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Tea/Coffee Readings

How To

You need to find a cup with a wide brim that’s light in colour, find a wide saucer. Pour in lose tea leaves/coffee (you can buy loose tea leaves or rip open a tea bag) into you cup and add boiling water (Do Not add milk) Drink your tea/coffee while thinking about your question, if you dont like tea/coffee take a few sips. When you are finished drinking take the cup in your dominant hand and place your non-dominant handover the top of your cup. Turn the cup tree times in a clockwise direction. Pour any remaining water down the sink. Place the cup upside down on the saucer or a napkin and turn it clockwise three times, turn the cup over look for the leaves that have taken shapes. When you have finished your reading it is customary to turn your cup over, place your index finger on the base of your cup and make a wish

You can twist and turn the cup for new angles to find symbols in your cup, the closer the symbol is to the rim of the cup the sooner it will happen. the further down the longer it will take, tea reading can only predict up to a year. symbols at the bottom of your cup will take almost a whole year to take effect. Common Shapes

Abbey Freedom from worry
Ace of Clubs A letter
Ace of Diamonds A present
Ace of Hearts Happiness
Ace of Spades A large Building
Acorn Financial Success
Aircraft Sudden Journey
Alligator An accident
Anchor Success in business and romance
Angel Good news
Ankle Instability 
Ant success through perseverance
Anvil conscientious effort
Apple Business achievement
Arc Ill health, accidents
Arrow Bad News
Axe Difficulties and troubles that will be overcome
Bat False Friends
Bath Disappointment
Bayonet A minor accident
Beans Poverty
Bear A Journey 
Bed Inertia
Bee Good news
Beehive Prosperity 
Beetle Scandal
Bell Unexpected news
Bellows Setbacks
Bird Good news
Birdcage Obstacles, quarrels
Bird’s Nest Domestic harmony 
Bishop Good luck coming
Boat Visit from a friend
Book Open Expect legal actions, future success
Boomerang Envy
Boot Achievement
Bottle Pleasure
Bouquet Love and happiness
Bow Scandal, gossip
Box Romantic troubles solved
Bracelet Marriage
Branch With Leaves A birth
Bread Avoid waste
Broom Small worries disappear
Buckle Disappointments ahead
Building A move
Bull Quarrels
Bush New Friends
Butterfly Frivolity 
Baby Pregnancy, something new
Ball Completion 
Butterfly Transition 
Cab Disappointment
Cabbage Jealousy 
Cage A Proposal
Camel Useful news
Candle Help from others
Cannon news from a solider 
Cap Trouble ahead- be Careful 
Car Good fortune 
Cart Success in business 
Castle Financial gain through marriage 
Cat A quarrel
Cattle Prosperity 
Chain An engagement or wedding
Chair An unexpected guest 
Cherries A happy love affair
Chessmen Difficulties ahead
Chimney Hidden risks
Church Ceremony Unexpected money
Cigar New friends
Circle Success, a wedding
Claw A hidden enemy 
Clock Avoid delay, think of the future 
Clouds Trouble ahead
Clover Prosperity 
Coat A parting, an end of a friendship 
Coffin Bad news
Coin Repayment of debts
Collar Dependence on others for success and happiness
Column Promotion
Comb Deceit
Comet An unexpected visitor 
Compass Travel, a change of job
Corkscrew Curiosity causing trouble
Crab An enemy 
Crescent A journey
Cross Trouble, ill health 
Crown Honour, success
Cup Reward for effort
Curtain A secret 
Cymbal Insincere love
China engagement 
Chair A guest 
Clock Better Health 
Daffodil Great Happiness
Dagger Danger ahead, enemies 
Daisy Happiness in love 
Dancer Disappointment
Deer A dispute or quarrel
Desk Letter containing good news
Devil Evil influences 
Dish Quarrel at home 
Dog good friends 
Donkey be patient 
Door Strange occurrence
Dot money
Dove Good fortune 
Dragon Unforeseen changes, trouble 
Drum Scandal, gossip, a new job, argument
Duck money coming in
Dustpan Strange news about a friend 
Eagle a change for the better
Ear unexpected news
Earrings misunderstanding
Easel artistic success
Egg Prosperity 
Eggcup Danger is passing 
Elephant Wisdom, strength 
Engine news is on its way fast 
Envelope good news 
Eye overcoming difficulties, take care
Face setback
Fairy joy and enchantment 
Fan Flirtation 
Feather Instability 
Feet An important decision
Fence limitation
Fern Disloyalty 
Fir Artistic success
Fire achievement
Fireplace Matters related to your home 
Fish Good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness
Fist An argument 
Flag Danger ahead
Flower Wish coming true
Fly Domestic irritations
Font A birth
Fork A false friend, flattery 
Forked line Decision to be made
Fountain Future success and happiness
Fox A deceitful friend 
Frog Success through a change of home or job
Fruit Prosperity
Gallows Social Failure 
Garden roller Difficulties ahead
Garland Success, great honour
Gate Opportunity, future happiness
Geese invitations, unexpected visitors
Giraffe Think before you speak
Glass Integrity 
Glove A challenge
Goat enemies
Gondola Romance, travel
