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okay but long after he retires from piracy and settles down on the planet, obi wan starts hearing stories about a pirate queen who marauds throughout the star systems, taking Separatist and Republic ships alike. dozens of crews have been dispatched to stop her, but none succeed

according to the rumors, the pirate queen is force-sensitive, which is why she travels in a scavenger ship and has a very minimal crew. one of the stories says that there’s just three of them, the queen and her two companions. sometimes a wookiee is mentioned, always wielding a bowcaster. for his part, obi wan thinks it’s nonsense. another jedi pirate? impossible.

he thinks that until one day a small, rickety scavenger ship lands in his garden without so much as a whisper of warning, and a girl swaggers down the gangplank, her hair done in three buns on the back of her head and dressed in gear obi wan associates with desert planets. her crew is as small as advertised, just two young men who stand just behind her looking far too casual for obi wan’s taste.

“well,” she says in a soft, lilting accent very much like his own. the force ripples around like heat from a flame. “this is a pretty little planet. I think i’ll take it off your hands.”

and that’s how obi wan, retired accidental pirate, meets rey, the scavenger pirate queen

Holy fucking shit.

Outlast 2 is hard to stomach.

here he is (cause im weak ;v;) his name is mocho

Some info on him

  • contents of his cup (peppermint stick/peppermint pieces/peppermint candy, chocolate, whipped cream, caramel, coffee (mocha which by itself has chocolate and sugar in it), creamer/ milk(no sugar cause i mean at this point its 90%sugar from everything else) 
  • hes childish
  • very hyper
  • (funfact i have 3 other color pallets cause i wanted to use black and mint green but this ended up looking better)
  • instead of guns for hands his is a laser (like the ones that can cause things to combust) (this is a reference to the fact he has a partial cat design)
  • (cat ear shape and the handle is the tail)
  • always in a constant state of sugar rush
  • younger than most others mentally
  • childlike wonder ™
  • the name mocho is a mix of the word mocha and coco (that i came up with is 6 second cause he needed a name ;-;)
  • hes a sweet heart!

i hope you like him (as hes still in his early stages) and dont worry ill be getting back to drawing art for other people just wanted to make an oc!


just imagine…
the moment Lance learns how to unlock his bayard  :’)

slightly older Lance with different guns like, Pistols? Long Sniper rifle? pow pow 
Lance would ACE bc he is a fantastic sharpshooter.

anonymous asked:

Ahh sorry to ask but could you please draw furuta from tg, (your art is amazing I'd love to see him in your art style) thanks you Sm xx

hey i just want you to know i kept opening my laptop and this thing would pop up and scare the crap out of me