool. He wondered if it would look any different now that it had been a couple days, but he was pulled out of his daydream when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Same as they did every night. He was hear again. Hiding under the covers, he stilled himself. It’ll all be over soon.


tw for violence, murder, weapons, all that good stuff

“I hate scary movies.”
“It’s good to be scared. It’s primal.”
“Listen, I read my Entertainment Weekly, okay? I know my shit.”
“I got my money, I asked for your money.”
“You know, I don’t even know you and I dislike you already.”
“I don’t like being scared. I don’t like that.”
“Scary movies are great foreplay.”
“Hey, move your ass! You’re late.”
“You know me and organized religions.”
“Lower the walls for the next few days, okay?”
“This self-induced isolation you got going is not healthy.”
“You can’t blame real-life violence on entertainment.”
“It’s a classic case of life, imitating art, imitating life.”
“I lived through this. Life is life. Doesn’t imitate anything.”
“Are you suggesting that someone is trying to make a real-life sequel?”
“Many sequels have surpassed their originals.”
“Well, there’s no accounting for taste.”
“I’d let the geek get the girl.”
“It’s starting again.”
“Multiplexes are just a dangerous place to be these days.”
“You’re in extreme denial.”
“This has nothing to do with us.”
“Can’t we just go back to our psuedo-quasi-happy existence?”
“I skipped. I couldn’t take all the ‘That’s Her!’ looks.”
“You’re playing with the big boys now, got it?”
“Your flattering remarks are both desperate and obvious.”
“Be kind. She saved our lives.”
“She had calf implants!”
“I’m gonna get closer.”
“This must be flat-out hell for you.”
“How are you holding up?”
“It’s really weird, isn’t it? To think this fuss is all because of you!”
“What are you doing here?”
“I was worried about you.”
“Things were okay, until now.”
“I’m seeing someone. Nice guy, pre-med, no apparent psychotic tendencies.”
“I just want you to be careful.”
“What am I supposed to do? Cut everybody off? Crawl under a rock?”
“I want to make sure you’re safe, if that’s alright with you.”
“Nothing like a funeral to bring the family together.”
“What the hell are you doing?”
“I forgive and forget. Just like you, I’d like to get back on with my own life.”
“You bitch!”
“Did you get that on film?”
“You need to check your conscience at the door, sweetie. I’m not here to be loved.”
“I don’t condone violence, but maybe you deserved it.”
“Don’t you think your overreacting, just a little bit?”
“How do you know that my dim-witted inexperience isn’t merely a subtle form of manipulation used to lower peoples’ expectations, thereby enhancing my ability to effectively maneuver within any given situation?”
“I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to say.”
“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some oozing to do.”
“I think you’re taking your psych major a little too seriously.”
“ ‘I’m fine,’ yeah—fucked up, insecure, neurotic and emotional.”
“HI! No, I really mean that—hi!”
“That shit only calls you when he’s drunk. Don’t go over there.”
“You sound loaded. What’s up?”
“Drink with your brain, that’s our motto.”
“Do you want to die tonight?”
“I’m outta here!”
“Did anyone call for me?”
“It’s your ill-conceived boyfriend.”
“Everyone thinks that sororities are just about blow-jobs, but it’s not true!”
“It’s happening again, isn’t it?”
“Better hurry. Might get scooped.”
“Get your jacket. Let’s get you home.”
“Why don’t you show your face, you fucking coward?”
“You know, I knew this was coming. I knew this wasn’t over.”
“You are not alone, okay? We are all here for you.”
“He needs to realize the nineties is no time to play hero.”
“Why would anyone go back in that house anyway?”
“You’re lucky he didn’t kill you.”
“I think we have a copycat on our hands.”
“Do these guys have to follow you around everywhere?”
“How am I ever going to get you alone?”
“To be honest, I think it would probably be in your best interest to stay as far away from me as possible.”
“I hope that was an off-the-cuff remark that holds no subtext whatsoever.”
“I’ll take my chances.”
“I don’t want to see you get hurt.”
“Come on, smile. Just once. Please?”
“I’ll smile when I catch the killer.”
“I’m not here to do your job.”
“He is a gemini, single, but I think he’s gay.”
“Penny for your thoughts?”
“I think I love you!”
“Why won’t you let me touch you?”
“I think you just need to deal with that and move on.”
“How do we find the killer? That’s what I want to know.”
“Let’s not move on. Maybe you are a suspect.”
“Well, if I’m a suspect, you’re a suspect.”
“That’s what reporters do! They stage the news!”
“If she’s not a killer, she’s a target.”
“I’m gonna do what any rational human being would do, and get the fuck out of here.”
“I wanna report the news, I don’t wanna be the news!”
“I need you. I cannot do this without you.”
“Let’s go get killed!”
“I’m a fighter.”
“None of us can avoid our fate, but as an artist, you can honestly face it, and fight it.”
“How long have you been here?”
“I need to be alone right now, okay?”
“Do I get a say in this?”
“The killer’s trying to finish what was started.”
“I’ll be back when you start talking about something a little more Saved By the Bell-ish.”
“What do you wanna do, bonehead?”
“Want to wait here and see who drops next?”
“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”
“Have you ever felt a knife cut through human flesh and scrape the bone beneath?”
“No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be the hero and you’ll never, ever get the girl.”
“Where’s your innovation? Why copycat two high school loser-ass dickheads?”
“This isn’t a good time.”
“Come on, you sent me to prison. You can give me two minutes.”
“There’s been enough exposure. Why would you want anymore?”
“Yeah, I bet you’re real sorry.”
“There was no attack. We were talking, very heatedly.”
“I don’t know about homicide but you’ve definitely got me for raising my voice in a public library.”
“It should’ve been me.”
“Stop treating me like glass. I’m not going to break.”
“Until you find me standing over a body with a knife in my hand, I think you’d better treat me with the rights and privileges afforded to every innocent citizen in this country.”
“Enjoying the show?”
“I just wanna find this fucker!”
“Now we’re getting somewhere.”
“I never meant to hurt you.”
“Stay here!”
“There’s no one there.”
“When this is all over, I’ll still be here.”
“I wanna know who it is.”
“I’m going back.”
“Stupid people go back. Smart people run.”
“We’re smart people, so we should just get the fuck out of here.”
“I’m sick of running!”
“If we know who it is, it’ll be over.”
“Get away from me!”
“This isn’t what it looks like!”
“Shit, who tied these? We gotta get out of here!”
“The killer, he’s here!”
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”
“You really wanna trust your boyfriend?”
“Don’t you know history repeats itself?”
“Surprise, [name].”
“Thanks a lot, partner.”
“He’s crazy! You know me better than that!”
“What do you think? Experiencing some déjà vu?”
“I never would’ve hurt you.”
“You should really deal with your trust issues.”
“Oh! So vulgar!”
“Did he let you talk to him this way?”
“He was a sick fuck, just like you.”
“No. He was a sick fuck who tried to get away with it. I’m a sick fuck who wants to get caught.”
“I’ve got my whole defense planned out.”
“I’m gonna blame the movies.”
“I’m an innocent victim.”
“You’re a psychotic.”
“That’ll be our little secret.”
“See? It’s all about execution.”
“You’re forgetting one thing: I fucking killed him.”
“You piece of shit!”
“You got a Linda Hamilton thing going on. It’s nice. I like it.”
“Nice twist, huh? Didn’t see it coming, did ya?”
“It’s called a makeover; you should try it.”
“I’m very sane.”
“You’re never gonna get away with this.”
“Not wise to patronize me with a gun.”
“Don’t you FUCKING MOVE.”
“I have had a very, VERY bad day, and I would like to know exactly what the FUCK is going on here.”
“I can still help you.”
“Let me kill her!”
“Personally, I think it’s rather poetic.”
“No, don’t you listen to her!”
“Quite a predicament you’re in.”
“Give me the gun.”
“I want you to know I would never, ever do anything to hurt you.”
“We should probably talk about what exactly happened here, you know? Get our stories straight.”
“I’ve been shot!”
“Jesus, you scared the crap out of me!”
“You’ve got more lives than a cat.”
“They always come back.”
“How’s it feel to be a hero?”
“I’m back.”
“I’m coming with you!”
“I can’t believe you’re alive!”
“It’ll make a helluva movie.”