Gramophone Pleasure
Grapes Happiness
Grasshopper News from a friend 
Greyhound Good fortune 
Guitar Happiness in love 
Gun Trouble, quarrels
Hammer Overcoming obstacles
Hand Friendship
Handcuffs Trouble ahead
Hare News of a friend
Harp Harmony in love
Hat A new occupation 
Hawk Sudden Danger, jealousy 
Head New opportunities 
Heart Love and marriage, a trustworthy friend
Heather Good fortune 
Hen Domestic Bliss
Hill Obstacles, setback
Hoe Hard work leading to success
Holly An important occurrence in the winter 
Horn Abundance 
Horse Galloping Good news from a lover
Horseshoe Good Luck
Hourglass A decision that must be made 
House Security 
Iceberg Danger
initials Usually those of people you known to you 
ink pot A letter
insect Minor problems soon overcome
Ivy leaf Reliable friend
Jester Party or social Gathering
jewelry A present
jug Gaining in importance, good health
Kangaroo Domestic Harmony 
Kettle Minor Illness
Key New opportunities
Keyhole Beware of idle curiosity 
King A powerful ally
Kite Wishes coming true 
Knife Broken relationship 
Ladder Promotion
Lamp Money
Leaf Prosperity, good fortune
Leopard News of a journey 
Letter News
Lighthouse Trouble threatening
Lines straight and clear Progress, journey 
Lines wavy Uncertainty, disappointment 
Line slanting Business failure
Lion Influential friends
Lock Obstacles in your path
Loop Impulsive actions could bring trouble 
Man A visitor 
Map Travel and change 
Mask Deception 
Medal A reward
Mermaid Temptation 
Monkey A flattering mischief-maker
Monster Terror 
Monument Lasting happiness
Moon Full A love affair 
Mountain Obstacles, high ambition 
Mouse Theft
Mushroom Growth, setback
Music Good fortune
Nail Malice
Necklace complete Admirers
Necklace broken The end of a relationship 
Needle Admiration 
Net A Trap
Numbers Indicate a timescale, the number of days before an event occurs
Nun Quarantine
Nurse Illness
Nutcrackers Difficulty is passing
Oak Good fortune
Oar A small worry, help in difficulties
Octopus danger
Opera Glasses A quarrel, loss of a friend
Ostrich Travel
Owl Gossip 
Oyster Courtship, acquired riches
Padlock open A surprise
Padlock Closed A warning
Palm Tree Success, honour, happiness in love
Parachute Escape from danger
Parasol A new lover
Parcel A surprise
Parrot A scandal, a journey
Peacock Riches
Pear Comfort
Pentagon Intellectual Balance
Pepper A troublesome secret
Pig Material success
Pigeon sitting An improvement in trade
Pigeon Flying Important news
Pillar Supportive friends
Pipe Thoughts, solution to a problem, keep an open mind
Pistol Danger
Pitchfork Quarrels
Policeman Secret enemy 
Pump Generosity
Purse Profit
Pyramid Success
Question Mark Hesitancy, caution 
Rabbit Timidity, be brave
Railway Long journey
Rainbow Happiness, prosperity
Rake Be organised
Rat Treachery 
Raven Bad News
Razor Quarrels, partings
Reptiles Treacherous friend
Rider Hasty news
Ring Completion
Rocks Difficulties
Rose Popularity 
Saucepan Anxieties
Saw Interfering outsider
Scales A lawsuit
Scepter Power, authority 
Scissors Domestic arguments, separation
Scythe Danger
Shamrock Good Luck, wish coming true
Sheep Good fortune
Shell Good news
Ship Successful journey 
Shoe A change for the better
Sickle Disappointment in love
Signpost Draws attention to the symbol to which it points to
Skeleton Loss of money, ill health
Snake Hatred, an enemy 
Spade Hard work leads to success
Spider Determined and persistent. money coming
Spoon Generosity 
Square A symbol of protection, comfort, peace
Squirrel Prosperity, after a hard time
Star Good health
Steeple Slight delay, bad luck
Steps An improvement in life
Sun Happiness, success, power
Swallow Decisiveness, unexpected journeys
Swan Smooth progress, contented life
Sword Disappointment, quarrels
Table Social gathering
Teapot Committee meeting 
Telephone Forgetfulness causes trouble
Telescope Adventure
Tent Travel
Thimble Domestic changes
Toad Beware of flattery 
Torch A turn fir the better 
Tortoise Criticism
Tower Opportunity, disappointment 
Tree Changes for the better 
Triangle Something unexpected 
Trunk A long journey, fateful decisions 
Umbrella Annoyances 
Unicorn A secret wedding 
Urn Wealth, happiness
Vase A friend in need
Vegetables unhappiness followed by contentment 
Violin Egotism 
Volcano Emotions out of control
Vulture Loss, theft, an enemy in authority 
Wagon A wedding
Walking Stick a visitor 
Wasp trouble in love 
Waterfall prosperity 
Weather Vane a difficulty, indecisiveness
Whale business success
Wheel  good fortune
Wheelbarrow  a meeting with an old friend 
Windmill  business success
Window open good luck through a friend 
Window closed disappointment through a friend 
Wings messages
Wishbone a wish granted 
Wolf Jealousy, selfishness
Woman Pleasure
Worms Scandal
Wreath Happiness ahead
Yacht Pleasure
Yoke Being dominated 
Zebra Overseas adventure
Triangles Good Karma 
Squares Use caution
Circles great success 
Letters Usually refer to friends, family, and people you know
Numbers indicates time, months and years

