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Both the endometriosis pain and anxiety have been brutal the last weeks. The pain has increased since the surgery. It’s it so ridiculous how this illness, that over 170 million people have, is so unknown by the healthcare system and people. So many humans with uteruses suffer in silence. I’m looking for the right treatment right now but it feels like im on the edge of collapsing. Constant pain plus mental health issues and the financial struggles that comes with it. Thankfully I have my amazing mom. My love for her is everything.


This tiny house martin arrived at the centre recently after falling out of its nest. It seemed to have been abandoned and was rushed in to see our vet, Maru, for a thorough inspection.
It was very flat, dehydrated and needed urgent care, so was given warmth, fluids and medication before being moved into an incubator. After picking up slightly, it was sent away with one of our dedicated house martin carers and we will do all we can to get it back to the wild.


This young herring gull arrived at the centre last week in a really poor condition. Our vet team suspected a serious case of botulism and it was rushed into our quarantine facility for urgent treatment.

Amazingly, you would not know that now! It has recovered well and is now standing by itself. It was recently moved into one of our main pens and, although there is still a way to go, we are keep everything crossed for a happy result.

Keeping in touch with friends when you're chronically ill:


Then half: “Yeah but can you please stop going on about all your privileges that you don’t even appreciate now? I’m trying to be at peace with my situation over here and you’re just rubbing my nose in it.”

Who else thinks it crosses over into the second one when they don’t bother to ask about your life? Or when they do it’s out of the need to *feel* polite and they don’t really care about the latest additions to your collection of bed socks.


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Hi guys so people seamed to like the last part so here is Part 4 of my Yoongi angst, Ill call it that chick. This Part is only Jimin so next Chapter is more for all the Yoongi stans :)

I was verbally attacked on the subway

So i guess because a few people were wondering about what happened on the subway i’ll tell you guys:
I got on the VERY crowded A train on the way home from work. You know, wall-to-wall crowded. I was just standing there, clinging to the bar when i heard a girl say to her friend/sister, across the aisle:
“Hey look… she got them white girl boots on”.
I said nothing. I though, ‘yeah ok im white and these are my shoes. What are they trying to prove?’ But they kept saying it.
“Haha dad look! bitch got white girl boots on.” Their dad was here? letting them be so rude to me for no reason? I realized it was this whole family of at least 7 kids, around 13 years old, with their dad. I was scared but said nothing and did nothing. People were staring at me but not doing anything. They watched this group scream at a 16 year old girl for LITERALLY no reson and do NOTHING. A lady offered me her seat, probably because i have a bandage on my knee. Thanks for the help i guess?
But the taunting and harassment went on for about 3 stops with them calling me “white bitch.”, “dumb cracker”, etc…. I held my breath and ignored them.
Eventually, out of disgust i turned around and said sternly, “You got a problem with my FUCKING boots?”
Did i mention these were just my doc martins? because they were just doc martins.

After i said this, the daughter i was facing laughed, and one of the older siblings on the car i couldnt see called out: “Yo?! You talking to a dude or a chick? Ill beat the shit outta them if they a dude and disrespecting you” The girl replied
“Nah just some dumb fucking white chick thinking she can talk tough.”
The dad faced me and said “You think you talk tough? You wearing glasses. Think you can fight me? You gonna slap me? Stupid white-ass whore.”
No one stood up for me.
No one defended me.
They all ignored what was happening as this GROWN ASS MAN verbally abused me and made me uncomforatable with questions like, “Whats wrong with your feet? why you in boots?”
It was my stop, so i got off.
My mom says it is a rascism issue. If i was black, they wouldnt have did that. But i said no, because i think these people were just overall shitbags.
And if i ever see them again i will, no joke, threaten their lives. Im not kidding, i was so angry.
I did NOTHING to provoke them. And i was just really scared, because who knows what they wouldve done? :(