Making Memories- A Doctor Strange FanFic (Chapter 1)

Previous Chapters: Intro

Imagine being in the midst of your training at Kamar-Taj when Doctor Stephen Strange shows up. The Ancient One asks you to take him under your wing. You know you shouldn’t be attracted to someone as tragically flawed and arrogant as him, and yet by some sick twist of fate, you seem to be perfect for one another. How long can you really resist the attention he gives you?

Doctor Strange X Reader Romance

As The Ancient Once departs, you turn your attention to the newest addition of Kamar-Taj. If the implications made by The Sorcerer Supreme were any indication, he must have a difficult personality. Keeping him at arm’s length seems like the best approach.  

“Strange,” you address him in a calm, detached tone. And before he can even open his mouth to reply, you firmly add- “I’m not calling you ‘Doctor’.” And then you promptly turn on your heels and begin walking away. “Follow me,” you call out behind you.

Stephen furrows his brow, a bit dumbstruck by your attitude. “Nice to meet you too,” he remarks derisively. His voice is much deeper than expected. In fact, you’d never heard anything quite like it before.

“So where are we going?” he asks, striding up alongside you almost immediately. Your haste is no match for his long legs. So much for feeling authoritative…

“To the training grounds,” you reply simply, and from there the two of you make your way across the compound in silence.