Derek Hale Imagine- Love You Forever


Authors note- So it’s a bit different to my usual imagines, but I hope you enjoy it. You can find the song that inspired me here.

“Turn me” you said, coming face to face with your boyfriend. “No Y/n. I’ve told you before, you don’t want this” he exclaimed. “But I do” you remarked, folding your arms over your chest. “Somethings wrong” he said raising his eyebrows at you. “No” you said laconically, knowing he would hear your heart beat rise. “There is, isn’t there?” he sighed. You nod your head gently and bit your lip to stop it from quivering. He lifted you up and placed you on the kitchen counter top, the place you usually sat when you two were having trouble. “Recently, I’ve been starting to get sick again and my mom got worried and took me to the hospital-” you began. Derek’s heart sank. It brought him back to a similar time a few months back, the Darach had held you in an abandoned building for weeks to try and get to Derek. Unfortunately for you, the building had a high asbestos level and you ended up fighting for your life with asbestos poising. “Well I’ve now been diagnosed with Asbestosis and its why I’ve been so tired lately and why my chest is always in pain" you said, your voice cracked because you were on the brink of tears, you had your whole life ahead of you and it all seemed to come crumbling down. ”So what does that mean? Another operation? Antibiotics? Physio?” he began asking, in a sort of panic. “There’s no cure” you said, as tears began to stain your cheeks. You saw his face deflate, the sadness that clouded his eyes as he walked over and pulled you into a tight embrace. “We’ll get through this” he reassured. “I don’t want to go through this again” you sobbed into his chest. “Babe, I’m here and ill be with you every step of the way. But you’ve got to keep strong” he said, tangling his fingers in your hair. “What if I cant? What am I going to tell the pack? I don’t want them to feel sorry for me, but they’ll know somethings up” you rambled. “Y/n, look at me. Look at me!” he said gently. “We are going to get through this together, without the use of the supernatural. I’m going to be here every step of the way” he continued after you met his eyes. “Promise?” you asked with an involuntarily pout, you held your pinky finger out. “I promise babygirl” he said without hesitation, joining to pinky promise you. It was childish, but it was yours. You loved him and he adored you, you were just glad you had a boyfriend like him to support you through something like this.

Weeks had gone by and things only seemed to get better. The pack didn’t suspect anything, due to Derek teaching you how to hide your chemo signals and the pain was almost non existent especially with Derek removing it any chance he got. The only thing that seemed to be an annoyance was all the check-ups at the doctors and the constant coughs you caught. Derek had stuck to his word, he hadn’t left your side once. For a time you felt like a normal teenager; you moaned about homework, left important essays to the last minute, made plans with Stiles to prevent you all from getting killed, snuck out in the middle of the night to meet your boyfriend and worried about pointless things like your favourite show ending (Because Same). You were even invited to one of the biggest parties of the year, including the rest of the pack. Maybe things were starting to look up for you after all.

