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What have been some of your favorite outfits from the boys lately? Personal and mv/concert etc..

hmmm ill tell you my recent faves from each member

suga - this all black outfit
jimin - plaid shirt paired with black slacks here
namjoon - i love everything here
j-hope - jacket, light wash jeans, burgundy creepers….
taehyung - as much as i love his whole oversized-everything style i absolutely love it when he wears fitted clothes…that dark blue turtleneck with black slacks fit him really well
jin - i love how this is such a casual outfit and so well put together at the same time, plus i love jin in light colors
jungkook - this one of course……OF COURSE ITS ALL BLACK JUNGKOOK

Save Me [Music Box Ver.]
  • Save Me [Music Box Ver.]
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tbh I get where ur coming from cuz for the longest time tae only got like grunting lines and I was so happy he got so many pretty singing lines in bst but everyone was always up in arms cuz jin didn't get the lines. like yes bighit has a problem with line distribution clearly but I think fandom also kind of always wants to have something to be up in arms about :/

truly… n with more ppl in the fandom it’s easier for those up in arm moments to gain momentum

i just dont want this to spoil the comeback like the boys already work so fucking hard n the production staff said that this is the song theyre most proud of n im afraid that this inordinate backlash will deter them from feeling the fandom’s full appreciation for the music. 

EXO MV Views (as of 6th February) Korean Version

I was waiting for Monster to hit 100 million :0

  • What is Love - 25 million views
  • MAMA - 51 million views
  • History - 60 million views
  • Wolf - 88 million views
  • Growl - 124 million views
  • Miracles in December - 33 million views
  • Overdose - 127 million views
  • Call Me Baby - 123 million views
  • Love me Right - 67 million views
  • Sing for You - 22 million views
  • Lucky One - 38 million views
  • Monster - 100 million views
  • For Life - 10 million views