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but really if we r mutuals im probably interested in ur life like if i see u post “im rlly nervous abt my spanish exam!!” ill check ur blog later in the day 2 see how ur doing. im a tumblr mom

Blease excuse my inability to draw criss-crossed legs and puzzle boxes shaped like ducks…


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poem writing as a five step process

one. sink down to your knees. write down the first thing you think of in ten words or less. in one word. in essay format complete with introduction, body, and conclusion. write when you’re excited. happy. elated. write until you’re tired, through your tiredness, until you are used to waking yourself up with your own thoughts. write when you’re emotionally spent, having woken up post-nightmare the clock on your dresser blinking four am and the sun not yet up to say hello. write when you are sad.

two. close your eyes. put some words together. stick them to each other like they are meant to be there, make a sentence out of nothing. rearrange them into something coherent. something prettier, nicer, easier to chew on. to stomach. to digest. swap the ugly bits for fresh ones, pristine ones, other words by other people with other thoughts that don’t belong to you but people will appreciate more, right? slap that mess down somewhere in your mind. then stare at it until the ink swims and blurs into a black pool that reflects nothing of yourself.

three. destroy what you just created. you’ve been doing that all your life: hurting others, hurting yourself, hurting, hurting, hurting. there is little proof you made an effort but you are tired so salvage the pieces you disposed of, the only words you have left with you. they greet you like old friends. greet them back like family you were never able to bring yourself to leave. greet them crying. greet them with a smile and fashion them into a weapon.

four. try not to hurt yourself. don’t look at the page. don’t think about what it means when you can create something so untouchable, difficult to read, even more difficult to accept. don’t think about how little empathy it will receive. tuck it into a neat structure and kiss it goodnight. don’t look at it. go to sleep. go to sleep. go to fucking sleep and stay there.

five. don’t wake up until there’s more stupid emotion waiting to wring itself out of you. don’t wake up again until you have to.

idk why im making this post considering this happened in january but w/e:

look….I love S//tydia, I really do. But I have some huge problems with how they got together on Teen Wolf. Lydia was kind of ooc in some parts of 6a and honestly, the fanservice argument against the ship has a lot of evidence. I just wish they stuck to her actual character a bit more to make this relationship happen. Also not to mention, the way Malia was thrown under the bus oh my god (and how so many people ignore the way she was treated).  I’ll admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of S/talia either but Malia deserved better than to be thrown aside in the way she was….

anyway in conclusion I got beef with jeff davis but whats new ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am Insecurity so i would really appreciate it if everyone would call me porrim or narancia instead of jake from now on!