“Allison, Scott, Y/n!, come on we’re leaving!” Stiles shouted from downstairs. The two of you were trying to help him after he accidently split his jeans (long story). “One second” Scott shouted, followed by a wince after Allison accidently pricked his skin. “My arm is getting tired, hurry up” you whined, you had to hold him up while Allison sewed his jeans. “Guys come on, we’ll be late if there’s traffic!” Stiles shouted up again, obviously getting restless. “Go and start the engine then” Allison shouted in frustration, finding the task more difficult than it should have been. “What’s taking so long?” Lydia asked as she swung open Scott’s bedroom door. “Forget I asked” she added, slowly backing out of the room. “I’m just sewing his jeans and Y/n is holding him up” Allison let out a giggle after realising how weird it must have looked. “You do know you could of taken the jeans off and then sewed them?” Lydia shook her head. The three of you sighed at the same time and you and Allison stood back up. “That would of been a lot easier” you confirmed with a head nod. Lydia shook her head again and laughed, before gesturing for you all to hurry up. When you all got into the jeep, Stiles was staring at you all in hopes of some sort of apology for keeping him waiting. You all simply ignored it, you ruffled his hair and Scott punched him playfully in the arm. “I’m glad you came Y/n” Stiles smiled at you through the wing mirror. “I always come to parties?” you smiled but with a questioning look. “You never come to parties without Derek” Scott agreed. “Well, sometimes you just got to live it up- any day could be your last” you mumbled the last part. Allison shot a quizzical look from next to you, but brushed it off after you began singing happily to the radio a few seconds later.

You hadn’t been at the party for more than an hour when you started getting chest pain, you tried to convince yourself it was just heartburn from the vodka shots, but you knew different. You stumbled into the bathroom and began doing the breathing exercises your doctor taught you, but they didn’t seem to be working. You reached in your pocket to call Derek but the numbers in your phone became blurred. You felt light headed until you finally passed out and hit your head on the tiled floor. It was no longer than five minutes before Lydia found you and called the others for help. Scott and Stiles carried you into the kitchen as Allison swiped everything off the counter top. They placed you down and began to panic, after all they had no idea what you were actually dealing with. “Call an ambulance and you, call Derek” Allison began to order, as her Argent medical training kicked in. “What should I do?” Lydia asked, desperate to help. “Get a wet cloth and hold it on her head where she’s bleeding” she said quickly. She checked your pulse and her eyes widened. “Scott, Scott she’s not breathing” Allison panicked. “Please hurry she isn’t breathing” Scott repeated as he ended the 911 call. “Y/n wake up” “Y/n hold on, an ambulance will be here soon” “Does anyone no CPR?” “Come on Y/n, wake up!”.

“Hey, hey” the figure spoke softly as you sat up. “Am I at the hospital?” you asked, as your eyes began to adjust to the harsh light. “Yeah, you stopped breathing” he said, not wanting to confuse you by giving you every detail. “Do they know?” you asked. “Scott overheard the doctors debriefing one another, I had to tell them. They had a feeling something was up anyway” he explained, not sure how you would react. “Oh” you simply said. “They’re speaking to Mellissa at the reception, do you want me to bring them in?” he asked, understanding that you needed your friends. “I’m going to die, aren’t I?” you sighed. “No and don’t think like that” he linked his hand with yours to soothe you. You took a deep breath, feeling a tight pain in your chest. You then saw the veins in Derek’s hand turn black as he took your pain away. “I’m scared” you admitted. “I wont let anything happen to you, none of us will. If it came to it we’d do something” he reassured. “I love you” you cupped his cheek with your hand. “I love you too” he reached over and kissed you sweetly on your forehead. It was warming to know that you were the only one to make broody Derek smile and ne the sweet person he really is. “I’m scared that you’ll get tired of having to deal with my medical issue all the time, what if you find someone that’s fit and healthy, that keeps you far away from hospitals all the time? The same ones that I drag you in to every other week” you rambled. “I’m never leaving you, don’t stress baby” he smiled gently. “I hope that’s true” you smiled weakly but genuinely in return.