You stop off at the linen closet. It’s a small room, lined floor to ceiling with shelves of traditional clothing in various colors and sizes. You turn and look at him to gauge his measurements and Stephen cocks his head in confusion.

“I thought we were going to train.”

“We are. But first, we need to get you into appropriate attire.”

You pull a set of generic white robes from the top shelf.

“Put these on,” you order, holding the items out in front of him.

Stephen hesitates, his eyes meeting yours as if asking “do I have to?”

“It’s the standard uniform of Kamar-Taj,” you explain. “There’s a changing stall down the hall past the laundry facilities. I’ll be waiting outside.”

When Stephen rejoins you in full attire, his discomfort is apparent. However, you can’t help but admire the way the fabric hugs and elongates his lean, muscular form. You didn’t have to like this guy, but he certainly had one of the nicest bodies you’d seen in awhile. Not that you’d ever admit it out loud.

“Much better,” you state matter-of-factly. “Now we can begin.”

The training grounds were just around the corner, beyond a small set of stairs. It was a large exterior space, littered with a handful of students practicing various kinds martial arts.

You lead Stephen to a quiet space in the corner of the courtyard, tying up your hair in preparation for what was to come.

“Alright Strange, you may be a doctor, but I’m assuming you don’t know the first thing about hand to hand combat.”

“There’s not much use for it in a medical setting,” Stephen responds snarkily.

“Well that’s about to change.”

You throw a sudden and unexpected punch, making contact with one of his very prominent cheekbones.

Strange recoils, more out of surprise than pain. After all, you hadn’t hit him terribly hard. 

“What the hell was that for?!” 

“One of the most basic human instincts is self-defense,” you reply ambiguously. “You wanna tap in to your true spirit? Defend yourself Strange.”

You begin circling him as a panther would its prey. Stephen keeps his eyes locked on you, anticipating your next move. And yet, he makes almost no effort to dodge the blow when you side kick him in the stomach.

“Ahh,” Stephen grunts in frustration.

“What’s wrong?” you ask, your voice laced with teasing amusement. “Afraid to hit a woman?”

Your words irritate him enough to make him swing at you in annoyance.

You block his ill-conceived punch with little effort, dancing around him light on your feet.

“You know, most people think fighting is all about strength and power,” you explain breathlessly. “But they’re wrong. All you need is precision. I’m sure that’s something you can relate to in your line of work.”

Stephen swings at you again, and this time, you duck down to avoid contact, spinning around with the intention of kicking his legs out from under him. However Strange catches you off-guard as he grabs you by your ponytail, winding your hair around his hand and pulling you into a choke hold with his other arm. 

“Ah, so you’re a strategist,” you note aloud as he holds your body firmly against his own. “Maybe that brain of yours will come in handy after all, Strange.” 

He laughs, a deep rumbling snicker. “You know, there’s a certain irony to complementing the mind of a neurosurgeon.”

You elbow him in the stomach forcefully, escaping his grasp.   

Neurosurgeon? Your body goes momentarily rigid. Is this some kind of sick joke?

Strange capitalizes on your hesitation, landing a satisfied punch to your jaw. You retaliate in kind, using your signature roundhouse kick and knocking him straight to the ground.  

You rub the side of your face, regaining your composure and without a word, you walk over and offer your opponent a hand. Reluctantly, he accepts it and you help him to his feet. Stephen’s fingers shake beneath your grasp, and you resist the urge to study his multitude of scars as you let go. 

“That’s enough for today,” you declare. ”Come on, I’ll show you around.”

“So how was his first day of training?” The Ancient One inquires with curiosity later that evening.

“It was fine,” you reply vaguely, suppressing your irritation.

She looks at you with persistent eyes, coaxing an elaboration without so much as a word.

“Okay, why me?” you finally ask with an earnest sigh. “You could’ve asked anybody to look after Strange. Why did it have to be me?”

The Ancient One smiles lightly. “Balance,” she responds, as if it were obvious. “Certain personalities- certain energies- counter one another more productively than others. I thought you would be an appropriate match for his boundless intellect. And to be perfectly honest, I think his stubbornness and persistence will ultimately aid you in your own journey towards self-healing.”

“Really?” you retort, unconvinced. “So it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s a neurosurgeon?”

The Ancient One remains perfectly collected. “As I said, I think the two of you can learn from one another.”

“There is nothing to be learned from that man,” you remark all-too-quickly.

Your master’s eyes widen in disappointment. “That’s an incredibly closed-minded attitude, Y/N. Every life has value that can be passed from one to another. Strange is no more broken than you were when you first arrived at Kamar-Taj. Have you forgotten everything I’ve taught you?”

You exhale deeply, regaining your composure. “No, I haven’t,” you admit in respectful defeat.