A While Later

Your health only seemed to be getting better, until it wasn’t. A few weeks after your birthday you got sick again and things took a turn for the worst. You almost died, you would have died. But here you are, alive and well, happily strolling around Beacon Hills at 10am (a habit you gained recently). You heard a twig snap from behind you. You turned around, your eyes glowing gold and a smile tugging at the corners of your mouth. You ran and jumped, and they caught you. “I see someone’s wolf instincts have kicked in” he laughed. You let out a small growl, followed by your familiar laugh. You then pressed your lips to Derek’s and ruffled his hair, before you quickly pinned him to the ground. “Rule number one, never get distracted” you teased, mocking the werewolf training he had been giving you. “Rule number 2, look for their weak spot” he said, kicking you in the back of the leg, causing you to fall on top of him. “Cheat, you knew about that” you said, noticing his smug smirk. You picked yourself up and offered your hand out and Derek took it, bring himself to also stand up. You pulled him down so you could whisper in his ear, “You forgot rule number three, never trust your opponent”  and with that you pulled him back onto the floor. “Looks like you’re going to be good at this” he groaned from the floor. “I know right” you joked, causing him to trip you up so you fell beside him. “Fancy getting something to eat?” he asked, as you also groaned. “Pizza” you smiled. “Pizza it is” he replied. You gave him a quick kiss, before you both rolled over and stood up. He brushed the leaves off your bum as you linked your arm with his. Your life was finally coming back together and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Or with anyone else.

I think I’m a fan of these optimistic endings, it appears. Requests are closed Unfortunately. Until the next time, see you later loves x

Imperative - Cassian Andor X Fem!Reader

Your bio says requests are open maybe could you do something with Cassianxfem!reader dealing with depression and anxiety.She wants to do everything she can for the rebellion, but sometimes her mental illnesses hold her back, and she feels useless because of it. Cass reassures her that she’s helped them heaps, kisses her, cuddles her, and idk just something really fluffy. Ive been going through a rough time and your writing has really helped me, so thank you. Thanks in advance if you do write it

I’ve been having a tough time as well so this was very emotional to write. Sorry if it’s short, I tried to make it as sweet as possible! I even tested my own Spanish skills so if I got it wrong, I’m sorry! I hope you enjoy it my friend, and I hope things get better. May the Force be with you.

Originally posted by letdiegolunatouchjabbathehutt

It had been a busy day on Yavin 4’s rebel base. You attended at least four meetings regarding fuel maximization for the X-Wings, then two more about your last few mission reports. Mon Mothma had been more less pleased with your progress on retrieving information from Empire transcripts, but you felt like you let her down. The translations of the transmissions had been so stressful, and everything else you were dealing with effected the results.

You had been diagnosed with depression a while back. You couldn’t figure out what exactly had brought it on; whether it be family or friend drama, your work, or the Empire’s shadow. You just felt heavy and empty all at once. At times, when you talked to someone during your lunch period, you felt a bit better.You found yourself talking to some of the Rogue One squad at lunch. They had completed a near suicide mission but came back in one piece; they were an inspiration to the whole base and sitting by them was an honor. You were introduced to the group by Jyn Erso, who had met you at a briefing of your findings. From there you grew close to all of them. Chirrut was so kind to you and he always seemed to know how you felt. Bodhi was a friend to you as well. The pilot would talk to you quite openly about his problems, to which you would give  advice and vice versa. While Bodhi kindly gave you good advice, to the issues you did bring up, and it only went so far. It was Cassian Andor and his droid counterpart, K2SO, that you found helped you the most. They would distract you with stories about their missions and that would result in hilarious bickering between the two of them. Lunch was the highlight of your day, but then you would be thrown back into the web of self loathing and sadness you had woven for yourself. Whether it being unsatisfied with the way you looked or feeling that you could do more to help the Rebellion, it left you very unhappy. When you needed it the most, no one was there to pick you up off your feet.

It hit you all at once as you were walking out of your last meeting of the day. You needed to do more for the people that took you in, that are fighting against the Empire for the better of others like you. But you couldn’t, not really. You were already pushing yourself, but maybe if you tried harder, you could bring in more results when it came to the intercepted Empire transmissions. The guilt of not providing started to eat away at you as you made your way to your quarters. Tears sprung to your eyes and you started walking faster; hating yourself for letting your mind and heart become such a mess. When your door came into sight, you heard someone shout, but you couldn’t tell what. Your thoughts were racing a mile a minute and you couldn’t focus on one thing for too long. When you closed your door behind you, you sank to the floor. Tears clouded your vision and you attempted to keep your sobs quiet. The walls to the rooms were thin and you didn’t want anyone to know how vulnerable you really were. You brought your knees up to your chest and kept crying. After your sobs grew quiet, a soft knock against the door startled you.

“Y/N, can I come in?” Cassian’s voice boomed through the door. You stood, quickly wiping your eyes, and opened the door. The moment Cassian saw your face he rushed to you, hugging you tightly. “Mi cariña (my darling), what’s wrong?”

His voice melted you and tears started to fall again. Cassian closed the door with his foot, and he lead you to sit on your bed. You leaned your head against his shoulder while one of his hand stroked up and down your back. When you calmed enough to speak clearly, you pulled away from him.

“Sorry, I got your shirt wet…” Cassian just shook his head, brushing some of your hair behind your ear. “Don’t be silly, now please tell me,” he placed his hand on yours, causing you to look into his eyes, “what’s wrong?”

You stared at him, and saw the type of kindness that you had only heard about.

“I don’t, I can’t do enough for the Rebellion. I need to do better and and-” Another sob shook your whole being. He pulled you back to him, tugging you lose to his chest. You could hear his thunderous heartbeat booming as if he were nervous. “It all gets a little too much sometimes.” You managed in between sobs. Cassian’s hand soothingly stroked your hair as he spoke, “I know mi amor, but you’ve done enough. With the work you do, you’re imperative for our success.”

“What’s that mean?” You whispered, causing him to chuckle slightly.

“What does imperative mean?” You hit his shoulder lightly, and pulled away just enough to look into his face. “You spoke a different language, ‘mi amor’ you said.” A small, pink blush rose to his cheeks. “It’s my home planet’s native language, some call it a romance language, Spanish.” He paused, calculating what he should say next very carefully. “Mi amor translates to ‘my love’.”

Heat found it’s way to your cheeks, a you wiped newly fallen tears away from your eyes.


Cassian gave you a shy, handsome smile, his confidence wavering. “I just, yeah. The first time I saw you I knew that I had to make you smile. Like my life depended on it. I couldn’t stand to see such a beautiful girl so sad.” His gaze was warm when it met with yours. “I know you feel,” he paused searching for the right word, “bad about yourself. More than other people do about themselves. But you are so important, Y/N, and I-” You cut him off by pressing a kiss to his cheek. When you moved back, his eyes were wide in shock. You only had a moment to register what he was doing before he pressed his lips to yours. It was soft, as if he pushed further, you would break. He carefully placed one hand on your hip and the other to the back of your head, slowly pulling you closer. Your hands were cupping his jaw, and he slowly laid down on your bed. You fell to his side, and he turned to face you with a dumb grin on his face. “I love you.”

You entangled your hands with his, and cuddled into his chest. “I love you too.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead, and whispered, “Buenos noche. (Good night)”

The next morning when you awoke, you felt Cassian’s warmth next to you. You turned to face him, and was met with brown eyes. He gave you a smile and reached out to stroke your cheek. “Tu son muy bonita en la mañana….(You are very pretty in the morning)” He murmured sleepily. You felt a blush on your face despite not knowing what he said. “That sounded very sweet.”

“It was,” he said with a wide smile. He placed a kiss to the tip of your nose, causing you to giggle. While you still felt heavy with melancholy, Cassian’s affection burned a sense of hope in your heart that things would turn around.

We’d Up And Fly If We Had Wings For Flying 1/?

Originally written for the @jonxsansaremix
Summary: Another bastard finds a home within the halls of Winterfell. Canon Divergent. A Robin Hood AU.

So @sansapotter reminded me that I started this little nugget for last year’s Remix. In true Emmy form, it is incomplete…but dagnabbit I will finish it one of these days! In the meantime, here’s the first chapter.

Before they set out from the Gates of the Moon, father gifts her with a fine new cloak.

It is a pretty thing, lined thick with sable, and fastened together with a silver broach inlaid with moonstones. She thinks it too fine for a bastard girl, no matter how beloved, but Alayne accepts it with a smile and an obedient kiss to father’s whiskered cheek.

She dons it over her riding clothes the morning they are to leave, desperately trying to quiet the secret part of her heart that calls for another cloak, the one that was promised to her.

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Thoughts on current(ish) dramas

Blow Breeze (Korea): Checked it out because the premise sounded intriguing, dumped it two episodes in. Despite the premise, it seems like a typical weekend family drama, where I have problems keeping who is who straight. I also had zero interest or investment in these people. Combine with the fact that I am not a fangirl for anyone in the show, and you get DROPPED.

Cinderella and Four Knights (Korea): I wanted to like it, I did. The heroine was spunky and I am a big fan of Jung Il Woo (less a fan of his ability to pick up projects. The only drama of his I unabashedly loved was his debut Return of Iljimae.) But it’s too slapsticky and cheaply filmed, not to mentioned old-fashioned. It feels like it could have come out a decade ago and, while I love decade-old dramas, I only like them when they were made back then! So DROPPED.

Fantastic (Korea): Fan of the leads (Park Si Yeon needs more recognition. Joo Sang Wook stole my heart forever in Giant.) But the fact that the vibe didn’t click with me (a little too goofy) and the fact that I tend to avoid terminal illness dramas like the plague (pun intended) resulted in this one being DROPPED.

Ice Fantasy (China): High fantasy is where it’s at, baby! I am obsessively in love with this one, almost as much as I would have been if it came out when I was 14 (the reams of bad fanfic I would have written!) Sure, it has plot holes and is a bit too much in love with CGI, but it has a cool plot, pretty visuals, a ton of awesome ladies, a great sibling relationship, an OTP to die for, and a hero that makes my biggest Legolas dreams come true. Definitely a KEEPER. 

Love 020 (China): cute and I like the leads, but ultimately I have yet to find a contemporary cdrama to hook me. I am watching this, but in a desultory fashion. Ultimately, I prefer angst to fluff so this continues a MAYBE.

Moon Covered by Clouds (Korea): started out as fluffiest fluff and I thought I’d drop it, but it suddenly ratcheted in intensity - keeping the comic beats while discovering heart and conflict and making me get so very obsessed and becoming a KEEPER.

Moon Lovers (Korea): after episode 1, it was, at most a maybe. Now, after ep 3, it’s an obsession. Ostensibly remake of the Chinese smash hit Bu Bu Jing Xin, it’s pretty clearly its own thing that has veered off deliciously. I am there for the pretty and the future romance…oh, hell, who am I kidding? I am in it for gorgeous Lee Jun Ki, long hair blowing in the wind, bloodily angsting and longing for love. Pretty much a Yuu Watase manga come to life (TAMAHOOOOOOME!!! :P) So yes,a  KEEPER.

Novoland: Castle in the Sky (China): OK, I know it technically already ended, but I am still catching up. Speaking of manga come to life - this has it all, a special heroine, a tortured smirky hottie who is devoted to her, lots of tasty angst, wings! This is pretty much perfect and a KEEPER.

Our Gab Soon (Korea): OK, I admit I am sort of hate watching it because I don’t want Gab Soon to stick with her loser boyfriend and I am watching a 50 ep weekend drama (!!!!) in hopes of an event that will clearly won’t happen. BUT! I adore Gab Soon (and her actress, Kim So Eun, I will pretty watch in anything). Her loser boyfriend is hot, despite the loseriness, I like observing dysfunctional relationships, and I hope he will grow up and it will be painful. And rage at him is quite entertaining. So surprising even myself, this one is a KEEPER.

Uncontrollably Fond (Korea): despite the terminal illness, I was on board (cautiously.) But then the writer separated the couple for the bulk of the drama and heaped misery upon misery on them for no discernible reason. Only a masochist would have stayed the course of contstant misery, zero OTP times and a guaranteed tragic ending, and I don’t qualify. Sorry,  Kim Woo Bin, I adore you, but your drama finally got DROPPED.

W Two Worlds (Korea): My drug, my tasty drug! Has Lee Jung Suk ever made a drama I didn’t love (nope - loved, I Hear Your Voice, School 2013, Doctor Stranger, and Pinocchio). This one hurts my brain and makes me ship and claw at my chair. ILY show and you are  a KEEPER.

“Games“ (Nesta x Cassian Fanfiction)

Nesta and Cassian is OTP. And when you have an OTP what do you do?

Write fanfiction about it.

Feel free to read and comment below for feedback and suggestions.

{Set in The House of Wind, after Cassian is injured in Hybern}

(This fic isn’t finished, this is only a small part of it.)

- Tris

I was lying in bed and the entirety of my body hurt like hell. The healers had administered a pain killer but it was beginning to wear off. But it wasn’t the fact that I had received a physical beating that weighed on my mind so severely. It was my wings.

My wings. An Illyrian’s pride. My pride. The only part of me I cared and treasured more than my nether region. Shredded and wasted. When Rhys and the healer were speaking in low tones last night they had believed me to be unconscious. But though I couldn’t move, couldn’t even bare to blink, I heard them with perfect clarity.

“Will his wings be fully functional do you think, after this?” Rhys had asked the healer quietly.

A pause, and then, “Truly High Lord, it’s hard to say at the moment. We must wait and see and pray to the Mother for healing.”

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Title: Night of Unrest
Relationships: Han/Leia
Rating: T
Warnings: Spooky???
Summary: Celebrations of a certain Corellian holiday affect Leia in unanticipated ways, and Han ends up with a visitor late at night…

AN: Ok, this was supposed to be a spooky little fic for Halloween, and I’m aware that it’s a day late… I ended up with last minute plans yesterday. Anyways, today’s technically the Day of the Dead, right? So I guess it’s still appropriate :) This was mostly just for fun, although it got kinda serious in places. Hope you guys like it! *whispers* I’m a slut for feedback

Leia lay curled up in bed, her bedcovers tugged up past her neck, knees tucked against her chest. Her entire body felt cold, numb and empty, and her ribcage felt too tight for breath. It was how she’d felt all day: cold and suffocated, but also—also, she’d felt horribly sick. Sick all day, at least that’s what she’d told Luke. Of course he probably didn’t believe it, but Leia certainly hadn’t been willing to divulge the truth. The truth was that she’d felt haunted—nauseous and on edge all day long, cold shivers shuddering down her spine and hot, bubbling guilt burning in her stomach. She’d barely been able to walk around base and maintain some semblance of composure, and it had only gotten worse as the morning had progressed into afternoon, and then evening, and then night.

It was silly, really. That’s what she’d told herself and anyone who asked her all day. A silly Corellian superstition. The Corellians—since when were there so many damn Corellians on base?—naturally disagreed. To them, the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month of the Old Corellian Calendar was more than a silly superstition, more than just a holiday, no matter how commercialized it had become in some parts of the galaxy. The Night of Unrest, they said adamantly. The day when the barriers between the two realms—those of the living and of the dead—were broken, and souls that hadn’t found peace could return to the physical plane. 

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In The Name Of Your Father

TITLE: In The Name of Your Father


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is training recruits for a war that Asgard is in. Every house has to send one man to fight in the army, but your father is too old/ill to go, so you disguise yourself as a man to save him from certain death. Basically something resembling the Disney Movie of Mulan.

                                    Chapter Nine

The ground shook under your feet as rock and ice crashed onto the portal, even from over a kilometre away. You watched as snow plumed into the sky, hoping the princes would succeed in their quest safely. Standing between Hogun and Fandral, you kept your eye both on where you knew the Princes were supposed to come out from and for signs of any Jötnar which you felt may come to investigate the noise.

Finally the crumbling of rubble ceased, and there was silence for a moment before you heard a noise that sent a shiver up your spine. Your eyes darted side to side as you looked around.

“Bjórrson, is there a reason as to why you seem to be shaking like a leaf? You would swear you were after seeing the Valkyries with the look upon your face.” Cnut sneered at you. You did not respond.

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And people call my music satanic, emo, and stupid. Bitch I will throw you in the middle of a mosh pit.

Some are not my pics.

" Save a place for me "

Some nights the pain is so bad that I wish I was numb .. Some nights the pain is so deep I think of all the ways I could end it .. Then you call & my pain is no more.
My soul reaches climaxes that I’ve only dreamed about before I met you .. You give me Chills down my spine and I am no longer a Martian to my own spirit .. You did that.

I want to be the girl in your dreams , wet and high , oh so high that my finger tips touch the clouds , so high that I’ve grown wings and flown with angels in the distance..
Will you keep a place in your heart for me ? I may not be good enough for you but if you lay with another ill be in the middle between the temptation you’ve breached & the happiness you’ve let her reach.

Save me a place in your mind . Where it isn’t so cloudy and the matter within you feels me.
I’d lick your frontal lobe and let my matter seep into yours.
Save me a place within the crease of your heart and Bone.. Keep a place for me in the fragments of your skin , so I can be where ever you are…

Some days I wake up and I wish I woke up to the sight of your hair , the sensation of your aura & the look in your eyes.. You make me feel safe.
I wear white and drink holy water , you wear red and Drink Anything tinted brown .

I cry often .. I wish you weren’t such a alien to my skin.. I want to feel you inside me , in all ways . And in all ways I pray we never part ways the way God parted the Red Sea.
The sweetest taboo . The warmest man I’ve ever met.
I love how you talk , I love the sins you partake in because you aren’t embarrassed to tell them. I love how you don’t make me feel bad for my hardships , my hardships don’t mean shit if you exist .

Will you keep a place for me in your heart ? Save room for my love ? .. Don’t promise me anything you can’t keep .. I may not be good enough for you but if you lay with another ill be in the middle between the temptation you’ve breached & the happiness you’ve let her reach.

You make me want to jump into ecstasy, take pills filled with you essence , drive down the road going 120mph in slow-mo the way it feels when I think of you & think of your love filling me up.
Make me cum alive . Teach me how to love you with my pink matter.

Save a place for me on the top of your mountain .. Where I’d make it rain for days and keep it moist .
Save a place for me on the edge of going to hell and breaking for heaven .. You make me feel like sin and salvation .
I want to listen to your words .. Hear the happiness when you speak about your art but take you away from the obstructing memories of your past. Create new memories for you to cherish.

Just save a place for me.. Under the moon and over the sun.. In the middle of time where no one but us exist.

Written by: Troy Nicole